to be a fly on that wall would be my dream


I remember about 3 years back I saw a picture of a bird’s enclosure, they had their own room filled to the brim with enrichment.  Ropes on the ceiling, perches on the walls, a huge cage, several playstands and more toys than I could count.  I remember thinking that was the sort of home I wanted my birds to have some day, dreaming of how much joy they could get out of a room like that, imagining them flying from toy to toy, swinging around having the time of their lives. I also remember thinking that would never happen, I could never have the space or money to give them that life.  I remember feeling so terrible, they meant so much to me and I couldn’t give them the life they deserved no matter how hard I tried.

But here we are now, the top two images are from 2014, the room had looked like that for all for 2013 as well, the rest are all from today in 2016. There’s still a lot of things I’d like to do, perches on the walls is definitely going to be happening one day, just not today.  I know there’s a lot more I can be doing for them and I promise I’ll get there but for now I’m happy with how far we’ve come.  The birds certainly seem happy about it too.

I had a dream that after taking a powerful enough jump I could float into the air and start flying around and it was so fun so naturally I started using my abilities to mess with people and provoke stereotypical bully-like kids and just before they would catch me I would fly away and make fun of them.

Well at one point I flew over to a restaurant that had really rude wait staff and told them that their food was awful and threw avocados at their wall (???) an old woman was like “you need to cut that out or you’ll regret it” and me having my powers was just like “PFFFFFT YEAH RIGHT GRANNY. TELL RONALD REAGAN BLAKE SENT YOU” or something and I jump and fly away but then I look behind me and this old woman is flying up right on my tail and threateningly says “did you really think you were the only one” and I just screamed and made running motions mid-air and woke up