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Heat of the Moment - Part 3: In the Light of Day

Characters: Reader (Y/N Padalecki), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki,

Pairing: Jensen x reader, Jared/sister!Reader

Warnings: Slight violence, language   

Wordcount: 1700ish

A/N: Andi aka @ellen-reincarnated1967 offered to write me another drabble for a series of hers I love, so I told her to pick one of five prompts but my overactive brain made a story of all five prompts. Which turned into the first two parts. Then @arryn-nyxx said something and boom here is the 3rd and last part.

Thanks a billion to brilliant and amazing @mamapeterson betaing this for me and helping me get the ending just right.


Knowing that Jared wasn’t exactly thinking straight at the moment, you hadn’t been able to stay put. After finding your jeans hanging over the couch you had ran from the apartment and down the street. Luckily for you, your brother weren’t exactly quiet, which made your job of finding them all the more easy.

You loved your brother to pieces, but sometimes his overprotective nature made you want to kick his ass. You were 24 years old and you knew how to stand up for yourself. It wasn’t like Jensen was some creep from the bar anyway. You honestly couldn’t see Jared’s problem even if what had happened between you and Jensen had just been a one night thing. You hoped it wasn’t and Jensen had given you every reason to think he wanted more, just the same as you before he bolted from the room.

Your heart fluttered and even running down the street toward the alley where Jared’s loud roars were coming from, you couldn’t help but smile as you thought about the loving look flashing in Jensen’s green eyes before your brother had interrupted you. You hoped that Jared wouldn’t scare him away like he had with a few of your boyfriends in the past. Truth be told you hadn’t lost anything by that, even if you had been pisseed with your brother for his overprotective behavior, but Jensen was different.

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Another glimpse of hell - mean (and some not-so-mean) nicknames on the Chinese gymternet TAKE 2.


1. Do not read this if you are easily offended by mean names, satirical jokes or dark humour.

2. The Chinese gymternet culture, and its internet culture as a whole, is very different from the ones on tumblr. Partly due to its insularity, certain terms used in the Chinese gymternet could come across to you as too rude or brass or unacceptable. However, please also take into account the difference in the cultural aspect as well. As a common dweller in the Chinese gymternet community, I can promise that 95% of the satirical teasings or mean names created by the Chinese has no derogatory intention. The truly degrading, racist or sexist nicknames have also been filtered out by me, so rest assured.

So now, if you are ready, please read on:

——————————————–The line to hell——————————————-

A. Foundation Course Chapter 2

1. 美x~; Pretty x~; adj. 

Right. So you call someone a pretty something. But it also could mean “pretty” aka fugly something. No one knows if you are genuine about it, and so after awhile the expression took on a warped connotation. Both fans and haters use it. Decipher its true meaning before replying anyone on the forum!

E.g. Pretty ___ fell two times on beam today, made my day!

2. 水x~;Watery x~; adj. 

In Chinese terms, if you “inject water” into something, you will make it less substantial, less genuine, less real and less deserving. So if someone are “watery”, people are inferring that she or he is overscored and undeserving of his credentials. Some fans nonetheless use it on their beloved ones as friendly teasing or a show of humility. 

3. xoP - noun. 

So the official rules of artistic gymnastics are written in the Code of Point (CoP). Some fans, however, like to invent their own rules (or twisting the meaning of existing rules) on judging a routine. As such, people would say that so-and-so have invented their own xOP to judge routines. One particular notorious member in the Chinese gymternet community has the ID lldtt06, and hence whatever he says, people will reply:

“Oh wow Mdm6 is judging routines based on his 6oP again!”. 

(some famous rules of 6oP include - there should be deduction whenever one does shap to pak because its so “trite”, and many others lmao)

4. 烟花 - fireworks - noun.

Used to describe gymnasts who just can’t finish a routine without falling. The Chinese gymternet sometimes use the term “explode” to describe routines with falls (e.g. Seda’s beam exploded again!). So for those who routinely fall in their routine, they are called fireworks. Also used to describe routines that fail spectacularly. 

e.g. “The beam routines of Seda are one hell of a firework performance, simply stellar - I’m in awe!”


B. Country related mean terms: (used only to describe radical fans)


池塘 - pond - noun.

Many think that certain American gymnasts are overscored. A pond has lots of water. Now look at the second bullet point in the foundation chapter - Do you get it now?


蝌蚪 - tadpole - noun.

Originally used to mock Liukin’s fans because Liukin’s nickname is froggy (if you remember from my last post!), the term has been expanded to embody all die-hard/radical American fans.

莲子 - lotus seed - noun.

You know, lotus grows from pond and produces lotus seed. Yep.


鹅粪 - Goose poo - noun.

A pun of 俄粉, or Rus Fans. This term though has been picked up by Russian fans themselves as self-teasing, so its no longer a mean nickname…kind of.

Ruslut - noun.

Only the meanest Russian haters use this. Most people who use this are radical American fans so Russian fans often retaliate by calling them Uslut back.


火葬粉/火苗 - Cremnator/Little flames (Though I think kindling is a better translation, meaning wise)

So in my last episode I talked about this Bulimar set a cremation spell on Team Romania thing, so I guess it isn’t surprising that its die-hard fans are being called “flames/kindlings”?


好粉丝/宙国粉 - “Great” fans, Fans of team universe

I’ve talked about this last time so just revision here lol.


C. Gymnasts related nicknames (some are not mean at all because I run out of mean nicknames lmao)

1. Daria Spiridonova - 累女士 - Mdm Tiresome

Back in 2014 when Spi first proved her worth Chinese fans had been calling her “the new love”, which is a proof of her popularity back then. Then in 2016 the sentiment took a turn for the worse as people realized that while she can only do bars (and that her bars isn’t even the best in the team), she kept getting selected over others (like Kapitonova and Skrypnik, at least in 2016) even in team competitions. So people started saying things like “Isn’t that super tiring for her teammate coz she can only do one event and will explode on all others”. Eventually people started to call her Mdm Tiresome - someone who drains the shit out of her teammate. 

