to be fair he knew her face not her name


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Word Count: 1.5k
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Description: A friend of mine @myoonzgi was talking about the lyrics of Autumn Leaves (고엽) and I wrote this while listening to it. The song is lit!

He could not stop himself to smile just by thinking about her. The first time he saw her walking into the glass door of the wine bar, he knew she was the one. He had never seen anyone who had an alluring smile like her, her exquisite slender body and her fair long legs perfectly complemented her beautiful face. She was so stunning to his eyes.

He never once believed in love at the first sight but suddenly the myth sounded real to him. Throughout the whole night, all he could think about was just how to approach her, to get closer to her, to get to know her name, to get her number and to finally get her to meet him again. Thanks to his insecurities he could not stop the anxious thoughts from appearing on his head. He was always underestimating his own appealing self, thinking that a gorgeous lady like her would never want to talk to him.

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Written for the @jonsaexchange for @broodybluebird! This is very silly and long haha, sorry about that. Though I promise it contains a forehead kiss™ Hope you like it!

Once Upon A Dream: Jonsa Sleeping Beauty AU (with some adjustments)

Summary: Sansa is under a curse - fallen into a magical sleep, she, according to the prophecy, can only be awoken by a kiss from a dragon. Arya rides south to ask for help from the dragon king Aegon, but the king’s grumpy half brother Jon might prove to be an obstacle. 

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I’ll Sing a Song Beside You

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1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Chapter One

It’s nearly midnight when Marinette hears the tapping on her window. It takes her a second to finish her problem set—and maybe she dawdles for a bit, delaying the inevitable—before she glances up. She catches his eye and points up toward her balcony but he tilts his head in confusion.

“Honestly,” Marinette mumbles to herself as she makes her way over to where he’s hanging. She pulls the latch and wrenches the window open. The cool breeze of the night feels nice as it brushes her face. “Meet me on my balcony.”

She doesn’t give him time to respond before slamming the window shut and rushes up to meet him. Pausing on her bed, Marinette turns to her kwami and asks, “Do you want to come with me, Tikki?”

“Sure! Are you ready for this?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Tikki flies into Marinette’s jacket, allowing the two heroes to talk before introductions are made.  

Marinette made two thoughtless mistakes earlier and is stuck facing the consequences now. The first mistake was being in the wrong place at the wrong time (or perhaps that was Chat?) and accidently letting the proverbial cat out of the bag. The second was fleeing the second she had purified the akuma and restored order to Paris. She’s grateful Chat waited a few hours before hunting her down but pushing it off for too long would just result in even more trouble. Really, they should have talked earlier.

It’s too late to change anything now though, so Marinette squares her shoulders and prepares to face him.

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Home part 2.

Murphy/OC/Connor. (Told in Murphys POV.)


Work the next day went painfully slow. Connor was trying to cheer me up the best he could even though he was feeling miserable too, but it just wasn’t working. All I could think about was that girl, I couldn’t get her out of my head all fucking day and it was driving me insane. When we were done we decided to stop off at the diner on the way home, we rarely ever made food, it was either the diner or take out. As we got to the diner, the door opened and my jaw nearly hit the floor as the girl from the night before walked out right in front of us. She stopped dead when she saw us, a look something similar to horror crossing her face that made my stomach do flips. I looked to Connor needing some reassurance, reaching out for him telepathically and feeling him pushing back and comfort me. Taking the lead like the big brother I knew he was, not that I’d tell the fucker that.

“Hey t'ere lass. New here are ye?” Connor asked, putting on his winning smile that made all the ladies swoon. She didn’t swoon though, she just looked at him with a face set in stone before glancing to me and back again to Connor. Connor licked his lower lip, a tell tale sign he was nervous, but he plowed on, he was as determined as me about this girl.
“I’m Connor MacManus and t'is here is…”
“Murphy. Yeah I know. I know who you two are.” She said coldly as she glared at us with her stunning blue eyes. I frowned in confusion and looked to Connor, seeing if he recognised her. Ah shite, did we sleep with her and not call her back? Connors face told me no. I often forgot the faces of our conquests but Connor rarely did. He was the early riser, the one who would wake up whilst they were still there. The one who’d make them a cup of coffee and usher them out whilst I was still curled up in bed snoring away.
“I-I don’t..” I couldn’t get my words together with the way she was staring at us. I felt like I was in an interrogation room.
“Does t’ name Siobhan Connell ring any bells?” She asked with a raised brow. My heart just about stopped and my head whipped to look at my brother.
“Siobhan? But Shivs back…” Connor started.
“In Ireland? Yeah I know. I’m from t'ere in case ye haven’t noticed. I’m her little sister.” She said sarcastically with narrowed eyes.

Siobhan Connell, I wouldn’t have said me and Conn were in a relationship with her when we were back home but I’m sure she’d say different. It wasn’t exactly our finest hour when we were with her, but we were only 17 at the time. Me and Conn saw it as more of a casual thing, passing her back and forth between us whenever we got bored and went off to chase another lass. She on the other hand didn’t think it was so casual and when she found out about the other girls she was heartbroken. We’d never met her little sister although she’d mentioned her a few times, she was only around three years younger than her. I tried to recall her name but I was coming up with nothing. I felt like I’d been punched in the gut, I knew there was something with this girl because I fucking felt it, but here she was, hating us for hurting her sister all those years ago. There was no way we’d stand a chance now.

