to be a champion you have to earn it

Dear Ottawa Senators,

Nobody thought you’d make it this far. At the beginning of the season everyone said “Ottawa who?”. You proved them wrong. You were the team that could. It was you against the world but you, you were a force to be reckoned with and the world was gonna know your strength. You fought through concussions and fractured feet and cancer but you didn’t let that stop you. You dug deep and you roared. You fought with everything you had, held nothing back, left everything on the ice. You clawed your way back and finished second in your division. You silenced the doubters and proved you could play with the best.

Dear Eastern Conference Finalists,

It was right there, so close you could see it and not just in your dreams but right there in front of you, feel it in your fingers battered and bruised and taped up, taste the blood and the sweat and the tears on your tongue until you couldn’t taste anything else but victory. I’m sorry the only thing left you can taste is bitter defeat.

I promise you there’s no shame in losing if you lose playing your best. You earned the right to be there. To play this series. To take on the reigning Stanley Cup champions. It took them seven games and double OT to take you down. You took on the titans and while you didn’t win you put up one he’ll of a fight. So hold your heads up high with pride because you have nothing to be ashamed of. I know it probably doesn’t seem like it right now but I promise you it’s true and if that’s something you can’t believe right now, then I will believe it for you until you can believe for yourselves.

Dear Team That Could,

I have never been more proud to be your fan. To wear the red, to wear this logo on my chest and your names on my back. You gave me your hearts and your souls and your sweat and your tears and your strength and your resiliency and I couldn’t ask for anything more because were the team that could. We were #ALLIN. It was us against the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you.

Enneagram Type 8: The Challenger

The Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, Confrontational Person

Healthy. Self-assertive, self-confident, and strong, healthy Eights have learned to stand up for themselves for what they need and want. Action-oriented, with a can-do attitude and inner drive They love a challenge and are resourceful self-starters, taking the initiative and making things happen. Tenacious and robust, they value independence and foster it in others. Strong-willed, impassioned people of action, they communicate simply and directly — ”what you see is what you get.” Eights are natural leaders that others respect and turn to for direction: decisive, authoritative, and commanding. Earn respect by being honorable, by using power constructively, by championing and protecting people, by acting as providers, sponsors, mentors, and promoters of worthwhile causes and valuable enterprises. Seek justice and fair play, and have a positive vision for their world. At their best: Become compassionate and magnanimous, merciful and forbearing, mastering themselves, carrying others and fulfilling others’ needs with their strength. Empowering, gentle, and inspiring, have the courage to be openhearted. Truly fearless, they are willing to put themselves in jeopardy to achieve vision: possibly heroic and historically great. 

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Dear Sister Of Mine~ Seth Rollins Imagine

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Note: Your older sister’s name is Hayley and I’m sorry this is short, I didn’t really had a long request. Hope you like it!

“ You’re not taking my title!” your older sister yelled into the microphone. You two were in a story line together, it was your turn to be in the title picture. You won the match for the number one contender’s match but your sister wasn’t having it. She couldn’t believe her own sister would stoop to her level taking what’s hers.  “ This is my title. You are just a puny little girl who prances around in jean shorts and dyes her hair every month. You are nothing” she says, getting into your face with a smirk on her face. 

Suddenly yours and your sister’s head turn to hear the familiar music of your brothers who comes from behind the curtain. 

“ Hayley..Hayley.. the all mighty diva around here” He begins to walk down the ramp. “ Diva” was a word your older sister hated. 

“ All you really are is the Game’s Bitch. Take Y/N here, she earns everything by herself. It’s not given to her on a silver platter. What makes her special..” He gets into the ring. 

“ Is that she’s got more balls than you ever did. She takes things to the extreme. Have you seen her matches? No wonder the WWE Universe calls her the fireball, she’s going to be a better champion than you ever were” 

Hayley growls raising the microphone to her lips, “ This isn’t your business brother.” 

“ It is. Y/N here is family unlike you. She stood by my side through everything, she has forgiven me for betraying my best friends in the back and she has forgiven me for being Hunter’s bitch. I am not the one who walked away from her leaving her like a pile of trash” 

“ She doesn’t deserve to be even in the this ring. She’s a-” before Hayley could finish her sentence, you tackled her to the ground slamming her head against the mat,yelling. 

Seth try to get you off but that’s when the Game’s theme song brought your attention. You slide off of your sister turning to face him. 

“ Seth, you talk a big game over there. About little Y/N over there, the main reason she got the chance was because she’s  a firecracker. I have an idea, at Payback it will be Y/N VS Haley for the Raw Women’s Title with Seth as the referee. This match will be-

Another familiar theme song went through the arena. Vince McMahon came through the curtain. He rose the mic to his lips “ As much as I like your idea Hunter. I have a better one, Seth you can intervene in the match. You won’t be the referee and this match will be an Iron Man match. Hayley as for you, you’ve been too long holding a title that should never been yours in the first place. And Y/N, bring all the fire you got.” 

