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romione + "Stop trying to cheer me up!"

Set riiiight at the end of CoS, so it’s mostly pre-relationship, I’m afraid. Hopefully you enjoy anyway, Amie!

“I can’t believe you were upset Dumbledore cancelled the exams,” Ron exclaimed, not for the first time. He’d been incredulous about it since dinner, and Hermione knew he would have easily dropped it and moved on if she just did the same; she always knew that, and yet whenever it came to Ron she couldn’t seem to put that theory into practice.

As such, she found herself responded a touch haughtily, “Well, not that you’d know but some of us appreciate the opportunity to see if we’ve understood the lessons.”

“One of us, you mean,” he returned easily, looking to the armchair to his right—oh, but Harry had abandoned them ages ago, said he might as well start packing as soon as listen to them carrying on. Ron shrugged it off easily enough.

“Not as if the last bit of term was all that useful for learning,” he continued. “What with the Chamber and all. What if Snape had put all the stuff we learned while you were out on the exam?”

Hermione stiffened. Of all the insensitive things to say! “You think I don’t know I missed lessons? That I missed a whole part of my life?”

Ron went completely pale. “Come off it, Hermione, you know I didn’t mean it like that!”

“You could have fooled me.”

“I was only trying to cheer you up,” he insisted. “I was only saying it wouldn’t have been fair for them to test you on things you hadn’t learned!”

“And I suppose I’ll never be tested again since I’m so far behind? Is that right?” Ron had no answer; clearly, he was unprepared for this question. She laughed, though it was bitter and cruel. “Well then, I think you’d better stop trying to cheer me up!” She left him gaping in the common room, and fled to the safety of the girl’s dorms. Lavender and Parvati were nowhere to be found, which she could only be grateful for, as she found her eyes welling up with tears.

Why did Ron always have to go and say such stupid things without thinking? Well, he had been thinking, of course, only not carefully enough. He’d had to go and remind her of just what a setback her time being petrified had been.

Hermione valued few things more than her grades, and the knowledge that she was at a disadvantage to her peers had been eating away at her. How was she supposed to complete the summer assignments without the previous lessons? And then their third year assignments after that? How was she ever supposed to catch up?

It wasn’t as if Ron had been teasing her over it, though. And of course he’d realized what she’d missed; his own sister had lost whole months of time to a memory of You-Know-Who which Hermione was only beginning to understand. She didn’t have it nearly as bad as Ginny.

Oh, what if she’d just gone and made him angry with her in turn? She hadn’t meant to quarrel before they left school! Perhaps if she greeted him cordially at breakfast and didn’t pick any fight on the train back to Kings Cross, it would all blow over. The approaching summer holiday always put Ron in better spirits, after all. He’d still have to write, wouldn’t he?

Hermione retired to bed, though her sleep was fitful and full of strange, fragmentary dreams of her standing outside a locked train compartment watching Ron and Harry and the other Weasleys talk and laugh together, and Professor McGonagall looming over her desk with a report card lined with nothing but Dreadfuls.

Somehow, she still managed to rise later than either of her dorm mates, who’d left without her for the Leaving Feast. Hermione hurried to dress and put the final touches on her packing, hopeful that with a full meal in him, Ron would have forgotten the whole fight.

But to her shock, she found the redhead not in the Great Hall, but waiting in the same armchair as last night. He stood just as she cleared the stairs.

“Where’s Harry?”

“I, er, said I’d catch him up.” He was holding something behind his back. “Listen, I thought about what you said last night. And I thought, er, maybe you could use this over the summer.”

He held a whole, messy sheaf of parchment out for her to take. Hermione approached slowly, noticing the one consistent trait about the whole haphazardly gathered stack was that it was covered in his scrawl.

“It’s my notes from the classes you missed.” She looked up at him in shock. “They’re not near as good as yours would be,” he hastened to add, tugging at the collar of his robes agitatedly. “The readings would probably do you better. I wrote down what we were assigned—”

“Oh, Ron!” Hermione couldn’t possibly contain herself. She threw her arms about him. He didn’t seem to know what to do with himself; his hands patted first her shoulder, then her back.

“Oh, that’s alright,” he blustered. “One of us has to know what the teachers are going on about next term.”

A laugh bubbled out of her. “You can have my notes then,” she promised.

Pulling away, Hermione saw his whole face had turned a bright pink that was only just beginning to fade. “That’s not exactly a fair trade, is it?”

Hermione shook her head and clutched his notes to her chest, though privately she agreed; she would never tell Ron, but the wrinkled pile meant all the world to her.

Imagine.. Going On Holiday With 30 Seconds To Mars

“Jared, seriously, I’m not going to ask you again..” You say as you put all of the bags into the corner of the room. “Jared!” You say as you try to stifle a laugh, you could never be serious with him. Jared turned onto his back in the bed and opened one eye. 

“5 more minutes?” He said is a deep, sleepy voice which made your heart melt. You walked over to the side of the bed, standing over him.