“We’re sorry.” I blurted out, pretty pathetically too if I do say so myself. Connor looked contrite too and I knew he was probably remembering just how shitty we treated Siobhan. We were fucking assholes back then but to be fair Shiv knew this before she started seeing us, we had a bit of a reputation much to our Ma’s horror.
“Ye can take yer sorry and shove it up yer ass Murphy. I’m not interested.” She scoffed as she barged passed us both and started walking down the street, the same one as our apartment. Something flashed across Connor face that I couldn’t make out and he started after her, me following along like always.
“Aoife wait!” He called after her. Fucking Aoife, that was her name! She stopped and spun around, now looking just as flustered as she did back at the bar, throwing me for a loop once again.
“Just leave me alone!” She snapped, turning around and storming into the building, our apartment building. If God was trying to send us a message we were receiving it loud and clear. We followed her inside and she was waiting for the elevator, when she spotted us coming over she gripped her bag tighter and glared at us, looking defensive. I almost felt offended by the way she was acting but I had to remind myself that she technically didn’t know us.

“Do I need t’ call t’ cops?” She spat as she stepped into the elevator and shot us an icey glare. She was making me so fucking nervous with that look that I couldn’t even get my mouth to work.
“No lass, we’re just goin’ home.” Connor said with a casual smile, making that horrified look come across her face once again.
“Ye live here? In t'is buildin’?” She asked shocked, her voice wavering ever so slightly and it made me want to reach out and touch her. Connor looked to the key in her hand and noticed the number on it.
“Well what do ye know? Looks like we’re neighbours.” He smirked, giving me an almost smug look that made me suppress a laugh as he opened the elevator door.
“Ladies first.” I managed to squeak out meekly, pretending she wasn’t looking at me like she wanted to kill me right where I stood. She breezed passed us, having suddenly found her composure and me and Connor looked on as she opened the apartment door right next to ours and walked in, slamming the door behind her.
“What are t’ chances?” I asked as unopened our door and walked in, me and Connor taking our rosaries and coats off simultaneously.
“T’ good Lord works in mysterious ways brot'er.” He smirked as he flopped down on the sofa, me following suit with the take out menu in my hand seeing as we skipped out on the diner. I couldn’t help the smile that formed on my face when I thought about her being right next door, the Lord does fucking work in mysterious ways and I was going to find out exactly why he sent that lass to us.

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When Plagg Met Marinette

Part One of the Meet Series

A/N:  I did a bunch of little drabbles while I was at work and decided to through them up on tumblr.  Enjoy!

Summary:  Title says it all.


Plagg was so bored.  So very, very, bored.  Day in and day out, he was always in Adrien’s bag while the boy was in class.  Usually, it didn’t bother him.  He would just nap the classes away.  But today, he found himself restless and unable to settle.  Worse was that he was beginning to go stir crazy.  Just when he thought he was going to burst from too much energy, he caught a whiff of something delicious.  It was close by to.

He popped his head out, careful not to go too far less someone see him.  His eyes scanned all over and looked around the classroom. Once he confirmed he wouldn’t be seen, he flew out and aimed for the ground.  Sticking close to it, he made his way to the seat behind Adrien.  The smell was coming from there.  He looked at the girl, Marinette he thinks her name is. The smell was coming from her little purse, which was hanging at her side.  Slowly, and sticking close to the chair she was sitting in, he flew up to it. In several swift movements he un-clicked it and hopped in.

When he landed inside, he waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness.  Sweets.  Sweets everywhere.  Then again, he did recall something about this girl being a baker’s daughter.  It would make sense that she would have a ton of baked goods on her.  He sniffed around for what he had smelled originally.  He shifted some of the cookies aside, following his nose.  Finally he came upon it.  A cheese danish sat towards the back of her purse.  Jack Pot!!  He wasn’t that much into sweets but he would make an exception for these kinds.

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Surrealism Pt. 6// Spencer Reid

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 7/Part 8

Spencer was sound asleep underneath his blankets after what had been a long day. The night was a cold one, the fall’s crisp breeze swaying the curtains by the open window. He slept peacefully, without dreams and without nightmares.

It was soon after when she rolled in through his window, as soundless as she was trained to be, and gently laid next to him. She stayed silent for a moment as she took in his features; his strong jawline, the slight upturn of his nose, the long eyelashes that fluttered just above the dark circles beneath his eyes that were a permanent feature on his face no mat how much sleep he got. He was beautiful, and he was hers, if only for a moment.

“Hey,” she whispered softly as she carefully stroked his face. His eyes opened slowly, instantly recognizing her scent, a mix of Vanilla and flowers. His arm wrapped around her, his body unconsciously begging to touch her skin.

“Hey. What are you doing here so late?” He mumbled half asleep.

“I just needed to see you,” she replied quietly. He nodded, pulling her in closer and absentmindedly wrapping the blanket around her. Lexi clung onto his body, a desperate need to be beside him filling every inch of her.

“Kinda tight there Lex,” Spencer teased although he squeezed her just as hard. She laughed lightly and placed her soft lips against his neck.

“Let’s just sleep ok?” She hummed as she hid her face in the crook of her neck, placing butterfly kisses against his skin. A content sigh rumbled against the back of his throat as he felt himself float back to sleep with her in his arms.

“What’s going on?” Spencer asked as he made his way into the office to find it crowded with federal agents from other divisions. Emily pulled him aside, leading him to their conference room. The rest of the team was already seated, waiting for Hotch’s arrival. Their superior was currently caught in what seemed to be an important conversation with men who’s posts were even higher than his.

“Daniel Rozwin was found dead in his apartment this morning,” JJ informed as she stood and grabbed the remote for the monitor. With a click of the button various pictures appeared on the screen. All were of Daniel Rozwin with his mouth foaming, his death caused by poison.