You smirked, looking at your older sister as she screamed disliking the idea. You looked over to your brother, he opened the ropes for you. 

“ Thanks “ you two jumped off the apron walking backstage. 

“ Thanks again for you know, out there” He nodded, smiling. 

“ You deserve it much more than she does and at Payback, I will have your back. Always” 

“ You are my twin after all” you two shared a laugh. 

Revali: Teba was quite a flyer. But he still does not match up to his ancestor.
Daruk: I don’t know. I think he’s doing pretty well.
Urbosa: He is a fine Rito. I’m sure he will become a model champion that will surpass all before him.
Revali: Hey! If anyone is a model champion it is me. I’ve-wait hold on. *clears throat*
Urbosa: What are you doing?…Wait. Revali don’t!
♫  ♫  ♫
I am the very model of a modern Rito Champion,
My skills with bows are positively olympian.
I have met with and earn the praise of all the royals throughout the land
From Waters in Lanayru, to the fires of Eldin, and the vast Gerudo sand.
I’m very eloquent, too, with my abilities for aviation
I understand the flight mechanics, as well as made great innovation.
I’ve flown circles around my foes, then they fall to my perfect accuracy.
There are none who can fly the skies so naturally~
♫  ♫ ♫
…Well. Maybe just one foe. But he got lucky.
Daruk: ♫ You’re cocky as they get, it’s really quite abominable.  ♫
Urbosa:  ♫ Your ego was your weakness, thinking you’re unstoppable. ♫
Mipha:  ♫ Your failure was thinking you were untouchable. ♫
Daruk: ♫ and now look at you. ♫
Urbosa: ♫ A ghost. ♫
Mipha: ♫ Fate is really quite horrible. ♫
Revali: Hey come on. This is my song.
Urbosa:  ♫ Do not fret, we do not think you inferior. ♫
Daruk: ♫ Among the land of Hyrule few could match you as a warrior. ♫
Mipha: ♫ We welcome you still as one of our companions. ♫
Daruk, Urbosa, Mipha: ♫ Because you are the very model of a modern Rito Champion. ♫
Revali: Oh you guys…Keep singing my praises.
Daruk, Urbosa, Mipha: No.



Want new-and-exciting plots for your character? Long to reach out to more of your followers, but don’t know where to start? Fear not! Fill out this form and give your RP partners both present and future all the of juicy jumping off points they need to help you get your characters acquainted.

Be sure to tag the players whose characters YOU want more cues to interact with, and repost, don’t reblog! Feel free to add or remove sections as you see fit. Template here.

Mun name: Butts!
OOC Contact:
 Tumblr IM is usually the best way to reach me! I also have s.kype and d.iscord, and mutuals are free to ask for it!

Who the heck is my muse anyway:

That pipsqueak who squashed Team Rocket’s attempted uprising in Johto a few years back — and went on from that to earn the title of the LEAGUE CHAMPION  ( though she’s still in training! )  and also complete the NATIONAL POKéDEX. 

Points of interest:

  • She runs a one-man capturing business, branding herself as ‘Kris Clarity, Capturer Extraordinaire.’ It’s actually become wildly popular  ( having a POKéMON ‘caught by the Capturer Extraordinaire’ is slowly becoming a status symbol! )  and so odds are, if you know of Kris Clarity, you probably know of her business.
  • She’s LOUD. She talks at the same decibel that some people raise their voice to — it’s not intentional, but that doesn’t make the reality of her volume any less genuine.
  • SUICUNE tends to never be far from Kris; if the Legendary Beast is spotted, odds are Kris isn’t far behind  ( and vice-versa! )
  • Recently, she’s taken to having her seventeen salandit out of their POKéBALLS when she’s resting. The scent that comes with them would be enough to turn anyone’s head — as well as most likely disorient them.
  • She is a total sucker for space, and can often be found stargazing on clear nights. It’s the quietest you’ll ever find her!
  • She’ll get in a fistfight with just about anyone and anything that moves. Odds are, she’s either just finished fighting someone, is currently fighting someone, or is going to fight someone very very soon.
  • Kris is very afraid of birds. The larger the bird, the worse-off she is. Birds her size or larger tend to leave her paralyzed with fear.
  • She’s very vocal about the fact that she doesn’t believe in psychics. This stems from the fact that she’s ESP-deaf, meaning that any and all attempts to telepathically communicate with her  ( as well as several other psychic abilities )  are rendered moot.
  • She very loudly dislikes Sinnoh, and she’s sure to inform everyone who mentions ‘Sinnoh’ to her of exactly this fact.
  • Characters with odd-coloured hair and/or odd-coloured eyes immediately garner her interest. As someone with bright blue gravity defying-hair, she automatically assumes that everyone else faced just as much hardship about their appearance as she did. Anticipate her deciding to be the defense force that character needs!
  • She thinks capes are the coolest thing on the planet. If you’re wearing a cape, good luck.

