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So this is happening.

The idea is this. We take some Modern AU tropes and we take some Fantasy AU settings and we twist them all together and we get beautiful Fantasy Pretzels!

So think Coworkers AU but they’re both Knights in the Royal Guard, Bed Sharing Trope but they’re Space Pirates, Best Friends to Lovers but Dragon Hunters AU! 

This is just a post to sort of spread the word. I’ll be posting full details with rules and themes for each day on Monday and I’m tentatively thinking we do this in the last week of February.

Themes of the day will be announced in advance but will be selected through a roulette spin. I am accepting your favourite modern AU tropes and your favourite EF/Fantasy AU settings and scenarios to add to the wheel till 22/01, Sunday night EST.

On Monday morning, I will stick them all on a wheel and spin it to give us some fun combinations to work with!

The themes would just be guidelines and you can of course do your own interpretations. The only rule would be that there be a twist to an existing trope and that it be in a fantasy setting. 

Though I love straight up fantasy AUs, you will need to add an element of subversion of a trope or some sort of popular modern AU trope adapted to a fantasy setting.

I’m still open to suggestions so hmu if you think of anything you might like or think could be done better. And if you have any questions, my ask is open :)

Reblog to spread the word etc. and send in your suggestions for themes!

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Random thought

I feel like a lot of gay guys go through a “SUPER GAY” period. Where they are just starting to come out and they are, in a way, making up for the experiences they couldn’t have for so many years. It’s like they have to rush all their experimentation they should have been having most of their life (if society accepted them more and made accepting oneself easier) into a highly condensed time.

I’ve seen a lot of my friends do it shortly after coming out. Heck, I did it too.

Just came out - BOOM boys boys boys. Drag, YASSSS! I gotta be the baddest most gay person on campus!

Eventually you kinda figure out what you like and don’t like, calming down a bit after and settling into your new “norm.”

Hm… odd how much having to hide who you are in younger ages impacts you even during adult life.

Did anyone else do this?

35 Ways to Respect your Parents

1. Put away your phone in their presence
2. Pay attention to what they are saying
3. Accept their opinions
4. Engage in their conversations
5. Look at them with respect
6. Always praise them
7. Share good news with them
8. Avoid sharing bad news with them
9. Speak well of their friends and loved ones to them.
10. Keep in remembrance the good things they did.
11. If they repeat a story, listen like it’s the first time they tell it.
12. Don’t bring up painful memories from the past
13. Avoid side conversations in their presence.
14. Sit respectfully around them
15. Don’t belittle/criticize their opinions and thoughts
16. Avoid cutting them off when they speak
17. Respect their age
18. Avoid hitting/disciplining their grandchildren around them
19. Accept their advice and direction
20. Give them the power of leadership when they are present
21. Avoid raising your voice at them
22. Avoid walking in front or ahead of them
23. Avoid eating before them
24. Avoid glaring at them
25. Fill them with pride even when they don’t think they deserve it.
26. Avoid putting your feet up in front of them or sitting with your back to them
27. Don’t speak ill of them to the point where others speak ill of them too
28. Keep them in your prayers whenever possible
29. Avoid seeming bored or tired of them in their presence
30. Avoid laughing at their faults/mistakes
31. Do a task before they ask you to
32. Continuously visit them
33. Choose your words carefully when speaking with them
34. Call them by names they like
35. Make them your priority above anything

Parents are treasure on this land and sooner than you think, that treasure will be buried. Appreciate your parents while you still can.

May Allah grant us righteous offsprings and reward our parents..Amen!
“My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small.” [Quran; Surah Al-Isra, Verse 24]5

Transliteration: “… Rabbi irhamhuma kama rabbayanee sagheeran”

No better feeling than being completely loved and accepted by your significant other’s friends and family😍😩 having my girlfriends loved ones tell me they’re so happy we’re together makes my heart so happy. I’ve never been so grateful, it feels so good.

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Long time reader, first time asker? I'm looking for a fic kinda like the Alpha and Omega fic by angel_baby on AO3. I like the whole, alpha!derek trying to win over Omega!stiles.

Here’s our wooing/courting tag, which will likely contain fics you’re looking for.  I’m not familiar enough with the fic to know exactly what you want, so I hope these come close.  -Emmy

April Showers by BabyMilk 

(1,617 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek


Scott and Stiles, two lost and packless wolves, are invited by Derek, safe from seasons wrath

Star-Crossed by cloudsarefluffy 

(32,949 I Mature I Complete)

My friend sent this to me on Tumblr: “I officially challenge sunshinexlollipops to write me a fluffy Sterek fic. No angst except for one small paragraph and it can not be major. High school AU. Stiles is a nerd, Derek is a jock. Tutor!Stiles. They fall in love.