“Someone actually managed to kill a FBI section chief?” Emily asked in disbelief.

“Daniel Rozwin was always surrounded by security. Who would be capable of getting that close ?” Morgan asked in confusion. It was a disturbing thought to think that someone who was so well protected had met his end at the hands of an enemy.

“Lexi Kingston,” Hotch answered as he strode inside the room mid conversation with a grave look on his face.

Spencer froze at the mention of her name. No. Lexi wouldn’t do that. Not FBI agents. She knew the risks. And besides, she had climbed into his bed the night before. She wouldn’t have had the time.

“Are you sure?” Morgan asked as he noticed Reid had gone completely rigid and speechless.

“There’s video surveillance footage of her leaving his house around 10 pm last night,” Hotch replied as he motioned for Garcia to bring up the video. “She managed to knock out all the cameras but the one he had hidden in the tree of his front yard.”

And that’s when Spencer saw it. The beautiful woman he loved walking out of the home with a confidence that came with knowing you had done something successfully. She held no remorse on her face, only a fierce look of concentration as she stealthily made her exit.

He stared blankly at the monitor, careful to not let his face betray his emotions. It was like feeling everything and nothing all at once. One second he felt as if a roaring hurricane was hurling around his insides, and the next he felt numb. 10 pm. That was before she had climbed into his bed.

That’s why she had acted so strange. Spencer’s sleepy haze had obscured his thinking level at the time but he had still managed to notice the way she had clung tightly to him, her body slightly shaking against his in what he had assumed was due to the cold. Now he realized it wasn’t the freezing weather that had shaken her, it was what she had done.

He stayed silent as the team began to throw out facts about her last known locations, speculating of where they would find her. His immediate concern for the woman shot through him.

He stood from his seat and left without a word, causing his team to look at him with a mixture of worry and confusion. Spencer was never this quiet when it came to cases unless something was bothering him on an emotional level. Morgan was the one who followed him out, stopping him just outside on the steps of the building.

“Reid!” He called out as the young man came to a halt. He looked back at him with a blank look.

“I didn’t know,” he replied simply. He had made a point of avoiding any conversation about Lexi’s “career” with her, deciding that living in ignorance was what suited him best. It was what suited them best.

“I know,” Morgan replied. He had seen the way Spencer had instantly tensed at the mention of her name, and the raging emotions behind his eyes was enough to let him know that he had no part in the killing.

“Look, if you know where she is, you need to tell us.” Morgan stared at Spencer as he scowled at the ground.

“I don’t. We always meet at my place,” he replied bluntly. “Are you going to tell Hotch?”

“Kid, I don’t have a choice. An FBI section chief was just murdered in his own home and the only person who might be able to find his killer is you.”

“Her name is Lexi,” Spencer replied coldly. “She’s a person so don’t try and make her seem like an animal.”

“Are you kidding me? She just killed someone!” Morgan exclaimed incredulously.

“How many people have we killed Morgan?! Because I know I’ve shot my fair share of people and not all of them survived,” he spat harshly. “Tell Hotch. I’m gonna go find her.”

Spencer knew Lexi was in his home the minute he walked in. She sat on his couch, staring at the television that showed her face for everyone to see. She was in trouble and she wasn’t so sure she would be able to get out of it this time around.

“I didn’t have a choice,” she spoke softly as she felt him approach. He stared down at her, still dressed in last night’s outfit with her hair pulled back to show the exhaustion on her face.


“He threatened me,” she replied with a frown as she finally looked up to see him. She winced at the look he gave her, a look of betrayal and hurt.

“Who threatened you?” He asked, desperately trying to make sense of her reckless actions.

"I can’t say.”

“Lexi! The entire FBI is out looking for you right now!” he yelled. She grimaced at his volume and tone of voice.

“I know that!” she snapped back in frustration.

“You’ve been threatened before,” Spencer replied simply. “What makes this one so different?”

Lexi stayed silent as she stared at her palms. She couldn’t say more. Involving him with that side of her life was something she had never wanted to do. Spencer noticed her sudden retreat into herself and sat down next to her.

“Lexi, you can tell me,” he said softly as he wrapped his hand around hers.

“He threatened you. He knows about us,” she replied with a small quiver of her lips. “I don’t want to be the reason your life gets ruined.”

“He was going to kill me if you didn’t do the job?” Spencer asked as he attempted to tie the pieces together.

“No, you’re too important to him,” she replied bitterly. “But he would make your life difficult.”

“Wait, what do you mean I’m too important?” He questioned.

“I should go,” she replied, avoiding his question altogether. “I think I’ll head to California. I own a place by the beach where I can just lay low for a while.”

“You’re just leaving?” Spencer asked incredulously as he watched her tie her shoes back on.

“Spencer. If anyone sees us together they’ll come after you. I’ll come back once things have calmed down.”

“So that’s your plan? Ditch me to live by the ocean until they stop looking for you?”

Lexi sighed deeply, wrapping her arms tightly around Spencer. He was hurt and had every right to be, but she still loved him. He hesitantly returned the gesture before throwing aside his pride and embracing her tightly.

“I’m doing this to protect you. Please understand.” Her gaze met his in a silent plea. He nodded softly, understanding her need to escape.

“I love you,” he said as his voice cracked at the thought of her leaving. The way of the world was cruel, tearing lovers apart.

“I love you too,” she replied wholeheartedly. The two held on to each other a little longer, reluctant to let the other disappear.