2. Brenna Dowell - 嘟嘟鸡 - Dodo Chicken

Dowell’s nickname is just realllllllly unfortunate lol, because its not her fault at all. So basically a forum member named lldt06 (inventor of 6oP, remember?) is a superrrrrrr radical fan of hers and kept saying things like “she deserve a WC bars gold”, “BEST bar composition in the worlddddddd”, “excellent AAer”, which have some truth in them but are still boosty nonetheless and didn’t sit well with many. So in 2015 when Dowell did badly for bars in Worlds many people were like “WHERES THE WORLD CHAMPION? I ONLY SEE A DODO CHICKEN.” and bamm the nickname stayed. Tbh the term dodo chicken doesn’t mean anything in Chinese. I think its the combination between the first syllable of her last name and Wild Chicken, the term for newbies/noobs as explained in my last post. 

3. Lin Li - 慌姐 - Sister Panic

So Lin Li is a member of China’s National Team in the 2004 squad. She is actually amazing on bars but just doesn’t have the mental tenacity to do well in major competition. She always seems to be rushing through her routines which lead to mistakes after mistakes, so after a while ppl just called Sister Panic for short. 

4. The pines of 4 season 春松,夏松,秋松,冬松

So like Chunsong’s literal translation is Spring Pine, and so 3 other gymnasts were bestowed the nickname of Summer Pine, Autumn Pine and Winter Pine respectively lmao. These are NOT mean nicknames.

So Autumn Pine was first to be invented and she is Flavia Saraiva. People started to call her Autumn Pine ever since 2014′s YOG because of how tiny she was - just like Chunsong. They are also great on beam as well and competed in the same beam finals before. At the same time though she is also different from Chunsong in many way so people called her Autumn Pine to highlight the similarity and contrast. 

Then not long after that people discovered Morgan Hurd and they were like “oh my! isn’t she like a clone of Chunsong?”, so people started to call her Xiasong, or Summer Pine. 

Lastly is the winter pine. People actually couldn’t find a good fit for it for a long time but they also felt it’s incomplete without a winter pine. Then one day someone posted this photo of a young Melnikova (the same photo as below) and people were like “WINTER PINE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FAIR AND LIGHT COZ ITS WINTER, SHE LOOKS ABITTTT LIKE CHUNSONG, MELNIKOVA WILL BE WINTER PINE”. And that’s it LMAO. Personally I don’t find Melnikova to resemble Chunsong, but whatever lol everything is cool as long as we have the four pines. 

5. The Zoo (Russia’s WC team 2010) (Not mean)

Most members of Russia’s 2010 WAG team at the Worlds have animal related nicknames. The nicknames started off as mean nicknames as they are donned by Russian haters that “Russian team is like a zoo”, but eventually even the fans themselves began calling the team #TeamZoo, so they are no longer mean anymore. 

Mustafina - 母狮 - lioness - Phonic translation

Dementyeva - 德猴 - Monkey - Because she’s kinda goofy like a monkey lol

Nabieva - 河马 - Hippo - Because she must have an animal related nickname as Mus has one and people found her to resemble a hippo somehow lmao

Afanasyeva - 鳄鱼 - Crocodile - She was fierce as a crocodile on floor and I think some of her facial features (being fierce and glaring and all) reminds some like a crocodile. 


Semenyeva is STRIPPED of a animal related nickname because Russian haters didn’t hate her enough to don her a nickname LMAO.  She was listed as a RESERVE FOR NICKNAME. Until now she doesn’t have an animal related nickname and its so fortunate and sad at the same time. 

Now I hope that you have enjoyed reading this second episode lmao, I think I’m really running out of nicknames so there shouldn’t be an 3rd episode sadly…. Still, hope it has made you laugh!

caldera599  asked:

You shouldn't even bother to engage animal rights cultists. They don't care about animal welfare, they just want to destroy all zoos. They're unreasonable and they cant be convinced.

I actually don’t agree, and that’s not really a fair way to approach a group of people. 

Like, yeah, it leads to a lot of repetitive and frustrating conversations and the engagement with people who generally prefer to attack rather than engage in factual dialogue, but taking the effort to do it anyways really does have a chance of working. 

Animal rights folks care about the animals they’re advocating for too, just like we do - they’re approaching it differently, and while part of a culture that is steeped in mythology and misinformation so deeply they often aren’t even aware of it. There’s a huge amount of cognitive dissonance when you believe in something so strongly and yet you find out you might be wrong, or approaching it incorrectly, or advocating for something that doesn’t actually help those animals. 

When people are faced with the pressure of cognitive dissonance, the general reaction is to cling tightly to whichever side is more familiar - that’s literally just human nature. So in order to actually do good education about any topic, you have to build a relationship with the people you’re hoping to reach before pushing them to see things differently if you want to have any chance of success. 

It does work if you put in the time and you’re reasonable and you don’t fall prey to the arguments and the fallacious logic and the tendency to want to defend yourself rather than educate. And I think that’s entirely worth it, because people deserve to be interacted with with the assumption that they are intelligent, rational humans who can change their thinking over time. 

Damian x Batsis

Summary: Batsis takes Damian to the zoo.

Requested By: Anon

A/N: I apologize, I wrote this thinking I recalled the whole prompt, I reread the prompt again and realized you had requested it being the first time he goes. If you want me to rewrite it, I will! Other than that, I hope you enjoy it!


   "Sister, while I appreciate your efforts in ‘distracting me’ since Father won’t allow me on patrol, please answer me as to why you picked the zoo of all places?“

   (Y/N) glanced down at her little brother as they walked towards the Australian exhibits

   His right arm held tightly to his chest by a sling, with his deep blue cast peeking out slightly across his hand. A broken arm he had unfortunately sustained during patrol a week ago.

    “Well, maybe I wanted to come here because I haven’t been to a zoo in a long time. Maybe it’s not for your benefit, but for mine. And maybe dad asked me to bring you because all you did was nag him at home about joining him on patrol when he clearly told you no several times.” She replied, gently flicking the side of his head.

    Damian glared up at her and rubbed the spot she flicked with his free hand. “So Father made you bring me to the zoo?”

