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ID #56622

Name: Ashlee
Age: 23
Country: United States

I am a freelance travel and lifestyle writer from Southern California. I work at a cafe like any good starving writer would. I love traveling and getting out of the US, learning about cultures, other languages, lifestyles, food, and religions. I garden bake and cook and try to live a healthy lifestyle. I hope to own my own magazine one day aimed at inspiring others to go see the world around them. I like to think I’m pretty easy to talk to. I’m a feminist and lead a pretty ‘hippy’ lifestyle. I have a degree in Journalism and a TEFL certificate. I hope to be fluent in Spanish with in two years. In a pen pal I’m looking for someone open minded and around my age 23-27. Male or female doesn’t matter. Chatting with someone outside of the States would be prime but inside works to. Really I’m looking for someone who is open, loves travel, learning, reading and other cultures. I really enjoy writing hand written letters and I collect postcards but emails can be just as fun.

Preferences: Age: 23-27, Female or Male

Good morning, Star Children. Today the message is about Craftsmanship, Skill, Creativity
Tarot of the Day: Eight of Discs/Pentacles

The Eight differs from the other Pentacles in that it speaks to the spiritual and esoteric rewards of refining your skills; less to the financial reward for them. It speaks to the application of knowledge and creativity to a utilitarian task; the difference between making a sturdy shelf that works and making a beautiful sturdy shelf that works.

If you are looking for a job it shows a desirable career that tests your skills and develops new skills. 
In current employment, it suggests an increase in workload - use discretion and take a balanced approach.
In finance, it suggests that you may receive financial assistance. Be prudent with these resources. They come to you because of work not luck so do not gamble with them - be practical and think long term.

In a relationship, this card can indicate the workload of you or your partner may be getting in the way. Try to strike a balance between both; work to ensure that your relationship is as spiritually rewarding as your workplace.

Wherever the Eight of Pentacles fits into your day, it’s letting you know that you have the skill required, now comes the refining and honing of them. By developing your talents, you will find success in your efforts; investing in yourself now will lead to greater rewards later.

Peace out, Lovelies…