Spencer felt completely overwhelmed with emotions as he crashed his lips against hers in a desperate need to convey just how much he adored her. She kissed back just as eagerly as she jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist, Spencer leading them to the bedroom where he would take the last opportunity he had to make love to her.

Celebrate Me Home - The One Where Cas States the Obvious

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 7.1k-ish

Warnings: Sex guys…there’s just a lot of dirty dirty sex. Smut, NSFW, FINGERING.

Summary: A Dean Winchester Holiday//Daddy//Bookstore!AU ~ The reader can’t take it anymore. She can’t take the stolen glances and the desperation. Can’t take the stress or the pressure. She wants Dean more than she’s ever wanted any man, but she knows that it’s not the best for either of them; knows that neither one is in the position to start something on a whim when it may all come crashing down at any moment

A/n: This is it, kiddos. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, a culmination of four parts of a story and months of preparation. Strap in, because shit is about to get real. IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, KNOW THAT SKIPPING THIS CHAPTER WILL NOT LESSEN THE STORY FOR YOU. It’ll still make sense if you choose to not read this part.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9

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November 28th, 2011…27 Days until Christmas

Walking back to the Inn from Dean’s house after Thanksgiving, y/n couldn’t help but let her mind wander, couldn’t avoid the journey that her subconscious took. It’s a journey that she’d done her best to avoid, one that she had to put all of her energy into because she didn’t want to give too much away, didn’t want to put herself out there. But after everything that happened at Dean’s, after the near miss of a kiss, she thought that she was ready to let go, thought she was ready to give it all away.

The pull, the undeniable bit of electricity flowing between her and Dean wasn’t all just in her mind: it was real, it was there, and Dean felt it too. She felt elated at the thought, felt out of her mind with joy and pure happiness. Y/n had no idea it was possible to feel this good about a man, never knew that those worrisome feelings–of whether or not you were good enough–didn’t always go hand in hand.

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A.F.W.R. - replacement chapter 2

Chapter 1 @piku-chan

Knock. Knock. Knock.

A blond teenager leaned up quietly in his silk bed. He was the the king’s son, Prince Adrien Agreste. Adrien pulled his hands out from under the covers and slowly rubbed his eyes, clearing it of crust and sleep.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

There it was again. It happened last night as well. A knock, but one that didn’t have a hand behind it.

Adrien silently slid out from under his covers and crept over to the door, muffling every slow step with a small snore. He’d have the item of surprise now as last time he wasted no time and ran over to the door, crashing over his carpet, only for the intruder to scurry back down the halls. He did often sneak out after all.

The Prince reached the door and put his right hand on the handle with quiet ease, at the same time grabbing a sword he rested next to his door. He quickly pulled the door open and jumped forward as he did so, sword now resting only a breath away from his intruder’s neck. Now, the questioon was, who lay beneath him?

Adrien pulled the hood from the person’s head and focused intently on the darkened face. Despite the low light, he was able to identify his inruder as the court lyre and his all-time best friend, Nino Lahiffe. His mouth was shut tight so he wouldn’t burst out in laughter and wake the whole castle, tears even beginning to form in his amber eyes. Adrien frowned. Another prank courtesy of the Nino. “Who else should I have expected?” he scoffed under his breath.

Adrien glared at Nino, hoping it might calm his bursting laughter, but despite the blond’s good intentions, Nino opened his mouth and filled the hall with with a deep yet childish giggle. Out of fear, Adrien slapped his hand over his friend’s mouth and dragged them into his room with the other, all under the blanket of dark night.

A quiet scurry of slippers came down the hall. Nathalie. It had to be her. She was the only one that lived in the eastern part of the castle, other than Adrien, of course.

This knock was meaningful. It wasn’t a prank. What would Nathalie say if she found Nino in Adrien’s bedroom? The King already hated him enough and Nathalie wasn’t one to keep secrets from King Gabriel. Everyone knew how close she was to him, rumors even sprouting about her possibly becoming the next queen.

“Adrien! I thought I heard noise in the halls! Are you endangered?” came from outside the door.

Straight to the point, no wavering voice. Classic Nathalie. Adrien yawned, acting as if he had just awoken. And she was gone. She didn’t like to waste time on simple matters. Her life was dedicated to the King, after all and Gabriel certainly wasn’t a simple matter.

Adrien turned to face the lyre. “You owe me.”

Clink. Clang. Clank.

Adrien jumped backward from the sword jabbing toward him. Nino’s sword. They were sparring at the moment and Nino had the Prince on the ropes.

Clang. Cling. Clink.

“You can do better than that, your majesty!” taunted Nino, even adding a quick bow to the end.

“That was a mistake,” Adrien cackled, slashing at Nino’s sword.


There was no doubt about it. Nino was a force to be reckoned with. Adrien’s sword was stopped by his partner’s, a cheeky grin upon his face.

“Alright. We’ll stop,” Adrien chuckled. “It’s clear I won’t ever beat the unstoppable Nino.”

“You flatter me,” said man retorted.

They laughed, dropping their swords to the side and crossing the courtyard in order reach the fencing around the perimeter. As they walked, Nino turned to face Adrien. “‘Sure you’re ready to visit the village. You could always get robbed.” He chuckled again.

“Hey, you once grew up there and you haven’t robbed me yet,” the blond countered.

Nino burst into laughter, reaching up a finger to wipe his eye before answering, “Yet!”

The boys walked themselves over to the fence, laughing at one another’s jokes. They hopped onto the sharp fence with gentleness, careful not to be stabbed on the points, and landed safely on the ground. Then, they were off through the forest.

Everything was loud and noisy. The villagers loved Prince Adrien instantly and a party started in one of the numerous bars. It was almost too much to handle for such an introverted person.

