to balance her out

Sophia looks so grown up, I can’t take it😭


Twilight Challenge: Favorite Vampires (1/5) - Isabella Cullen 

“I stared at the beautiful woman with the terrifying eyes, looking for pieces of me. There was something there in the shape of her lips – if you looked past the dizzying beauty, it was true that her upper lip was slightly out of balance, a bit too full to match the lower. Finding this familiar little flaw made me feel a tiny bit better. Maybe the rest of me was in there, too.”

Consider this AU: Lena Luthor becomes a superhero

Lena wanted to succeed where her brother failed. 

Lena wanted, in some small way, to atone for the crimes of her family. Her mother certainly wasn’t going to. 

And when your brother uses his power and prestige to become a super villain, what better way to balance it out than for Lena to use her power and prestige to become a super hero?

Kara has no idea who the masked vigilante is that keeps getting to criminals before her. 

Cat is thrilled. Two superheroes? She takes one look at the costume–a dark suit of armor with mask and cape–and immediately notices its resemblance to another hero in Gotham City. So of course, with brand being everything to Cat, she capitalizes on it. 

And Lena Luthor makes the front page, headline: Who is the Batwoman? 


Look at her strength.
Look at her go.
She’s strong as can be,
but she doesn’t even know.

She’s so humble
and never flaunts her talents.
She always seems to be– balanced.
At times, she steps out of her comfort zone,
because she knows it’s the only way she can grow.
She always seems to be up for a challenge,
when opportunity arises, she takes advantage.

I always admired her,
because she loves the simple and little things in life.
Like art museums,
helping others, drinking
tea, and reading books late into the night.

She always tries to make people feel comfortable.
She always tries to help those in need.
She’s a kind soul, I think she’s a rare breed.

She is a bull,
she’s as stubborn as can be.
But I can’t help but to love her.
Because the bull I speak of is—me.

Also notice how Jemma calmed him down when he was upset, told him to take a step back, let him have his space and then came back to listen to him and reassure him. They balance each other out so well. She knows how to comfort her best friend.

I can just see one of them having an ‘oh’ moment

I’m thinking Jane because maybe Petra already knows but she’s being respectful (and also Jane is her only real female friend because those other PTA moms are just catty and cling to any strong-willed person)

So Jane is having a conversation with Xiomara and Alba about dating. They’re saying you can take as much time as you want, because they get it (especially Alba) dating after your husband, your soulmate, dies is tough. It took Alba like 30 years to date again. But Xiomara says, maybe not actual dating, maybe you meet people, platonically or whatever, and see if anything develops from that. You never know.

And Jane’s talking about how if she were to date again (big if!) it would have to be somebody who is good with Mateo and who knows her well, someone who balances her out

Alba says, “Rafael?”

But Jane shakes her head and says that they didn’t work and she likes being friends with him. But it’s not a big deal because she’s not even sure she wants to date.

So she goes to her weekly brunch with Petra and Rafael, except Rafael can’t make it. So Jane and Petra hang out, play with the kids. Petra-I hate singing and being silly-Solano starts up a little singing and clapping game with the kids and all three kids are loving it and Mateo isn’t hitting anyone.

And Jane is watching Petra who has a huge smile on her face while she sings and Jane feels this flutter in her chest



Absolutely beautiful commission by @zefiar.

I asked Zefiar to draw an Awakening OC of mine, Floretta, and requested for it to look like a page from the Awakening art book. The result is gorgeous and I’m in love with it.

I highly recommend Zefiar as a commission artist; this is the second time I’ve commissioned this artist and was so happy on each occasion.

In case anyone was wondering, of course Fire Emblem OCs aren’t new for me. Floretta was my only adult unit OC for Awakening, though, and I made her to balance out the female to male ratio.


The third time it happened, it was a young asari girl. She squealed, brought up her omni-tool and snapped a photo of a bemused Shepard as she handed Garrus a new sniper scope for his approval.

“You’re the most beautiful couple in all the galaxy!” she squeaked. She ran off to rejoin her small group of friends, who tittered amongst themselves and failed to be discreet about their staring.

It clicked in Shepard’s head what was going on. Her eyes narrowed and her breath came out like puffs from an angry bull.

“It’s happened again,” she growled. 

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I’m just here like, thinking that my whole theory about why Daryl seemed so out of place and moody, why he seemed to be so disconnected and in a bad place, even though they had some normality inside ASZ walls, even though they all made it alive from the herd, was in big part because of Carol’s absence in his life and how she was shutting him down because she couldn’t cope with what was happening to her.

Daryl went through a really dark place after Denise died, but even before that, he was already “weird” and acting like the world sucks. He saw all those relationships blossoming around him, and he looked around himself and couldn’t see anything. Because Carol was not there.