Challenge accepted, Krista… Sort of?

Derek clears his throat quietly, resuming his plan on retrieving the boy’s mythology book, “Y-You dropped this…”

“I know, but- thanks.”

The boy snatches the book out of Derek’s hand with his mortification filling the air in a sharp, heady scent that has Derek’s wolf mentally salivating, “You’re welcome… Uh, do you know where the tutor session thing is supposed to be?”

“T-That’s me,” with another addition of pink to his cheeks, the boy rushes to correct himself a little, “I mean, I’m the tutor here and this is supposed to be- oh god, I’m really butchering this, aren’t I?”

Alpha & Omega by Mellow (SweetCandy) 

(55,779 I Explicit I WIP)  *steter

He didn’t miss the feeling of a warm body in his bed, he didn’t wish for someone who would greet him at the doorstep when he came home after a long day of work, or who would bid him goodbye with a soft kiss.

Peter didn’t want his home smelling like a mixture of his musky, dark alpha scent and a sweet, playful omega scent. He didn’t long to hear the sound of small feet running around the house, calling him Daddy or Papa and demanding to get ice cream for dinner or not having to go to kindergarten because it was stupid.

No, he didn’t want kids, he didn’t want a relationship and most importantly: he didn’t want a fucking omega.


Or: Peter Hale, successful businessman and Alpha werewolf, doesn’t want an Omega no matter how much his sister urges him to finally claim a mate. He has never been interested in an Omega.
At least until he runs into one Stiles Stilinski at his nephew’s birthday party, who falls for him in more than just one way.

Hey TJLC Family,

I just want you to know I love every single one of you. We are such a strong, witty, open-minded group of people, and I am so grateful I get to experience this all with you. You accept me like a family never has, and I am so grateful to be loved in this community.

Okay, that’s all, and again, I love you,


(Ps I probably want to be your best friend so please message me and I will try to keep in touch bc I love you all)

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huh how did the blind date go? (also maybe you ARE Eliza Benet)

hahahahaha it has not happened yet… here is what went down

two nights ago i got this random friend request from a guy on fb. i had no idea who he was but we had like seven mutual friends and i was curious so i accepted him, thinking i might have met him at a party once and forgotten about it or something

a few minutes later he sends me a message saying hi and asking how my day’s going and i’m intrigued. when i ask why he added me he says he was just looking to make friends. weird, but whatever. i let it be and forget about it

fast forward to yesterday, middle of the afternoon, i’m out with friends when i get a random text from my mum saying: ‘if you get a friend request from someone named [boy’s name] make sure you add them :)’

and i’m thinking, oh dear god no. it can’t possibly be. she wouldn’t.


oh yes, she would

turns out he’s friends with one of her friend’s kids, and she met him through that friend and apparently channeled mrs bennet and instantly thought, oh, you’d make a lovely boyfriend for my daughter! so the instant he left she asked her friend to ask her daughter whether she could put him in touch with me

which is the most convoluted thing!!!! i have ever heard!!!!!

and we’re still messaging because he seems nice but???? honestly what i don’t even know what he knows about me/what the daughter said to him??? and he doesn’t know that i know that that’s why he got in touch with me, because i don’t know how to say ‘so my mum set us up’ without making this situation even weirder

physical pain //Theo Raeken

How it feels when Theo got send to hell.

Authors note:
Hey guys it’s me!
I wrote this imagine pretty fast but I still hope you’re going to enjoy my writing

Request: I just wrote it when I watched the Theo comeback!