    “I told you, I wanted to go. Dad just asked in a very tired voice if I would be interested in bringing you along.” (Y/N) reached down and grabbed his hand. “Come on, Dami. We’re gonna have fun. You can tell me everything about the animals that the zookeepers don’t know.”

    He replied with a tt before wiggling his fingers in between hers. “Fine. I will only do this for you. At least you picked a zoo that has a good reputation for its humane habitats and fair care of the animals.”

    (Y/N) leaned down slightly to kiss his temple. “You’re a peach, Dami.”

    He glared at her once more. “Nobody says things such as that.”

    “And nobody talks in such a fancy way like you, kid. Come on, let’s go see the kangaroos and the wallabies.”


    (Y/N) stopped in front of the elephant exhibit, munching on the remaining bits of kettle corn she had bought earlier. One of the elephants had walked up close to the fence and seemed to being eyeing the zookeeper that was giving a presentation to the growing crowd and stationed nearby with a large bucket of apples.

    “Wow,” (Y/N) said softly, gazing up at the massive creature. It’s ears slowly waving back and forth in an attempt to cool itself off in the summer heat. “I always forget how big they actually are until you’re up close.”

    Damian took the empty bag of popcorn out of her hands and tossed it in the trash can, reaching a little further to place his empty water bottle in the recycling bin. 

   He looked up at the elephant who gently accepted an apple offered by the zookeeper. “She’s actually a rather average height for an elephant, they can grow up to about thirteen feet tall. Although, they only measure up to elephants’ shoulders, much like they do with horses.” He informed her, walking back over to stand beside his sister.

    “Huh. I didn’t know that.”

    “Hence the reason I decided to inform you.”


    The two of them watched as another elephant came over to join the first one.

    “Hey, Dames?” (Y/N) asked, looking down at her little brother and noting all the little things about him. The warm summer breeze ruffling his fluffy black hair, the bandaid on the right side of his jaw, his normally sharp green eyes softened as he watched the massive creatures in front of him.

    “Yes, (Y/L/N)?” His attention now on her.

   "Thanks for coming with me, even though you didn’t really want to.“

    He glanced down, contemplating whether or not he wanted to tell her that he actually did want to come and was glad she invited him. He glanced back up and gave her a nod. "You’re welcome. I actually am happy you invited me.”

   She raised her eyebrows in surprise and smiled. “I’m glad.”

   Damian turned back to watching the elephants, where yet another one had decided to join for free treats.

   "I have a great respect for elephants.“ He said, watching the massive creature lumber by a small gaggle of humans staring up in awe on its way to the food.

    (Y/N) stepped behind her brother and rested her forearms carefully on his shoulders, leaning down slightly to nuzzle the top of his head and place a gentle kiss. "Yeah, Dami. I love them too.”

Okay so I got asked why I think the Steven Universe episode The Zoo is cursed, that is a good question and I’ll write out my answer here for anyone who wants to know why this episode haunts my thoughts and killed my crops.

The Zoo is about a gem-run human zoo. The humans that are in it when Steven and Greg end up there are descendants from the people that got there first so they don’t really know anything about earth.
As Greg puts it: “They’ve never been anywhere else They love it here. I mean, look at this place. Can you blame them? They’ve got everything they need, and they never have to worry about a thing.”
They all just… get told what to do by a voice in their ear pieces and do pretty much the same things every day and at one point there’s a ceremony who tells them who they’re supposed to get together with and they do that too.

And the episode basically says that all these people are SUPER HAPPY, to the point where the concept of “hurt” is like some confusing alien thing to them. The whole idea that one size fits all and people would be happy without choices completely goes against what SU is normally about and the episode never shows a dark side to their society other than “you don’t get to choose who your partner is”, which is treated like nobody had a problem with it until Greg pointed it out. And this is just me describing the surface level, not the many, many horrifying questions it raises. (What about death, do these people just not feel “hurt” when somebody dies, this gene pool must be a disaster, etc.)

So yeah I don’t know why they put this weird shit in a show for children, especially in a quick fairly cutesy 10 minute episode, they should’ve been more critical of the idea. Also airing the “people were forcibly taken from their homes and put into a zoo but they love it” episode on the first day of Black History Month was a bad call.

To be fair, this is Steven Universe, so they might come back to it and make it better, but as it stands now… cursed episode…

In response to @mysenia​‘s prompt  - ‘Want a bite of my meat stick?’

“I can’t believe that instead of enjoying the fair, we’re witch hunting,” Stiles grumbles, leaning against Roscoe and folding his arms. Scott nods in agreement, moving out of the way so that Isaac can clamber out of the back of the jeep.

“Well,” Isaac points out, “all the evidence did lead here.”

Stiles snorts.

“What does Derek believe that the fortune teller is actually legit? Are all the carnies using magic as opposed to cheating to make sure we never win the huge teddy bears?”

“I think they’re using human beings as spell components.”

Stiles jumps, Derek’s voice practically in his ear.

“Jesus Christ! What have I told you about sneaking up on me?”

“You should be more aware of your surroundings,” Derek replies. Erica, Boyd and Peter are all snickering. Stiles flips them off.

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BTS: V fluff/angst


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myirrelephantlife  asked:

What, if any, animals do you think cannot be ethically kept in captivity? I know you're very pro-zoo, but do you think that there's a point where the cost-benefit of keeping a wild animal in captivity is no longer fair to the animal? (I love my local zoo but I'm also pretty heavily involved in wildlife rehabilitation, where euthanasia is very much present for unreleasable animals due to lack of available placements or unsuitability for captivity/education.)

I don’t honestly have a good answer for you, because I don’t feel like I know enough to make those calls. So anything in the rest of this answer is super, super subjective and I request people take it with the appropriate amount of salt grains. 

I know larger whales are one of the big hot-button topics, and they’re one taxa that I’m iffier on - but that’s really because I don’t have any personal experience with them in the wild or in captivity and I haven’t been able to get a good feel for things from reading journal articles. I don’t know either way and haven’t had enough experience to feel like I even have a chance of comprehending the nuance involved in that discussion. (This is a goal, someday, but it’s also why I currently don’t really talk about Seaworld / killer whales in captive situations. I’ll report on things I can research, like population statistics between wild and captive groups, or things that are fairly standard in animal care like enrichment protocols and necropsy procedures, but as far as ethics go I really don’t have enough whale-specific knowledge to be willing to say anything publicly).