What they’ve been up to recently:

  • She’s been trying — and failing — to mega evolve her absolute brute of a houndoom named Blue. She has both the Keystone and the Houndoomite, but something just isn’t working
  • She’s always been very infatuated with quite a few people — but recently, she’s been increasingly preoccupied with what she considers ‘depraved thoughts’ of wanting to hold their hands and such.
  • While on the topic of Ghetsis — she’s slowly being wrapped around his finger  “proving herself useful” to him. Thus, between her thing with Ghetsis and assisting her cousin in his labwork, she’s become somewhat integrated with Team Plasma.
  • She’s coming up on her big 1000th personal capture — and she’s aspiring to catch a jirachi to commemorate the occasion. So she’s been pouring a lot of her free-time into researching them.
  • Outside of the POKéMON universe, Kris has been looking for new people to buy her food friends. She can’t very well tell people that she’s from a universe vastly different from their own, so she’s always very vague about where she’s from and why she needs to crash on your couch for the night.

Where to find them:

  • JOHTO.     It’s her home turf, after all! Her position as Champion-in-Training keeps her coming back home on a regular basis. Especially look for her in Olivine City, Azalea Town, Goldenrod City, near the Indigo Plateau, and the Ruins of Alph!
  • HOENN.     Her best friend in the universe lives there, so of course she takes every opportunity she can to spend time in this region — particularly around Mossdeep, and especially around the Space Center!
  • UNOVA.     It’s where her cousin and Team Plasma are located, so of course she ends up spending quite a bit of time there. Besides — the hustle and bustle of Castelia City and Nimbasa City makes Goldenrod look like some sort of hick town, and Kris loves it!
  • ALOLA.     As someone who loves the sun and summer, Alola is her new favourite place to be during the colder months.
  • MT. SILVER.     She’s a die-hard Red enthusiast, after all. She’s set up a “base camp” in the abandoned POKéMON CENTER at the base of it. She does what she can to keep it operational, in case Red ever needs it.
  • JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE WITH POKéMON, REALLY.     She’s the Capturer Extraordinaire — if she’s not capturing for her own leisure, she’s capturing for commission. This takes her to many out-there locations!

Current plans:

  • She will eventually manage to mega-evolve her houndoom. But she’s going to need some help, first. And a lot of help after.
  • Things with Yuri will come tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down. Rest in pieces Space Crew B’]
  • I mostly play things by ear! Kris’ story is ever-fluid and ever-changing, so hit me up with any ideas you might have!

Desired interactions:

  • More friends!     Or just positive interactions in general — I love writing negative and angry interactions, but variety is the spice of life! Kris is a little abrasive, but she’ll also bend over backwards for you.
  • Someone to talk to her about her crush habits!     Whether it’s ‘you need to stop crushing on every pretty guy meet’ or ‘you need to understand that when people say they’re gay, it means that they’re gay and no amount of pushing is going to change that’ or ‘wanting to hold hands is okay and a natural human instinct, don’t feel bad about it’ or something else entirely — this girl needs help.
  • A villain who crushes on her!     Bonus points if it’s a Rocket.
  • More unhealthy relationships!     Kris is an easily-manipulated girl with a nigh-on palpable desperation for validation. She’s headstrong and impulsive and vehemently believes that everyone has only the best intentions! This is a very dangerous combination of traits and I’d love for people to capitalize on them to take advantage of her!
  • People who try and get to know her!     The real her — not ‘Kris Clarity, Capturer Extraordinaire,’ but just Kris. She has an astoundingly difficult time thinking about herself as a person, and not a pop culture icon.
  • More people flirting with her / teasing her!     Because I can never get enough of that to be honest.

Offered interactions:

  • Need a POKéMON captured? Kris Clarity’s your girl! On top of offering to capture just about any POKéMON you could ask for, she’s also become a big-enough name that even without knowing her personally, she could very easily be the person you end up going to.
  • Need your muse beaten up? Look no further! Kris practically speaks fisticuffs as a second language; she’ll throw a punch as her first resort, rather than her last. A lot of the time she won’t even realize that she’s being too rough until after the fact.
  • Need someone to stick up for your muse? Kris’ll do it! If your muse is getting bullied or harassed, Kris is very likely to jump in to defend them — even if they’ve never met! She fashions herself ‘a hero of the people.’ after all.
  • Need a rival? Kris loves rivals, and so do I! Whether they’re friendly or very very unfriendly, Kris will be competitive about nearly everything.
  • Need someone to manipulate? As stated earlier, Kris is obscenely easy to influence, and is also a very powerful person to have on your side.

