to be anything at all

ok but?? chowder being a Party Boi in high school. he was always just so happy to be there and got everyone hyped. not so much anymore bc he’s gotta be serious about stuff (like hockey and his friend and his gf and his degree) but like. pong partners lardo & chowder??? unstoppable. undefeated. actually undefeated. they never lose games, chowder just loses interest and like high fives everyone and goes off to do something else.

Honestly, tho, like, Kal doesn’t for a second seem to consider that if he misses the Nulls terribly, how much must the Nulls miss each other?

It’s Kal’s idea, in the beginning.

Everyone rotates. That’s how it works. Ordo stays on Coruscant—he’s the most proficient at logistics. They all can learn, true, but he has the eye for it. His mind constructs the paths to follow in a way that isn’t learned, can’t be taught.

High efficiency in half the time, and ARC Captain shouldn’t be in the field half as much as the jetiise say.

Mereel keeps his big mouth shut with a smile and terrible twinkle in his eye.

Ordo is safe that way. Safer. Safe enough.

They don’t argue—why would they?

They don’t talk about Geonosis like they don’t talk about Before. Before Kal is a whisper, a laugh, a choke hold in a starless night that happened, happens, happening, to someone else. Not then, not them.

Memory is funny.

Happened to someone else is a defense mechanism, they all know the lines they tell themselves to pack it away. On edge, dancing a tight precipice honed sharper by the day, and Someone Else scraped tighter by the spectre of Ordo before the fog. The fog that chases them, the fog that creeps in—that Ordo’s presence keeps at bay.

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Wish mirrors were accurate

My brain on writing
  • Me: Okay, I'm really excited about this story I'm writing. But I need to sit down and finish it. *sits down with great purpose and resolve*
  • My Brain: Hey...that totally reminds me of this *other* idea that doesn't really go with this story at all but could be an entirely new multi-chapter fic. Let's start that instead!
  • Me: I hate you. But that is a really good idea. Maybe I'll just write a few notes. *writes notes*
  • My Brain: You know what that note reminds me of? Three new one-shots completely unrelated to the things you're working on and a sequel to the thing you haven't finished yet!
  • Me: I'm going to bed now.
  • My Brain: Hey, now I know how you should end that scene you were writing! Also, here are some things at work to worry about. And the refrain of one of the songs you listened to today on continuous repeat.

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YOI won the Tokyo Anime Awards :///

I assume you’re referring to this announcement by the Anime News Network? 

This was a fan-voted set of “best anime”, and given how popular YOI has been in both the western and eastern fandoms, this isn’t really surprising for me? Given the reported volume of BD sales, it’s safe to say that YOI is also extremely popular in Japan and not just in the west. This particular award is the equivalent of the entire Crunchyroll Anime Awards, and non-YOI series performed far more comparably in this vote than they did in the west.

It’s far more surprisingly that Joker Game did so well given how poorly received it was in the west (only 4k votes behind YOI! and 20k votes ahead of 3rd place!), though I certainly think it was an underappreciated anime from spring 2016 and I enjoyed the unique storytelling style (even when it was being kind of heavy-handed). 

I haven’t heard of a number of the anime on this list, and while I certainly believe that Mob Pyscho 100 deserved more love than it seems to have gotten here, I can accept these results because this award is quite literally the viewer’s choice award. The bias is in the name, and it wasn’t asking for voters to do anything but pick their favorite (unlike CR’s awards, which ostensibly asked for people to be more objective when voting despite realistically being just a popularity contest). 

The actual Tokyo Anime Awards starts March 10th, according to that article. I hold out hope that critics will give Mob Psycho 100 the praise it deserves for its absolutely jaw-dropping animation. 

Also, while YOI is not my choice for anime of the year and I have a number of strong criticisms for it, I enjoyed watching it. If you’re looking for a strong anti position, I’m not your gal. If you’d like to have a critical conversation, my IM is open.


…I remember the fact that to this day, there is not latin dub of Arc V and I get sad because if there’s an audience to which the themes of war, classicism and the egao ideology would appeal it’s ours.

But then, I remember the very americanized dub which even if you enjoy you have to admit that the original spirit and intent is changed in quite a few key scenes (not to mention the dumbed down dialogue) - and think that maybe it’s better that way :/