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Here’s a fun little observation: John Wick fights like an “action girl”.

My housemate and I watched the movie again last night and noticed that his style is like a less flashy version of Black Widow’s. He even use his legs to trap opponents. Look at those pictures up there. Isn’t that something you would expect a woman to do in an action movie?

He isn’t as muscular as most action heroes these days, so it makes perfect sense that he’d use that sort of style. I appreciate that.

(If you decide to watch this movie now, be warned; a dog is killed off camera which starts John Wick’s anger fueled quest for revenge. Yes, he is killing a man in those pictures because another man killed his dog. Dog owners will understand)

you know what i cant sleep and im just gonna write this bc im actually really angry about this!!

like- please stop telling boys and men with ptsd that was caused by women that their FEAR (NOT HATRED- fear!! remember that being afraid of something and acting like a fucking asshole arent the same thing) is misogyny, and then go off validating girls and women that are afraid of men for similar reasons. its really not okay

and especially do not tell traumatized men that theyre faking their ptsd to hate on women, ESPECIALLY if you support self diagnosis/are against telling people their illnesses or disabilities are faked for attention. because thats really shitty

abuse is not okay for any reason. a woman abusing a boy or a man is still fucking abuse and it can fuck people up massively. if you condone female-on-male abuse, you really need to self evaluate. bc thats messed up

Hey guys, Katsucon is done…BUT, I have a busy week ahead.

I have a job interview for an animator position! Because of that, I’ll be putting more time into doing some research, which probably means I might go for sketchier/simpler Dailies this week. Wish me luck!!

the shameless us fandom honestly just grates on my fucking nerves. get. over. it. the show is about so much more than ONE relationship. for fucks sake. going through the tags is almost unbearable. i seriously question why these people watch the show at all. all i see are legit complaints. it’s like it’s become a new thing for everyone to just complain about a show (not just shameless). what’s the point in watching if you can’t find some good in it. it’s the most frustrating thing about fandoms. i feel like i rarely see positive shit about anything anymore. people don’t watch shows for an escape or for fun anymore. nope, it’s to bitch bitch bitch about everything. how fucking exhausting. 

(( Thank you to those who sent in a Valentines card to Luciano, I was very surprised anyone would actually send one in considering this blog’s sporadic activity aha!

I would really like to keep drawing replies to them but unfortunately I’ve reached a point where I’m just really tired from a lot of lack of sleep so I will reply to the rest a little late if you guys don’t mind too much.

Thank you guys again for sending in Valentines cards, Luciano and I appreciate them very much!! ))

Visiting a friend in Denver

She is married with a 3 yr old and an 8 month old and a huge house. Her relationship with her husband is one of those that I thought was only in parodies–he is terrified to be left alone with the kids, she could never possibly take a trip by herself because he couldn’t manage it alone, etc. The two of us went out to see the downtown and he was frantically texting her that the kids were stirring from their nap and she should return already.

I just…🙄🙄🙄

How can someone be successful in life and make a gazillion dollars at work and not be able to care for their own (healthy, developmentally-normal) children?

I was just talking to my sister about My Little Pony and I meant to say “Diamond Tiara” but I accidentally said “Yellow Diamond” instead, and… That would be a very different situation for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, wouldn’t it