Adrien turned to look for his friend and found him with his tongue half-way down a barmaid throat. He recognized her as Nino’s girlfriend from the all the descriptions the love-sick lyre gave. She was pretty after all. Now, what was her name again? Oh, It was-


“Alya! A little help here!”

The Prince turned his head to face the open door-the source of the voice. She was gorgeous. From her raven hair to her bluebell eyes, her fair skin to her clearly over-worked hands, she was beautiful. It was love at first sight for Adrien Agreste. He knew it. The thumping in his ears was a tell-tale sign.

Adrien turned his head to face Nino and Alya, who were now loose from one another’s grasp. Alya smiled, but there was anger hidden behind it. She was mad that the girl interrupted her first make-out session in a month, but still ran over to help the girl with her bags.

“Mari! Glad your here! I have a friend who would just love~ to meet you!”

Alya turned to face Adrien, a suspicious grin plastered on her cheeks. “Marinette Dupain-Cheng, meet Prince Adrien Agreste!”

There it was again. The thumping. Adrien smiled, whole-heartedly. 'Thanks Alya!’ he thought to himself.

He waved. “Hi!”

'Marinette’ squealed, dropping all of her bags and hiding behind Alya. 'Oh no, she’s scared of me!’ But oh, the opposite was true. Marinette Dupain-Cheng had silently loved the Prince for quite awhile now, but some people were just far too dense.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

Already Won

Description: could you do like an age difference one? like where the reader is notably younger than him and scared about what the clique might think when they publicize it?

A/N: I don’t know how to make a fake tweet with a picture embedded in it, so this will have to do for now, but if you know any tricks, please tell me!!

“I-love-you.” Josh repeated this over and over again, distracting you from the chick flick you had picked out. As much as he insisted that he hated them, Josh always ended up cuddling tight next to you and becoming really possessive whenever you watched them. This was one of those times, when he was acting almost as if he was jealous of someone, or that he had to claim you before someone else stole you away.

“Josh…” you gently protested, and he hesitated only slightly, leaving his lips on the side of your neck. “I can’t pay attention to the movie when you’re doing that.”

“Then pay attention to me,” Josh said into your neck, continuing to kiss you.

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16. “Princess, you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into.” 

with Eric 

“Princess, you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into.” Eric threatens, his hands on both sides of your head, pinning you to a wall.

You had just wanted to get some papers from the office, it had been late and you needed them tomorrow. You hadn’t expected walking in on Eric half naked with a girl sitting on the table, happily making out.

She looking terrified seeing you and got up very quickly, aplogizing as she left the office in a hurry. You had no clue why she was sorry, Eric was the one who had fucked up bringing some random girl in here. There was a reason only leaders were allowed in, not everyone had to see these sensitive documents after all.

“Me? You are the one who was about to fuck that girl in here. I’m definitely not the one who’s in trouble.”

“Yes exactly, I was until you barged in without warning and scared her away.”

“It’s not your playground in here, I don’t have to knock everytime I enter. Have your fun somewhere else for gods sake.”

“But it’s so much more fun in here.” He says with a devilish grin, “Since you robbed me of my date it’s only fair to take her place don’t you think?”

“Date huh? You probably didn’t even knew her name.”

“I don’t need to but I know your name so what do you say Y/N?” He whispers into your ear, making goosebumps appear on your skin.

“That is really not a good idea…” You glance down at his lips close to your face, thinking about how it would feel. You don’t need to imagine it for long because Eric follows your gaze and presses his lips to yours, capturing you in a heated kiss. 

Fic: Something That Lasts Forever

Title: Something That Lasts Forever

Author: jedichick04

Gift for:  @bri617aroundtheworld I don’t know why I wasn’t following you before now, but I am excited to have found you! You have a great writing style, you use gifs awesomely, and just seem like a generally wonderful person. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, and I hope this gift satisfies a little bit of your wish list!

Rating: T

Summary: Three ways Oliver and Felicity never celebrated the holidays (and one way they did)

A/N: It was fun thinking up these three AUs! The canon moment is set post 2x09. Title is from Michael Buble’s “Cold December Night”. Written for the Olicity Secret Santa 2016 here. Read on AO3 here.

All’s fair in love and war — and coffee. ~Pam Brady, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone, South Park, “Gnomes,”

It was a really bad idea to come into SC Jitters at lunchtime just a few days before Christmas. Felicity bumped into the end of the line as soon as she stepped in the door. But she needed coffee, good coffee, not the dregs from the bottom of the break room coffee pot. She could wait a few extra minutes.

Jitters had figured out that people stuck waiting in line were more likely to buy last minute gifts if they were right in front of their customers, so Felicity entertained herself by looking over the various coffee mugs, bags of coffee, and other gift sets packaged for “easy gifting.” As the line shuffled forward slowly, an item marked down on the top shelf caught her eye. She glanced around, but didn’t see any duplicates of the item on the lower shelf. She moved closer to the shelf and reached up. Her fingers brushed the box, but it was just barely out of reach. Why had she opted for her shorter heels today? She reached for the box one more time, when it was snatched out of reach by another hand–and promptly pressed into her outstretched one.

“There you go,” she heard from behind her. She turned to see a tall, ridiculously gorgeous man standing very close to her, close enough that she was able to see his bright blue eyes and feel the brush of his wool pea coat.

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sunflowerseedsandscience  asked:

16 and 20 seem like they could be a fun combination....

16. ‘Must be this tall to ride’, my ass! 
20. Why are we even doing this anymore? 