Current open post/s:

  • Here’s my open tag and my status tag! I don’t have an expiration date on those, so feel free to scroll through and respond to anything that tickles your fancy!

Anything else?:

Not that I can think of! I just want to emphasize that mun =/= muse, so while Kris may come across as intense and overbearing, I like to think I’m a little more amiable!

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: You asked for it and you'll get it. Night Auditor vs Catering Manager: Round 1!

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the TFTFD Arena!

John: Wow, hey everybody we hope your excited for this nights tale I’m your announcer John McAnnouncer here with my partner Nick. Now Nick this is just an exhibition match, but it’s going to be an exciting one.

Nick: Yes John, our fighters couldn’t be more different. You’ve got Kara, reigning hotel champion who has weaseled her way to the top, her cunning and cattiness have gotten her to the top, why even the GM fears her. Her opponent, Internet_Zombie is far more direct, known as a problem solver who isn’t afraid to apply boots to asses. He may be new but he’s a fan favorite already earning the favour of the FDM, GM and most of the management group.

John: An interesting match up indeed, a conniving bitch vs a headstrong asshole. Who do you think is going to take the match Nick?

Nick: If I had to bet, I’d put my money on Kara. She’s just got so much more experience, she knows her way around people and can seemingly get away with just about anything.

John: Good points but I think it’s worth noting that Kara is also quite prideful, she’s likely not expecting anything from newcomer Internet_Zombie and that may just give him and edge in this fight. If he can even land one solid punch than it could very well be lights out for Kara.

Nick: Also a good point John, and it looks like it’s about time for the match to begin so let’s go ringside and get things started.

Introducing first: fighting out of the red corner, this woman is a catty bitch. She stands 5-feet-2-inch tall, weighing in at 115 pounds soaking wet. She is the current, reigning, and defending Champion. Fighting out of the Catering Department: Kara… “Bitch tits” MCGEE!!!

And second: fighting out of the blue corner, this man is a headstrong asshole. He stands 6-feet-4-inch tall, weighing in at 240 pounds. He is a startling new heavy hitter. Fighting out of the Front Desk: Internet “don’t take shit” ZOMBIE!!!

Alright enough of that nonsense. This is a tale of course about me and the catering manager Kara. I knew about Kara before I started working at the hotel. My ex had worked for her in catering and had nothing but nasty things to say about her.

When I started the job I decided I wasn’t going to let my ex’s opinion of someone colour my own opinion of them. This was a mistake. I quickly learned that Kara only hired her friends, anyone who wasn’t her friend would be bullied by her friends until they quit, then Kara would go to the GM complaining about the latest hire and that she knew someone who would be reliable. Naturally the next new catering employee would be one of her friends.

I couldn’t have cared less. Working nights there were very few people on the hotel I ever had to directly work with, Kara hated working nights and wouldn’t work late ever. So I mostly dealt with her underlings, primarily her “BFF” Steph.

Now the first trouble incident with catering came from a wedding. I parked in the back where I saw wedding guests setting off fireworks. Setting off fireworks within city limits is illegal. I tell the 3-11 shift and their response is “We know, Steph said it was okay” Bitch please, it is not okay. I go find Steph and tell her that she needs to get them to stop and she tries blowing me off by saying it’s a wedding, there just some small ones what’s the harm, blah blah blah. I inform her that the harm is someone complaining to the cops who find out hotel staff gave them the o.k. and now the hotel is in hot water. I couldn’t care less about people setting off small fireworks, hell I’ve done it in city limits as well but when I do it I know full well that I’m breaking the law and I don’t do it on a private businesses property.

An hour into my shift and the wedding guests are still launching fireworks. So I take matters into my own hands, go out and tell everyone to stop. Most of the wedding guests were understanding and a few wanted to mouth off. I simply told them that I wouldn’t be warning them again, the next people telling them to stop would be cops.

Wouldn’t you know it, not another firework launched that night. 2am rolls around and all that’s left is catering girls cleaning up. I can hear them complaining about me and how I ruined the wedding guests fun and blah blah blah.

Meanwhile I’m helping a guest who asked who was setting off fireworks and was ready to complain. They where going off right next to his window. I apologize and give him a free nights stay worth of loyalty reward points, let’s just nip this in the bud now. Naturally I write up and incident report for the FDM and GM, mostly to answer their inevitable question of “Why did you give that guest so many points?”

Other than that my shift was pretty dull, the next few days though I noticed a change in how the catering staff talked to me and one night Kara stayed late. I still remember her death glare.

