to be closer

lance, after being lightly roasted by the other paladins: wow. WOW. okay. looks like none of you are invited to my birthday party anymore

hunk: wait! i thought we were going to plan your party together? we had an ocean theme and everything!

lance: shit, you’re right… hunk’s reinvited.

pidge: what?? lance you can’t keep uninviting and reinviting people to your birthday party, you’re just gonna lose track

lance: oh really? watch this - (pulling out a small notebook) - pidge, currently uninvited as of today; hunk was recently uninvited but is now reinvited - side note, ocean themed parties are amazing; allura, currently invited but she’s on thin ice; coran, well, he’s kinda permanently invited because i need at least one person to show up; lotor is invited ironically, waiting for him to rsvp so i can reject him; and finally… keith is permanently uninvited until he admits that he cares about being on the invite list

keith: what? no i- the ocean is stupid!!

lance: oh yeah?? double uninvited!



keith: (softly) what the heck, man….


Acting is something I came upon and I really, really, really love now. I want to be as best as I can at it and, I also want to be the best person I can be, I think those two correlate. I’ve always really believed that in acting, you progress as you progress as a person so that comes first. You grow as an actor if you grow as a person, If you’re not growing as a human being then I don’t see how you can progress as an actor. So constantly be better as a person. I’m not perfect at all, and I will never be. I also don’t think I’ll be a perfect actor I just think they’re very similar. My dreams in life that I want [..] to just be good. ()

Happy 26th Birthday, Dylan O’Brien! (Born 26, August 1991).