Personally, I really dislike the larger sharks in captivity. Great Whites obviously don’t do well because of lack of space and too much stress, and thank god nobody has tried to put a basking shark in a tank yet. I ragequit the Georgia Aquarium after about 45 minutes because watching them tube-feed filter-feeding animals (after one’s probable cause of death was internal lacerations from the feeding tube) was just too much for me. Maybe I’d be more okay with that if we could actually allow them to engage in their natural feeding behaviors through a different tank design? I don’t know. That’s a line - animals not being able to engage in such a basic behavior as eating - that really bothers me. (I don’t know if there are studies out there about if tube-feeding impacts welfare. I haven’t looked. It makes me too mad). 

Both of those are sets of aquatic animals, which is an interesting thing to note, and I wonder if in an ideal world those would change if physical limitations on tank sizes did. Elephant welfare has absolutely improved since facilities have started building multiple-acre areas for them - maybe if we could take something the size of a football stadium and turn it into a tank for a great white their captive welfare would improve. I definitely find that I’m less iffy about the welfare of land animal taxa because we’ve seen such improvement when they’re given a ton of space and because the entire field is shifting in that direction. 

More to your second question, I think the cost/benefit really comes down to the animal, specifically with wild-caught or rescued animals. Animals raised in captive situations tend to do pretty well, but I’ve definitely heard of cases where unreleasable animals were unable to adapt to the stress of a captive situation and that’s where I feel like it becomes an issue of quality of life in captivity. 

/end for disorganized, unsourced thoughts.

anonymous asked:

Hey could you do a Kara Danvers x Reader fic for prompt number 11 "No one is ever going to believe us" please? You honestly one of my fave writers. Keep being awesome 😃👍

 Kara! I love Kara! Supergirl is one of my favorite shows!! It also makes my day to know you like my writing! Makes me so happy! <3 I hope you love this!! XD

Prompt 11: “No one is ever going to believe us.” 


Animals were always something you were passionate about. So being a zookeeper was a dream come true. Not to mention it brought you to meeting someone pretty special. A certain Kara Danvers.

It was a normal work day when you met her. She was with a few friends admiring the new lion cubs. There had been many people coming to see the newly born cubs. They were rather adorable.

You had a knack with the animals, so to say they were wide eyed to see you easily feeding the lions was an understatement. The lions even let you pet them. It’s a gift.

So when you came back around to the front of the pen they asked you a lot of questions and even invited you out for pizza and pot stickers after your shift. An odd combination you first thought, but soon stood corrected.

After that you became a regular member of their group.

Though it was quite the discovery when Kara eventually told you she was Supergirl. Honestly you had some suspicions because they looked very very similar. I mean come on, glasses don’t really do much.

You and Kara had become pretty close since then and can often be found together.

But when one lunch became a mission you were freaking out a little.

“Ka– I mean Supergirl are you sure about this?” You squeaked

“Come on it’ll be fun, I just have to wrangle an alien animal. You’re a zookeeper I thought you’d want to see it” she laughed before landing and letting you down.

“Yeah but…” You stopped seeing the giant reptilian lion looking beast.

“Just stay off to the side and watch me work!” She smiled before flying off. Oh that girl and her million dollar smile.

Distracted by the fighting you hadn’t realized another one of the aliens was creeping up behind you.

Hearing a growl you immediately turned around seeing a smaller one of the alien reptile lion things. “Whoa, easy there creature thing” holding a hand out, trying to keep distance.

“S-Supergirl!” You yelled backing away from the creature. Though it tilted its head before coming toward you. Still holding out your hand, it lifted it’s nose before sniffing your hand.

It’s posture relaxed as it placed it’s head in your hand. Now that was surprising, “Uh… hello”

It purred at your touch, “Aww, you’re not too bad”

It let out a small happy sound, it’s noise caused the larger one to draw it’s attention toward you. It growled before clawing Kara and running over to you. It growled and barred it’s teeth.

‘Okay, it acts like a lion. Maybe if I treat it like the ones at the zoo it’ll not eat me’ You thought before taking a deep breath.

Standing up straight you looked straight into it’s eyes. It roared once but not flinching it seemed to grumble. It was like it was processing what you were doing.

Holding out a hand you placed it on it’s snout. ‘Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this?’ you panicked in your head.

The creature relaxed just like the smaller one. Kara came and landed beside you, “Not fair! I’m supposed to be the super one in this friendship.” She pointed a finger at you.

“I-I think they like me… Can I keep’em?” you chuckled before looking at her. “What are the others going to think?”

“No one is ever going to believe us.”

She shook her head. “And no! You can’t keep them, we’re taking them back to the DEO. I’m calling Alex”

She went to call Alex, “Aw come on! They like me!” you yelled to her.

“You can’t keep them!” She commanded while on the phone.

“Kill joy” you mumbled crossing your arms.

“Super hearing” she reminded. “DAMNIT!” frustrated you threw your hands in the air.

When Alex and the DEO got there, they were shocked to see you interacting with the creatures. “Uhh, I don’t believe it” Alex said standing next to Kara.

“I know right, I like them even more” Kara admitted before chuckling.

After getting the aliens back to the DEO Kara came over to you, now out of her suit. “Hey we never got to go eat, wanna go now?” She fiddled with her hands upon asking.

“Yeah, let’s do it!” you smiled. “Let me just go grab my jacket”

Walking away Alex came over and started nudging her. “Does someone have a date?”

“It’s not a date! We’re just going to eat” Kara defended glaring at her.

“Yeah sure sure” Alex said before walking away as you came back into the room.

“Ready?” You slipped your jacket over your frame.

She nodded before following you out. Feeling butterflies in her stomach, maybe she did have a small crush on you. She was looking at you whilst walking.

“What?” you laughed looking back at her.