See Kara held two jobs, not only did she work at the hotel but she had her own private business, a wedding planning business which the hotel, for some unexplained reason, let Kara advertise through the hotel. The fireworks were a part of a very expensive wedding package she sold to the bride and groom. They complained to Kara about the fact that I stopped them from doing something they paid for. In the end she had to refund them a part of the wedding package and I lost her money.

Thus the lines where drawn. I wasn’t going to let her get away with her shit. Times are changing. Little did I know, I’d started a war.

This was only the first of many incidents between me and Kara. The next one, it’s almost biblical in nature, but this will have to tide you over till next week.

By: Internet_Zombie

anonymous asked:

I feel so bad for Aubameyang. I hope he joins Real Madrid asap. He shouldn't have to suffer constant losses like this. Real Madrid have been going trough an incredible period for the past maybe 3 years or so. Aubameyang deserves that kind of success especially in the CL. I hope he leaves dortmund for his own good and join the team he promised his grandfather he would. I'm sick and tired of this bullshit every season, can't even imagine how the players feel. Btw great blog

Well constant losses are something a team and their fans go through together so he’s not going through this alone. I love Auba and I can understand that he is a very gifted player who’s already reached a high point in his career. That’s why you talk about him this way. And I’m sure he would be a great asset to any team. That’s why you believe he should join RM. But please don’t criticize his partnership with BVB just because he’s not winning Champions League trophies.

You’re saying Real have been going through an incredible period for the past 3 years, if so, good for them. But do you know what Auba was up to at that time? He was playing with BVB, earning his spot on their starting lineups and getting some well deserved exposure due to his great cooperation with the team. He also got the right to make a name for himself too which is why others have found out about him, including Europe’s biggest clubs. But he is respectively Borussia Dortmund’s Gabonese striker and Auba himself has credited Klopp as the one behind the idea of playing him upfront. Also, all those goals he’s scored were assisted by his loving teammates so have a little more respect for the club who has helped shape him into the prolific footballer he is today.

In my opinion, what he promised his grandfather is something that should stay between them and not be used in ‘Auba to Real’ claims because this promise is only ever brought up so others can justify their need to see him with play under that club.

And if you’re tired of this bullshit (losing chances at titles) every season and haven’t yet learned to be patient and supportive of a club that aren’t invincible - especially during vulnerable periods, then I hope you learn to be this time!

Of course BVB players feel defeated about today’s loss but the champions league/trophies haven’t been the most important thing to any of the players, their family members, friends or supporters because of what happened last week. You never recover from something like that but they still did their best under those circumstances, even after being mentally and physically drained. So if not winning this season’s UCL is that much of a bother to make you want to hope Auba transferred someplace else, that’s low. But it’s your opinion and at the end of the day I ultimately respect it, even if I disagree with it.

I’m sorry this reply wasn’t all sympathetic and understanding, but there’s other things the players, including Auba, are thinking about rather than not making the semi’s or where to transfer next. Thanks for being able to mention all of this and still compliment my blog though!

A crash course on Japanese dog fighting

One thing I’ve heard people criticize Ginga about is how dog fighting in portrayed in the series. In the Gingaverse, dog fighting is treated like a noble sport, with powerful fighting dogs like Benizakura and Musashi praised as some of the biggest badasses in the entire Ohu army, and they are adored by both the public and their owners. This is in sharp contrast to the real life “sport” of dog fighting, where dogs, oftentimes mistreated and purposefully starved for maximum ferocity, are let loose on one another in illegal, bloody pit fights to the death, and their owners care only for how much entertainment or money they can bring them. How could anyone in their right mind glorify such an immoral pastime?

Well, let’s start with this little tidbit:

Japanese dog fighting is not the same as Western dog fighting.

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[A/N: @iron-loaf for requesting cute stuff with Urbosa!]

Word count: 996

Urbosa was absolutely gorgeous. 

Not just of her appearance, even though she was radiant, but the confidence she carried adding to her appeal. It must have been foreseen by the Goddess that Urbosa was to be a Ruler and they must have blessed her the day she was born. As she sat on her throne, she carefully listened to the plights of her people. She was fair, but stern and always sought a solution to please both parties.

You sighed wistfully staring at her from afar, and using your staff to hold yourself up. What couldn’t she do, you wonder? She was blessed with many talents and fighting skills that earned her the Champion’s cloak. And Hylia, did she wear the cloak, you gushed. 

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Summerslam Aftermath

Okay, here is Part 3 of lclb12′s request!

You can find Part 1: Summerslam Champion here

You can find Part 2: Summerslam Fallout here

Summary: In the aftermath of your choice at Summerslam, you have to move on with your life. But once a secret is revealed, what’s next for you?

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The next morning, you sat up against the headboard, the full effects of last night’s choices now hitting you. You literally turned you back on your older brother for Finn Balor.

You loved Seth. Seth was your big brother and now you were wondering if you made a rash decision last night. You still believed that Seth should’ve earned that championship on his own…but wasn’t it hypocritical of saying that about Seth and then interfering and helping Finn?