The game was Mulder’s idea.  It wasn’t really a game, but he was right, if they were going to spend hours locked in a car together on a stakeout, they needed something to talk about.  Otherwise, how awkward to sit in silence.

It was kind of like a variation on 20 questions.  Except, they each only got one question and the other had to elaborate as much as possible.  In the days of their first few stakeouts, the questions were innocuous and a little boring.  Did Mulder really care who Scully’s favorite teacher in elementary school was?  Not really.  But, did Scully really care what Mulder’s favorite TV show as a kid was either?  Not at all.

After awhile, the questions got to be more personal.  What’s your most embarrassing memory?  Biggest fear in life?  Who was your first crush?  And, Mulder’s question of the night: who was your first kiss?

“Why are we even doing this anymore?” Scully asked.  “We have plenty to talk about now, we’ve been partners well over a year.”

“Sounds like someone’s trying to avoid the question.”

“I’m not, it just seems so silly now, is all.”

“Be sure not to leave out any details.”

“Fine.”  Scully sighed and hunkered down in her seat.  “I was 11.  It was the summer between 7th and 8th grade.”

“Summer lovin’,” Mulder sang softly, “had me a blast.”

“Shut up, Mulder.  It was late in summer, and there was this carnival-slash-fair that always came to town not too far from my dad’s base.  We would save up our allowances for this and my Mom would drop us off after dinner and we had to be back to the gate by 8.

“There was a boy that I liked, his name was Sean.  He wasn’t one of the base kids, our family knew his family from church.  I knew he liked me too.”

“How did you know?”

Scully blushed and dropped her head as a smile crossed her face.  “You know those cliché notes you hear about that say ‘Do you like me, check yes or no?’”

“You checked yes, I hope.”

“I did.”

“You said you knew him from church.  Was this note passing taking place in the house of the lord?”

“It was.”

“That’s very naughty of you, Scully.”

“Anyway.  Sean and I made plans to meet up at the carnival.”

“There has to be some type of sin associated with planning lover’s trysts in church.”

Scully rolled her eyes.  “Mulder, I was 11.  And stop interrupting.  So, we met up at the carnival.  We played a few games and I remember that was the night I won a goldfish in that ping pong toss thing, which died within a week of bringing it home.”

“What was the fish’s name?”

“I don’t know.  I probably didn’t even give it one.”

“Why wouldn’t you name your fish?”

“Do you name your fish?”

“Of course I do.”


“Next time you’re over I’ll give you a formal introduction.”

“Yeah, sure.”  Scully shook her head.  “Um, well, we played the games for a bit and then Sean wanted to go on some rides.  We rode the swings, I remember, and a little roller coaster, but he really wanted to go on that ride The Zipper.”

“Which one is that?”

“Uh, it’s like…you sit inside these enclosed cages in a row and then the ride rotates and the cage spins as you go up and down.  Like if a ferris wheel was on a stick instead of a circle.”

“Okay, I think I know which one that is.”

“So we’re in line and I was feeling all jittery because Sean was holding my hand, but I saw the sign up ahead with that red line that says you must be this tall to ride this ride.”

“Uh oh.”

“I knew I was at least an inch shy of what it was supposed to be.”

“What’d you do?”

“I think I kind of noticed it at the same time Sean did.  He said it was ok, that we didn’t have to go on this ride and he let go of my hand.”


“Yeah, it made me mad.  So mad, I said ‘Must be this tall to ride’, my ass!”

“You said that?”

“Well…” Scully shrugged a little.  “I certainly thought it.  I took his hand back and marched right up to the ride operator, who probably would’ve been fired today because he didn’t even look twice at me, or at Sean, and let us right into the little cage.”

“That’s what liability insurance is for.”

“So, now we’re on the ride and it takes awhile to get all the people on, so we’re going up and stopping and up and stopping until it gets going and then I’m sliding all over the place because I can’t reach the floor and I’m screaming and hanging onto the lap bar for dear life.

“Finally, finally, the ride stops and we’re hanging partially upside down so that now we can go through the process of getting everyone off.  When our cage finally tips rightside up, Sean, who had simply been thrilled this whole time, turned his head and kissed me right on the mouth.”

“I could do a psychological profile on this guy,” Mulder said.  “Did you kiss him back?”

“I think I was a little too stunned from the ride to offer anything in return, but my heart was certainly palpitating and I was flustered and sweaty.  Probably like most first kisses.”

“It’s a sweet story.”

“Hang on, it’s not finished.”

“There’s more to Sean than meets the eye?”

“Well, I was so stunned and so flustered, that I wasn’t even really cognizant of getting let out of the ride, so when the operator opened the door, and remember, I couldn’t reach the floor, I fell right out of the cage and flat on my face.”


“Needless to say, there was no second date with Sean.”

Mulder pressed his lips together and turned his head away.  He shook his head a little and Scully sighed at her memory.

“You can laugh, Mulder, it’s ok.”

“I’m not laughing, I’m…did he help you up, at least?”

“No, the ride operator did.”

“What a little asshole.”

Scully chuckled.  “He was 11.  What would you have done at 11?”

“Would’ve been a gentleman and kissed you twice.”

“You didn’t ask me about my second kiss.”

“What was-”

“Ah ah,” she cut him off.  “Next time.”

The End

@yato-at-your-service asked: Could I please request a cute/fluffy scenario with Akaashi, Bokuto, Oikawa, Kuroo and Suga teaching training with their s/o who also plays volleyball but hasn’t been playing as long? (From pronouns if that’s okay?) love your blog


„Oh I’m never going to remember those,“ she groaned while shoving a batch of papers away from her. The captain of her new volleyball team had given her a list of rules as well as hand signs their setter uses to communicate. She wanted to make a good impression and learn everything as quickly as possible, but she couldn’t remember some of those things for the life of her.