“Nothing! Nothing at all” she smiled as the both of you continued down the sidewalk.

She maybe super but she definitely isn’t super at hiding her feelings toward you. So now you wait until she finally gets the courage to tell you, and you can’t help but hope it’s soon.

Fic Ideas I Came Up With At The Fair I Want Someone To Write So I Don’t Have To:

1.) Yondu and Kraglin go to a fair with their respective s/o’s and Kraglin is able to win his s/o a prize on the first carnival game they try, but Yondu can’t for the life of him win anything and keeps getting more frustrated despite his s/o telling him it really doesn’t matter. (this would also be amazing with the Dixon bros)

2.) Yondu constantly distracted by all the little knickknacks that every single fair shopping booth has and everyone with him has to especially drag him kicking and screaming away from the shopping area or he’ll spend every single one of his units on them.

3.) Merle, Yondu, Kraglin, Rick, Negan, Michonne, like any character I can think of getting into a fight with a carnie because the games are all rigged.

4.) Any character trying to be brave and go on that bungee jumping thing they have at fairs, but then screaming like a scared child the entire time they are on it and their s/o vows to never let them live it down.

5.) Kraglin won’t leave the animal tent. Kraglin, please that petting zoo is for children. Kraglin, we need to go home. Kraglin, please, honey, stop. No Kraglin, we are not buying a pig. I swear to god baby, but the damn pygmy goat down.

Most Definitely a Scamander - a Newt/Tina + Rolf fic

Tagging: @pinkdiamonddolphin

a/n: The two sections of this fic take place at different points – close together but not on the same day. Hope that clears up any confusion!

Summary: “I mean, you have freckles and…and my awfully untidy hair… I’m afraid you’re most definitely a Scamander, whether you like it or not.”
(Or: Newt and Tina comforting their grandson Rolf)

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chainlocker  asked:

Many hellos at this late hour! (lol its like 1:30 in the morning for me and I should NOT be writing as this time but whatever) I was wondering if you had any fun/random ideas for possible character meetings that could (potentially?) become romantic relationships. Also btw I love this blog, it's given me so many interesting for my writing 😅

Hi! I’m glad the blog has been able to inspire you 😄

●Here’s a mix and match list:

- Carnival or fair
- Zoo
- Aquarium
- Disney
- Amusement park
- Island
- Foreign country
- Restricted area
- Area 51
- A bank
- A beach
- A fancy restaurant
- The mall
- School
- Jail
- Hospital
- Burning building
- Office
- Baseball game
- Another planet
- An intergalactic bar
- Underground tunnels
- A car that neither of them owns
- A bus

- Police officer
- Criminal
- Patient
- Doctor
- Student
- Employee
- Celebrity
- Coach
- Player
- Explorer
- Inventor
- Scientist
- Diplomat
- Translator
- Tour guide
- Firefighter
- Animal trainer
- Activist
- Old friend
- High school dropout
- Valedictorian
- Pirate
- Robot
- Super hero
- Alien

● Here’s some ideas based of the mix ‘n match:

• Character A is sneaking into Area 51 when they come across a rogue scientist sneaking an alien out and tries to help the duo.

• Character A goes to bail out B from jail. A makes small talk with random stranger C who’s there to bail out D. It turns out what B and D comitted the crime together.

• Character A is attempting to communicate with a group of people who speak a different language. B notices the struggle and helps translate.

• After dying, A is picked up by a reaper. B is the soul the reaper collected prior, and they have to go with the reaper as he makes his rounds.

• Character A and B are both racing their wheelchairs around, not paying attention, and they run into each other.

• Character A and B attempt to rob the same house on the same night, unbeknownst to the other.

• Charcter A, a celebrity, gets stuck in an elevator with B who doesn’t like A. Their time together convinces B otherwise.

• Character A and B get into the same car that doesn’t belong to either of them in an effort to escape their seperate pursuers.

• Character A pays a 30 dollar library fee in pennies to B, the librarian.

• B saves A from being hit by a baseball at the game and offers A the ball.

• A, a lifeguard, saves B from 'drowning’ in five feet of water.

• While hiking, B helps A get down from a high place, like a waterfall.

• (Alternately^) A falls in a pool of water while hiking and B gives them dry clothes.

• A’s dog is impregnated at the dog park. When the puppies are born, A recognizes what the other species may be and suspects a regular at the dog park, B. A confronts B about child support.

•A sneaks aboard a pirate ship. B, the captain, discovers A. In exchange for freedom, A must work on the ship for awhile.

• Recognzing A from their theater class, B, the director of a play, shoves A out on stage when the alternate and the main part doesn’t show. A ends up improvising and creating a more entertaining scene/ wittier lines than B came up with.

• A and B both have really rude dates at a restaurant. They notice each other’s plight because they’re at tables that are right next to each other, and they ditch their dates at the same time. They go on their own date as to not waste the night.

irmfs  asked:

How do you feel about the St Louis Zoo?

I attempted to visit on a trip a while back, and left after 20 minutes due to the sheer noise and crowds. I didn’t see enough of the actual zoo to form an opinion on anything about the facility other than the fact that it was super loud and the areas near the entrance felt more like a state fair than a zoo due to the level of hawkers and trinket stalls. (It was later explained to me that these exist because since the zoo is funded by taxes the public pay to the city, they can’t charge admission, and must make a lot of their operating money back through things like concessions. It’s not necessarily a condemnation of the facility that I left, but I was just so not in the mood for that level of hubbub that day). 