“No! We’re already 10 minutes late leaving.. We’ll miss our flight at this rate-” Jared quickly grabbed your hand and pulled you on top of him. The stifled laughter came out in little burst in between kisses.

“Just 5 more minutes.. Please..” He said as both of your noses touched. 

“No!” You say again feeling his chest vibrate as he laughed.

“Okay.. One more kiss and I’ll get up..” Before you could protest Jared cupped your cheeks and pulled you into him.

The door opened.

“Guys I’ve been calling you for-” Shannon fully opened the door and covered his face with his arm. “Oh for.. Guys, really?" 

Jared looked embarrassed as he pushed himself up in the bed as his face flushed slightly.

"Oh yeah - we do it fully clothed that’s right Shan.” He said as he started to get out of the bed.

“Well, who knows what creepy stuff you’re into Jared..” Shannon said with a smirk as he began to grab all the bags near the door. Jared gave him an angry look as he pulled on his grey sweatpants, red shirt and blue converse. 

“Well.. Tomo, Mel and Alice are waiting downstairs anyway. Lets get going please!” Shannon sang harmonically as he left the room and began descending the stairs. 

You turned you attention back to Jared who loaded his backpack onto his back as he slid his arm around your waist. 

“I’m more of a morning person when I wake up next to you.” He said with almost a serious tone.

“Well - I’m worried about how hard you find it to wake up when I’m not here.” You say with a smile.

“Most of the time.. I don’t want to.” Jared said as he planted a kiss on your forehead. 


“How long until we land?” Jared asked Tomo with a hushed voice, aware that you were sleeping on his shoulder.

“About half an hour.. Is she okay?" Tomo spoke equally as quietly.

"Yeah she’s fine, I told her to sleep and she would feel better.” Jared said as you felt him stroke your back with his thumb. 

Slowly you blinked awake.

“Hey.. How are you feeling?” Jared said as he grabbed hold of your hand.

“Better thank you, I don’t know what it was.. Maybe I ate something bad yesterday..” You say brushing off something which didn’t seem big. Jared’s concerned eyes stayed on yours for a few seconds. 

“Where are we flying over now, Tomo?” You say, observing the bright blue skies and buildings dotted below you.

“We’re just about to fly into Phuket.. We’re nearly there!" Tomo said, getting excited himself. 


The plane slowly came to a halt as everybody started to stretch their legs. After a long flight, you had finally landed in Phuket in Thailand for your first holiday with Jared, Shannon, Tomo, Mel and Alice. The boys had just finished the Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams tour and couldn’t wait to go and unwind. It was coming up to a year since you and Jared had first gotten together and a long time being ‘friends’ and the last 2 weeks spent in his company had made you the happiest you had ever been. 

"Okay, first we go to the hotel and put down all of our bags," Tomo scanned the disgruntled faces of everybody. "Well - there’s no way we can carry everything to the beach!” Luckily, the hotel was only a fifteen minute walk from the airport and in the weather that Phuket offered, you really didn’t mind one bit.

“I don’t think you’ve stopped smiling since we came to London a 2 weeks ago..” Jared said as he offered to take your bag off of your hands to which you shook your head. You smiled so wide that your cheeks pushed up your sunglasses.

“I mean.. Why wouldn’t I.. I have amazing friends..” You say as you looked in front of you to see Tomo and Alice walking together, discussing something that they couldn’t stop laughing about and seeing Mel and Shannon walking, for the first time, together and they slowly spoke about something you couldn’t quite hear. “I’ve just finished my first year in university..” You think back to how hard you worked in the year to get your finals up to scratch and it had definitely payed off. “I’m in an amazing country that I’ve never been to before..” You scanned the area around you that was drenched in golden sunlight and the temperature was so hot you could practically feel yourself tanning. “And I have the best boyfriend in the whole world..” You finished as you pushed yourself onto you tip toes to kiss Jared. Even then, he had to lean over a bit. 

“And your fabulous, wonderful boyfriend is finally spending time with you..” He smiled. “Miracles really do happen, right?” You weren’t sure because of his sunglasses but you would have put a bet on that he winked.

“There it is.. Just to the right!" Tomo announced as your neared a very grand hotel which had a fountain at the front. In no time at all you were in your air conditioned room putting all your bags down as fast as you could when all of sudden, you froze. You hadn’t had time to really look around the room as everybody was in a rush to get to the beach so when you finally looked up and saw the view from your balcony you were speechless. The beach. The sunset. The waves. It was beautiful. 

"You ready?” Jared called from the bathroom. When you didn’t reply, he walked through.

“Oh, wow.” He slowly walked over and laced his arms around your waist without breaking site of the view. He looked down at your awe-struck face and smiled softly. “Now you see what I see every time I look at you..” He whispered as he kissed the top of your hair. This comment pulled at your heart and you had to blink back the tears. 

“Okay, let’s go.” You said, clearing your throat. 


It was nearing 8PM after you had finished your meal and had taken your time walking to the beach. The sand was getting colder and the waves getting quieter as you all slowly walked into the area. You sat up with Jared on top of a huge rock which overlooked the sea. Alice and Tomo sat further up on the sand talking loudly. Mel and Shannon walked on the shore talking quietly. 