-Y/N P.o.V-

You know how it feels to lose the person that you love?
Seeing how the person disappeared in a hole begged and cried for help.
And you’re just standing there, getting held back by them and getting told that he deserves it.
I still screamed after hours my lungs out, ended up having sore throats and no air to breathe.
Would you ever accept what your friends have done?
Taking your love of your life away?
No, you wouldn’t.
I ended up laying in the pure darkness enjoying my own company.
He would now lay next to me during the night in my bed, telling me everything is alright.
Theo raeken was never to me negative.
But i knew he was the predator of the pack and other people.
Silents was the music that pounded in my room.
I didn’t cried, i just eyed the darkness.
I felt empty and betrayed by my own friends.
I blamed myself that i couldn’t do anything.
I felt physical pain, it hurts so much.
Every little scene that i saw today replayed in my head.
I didn’t went to school or even out of my room.
Crumbled in my bed - curtains rolled down, not allowing any light to enter - i noticed how Stiles stepped in my room and the mattress sunk a little bit down. He was just silently stroking my hair out of my face.
I know that Stiles hates Theo but i never cared really.
I know Stiles since the kindergarten and we both went on the same elementary school and then on the same highschool.
He always hates every person that was trying to talk to me.
He isn’t jealous or something, he’s caring about me.
But now he realized his own mistakes even though he wasn’t the person that sended Theo to hell.
It was Kira, after that i never saw her again.
I hated her since that, i’m disgusted by the wannabe.
She came and destroyed everything.

I need someone who can take my pain away…

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The Popular Belief

Rating: K

Pairing: Todoroki x Yaoyorozu from BNHA

Two Shot

Romance/Angst- the fanfic with angst that I said I’d write a while ago, enjoy! 


Despite popular beliefs, Yaoyorozu never accepted the idea of lasting relationships. As ridiculous as it sounds, Yaoyorozu grew up in an environment where relationships meant business, and in turn, business meant money. Her family was wealthy; everyone knew that of course, but to her, wealth started to become something really dark and twisted. In her world, wealth was what attracted ‘family friends’, if you could even call them that. She was fed with a silver spoon since she was a baby and she donned gold jewellery for every social event for as long as she could remember. She could technically obtain whatever she wanted with a snap of her fingers, but at the same time, she had to work hard to give her parents something to be proud of. At the age of 8, Yaoyorozu noticed that what really was intangible were people who wanted to know her for her. Not because of the Yaoyorozu family name. And so entered Todoroki Shouto.

               Todoroki, Yaoyorozu swore, was the only person who came from a well-known, greatly publicized family, who never seemed to give a damn about the world. He had to uphold his family name but the composure that he instilled on everyone around him came as a surprise to her. Ever since the exam where the two fought against their beloved teacher two years ago, the girl admired him more so than before. From the wires where he was left hanging, he shouted to her a short speech that Yaoyorozu can still hear, placidly repeating in her mind, as if it were on a broken record.  It left her emotional.

               But when it came to confrontation and discussion, Yaoyorozu would have to admit that it wasn’t her strong suit. Her innocence and naivety were like a spring breeze brushing over soft fields; gentle, fresh, and unwavering. And that’s what plagued her. Jirou had consulted her many times, with a smirk of course, over matcha lattes and cinnamon buns, that talking to him about her inadvertent crush was key to ‘success’. What Jirou meant by ‘success’ however was still a mystery to her, but if that could clear her mind and cure the constant anxiety whenever Todoroki was a meter away from her, then maybe Jirou was right.


               One casual morning came, and the black-haired girl, with her signature pony tail, was struggling to carry a pile of “Hero History” workbooks across the UA hallway. Like always, she volunteered for teacher without hesitation, and she was told to bring it to the staff room where he will begin his long treacherous journey of homework marking. She treaded carefully on the clean marble floor, noticing the few scuff marks that periodically became visible as she walked, giving the only evidence of student existence. Quiet echoes of her footsteps disturbed the silence of the hallways, coercing her to move faster. If it weren’t for UA’s strict policy on using one’s quirk on school property, she would have fashioned a pair of skates by now.  

               A short, slight tap was heard somewhere on the left of the girl, and with a few more steps, she noticed two girls, one with vibrant pink hair, and the other dark brown, taking something out of their lockers. Were they even supposed to be in the hallway during class time? Yaoyorozu stood far in a corner, the perfect perspective to see what they were doing. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back…right?

               “I want to give him this, what do you think?” The pink haired girl, spoke quietly, “I made these myself!”

               A heart-shaped box peaked through the girl’s tiny fingers. Valentine’s Day chocolates? But wasn’t Valentine’s Day way past?

               It was the brown-haired girl’s turn to speak. She leaned forward, Yaoyorozu noted, and she took the box out of her friend’s hands. The contents inside the box rattled a little, and the other girl quickly made a ‘shush’ gesture with her finger.

               “This is really sweet,” the brown haired girl spat, her tone like venom from a snake, “I don’t think he will accept it though. Haven’t you heard about the other girl he’s been seeing?”

               Yaoyorozu almost laughed. These first years sounded so immature she couldn’t bear it any longer. The girl continued to balance her books and was about to tiptoe away when the conversation steered itself towards an eerie ending.