7 days prompts (summer fair)
  1. You took the last bag of cotton candy so you’re either going to share it with me or I’m going to fight you for it.
  2. I don’t like heights but my friends pressured me onto the Ferris wheel, don’t laugh my knuckles aren’t that white from hanging onto the bar.
  3. My friends convinced me to get on stage at the karaoke stand and apparently I can’t stop staring at you or sing oh no.
  4. You yelled when a pig in the petting zoo nibbled your pant leg and that only made it charge after you and I can’t stop laughing.
  5. I’m not lurking around the photo booths like a creeper, my friends are in one of these booths and I don’t know which one.
  6. One of the rides spun a lot faster than you expected and your shoe fell off and hit me in the head what the heck
  7. Look you seem like a nice person so I want you to know this booth I’m watching is rigged don’t waste your money
Hot Water Bottle (Yugyeom)

For: Anonymous

Prompt:   Yugyeom taking care of you when you’re on your period and you have really bad cramps

Your boyfriend was sitting at the end of your sofa, his phone in his hand as he looked up possible destinations for your date that day. The offer of free time from his manager had come as a surprise so when he’d turned up at your door that morning it had been without a plan. You watched as he tapped at the screen, a look of extreme concentration on his face. And then he was smiling. “The zoo!” he exclaimed. “School is back in session, so it should be quiet. We should go.”

The zoo was a place you’d always wanted to go to with Yugyeom, you just hadn’t had the chance to yet. And you had to admit it was an almost ideal date location.  There’d be the opportunity to walk hand in hand and there were sure to be gift shops full of ridiculously cute souvenirs you could buy as a reminder of your date. Any other day and you’d have agreed with his suggestion immediately, hand holding and cute souvenirs were very much your thing. But not today. “Yugyeom…” you said slowly, knowing you were going to disappoint him but seeing no other way around it “…I’m not really feeling it today. I’d rather just stay home, if that’s okay with you.”

“Oh.” He said and as you’d predicted he looked crestfallen. “I just thought we could do something special. I mean I’m free for the whole day. How often does that happen?”

Not often enough but that didn’t change things. As happy as you were to see him you still felt like total crap. If you gave in and let him drag you off to the zoo then it wasn’t like either of you were going to enjoy it.  “I know.” You told him, feeling guiltier by the second. “If you want to make the most of today, call up a friend and go do something more exciting then I don’t mind.” It would probably be better if he did. As nice it would be to have him around would it really be fair to him if you made him stay? Your plans for the day consisted of sitting curled up in the corner of your sofa feeling sorry for yourself. Spare time was a rare commodity for him, you didn’t want him to feel that he’d wasted it.

“If I wanted to spend time with my friends that’s what I’d be doing.” Yugyeom told you, a slight frown marring his face. “But I don’t, I want to spend time with you.”

“I want to spend time with you too.” You assured him. “I just…” you trailed off, not sure how to explain it to him without sounding like you were being over-dramatic. When you’d gone to bed last night you’d known what was coming. You’d felt achy, a dull insistent pain radiating from your back and through your abdomen, spreading as far as the tops of your legs. And when you’d woken up this morning it had been just as you’d expected, you’d blinked your eyes open to find you were in agony. The cramping had been so bad that it had been a struggle just getting out of bed. But you’d forced yourself to, knowing that if you stayed in bed and did nothing about it that it was just going to get worse. So you’d taken painkillers, forced down a little breakfast despite feeling sick to your stomach and had taken up residence on the sofa. And then Yugyeom had knocked on your door. He’d been practically bouncing with excitement, he was so happy to have been given the day off. And now he was sitting there looking at you despondently. You’d wiped the smile from his face and you felt terrible.

“I just…” you repeated, your throat tightening. You weren’t sure who you felt more sorry for, Yugyeom because you’d effectively ruined his day or yourself because you felt like death and your boyfriend hadn’t even noticed. “… I don’t think I’m going to be very good company today.” You finished, your voice cracking a little.

And Yugyeom’s eyes immediately widened in surprise. “Hey,” he said, voice laced with worry, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.” He dropped his phone onto the sofa cushion beside him and moved to sit beside you. “I wasn’t trying to make you feel bad, I just wanted you to know it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, I want to spend time with you. I’ve missed you.”

Okay, so now you felt stupid. Tearful and stupid. “Oh.” You said, curling in on yourself further and hugging the cushion you’d been squeezing the life out of all day more tightly. You didn’t know what else to say to that. You’d missed him too.

And Yugyeom was smiling again. It wasn’t the same smile that had lit up his entire face earlier, it was a little softer, but you were glad to see it anyway. “Now we’ve cleared that up,” he said and he prised one of your hands from the cushion and laced his fingers through yours, “do you want to tell me why you don’t feel like doing anything today?”

Did you want to tell him? Not really. You’d always found it a little awkward, talking about your period, even if it was just with your friends. You didn’t know why, it was nothing to be embarrassed about, but you couldn’t help it, whenever you ended up talking about it you invariably found yourself turning red. But if Yugyeom was intent on spending the day with your overemotional and miserable self then you supposed he deserved to know why you were acting that way. So you took a deep breath and went for it “I don’t feel great today. I’m not ill or anything, it’s just… you know… girl stuff…that’s bothering me.”

It took Yugyeom a second to process this. “Girl stuff?” He echoed, sounding confused. And then he realised what you meant. “You mean you’re on your period?” he asked.

How come he could he say the words without his face turning tomato red when you couldn’t? It just wasn’t fair. Resisting the urge to sigh at your own ridiculousness you mumbled a “Yes.”

Yugyeom nodded to himself, thinking it over some more. And then his brow furrowed in concern. “Are you hurting?” he asked.

You shrugged. “A little.” You said, trying to downplay it. It hurt more than a little, the painkillers you’d taken earlier had taken the edge off the pain but you could feel them wearing off already. It felt like someone had stuck a knife in your gut and was twisting it at regular intervals but saying so would only make him worry.

“Only a little?” Yugyeom asked, brushing a thumb over your knuckles. You could tell by the look on his face that he didn’t believe you.

“Okay, more than a little.” You reluctantly admitted. “But I’ll be okay.” It wasn’t like you weren’t used to it.

“Hmm.” Yugyeom hummed, still sounding doubtful.

“I will.” You insisted. “It doesn’t last forever. So I’m going to sit here and watch TV until the pain goes away.” If you were lucky that might be some time tomorrow but Yugyeom didn’t need to know that. “You can sit with me if you want but it’ll probably be pretty boring. If you want to go and hang out with your friends instead then the offer’s still there.”

Yugyeom didn’t bother to grace that with a reply, he simply picked up the remote from the coffee table and switched the television on.