“What’s wrong?” The voice startled her and when she turned her head, she saw that Akaashi took a seat beside her.

She propped her face up on her hands and explained him the situation with a sigh. In the meantime Akaashi looked through the notes. “I can test you, if you want to.”

She blinked a few times before falling round his neck. “Oh god Keiji, you’re my saviour.”

“Thank me if you really learned everything.” He gently chided, but still lay an arm around her waist to draw her closer, a small smile tugging at his lips.

Two hours later they were still busy going through volleyball rules. With Akaashi’s helpful explanations she managed to internalize a lot more than she would have managed alone. Still, she wasn’t content yet.

Akaashi seemed to feel her discontent and quickly interjected. “Don’t worry too much, (Name). You’ll learn with experience.”

She put her hand on his. “Still, without you I wouldn’t got so far today.”

Looking her deep into the eyes, Akaashi took her hand in his and raised it to his lips to press a light kiss to her knuckles. “Just tell me when you need me.”


She knew Bokuto always continued practicing when the rest of his team was gone. So it was no surprise that he was still practicing when you quietly slid into the gym.

“Hey Bo.” She raised her voice trying to get his attention. “Mind if I toss to you?”

Bokuto was beside himself with enthusiasm and after he greeted you exuberantly with his trademark Hey! Hey! Hey! and  a bone crushing hug, he quickly got down to business. “Let’s go, babe.”

After an hour of practicing Bokuto’s zeal still hadn’t decreased, however the quality of her tosses had. Not that they were good before, after all she was still learning, but it had gotten worse and worse.

“Let’s stop for today, Bo. It’s no use.” She panted after another failed toss.

Bokuto put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a big smile. “I think you’re doing great.”

She leaned against his chest and just shook her head. Immediately his strong arms came around her and pressed her firmer against him. “Well, I guess it’s pretty late already. Let’s pack up and continue another time.”

She was silent the whole time clearing up. She wanted to improve, but she didn’t seem to make any progress. Her disappointment must have shown on her face, because after locking up the gym, Bokuto threw an arm around her and pulled her close. “You know,” he began, “I’m not a big help for you. But I can ask Akaashi if he’ll give you some tips.”

She raised to her tiptoes and pressed a kiss to Bokuto’s cheek. “You’re the best help I can imagine, Bo.”


“So tell me (Name)-chan, what kind of toss do you need?” Oikawa was eyeing her while playing around with a ball in his hand. Glad about the extra training, your boyfriend has offered to practice a little bit of spiking with her.

She nervously fiddled with her hands. “O-oh, um… High and close to the net. I think…“ Those last few words were mumbled so quietly Oikawa didn’t hear them.

He cheerily clapped his hands. “Let’s go then, (Name)-chan.”

However, this training didn’t go as they wanted. Both she and Oikawa grew more and more frustrated with every missed toss.

Then, all at once, the ball was in front of her hand, perfectly placed for a strong spike. She hit it with all she got. The ball landed in the opponent’s court. A little bit confused, she landed and stared after the ball.

“Ha!” Oikawa’s triumphant shout rang through the empty gym.

She shot him a questioning look now that he sent a jubilant grin towards her. “(Name)-chan, (Name)-chan. You still have a lot to learn about volleyball.”

“Huh?” Was the only thing she could answer.

Oikawa poked her nose. “I knew after the first on that a high toss close to the net wasn’t the right thing. How did you get that idea?”

“The setter of my team told me so. You know I only started playing recently, Tooru,” she defended herself.

He sighed dramatically. “Not every team can have a great setter like me.” Next he cupped her face and planted a kiss to her forehead. “Just be honest with me next time, (Name)-chan. Only then I can help you.”


Kuroo really tried his best to teach you what he knew about blocking. However, that wasn’t of much use if her fingertips barely reached above the net when she jumped. “Not fair, Tetsu,” she pouted, “You’re too tall. I can’t block one single spike of you. Also I’m still practicing with a lower net.”

The tall boy shot you a teasing grin, “Maybe you should have drunken more milk as a child. Then you’d be taller now.”

“I drank enough milk, thank you very much.” She snapped and whipped around. “You should rather tell me how to improve.”

After taking some steps toward her, Kuroo slung an arm around her shoulders. “Aw, come on. I’ll help you this time and promise your block will work.”

She peered up to him, “Really?”

“Really,” he affirmed. Then he turned around to where his team mates were taking a small break. “Hey Yamamoto, could you spike for us once?”

Not a minute later she and Kuroo were standing next to each other waiting for Yamamoto’s attack. “Just do as I taught you,” her boyfriend mumbled.

Just as she wanted to jump, she felt two strong arms close around her thighs raising her up, so her hands were high above the net. And indeed, the ball bounced off her hands and landed on the other side of the net.

“Yes!” A triumphant shout came from her mouth before she looked down on a smirking Kuroo who was still holding her up. “You’re the best boyfriend, Tetsu.”


„Oh, it was off again,“ she sounded disappointed when the fifth receive in a row went flying into the opposite direction you wanted it to go.  “I will never get it right, Koushi,” she flopped down on the floor with a pout on your face.

“You’re a lot better than before, (Name). Considering you only started playing, you’re already very good.” He crouched in front of her and gave her a bright smile. “Come one, once more.” He held his and out towards her and pulled her up with him. “Just remember the movement shouldn’t come from your arms, but from stretching out your legs,” Sugawara reminded her before playing another ball towards her.