But you loved Finn as well. Sure you haven’t told him but you don’t want to scare him off so early. She truly believed in her heart that Finn deserved to be Universal Champ. Coming to think of it, what’s to say Seth wouldn’t have found another way to cheat and win?

No. You did the right thing helping Finn…right?

Well, either way, you knew that after last night there was no way Seth was going to forgive you for what you did. You chose someone else over your own flesh and blood…you couldn’t blame him but at the same time, it hurt.

But you had to live with the decision you made. You can’t change the past.

At least you had Finn. That counted for something.

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*:・゚✧♛┋headcanon: the champion system

Did you ever think the Champion system was a bit too simple? Did you ever wonder how often that exchange of power had to have happened, considering how many trainers you run into in Victory Road? Did you ever feel sorry for Green, who got his crown and lost it ten minutes later; but then worry about the implications of being able to switch Champions in a matter of minutes?

Okay, maybe you didn’t but I sure as hell did.

How the Champion title works has never really been explained in any Pokémon Media as far as I know. It’s been vaguely hinted at–Cheren mentions multiple times that he plans to take on the Champion and become the next Champ. Green in fact IS the Champion you face in RGBY (and Lance confirms that he became the Champion by defeating him). But these are the most concrete examples we get and they don’t really make sense.

Because when we further examine the Champion’s role, we see that the Champion functions not just as “the strongest trainer in the region who happens to have a title and a trophy”. No, they’re a figurehead, they have busy schedules and lawful responsibilities. So it doesn’t make sense that you can earn this title just by winning a battle. Because, for one, someone is always stronger. And as we’ve seen, that someone can show up in a matter of minutes. And secondly, just because someone is stronger doesn’t mean they’re necessarily ready to take on the added responsibilities that come with being a Champion.

Green was strong, but was he the best role model? Could you say with certainty that he was prepared to protect the bi-regional area with all his might? (We do canonically see him infiltrate a Rocket takeover JUST to battle Red and then leave.)

So these are the weaknesses I see with the idea that the person who simply defeats the Champion in battle becomes the next.

But then, if that’s the case, what the hell am I proposing? Let’s look below the cut.

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Pokémon GO Headcanons

Heeeey guys so because I am totally hooked on Pokémon GO and so is Von @ttweeks, we made a lil list of our headcanons concerning the game and our OTPs (Style, Creek and Bunny). I know that there will be actual canon stuff about this, but while we wait for that episode to come out, let’s just have fun, yes? So buckle up, you are in for a ride.


- The teams for the two would be Team Mystic for Kyle and Team Instinct for Stan.

- Stan is most definitely the type to gently force Kyle out for long ass walks to Catch ‘em All and hatch his 10km eggs (just to get a fucking Eevee and feel defeated af).

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“The Champions League, for different reasons, is a wonderful competition. You can earn a lot of money there, that’s money we didn’t have last year - but we are already in a good position. We are a club without financial problems and we have money to spend but it makes sense to think before we spend and that is what we are doing.

The Champions League would be the icing on the cake but that’s it.. It is important for players because that is what they want to play but the progress, development and positive perspective of a club is important for players and we are powerful in a lot of parts of the game. 

We will be successful in the future but for this we need the players, of course. We have very good players and we need a few more.” - Jurgen Klopp on the effect Champions League football would have on his Summer business. 


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[1/10] favorite wrestlers [Jeff Hardy]

Just so you know… I don’t care about earning your respect! I didn’t hit a 30 foot Swanton to impress you… I did it to HURT YOU! I did it for my brother Matt! I did it because I’ve waited TOO LONG for this opportunity! Most importantly, I did it to show you that I’ll do whatever it takes to become WWE CHAMPION!

-Jeff Hardy

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Victor teaching his s/o how to ice skate scenario?? 030

“Viktor, no…!” You giggled nervously, clutching at the railings of the ice rink.

Several years from this day, when Viktor was first asking you out, he had asked you to promise him something.
“Y/N, I love you more than anything. But if this relationship lasts for as long as I hope,” (”How long do you hope it lasts, Viktor?” “Forever”) “I need you to promise me something.”

Viktor kissed your knuckles, and glanced up at you, smiling tenderly, causing the corners of his eyes to wrinkle. Your heart was pitter-pattering like a madman, and looking back now, you could say, with great certainty, that at the time you would have promised him anything. You both were helplessly and ridiculously in love.

“Of course.” You replied, though you looked at him with rather wary eyes.

HIs thumbs gently ran over your knuckles, and he chuckled.

“You’ll let me teach you how to ice skate. No one else but me.”

However, you hadn’t been expecting that. Blinking owlishly, you just giggled, and nodded.