Half an hour later and the pain killers had worn off completely. It was still a good hour until you could take anymore though so you were just going to have to deal with it you thought with a groan as you brought your knees up to your chest and wrapped your arms around them.

Yugyeom, who’d been looking at something on his phone caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to look at you. He frowned.

You offered him a shaky smile, hoping to reassure him. Since all you wanted to do was cry it didn’t really work.

Yugyeom’s frown deepened. Then he was standing up from the sofa and grabbing his jacket from the back of the chair he’d thrown it over earlier, a look of determination on his face.

“What are you doing?” You asked, watching him shrug his jacket on.

“I’m going out.” He informed you.

“Why?” you asked, confused.

“I’m going to grab a few things that will hopefully make you feel better.” He explained.  

“Like what?” he still wasn’t making sense. He’d already offered to bring you painkillers earlier and you’d told him you’d already taken some so he couldn’t mean medicine. What else was there he could get for you?  And how did he know what those things might be? You didn’t think Yugyeom had had all that much experience dealing with people suffering from period pain. It wasn’t like he had sisters or that many close female friends.

“You’ll see.” He said and jacket on he started heading for your door.

Still wondering what on earth he could be intending to pick up for you, you watched him go without comment.


When Yugyeom knocked on your door for he second time that day you felt so much worse. You just wanted to curl up in a ball and die. But if you did that then Yugyeom, who didn’t have a key, would be left standing out on your landing all day. That would be rude. So you struggled to your feet and wincing with every step you took you went to answer the door.

And as soon as it was open Yugyeom was holding out a cardboard cup to you.

“Um… what’s this?” you asked, taking it in both hands.

“Hot chocolate.” He told you, slipping off his shoes. “Now go and sit down, I’ll be right back.”

“Right back from…” You started to ask but he was already heading for your kitchen, taking the plastic shopping bag he’d brought back with him.

Bemused by his abrupt answer you headed back to the sofa, hot chocolate in hand. You’d been thinking about getting up and making yourself a cup of tea, you just hadn’t been able to muster the energy, so the hot chocolate was welcome. And having something warm in your hands was making you feel a little better. Usually, when the pain was particularly bad you’d be curled up in bed with a hot water bottle but you’d left yours at your parents’ the last time you’d visited, it was something you’d been beating yourself up over all morning. Holding a cup of hot chocolate wasn’t quite the same but it was a substitute of sorts and you appreciated it. You took a sip and hummed in appreciation. It tasted pretty good too.

By the time Yugyeom was back you were halfway through your drink and placing the cup on the table. Hearing him enter the room, you looked up a ‘thank you’ on the tip of your tongue. And then you spotted what was in his hand. “You got me a hot water bottle?” you asked.

“Hmm.” Yugyeom confirmed with a nod, making his way over to the sofa. “I didn’t like that you were hurting so I did a little research online and supposedly this will help.” He held it out to you. The cover was pale blue and fluffy. There were little white clouds all over it. It was adorable.

“I love it.” You breathed as you took the hot water bottle from him. You’d thought he’d been on his phone because he was bored, you hadn’t realised he’d been looking for ways to make you feel better. Feeling touched you hugged the hot water bottle to you and gave him a thankful smile. “You’re amazing, you know that don’t you?”

Yugyeom sat down beside you and shrugged, clearly trying act cool but you could see the tips of ears had flushed red at the compliment. You smiled and prodded his thigh with your foot. “You’re so cute.” You told him.

“You’re cuter.” He countered, not quite able to look you in the eye, his ears still pink.

You opened your mouth to argue, there was no way you could be the level of cute Yugyeom exhibited when embarrassed, but before you could say anything another wave of pain went through you and you were biting your lip.

And Yugyeom was looking at you again with a furrowed brow. “You’re still hurting?” he asked.

“A little.” You mumbled, echoing your words from earlier.

Yugyeom thought about this for a second. “Want a hug?” was what he settled on asking.

You didn’t have to think about it, you were immediately nodding. When you were feeling sorry for yourself you always wanted a hug and you were feeling really, really sorry for yourself.

And Yugyeom didn’t waste any time, he slid arm around your shoulders and pulled you into his side. Arms still wrapped around your hot water bottle you melted into him, making yourself comfortable against his chest. He smelled good you decided as you took a deep breath and snuggled in closer, like apples and cinnamon. He was warm too. You appreciated the thought that had gone into buying it but he made a far better hot water bottle than the one you were holding.

“Better?” He asked, brushing some of your hair behind your ear.

“Better.” You confirmed with a sigh. The pain was still there but Yugyeom hadn’t dropped his hand, he was tracing patterns on the back of your neck with his fingers. It was nice, a distraction. And being curled up next to Yugyeom definitely beat being curled up in your bed all alone.

prison-mikes-bandana  asked:

Damian turning the tower into a zoo after getting Titus from raven, and the only person not enjoying it is beast boy because he thinks the others are somehow mocking him and his powers

“But why did you get peacocks?” Gar whined looking around the tower grounds as the birds walked slowly about. Damian looked at him for a long moment “I believe people find them pleasing to look at” 

“I’m pleasing to look at!” Gar puffed out his chest and then turned into a peacocks fanning out his tail dramatically “see?” 

“I think the point is they come in more colors than green” 

“HEY! I come in many shades of green! forest! lime! fluorescent!” but Damian was already gone. 


“Kori! why does the new girl get a loin?!” Starfire looked up from her book “It was Donna’s pet on Themyscira, she didn’t want to leave him behind”

“no fair”

“would you like a loin Garfield?”

“NO! just… no” Kori looked after him confused as he stormed out of the room


“hey blue!” Gar ran after Jaime “yeah green?” 

“I was thinking, you, me some pick up basketball? you ready for me to kick your ass?” 

“ha wishful thinking hermano, but I can’t I’m helping Robin with the tiger room”

“the what?!”