Nobody will ever convince me that a big part of Daryl’s strange behavior during all season 6 wasn’t because Carol wasn’t a constant presence in his life anymore, and it threw him out of balance. The same way his absence in her life made it “easier” for her to go through such a dark path and end up in that horrible mind state. Because they keep each other grounded.

“Wanna join?” ;^)

Want me to draw your OC or Gemsona? Commissions are open!
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I hate the grand effect love has on me, for I am in so deep with a woman who is intangible, so out of reach that it sometimes it hurts to see her face or hear her name. I think about how happy I could make her, how much my adoration could shine through gestures and acts of pure love for her perfection… but I cannot forget, ever, how unbelievably happy she would make me, almost otherworldly, because I’m afraid sometimes a happiness this dreamy could not possibly exist on this earth… I think my chemicals would balance out with just one touch of her finger— she is magic in my world so dull and bare.
—  Olive K.
On Miraculous Holders

Okay so many of us agree that the miraculous wielder has something opposite about them that their miraculous balances out, right? So this has brought me to actually thinking about what my “dream team” of wielders would be, so here I go!

Ladybug: Marinette. Obviously. Her miraculous, being the one of good luck, balances out her bad luck (e.g. always being in Chloe’s class, clumsiness, etc.).

Cat Noir: Adrien. Again, the two obvious ones here. Adrien seems to have good luck, what with being rich and all, but that’s really just the surface of his life. However, it’s definitely enough to balance out his miraculous.

Jade Turtle (?): Nino. (@thelastpilot I love you turtle mother!!!) While I am TOTALLY on board the theory of the other five miraculouses being based off of the Chinese elements, I am going to use the actual turtle persona instead of the previous good/bad luck thing. Nino is a very young and “hip” person; we know he loves dancing and dj-ing. He can also be very headstrong, as seen when he gets akumatized. The patience and wisdom of a turtle would totally balance Nino out, and if you disagree go read The Weight of Jade by thelastpilot and you will be convinced I promise.

Volpina: Alya. Sorry not sorry, I really don’t like Lila. If you think she should get a redemption arc that ends with a miraculous, that’s fine, but I’m capping my dream team redemptions at one. Aya is very up-front about everything, and she is constantly trying to figure out the truth. The sneakiness of a fox would balance out her boldness, and the power of illusions (if that’s what the actual miraculous wielder would get) balances out her love of the truth perfectly.

Queen Bee (?): Chloe. Yeah, it’s very cliche. I’m actually still kind of on the fence about it, but now I’m coming around with this whole opposites/balancing things out thing. If Chloe could get a (well executed, I’m sure) redemption arc, then the bee miraculous actually does suit her. Not for the “Queen Bee” pun, but again for the balance. Chloe has been spoiled her whole life, never working for anything. Bees are super hard workers, and this balances her out beautifully. That, and bees are actually super nice until you piss them off, while Chloe is always pissed. Balance! These are the only reasons I hesitantly support Queen Bee! Chloe, because character design has nothing to do with the current canon heroes.

Peacock Superhero: Nathaneal. I’ve seen him paired with the fox miraculous before, and it’s super cute but I would still give that to Alya. No, in my dream team Nath gets the peacock miraculous. It fits him perfectly, because here is this really shy, quiet boy, and BOOM! He could become a peacock, super flamboyant and eye-catching. It is my personal opinion that Nathaneal deserves a miraculous, because he is probably the kindest person (from what we’ve seen) in this whole series. Even as an akuma, he’s just a little sweetheart. His disposition and the whole balancing thing work perfectly to give him a miraculous, peacock especially.

Okay, so that’s all six that are currently good/not in use… so what about after the eventual defeat of Hawk Moth?

Monarch (?): Prince Ali. Arguably one of the nicest characters alongside Rose and Nathaneal, Ali is another character who has a disposition fitting for a miraculous. Like Chloe, his name makes a great pun, but that’s not what we are looking for. Butterflies are changing creature, from a caterpillar to in-between-goo to a butterfly. Hawk Moth’s power is also to prey upon those with weak emotions. As a prince, Ali is already expected to be a “butterfly” when he could still be considered a caterpillar or even that goo in the chrysalis. His duties need him to be a veritable rock that doesn’t ever change, and with a stretch we can assume he is not supposed to reveal too many of his emotions. The moth/butterfly miraculous would be a great counterpart for Ali, and would give him an outlet for him to really help people, seeing as he is really passionate about that.

So, that is my dream team! Feel free to add anything if you so wish, I would love to hear what people think of this. My opinions probably won’t change, but I still enjoy hearing what other people’s dream teams are.