“Of course, silly. I promise.”

“Viktor, no, I’ll fall!”

And so, here you were.Gripping the railing for dear life, balancing on the ice with wobbly knees, and facing an eager Viktor, with his hands reaching towards you. Not only that, but you were also being faced with crushed confidence, especially everytime a child no taller than your waist would whizz by, giggling. You could feel your cheeks heating up, and it seemed like the whole public ice rink had their eyes on you and how silly you looked, like a new-born fawn.

“I shouldn’t have promised to this,” You groaned, leaning away from your boyfriend, “This was a terrible idea.”

Viktor planted one hand on his hip, while the other raised and he pointed his finger expertly. 
“Ah, but you’ve already promised, flower. Come on, it isn’t so hard!”

“Says the professional skater champion, with who knows how many competitions you’ve won,” You shot back, glaring at him. 
“Just five, if you don’t count those numerous European championships.” Viktor replied automatically, earning a raised eyebrow from you. He smiled cheerfully, though it carried a sheepish tone to it, “Sorry~.”

“Yes, well, Mister I-won-5-Grand-Prix-Finals, I’m not exactly skater material. It was awfully silly of me to promise this,” You mumbled, inching your way to the rink’s exit, never keeping your hands off the railing. 
“Oh, please, flower, you promised! You wouldn’t break my heart like this, would you?” Viktor whined, pushing off the ice and moving in front of you, blocking your way. You huffed, and did your best to avoid his tearful face. But no matter which direction you moved your gaze, he followed.

You sighed, and your shoulders slumped. Viktor’s face lit up, victorious, and held his hands out in front of him, waiting for yours that fit so well with his. Like puzzle pieces destined for each other. (”No, I just chiselled away at my hands until I was sure they would fit with yours, flower.” Viktor had said once. You had stuck your tongue out at him, “I like destiny a bit more. It’s romantic that way.”) 

Staring at his outstretched hands, you pried one of yours from the railing. Noticing your hesitant movements, your boyfriend’s face softened.

“What are you afraid of, flower? Falling? You know I’ll catch you. I’ll never let you go. You won’t fall with me here.”
You shook your head defiantly, “No, it’s not that! I know you will. I know.”

He tilted his head, his smile never-fading, but carrying curiosity now. 

“Then what is it, Y/N?”

You opened your mouth to speak, then closed it again, your features twisting with complex emotions. 
“What if…” You began, “What if… I’m not good enough? What if I… embarrass myself? I’m skating with not only one of the best skaters in the world, but my boyfriend. I’ll… I dont… want to look silly. I’ll simply die. I’ll die with embarrassment.” You heard Viktor laugh breathlessly, and you glared up at him, “I’ll die!” You repeated certainly. 

Gently, Viktor took your hand that you had released from the railing, and held it tightly. You watched, as he raised it to his lips, and pressed a gentle kiss to your knuckles. A blush rose onto your cheeks, and he glanced up at you, an almost cheeky smile tugging at his lips.

“I have seen you at your silliest, Y/N. Do you remember our third date? Where I took you to the amusement park? You ate a bit too much, and when we were on the ferris wheel, looking out over a sea of lights and colors, you threw up in my lap.”

You weren’t expecting that. At the thought of the memory, your cheeks lit up in embarrassment, and your mouth opened in shock. Viktor slid back.

“And then Valentine’s Day, our fifth one. You gave me expired chocolates by mistake, and I ended up sick to death the next day!” He continued. Now your coat seemed unnecessary, you were practically ablaze with distress. He stepped back again.

“Let’s not forget when you insisted you were fine, when you were very clearly sick. That was on your birthday, I think. We were having a fine time watching movies, and then after I gave you a lovely kiss on the cheek, you sneezed on my face! Two days later I caught your cold.” 

“Are you enjoying yourself?” You cried out at last, anger causing the heat to rise. Viktor tilted his head.

“Are you? You seem to be skating just fine.”

Stunned into silence, you looked around to what was going on. Completely distracted by the humiliating things Viktor had been listing off, he had slowly dragged you away from the railing, and was now carefully skating backwards, pulling you with him. You had been unconciously stepping with him, and now it dawned on you what he was doing.

“I bet you don’t feel like dying from embarrassment at all, now.” Viktor exclaimed, his chest puffed with triumph. You did your very best to glare at him, and you tried very hard to stay angry. But in the end, you sighed, and smiled weakly.

“Just a little bit. That list was horrible.”

“I like to think it shows just how much I love you~”

“Shut up.”