“yeah the San Fran zoo has to update it’s tiger enclosure and we got a big pool and rocks training room I guess will work really well, so yeah the Titans are babysitting some tigers fro the next few months!” 

he left Gar standing slack jawed in the hallway


“Why are you hiding on the roof?” Garfield nearly jumped out of his skin. With ears as big as his you’d think no one could sneak up on him, but he never heard her coming. “Hiding me? no way! why would even think it Raven!” she just looked at him with that cold blank look till he deflated. “Rav you know what I did before I was a Titan?” 

“petting zoo” Gar flinched “sorry?” Raven rarely said she was sorry but the waves of shame and distress rolling off Garfield when she’d said that nearly knocked her over. “I mean close” he said “I was in a freak show, I don’t really remember my life before… They had me in a cage, and people would pay money to see me and they poke me with pikes to make me transform, and if I didn’t they’d take me out and… beat me up” comforting people was not something Raven was very good at “I’m sorry, that’s… horrible” 

“yeah well, I’m over it, just… it feels like with this place filling up with pets, and zoo animals… how long till I’m just one more pet?” 

She looked at him for a long minute “Gar, thats ridicules, You’re a Titan, you’ve been on the team longer than any of the rest of us, without you Jaime would be as uptight as Robin, Damian would never have any fun you’re the only one who can get him to DDR, Kori would have a nervous breakdown, Nightwing wouldn’t come around. Gar you’re the glue of the team, you’re not a pet”

“…thanks, but what do I mean to you?” she ruffled his green hair “Green is my favorite color” 

Every season the education department here comes up with a whole new way to have teenagers follow us around. But they don’t get rid of the old ways. So now there are about 5 program variations of “highschoolers follow keepers around.”

Which im sure sounds GREAT on paper to them with giving kids experience and hands on learning! But it translates to keepers basically babysitting untrained teens who often are only half enthused as we try to find things they can do without us constantly monitoring.

Because our education folks seem to forget that keepers????? have shit to do???????

This isnt as bad as Zoo Academy which is literally “keepers have to help teens come up with and properly do a science fair proposal and project” like sure Karen I love the idea of helping promote scientific thinking and interest but maybe thats something that the newly expanded education department can do instead of the keepers having to proofread some 15 year olds paper twice a week.

vanishingnightstar  asked:

I love how you add an earring for Prompto. It suits him <3 Makes me wanna headcanon now that Stella (from the older concepts of XV before she got scrapped) bought it for him but as a clip-on earring cuz around that time he didn't get any piercings x3

Ooh I never thought of that! I love it!

What if Luna and Prompto were pen pals (so they talk more than just that one letter where she asks him to befriend Noct)??? So she finds out that he likes chocobos but he’s never had a chance to see one in person because he’s a city kid and his parents would never take him to a place that had them (like a state fair or petting zoo or something idfk). So she sends him that chocobo earring in the mail! I think at one point or another, he’d definitely want to switch out the clasp and turn it into a real earring, though– that way there’d be less of a chance of it slipping off by accident! D: He’d be so sad to lose it.

anonymous asked:

Ok I had these fair Hcs for the band where 2D hates the -scary- rides but loves the games and the petting zoo / events. Noodles and Murdoc loves the rides. Murdoc tries to be tough when it comes to the scary ones but regrets once he's on. Russel the mom friend who takes pictures , carries prizes, and make sure they are fed. He likes rides too but only the more mid-calm ones. Sorry If this suck I'm not good at hcs. What are some of your fair hcs for them?

Oh god that’s lovely! I love love love imagining Gorillaz at the fair, I dunno why, I guess it just suits them so much. I’ve always loved the idea of them making a music video at a fair, like at first bright and busy and then dark with the neon lights and 2D spinning round and round as he sings, all happy and cool like, but then starts throwing up towards the end lmao

I imagine 2D loves the fair the most as his dad worked at one, and 2D used to help him out there a lot. He especially loves the dodgems.

Noodle probably adores the fair as well, and tries absoloutely everything. I can see her smiling the entire time till the end when they finally have to leave.

Russel probably buys all the sweets and I can definitely seeing him taking pictures. He probably eats a giant cotton candy and starts feeling ill later on. But he does have fun and enjoys relaxing on the slower rides.

Murdoc would have the time of his life lmao he’d go crazy, and choose all the extra insane rides. Maybe his favourite is the scary house ride (I can see him getting out of his seat to scare 2D from the shadows). He’d also definitely try the kissing booth if there was one lol

so. okay. so reese is from puyallup, WA, apparently.

now, I grew up one town over. so let me list the reasons why this is HILARIOUS to me:

1. Jim Caviezel has clearly never been there, because the pronunciation of it is counterintuitive as fuck and he messes it up the same way literally everyone messes it up

1a. (except, Finch’s actor does not mess it up? has Michael Emerson been to Puyallup? whY???? did he just not bother telling Jim Caviezel how to say it?)

2. Puyallup is like…the opposite of everything Reese is? like…i can’t imagine a smooth-ass spy in an overcoat coming from there. i can’t even imagine him BEING there. he’d just be hilariously out of place. Puyallup is just AGGRESSIVELY backwater…

3. …except for like 2 weeks a year when basically half the town is devoured by a GIANT STATE FAIRGROUND with PETTING ZOOS and ROLLER COASTERS and ARENA CONCERTS and TACKY SALESMEN and PUMPKIN CONTESTS

4. a fair which more likely than not Reese WORKED at growing up, because almost everyone in Puyallup does that once or twice. imagine reese taking tickets. imagine reese making funnel cakes. imagine reese trying to roll a pumpkin the size of a cow. imagine reese tending the pigs. imagine reese hugging the pigs.

5. this also means Reese grew up knowing he could be killed at any moment by a volcano! see, western Washington is volcanically active, but not with the kind of volcanos that erupt frequently. nope, we had the kind that bottle up pressure for years and years until they DETONATE and level everything for five miles, then send giant waves of cataclysmic boiling DEATH-MUD hundreds of miles down valleys in every direction. Puyallup happens to be bullseye dead-center in the middle of Death Mud Valley. there are even signs around town that helpfully tell you which direction to go when the death mud is coming.

6. so just…imagine baby reese. working at the state fair. hugging the pigs. eating a funnel cake. and wondering when Mt. Rainier is going to explode and kill him.