The ball went flying, just not towards her boyfriend like she intended to. “Ugh, I don’t get it,” she was frustrated.

“Hmm,” Sugawara contemplated the situation for a moment. Then he came towards her and positioned himself behind her. “Here,” he said while leaning forward positioning his arms in a way he could guide hers, “let me show you.”

His breath tickled her ear, warmth radiated from his chest and, for the love of god, you couldn’t concentrate at all on what he was showing you.

“You got it now?”

“Oh, um, I think you have to show me again, Koushi, I may have been a little distracted.”

His smile almost became mischievous, “Of course, I’ll show you as often as you want.”

Tri Wizard.

Score had a hard week  trying to be a good student in Teddy’s class and the rest of the classes. He kept his words short with Teddy in greetings. He was quiet in his class. He did however make Teddy hiccup bubbles with a small spell. It made the class laugh. scorpius smirked, he knew Teddy knew it was him and it was a harmless prank.The bubbles only lasted five minutes. The Durmstrang Institution, and Beauxbatons Academy of magic were on their way to the school. A big presentation was going to take place. Scorpius heard the girls were hot as ever from the Beauxbaton academy.\

Victoria worked there and would be here too. He wondered slightly how Teddy would take seeing her again. Scorpius knew he wanted to put his name in the goblet. Malfoy name needed to be slightly restored. He knew it would always be disliked or admired. He sat at his house table. The females came in and did their little dance. Their head master coming in. Victoria was beautiful. scorpius felt a little jealous, but could see Teddy had a fair skin blonde hair type. She looked at Teddy.

She still had those heart eyes, before going to the table with her name and sat down with her group. Scorpius starred at Teddy for his reaction. A frown on his face. He heard a loud Ho RAWR. The doors flung open. And a loud HOO RAH. Came through. The boy’s at his table still looking over at the girls, but Score’s eyes went on the male’s coming in. They were muscular, tall and sexy. Victor krum lead them into the hall. They swirled their swords in two straight and perfect two straight lines. SCorpius’s eyes landed on the boy in front behind Krum. He was tall, masculine and wide. His body perfect, but he wasn’t the tallest of them all. But, probably more attractive. Score and this boy’s eyes made contact. They both looked away. Scorpius knew tomorrow they would be putting names in the goblet. He was ready. The presentation and dinner lasted two hours. Each teacher from other schools talked about the last tournament and how safety was important. That it would be hard, but safe for the most part. Score wondered how much of that was true. Diggery was brought up in remembrance of his dad’s era tournament.

The presentation and dinner was dismissed. Score stood up. He could see Victoria going to talk to Teddy. He huffed and walked out of the hall. He was headed to his room, when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked to this left. That strapping looking male from Durmstrang was beside him. “Scorpius?” He lifted a brow. “Yes. He smiled. "I’m sorry. Let me say who I am. I am Marius Svein. Yah father use tah work with ya da.’ score loved the damn russian type accents. "Oh?”  a lot of people worked with his dad. “Anyway, I was wonderin’ if you’d show me and a couple of ma’ mates ahround?” He shrugged. It was better than going to his room and obsessing over Teddy. “Sure.” Plus, this male was sexy and a possible distraction. He walked in front of the male. He could feel the male’s eyes on his body. He smiled and nodded him towards the corridors where the class rooms were. 

gleeful (8/28)

It was her son’s giggling that made her tear her eyes from the work she was doing on her laptop.

Their connecting flight to LAX had been delayed and delayed and delayed, irritating Katniss beyond belief.

Julian, however, didn’t seem to mind.

It was his first time flying and he’d been handling it wonderfully. He’d slept the entire duration of their first flight; the early departure was almost too much for Katniss, too, but she forced herself awake to finish a presentation she was due to give when they got back from Prim’s wedding.

When they got to the gate for their connecting flight, Julian had occupied himself with the shows Katniss had loaded up for him on her iPad, his coloring books, or one of the many story books he had crammed into his little rolling Spongebob backpack.

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Like No Other (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

         (Y/N) walked through the halls of the Avengers facility heading to her office. She was a doctor who currently attended to illnesses and injuries. She hoped one day to work in the labs helping with medical advances, but for now she was happy just to be working around the Avengers.

           It was early in the morning and the only sound that could be heard were the clicking of her heels against the floor. There weren’t many people walking the halls this early so she would scroll through her cell phone messages without fear of bumping into someone. She looked to see if her boyfriend, Steve Rogers, sent her any messages. He was currently off on a mission and he only sent her a message if it was important. He really wasn’t one for using cell phones.

           They began dating a few months ago after she popped his dislocated finger back into place. To her it was more like she was dating a good friend than a boyfriend. They kissed a couple of times but nothing more than that. He was fun to be around so she didn’t mind waiting for things to progress between them.

           With her cell phone in one hand and a stack of folders in the other she continued to her office. She stopped momentarily thinking she heard a strange noise, unlike anything she heard before. It sounded almost like a faint whistle but not quite. After not hearing it again, she went back to checking her messages.

           Waking up earlier than usual, Pietro decided to go for a run before grabbing breakfast. It was raining outside so he figured he would go to the indoor gym. He speedily ran through the empty building, enjoying the quiet and solitude. Until a woman unexpectedly came around the corner, making him dodge to the side to avoid colliding with her. He hit her cell phone causing it to fly out of her hand. The force of the wind pushed her back against the wall making her drop the folders she was carrying. He immediately stopped to check on the woman.

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