Liberals will often start at a point such as, “Well, liberal politics freed children from factories, provided public education, and the 40 hour work week.” I understand how things make sense from that point of view. But, they never go further back in the story. Why where children having to seek jobs in factories? Why where their parents having to seek jobs? Why were they working over 40 hours a week to barely get by? Liberals are rightly disgusted when conservatives champion child labor sweatshops as a means of improving the material conditions of the child laborers (They go on to say that the profits earned by the likes of Nike and Intel help provide the capital labor needs to create more factories and jobs). But, they never ask why children need to seek jobs to improve their material conditions in the first place. I assure you that the need for a job and improvement in material conditions has nothing to do with a fictitious free market, and everything to do with the state.

LOVEs, it’s time to band together

NU’EST’s promo cycle is entering its 2nd week, but where are the LOVEs? Definitely, it was a tough week. We fought so hard on Tudou to fail the 1st place nominee. We voted on MBC Show Champion and Mnet and scored top 5 in both, but failed to get a 1st place nominee. 

Today, NU'EST’s lineup position is 3rd on Mnet MCountdown, despite being 10th on M!Count charts (their best yet), 2nd on Mnet Popularity Vote, and earning over 100k views of their comeback stage. 

We got a rookie-entry lineup position, where the boys didn’t have any time to prepare themselves before the music started.
We don’t have any MPD Fancams.
We aren’t ranking in the searches anymore.

My question is, LOVEs, where are you? Are we really giving in because we failed to get them a first place nominee? Are we giving up when their promo cycle just started?

I’m not, but I cannot do this alone. I cannot vote all by myself, I cannot stream by myself. Where are the LOVEs that have been tweeting previously? The LOVEs who swore that this song is a gem and want to help them in charting? 

Yes, we didn’t get 1st place nominees, but we’re doing better than ever. As a small fandom, we’re doing more than most would expect. WE ARE NOT FLOPS. But we will be the moment we give up. If NU'EST is fighting, the least LOVEs can do is to stay by their side. They cannot be Knights to Queens who aren’t even there, can they?

So I ask of you to please, come out. Let’s try again. Let’s try the fucking hardest so that there would be no regrets for us. We don’t want to tell them we’ve already given up do we? This is just the beginning after all. Yes, it’s tiring. I know LOVEs that haven’t had any decent sleep in days. LOVEs that were hurt about hardwork not translating to results. LOVEs that spent both money and time supporting the boys.

But no one said it’s going to be an easy path. We’re a small fandom, we’re going to walk a more rocky path than some other groups. Perhaps that’s why their new song is OVERCOME.And we can OVERCOME this together. So please, LOVEs, can we all put our best foot forward? The boys are watching, I know they are, or they wouldn’t leave hose messages for us whenever we felt a blow. Let’s show them some love like how they’ve always given us, please?

Bit by bit, we can make a difference.

- From a fellow LOVE.

why do some ppl just disregard others feelings??

like i know it’s highly unlikely i will follow in tony mccoy’s or richard johnson’s footsteps and become a NH champion jockey but it’s one of the only things i am genuinely good at and most likely the best way of earning a high regular wage for myself. i know i won’t be anywhere near famous but tbh i wouldn’t want to be i just want to make a living out of the thing i love doing the most. and honestly mate i’m p sure you have no idea what you’re doing with your career anyway so you’re irrelevant???

  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: Because I can't trust someone who responds to Americans being killed in Benghazi with "What difference does it make?"
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: Her inability of following proper email disclosure protocol, leaving potentially sensitive communications vulnerable on an unsecure server, and being unable to manage two email accounts.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: She uses convenience as her reasoning for not abiding by the law, then covers her mistakes.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: I want no one named Bush or Clinton anywhere near our national politics for at least 2 generations.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: The USA is NOT a Monarchy. She nor anyone else is entitled just because of their name.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: How in touch is she? She's been driven around by the secret service and has been a product of the government for 18 years.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: Didn't we have enough drama from the Clintons in the 90's?
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: Women are not a special interest group or a pre-existing condition, we are the majority of the US population. It is insulting that you refer to a select number of issues as women’s issues. ALL issues are women issues.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: Competence trumps gender.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: She claimed that she and Bill were "broke" after leaving the White House in 2001 and had trouble sending Chelsea to college. Hillary and her husband have earned more than $100 million over the past 14 years. She has been charging $200,000 a pop (or more) per speaking engagement. Also, in 2000, she signed an $8 million advance for her first memoir. Lastly, her husband, Bill Clinton, also earned millions delivering paid speeches and is reported to have received $15 million for his memoir. Do you need a Merriam-Webster dictionary to look up the proper definition of “broke?” If that's how she views the word "broke" then how can she help real Americans who actually are broke?
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: I'm being told that I'm misogynist for using #whyimnotvotingforhillary even though I'm a woman who is looking at Hillary as an equal candidate rather than just as a woman.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: After announcing, she put on twitter that everyday Americans need a champion, and that she wants to be that champion. I am an everyday American and I do not need a champion. I am my own champion. I do not need a large government to be my champion.