               “Todoroki-san? Seeing someone?” The pink haired girl sounded disappointed. She grabbed the box away and carefully packed it neatly into her backpack.

               “Ya, rumour has it, he’s out with the same girl almost every week. You know, sitting in cafes and stuff,” the other girl hissed, “I wouldn’t confess to him now if I were you.”

               A sudden shock resonated through her and Yaoyorozu’s heart began to hammer. As if all her blood rushed toward her tired arms, a workbook started to tilt forward. Haphazardly, Yaoyorozu shifted her weight on her heels, praying to God it wouldn’t fall. But it did anyway, and the loud thump made the two girls jump in surprise with Yaoyorozu’s presence.  Cursing (which was surely forbidden in her unwritten family code of honor), she placed the steady pile on the floor, gaze fixed on the book which was now half opened. She picked it up swiftly, acting as if the other two girls were simply statues,  Yaoyorozu placed it on the stack and continued on her way. In the corner of her eye, she saw the two girls, mouths agape. Whispering, the two girls turned quickly on their heels to leave. Yaoyorozu could only hope they didn’t recognize her.


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tuafw you're finally loved and accepted by your partners meltdowns and flapping and trauma and all after going through years of familial and so called friends' abuse and you just dont know how to articulate how happy you're with them but how terrified you are that its all Not Real or that theyre going to leave you but you;re learning to overcome your fears and you finally feel happy - tau ceti asks

Okay, so this is to the anon who messaged me today as well as to everyone else for future reference.

I’m not going to reblog any posts asking for money no matter how good or important the cause is. I don’t know your friend and I can’t encourage my followers to give money to someone who, for all I know, could be scamming people. That being said, I do hope that if your friend needs help she is able to get what she needs.

I know this is probably going to make me sound like a bitch and I’ll accept that label, but I hope you can understand why I made this choice. It’s not about your friend specifically but about setting a precedent.

Attention Nerds of All Fandoms

Are you tired of ship-hate? Are you fed up with entitled attitude and moral superiority in tags? Are you scared of joining conversations because of the negative atmosphere in fandom circles? Then you’re lucky because this is the exact right blog for you!

Here at friendly fandom faces we will try to help you find some friends with similar interests who are also *gasp* nice!! No more lurking the tags, no more anxiety while you debate whether or not to reblog a fandom post. Forget all your woes and worries, because this is a place where all kinds of fans are welcome - no matter your age, orientation, ethnicity, political opinions, ship preference etcetera.

What can we do for you? Well, that’s up to you! For everyone who is shy or just in need of one good friend, we will be hosting a matching program. We will accept your submissions and then find someone like-minded for you, according to your personal interests. But that’s not all! With your permission we will also publish your submission on the blog, so that people interested in becoming your friend can contact you directly!

For those of you just looking for a good time talking to people about your interests, we will also be hosting fandom-specific channels on several discord servers. If you’re interested, you need only shoot us a message and we will send you an invite.

If you have anymore questions regarding our program, please check out the About and FAQ pages on our blog.

Apart from that we hope you have a very nice day, and hopefully a lot of fun in your fandoms in the future!

Love, the Fandom Friends Squad

1035) My mom is totally okay with the lgbt+ community, and is actually bi herself I think, but like?? I don’t really think I’m ready to tell her that I am pan? I’ve dropped hints at it so she definitely knows, I just don’t want to have to actually say it to her. It was hard for me to come out to my close minded friends (who accepted me thank god), so it should be easier to come out to her.. Right???

Sherlock season 4 + fans + attacks to actors and writers

I’m angry so this might be a little harsh. It is not and apology, only a warning. BECAUSE I’M ANGRY!

How many times needs a character to say he isn’t gay before you accept he is telling the truth?
I mean… Imagine that someone comes to me and tell me that they are gay and I’m go
Me: “Nah, I’ve seen the way you look at your friend, you are not gay”
XX: “I am gay”
Me: “Nah ah, I tell you, you love your friend, the way you look at her, the way you touch her sometimes, you love her”
XX: “Yes I love her, she IS MY FRIEND”
Me: “Nop, I’m telling you, friends that love each other that way end with each other”
XX: “But I AM GAY!

I’ll tell you, I would punch myself in the face if I ever do something like that.

