to be a hippie

I keep thinking about a 1960s/70s AU, where Robbie did one tour of Vietnam (most soldiers only had a tour of about a year) and comes home around probably ‘67/‘68, and there are loads of protests and stuff.

Robbie lives in an apartment and from his window there’s sort of a square, where peaceful protests and pickets happen pretty often. He doesn’t care, but when he tries to sleep during the day, he can’t because of the protesters/hippies being noisy and ‘happy’, so one day he goes down to give them a piece of his mind.

Welcome Sportacus: one of the more gentler protesters, he’s pretty focused on environmentalism and the welfare of returning soldiers. And Robbie sees him and is like 'YIKES’ because how could one hippie be so cute? He’s kinda lost his nerve at this point and is just standing there watching, and Sport goes over to him and hands him a flower.

And Robbie is just ://///// because he’s so awkward but inside his heart is going so fast, and Sportacus realises he’s a soldier and tells Robbie that they’ll keep the noise down.

Then idk… Maybe they come back a few days later and Robbie just can’t help himself so he goes down again. And Sportacus tells him they’re planning a march and that he’d love to see Robbie there. And Robbie goes to the march and almost instantly regrets it because it’s loud and there are angry people and it’s too crowded!!!!! And Sportacus notices how uncomfortable Robbie is so he takes his hand and leads him off somewhere and they just sit quietly for a while and Robbie thanks him.

And idk what else happens, but they fall in love, and it’s cute, and I die of happiness every time I imagine Sportacus in bell-bottom trousers and a tassled waistcoat and wearing flowers. Okay I’m done being gay now.