But that is what it has been done to this character all the time!! John Watson has time after time tell us that he isn’t gay, he dated all women, he married one, he almost cheat on her with… I’ll let you guess… ANOTHER WOMAN!, but some fans still think that they knew better. Well, apparentely no, and instead of accept the fact some are attacking the writers and what is worst the actors themself. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!
It is a show! IT IS FICTION!! —–
Oh without a doubt their can help a little, and is good to be represented on the media… BUT IS STILL FICTION!! And meanwhile you are attacking REAL people for doing their job!! (I mean those who are personally attacking actors and writers even with death threats)

Another little thing… it is still representation. 

There is people in this world who doesn’t care that much for romantic relationships (that would be Sherlock in the show), he isn’t interested on those, he never was, not even in the books, so Sherlock does represent people. Benedict Cumberbach said that Sherlock was asexual… THE ACTOR WHO PLAYS THE CHARACTER SAID IT! And he played the part that way, the only time that we see Sherlock in a sexual moment he is USING sex as a way of breaking into a guarded place!

The writers said that they weren’t going to put John and Sherlock in a romantic relationship.
Remember this?: "We’ve explicitly said this is not going to happen — there is no game plan — no matter how much we lie about other things, that this show is going to culminate in Martin and Benedict going off into the sunset together. They are not going to do it”. Gatiss said that.
Moffat said this: “We walk into that one all the time. It’s a funny thing when a character for over 100 years has been saying, ‘I don’t do that at all.’ He’s been saying it over 100 years! He’s not interested in [sex]. He’s willfully staying away from that to keep his brain pure—a Victorian belief, that. But everyone wants to believe he’s gay. He’s not gay. He’s not straight. And Doctor Watson is very clear that he prefers women. People want to fantasize about it. It’s fine. But it’s not in the show.”

And it wasn’t.

They also said that the show was about John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, and at the end Sherlock and John ended living together and working together, and it is good too, they are family, not blood related family but family and that is beautiful!

Sherlock started the show by been virtually alone and without understanding of the world of people around him, he ended the show with knowledge of his own feelings, a healtier relationship with his brother, remembering his sister and a trauma that have been crippling him all his life, and he has friends! He understands the importance of other people feelings.
Remember when Sherlock didn’t understand why a woman would still be sad because of her long dead daugther? Remember how he never bother to learn Lestrade’s name? How he always treated Molly like she wasn’t almost there? Remember when he saw his brother like his archenemy?
Now think what we have in the last season/episode in constrast:
Sherlock asking Mycroft if John could possibly call his daughter to say goodbye.
Shelock trying to remember Greg’s name and finally remembering it without no ones help.
Shelock being very distress because he had to emotionaly hurt Molly in orther to save her life.
Sherlock defending his brother decisions in front of their parents and even bigger, puting a gun to his own head rather than to kill him.

All these changes began the moment he said "Not good?” and listened to John answering to him “A bit not good, yeah” simply because he did listen and he started to learn, to change.

AND IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!! But some people is angry because it wasn’t romance, it wasn’t romantic love! They don’t understand that this show was all about LOVE. Romantic love isn’t the only love in the world, I would actually say that it isn’t the most important, romantic love starts and ends all the time, but there are other kinds of love that are much more resilient and we saw those in this show, is sad that people can’t see it. Is sad that they can’t see the beauty this show really was.

But no matter what, please, please, PLEASE, don’t attack real people because you don’t like something in the show, stop watching it, is that easy, I’ve stoped watching shows that I loved because the writing wasn’t of my liking anymore, but I’ve never attacked the writters or the actors, the first ones because is their show and they have the right to do what they want with it, and the latters because it’s their job! Sometimes even the actors do not like what their characters have to do, but they sign contracts, it’s their job to do what the script says! What is the point of attacking them?

Please, respect real people.

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I'm so irritated that someone tried guilt tripping me into going to social places such as parties and crap like that. Trying to change me instead of accepting me for who I am. I'm a loner and I like being alone, not going around and having a tons of friends, that's exhausting for me. Why can't they just accept me for who I am? I don't ever tell them or guilt trip them to stop going to social places and be alone. why can't anyone accept me for who I am? I'm sick of it.

That is because people grow up with the expectations that they have to be social all the time. Part of that is pressure from parents and society who think that just because you want to sit and read with a book that you are shy and lonely. Extroverted people simply cannot understand that there are people who truly don’t like crowds, and parties, and would rather just chill one on one or in a very small group.

And people are made to think that if they are that way, that there’s something socially wrong with them. There isn’t. 

They just don’t get it. They may never get it because they don’t feel it themselves. Since most people don’t read articles, find some introvert memes and post them to them. Learning by meme is better than not learning at all.