Jared slowly sighed and pulled you tighter into him. 

“What I said earlier..” He began, not facing you. “I mean it, you know?" 

You bit your lip hard. 

"Whenever I look at you I see everything I want to be. I see somebody who inspires me. Who keeps me grounded but reminds me to never give up. Somebody who tolerates all the crappy things I put her through. Somebody who I love and somebody who I actually thinks loves me.” He said slowly. 

“You don’t have to think it.” You splutter, trying hard to keep your emotions in check. “You have to know it. I love you no matter what. You have to believe it because it’s true.” You say grabbing his hand like he did on the flight earlier. His smile said more than any of his words ever could. 

“And what you said about not wanting to wake up when I’m not there..” You say, getting more choked up than before. You only managed a nod to which Jared nodded and he understood.

Everybody in life deserves somebody who understands the things we don’t say. 


“I swear to God Jared I’m going to kill you by the time this trip’s over with..” You say putting all of the diving kits into your huge bag. “Get up!” This time you couldn’t help but laugh because you had thrown every items of clothing you were wearing in the evening at him to try and wake him up but instead of getting up he decided to try and put on your bra. Your laughter got louder and louder until you felt something making its way up from your stomach. 

Quickly, you ran to the toilet. You managed to get the vomit into the toilet without getting it on the floor. 

You hard heavy footsteps run quickly from the bedroom into the bathroom as Jared began to move your hair out of your face and rub your back.

“Oh God.. It’s okay..” He slowly repeated as you continued to be sick. 

“I’m so sorry..” You say as you begin to unravel some toilet roll and wipe your mouth. Jared stepped away from you to give you some space and lent with one arm above his head on the door frame. 

“Oh dear..” You say trying to laugh it off but Jared new how much you hated being sick so his concerning eyes didn’t lift. “You’d swear I'm preg-” You cut your voice off short. Suddenly, something you wanted to be a joke looked like a realistic possibility. Yours and Jared’s eyes shot open wide. 

“..Do you.. Do you think..” Jared voice wavered as he scrambled desperately for words. 

“No,” You said quickly. “Well.. I mean.. I don’t think so..” Jared covered his face with his hand and scratched the back of his neck. 

“That’s..” Jared’s voice started to get higher in pitch.

“Don’t.” You snapped. 

“Let’s go guys.. We’re leaving..” You hear Mel calling from outside your door.


“Okay, I don’t know about you guys, but this is what I’ve been looking forward to most of all..” Shannon said happily as you all walked down to the diving area of the beach. Mel smiled happily as he spoke. Something told you they didn’t sleep on their own last night.

“Well we’ve got everything.. Snorkels.. Goggles.. Jared, did you bring the flippers?" Tomo said as he looked through the bag he had in his hand. You looked to Jared who wore his worried expression and looked a million miles away from here. 

"Jared?” You whispered, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. 

Suddenly, his shook his head and came back. His smile seemed to convince everybody else but you knew that smile when you saw it. 

“Yes, of course we have. Are you ready for this?” Jared said with a voice that tried to convince itself. Shannon piped up once again.

“So bloody ready!” Shannon announced as he busied himself talking to Mel once again. 

As you approached the pier like structure sitting above the water, Jared took off his black t-shirt to leave just his black swimming trunks and Shannon didn’t even wear a t-shirt, just his red trunks. You looked at Tomo as the boys got their flippers and goggles on.

“You wouldn’t catch me in there in a million years!” He laughed.

“Just not his scene, right?” Alice said as if to finish Tomo’s sentence.

“Right.” He said with a smile that looked at Alice more than anybody else looked at Alice.

“Let’s do this thing!” Shannon shouted as he pushed himself up onto his tip toes and then dived into the water. Jared dived in quickly after and splashed the water so it hit you in the lap. 

“Come on then you..” He said with a smile that you believe. “Come on in!” He shouted as you did a cannon-ball like jump into the water which covered him in water.

“Thanks!” He chuckled as he wrapped your arms around your waist more gently then he had ever done before. You couldn’t help but smile, as could Jared. 

“You’re missing you Tomo!” Jared shouted as Tomo waved him off. 

“He’s really not!” Alice shouted as she turned and kissed him hard on the lips which made Tomo nearly fall off the wall they were sitting on. Yours and Jared’s eyes met as you both had your mouths open. Shannon surfaced at that point and laughed loudly. Mel surfaced shortly after.

“For God’s sake, are we all just in relationships but the people who were together to start with didn’t know?!” Jared said with a laugh. Tomo and Alice nodded simultaneously. Shannon and Mel shrugged. “Oh God..” Jared chuckled as everybody erupted into laughter.

One by one everybody went and did their own thing: Tomo and Alice sat on the wall bathing in the sun and rubbing the back of each other’s hands, Mel and Shannon kept diving underwater, deeper and deeper every time. As before, you and Jared splashed, swam and spoke quietly. 

“I’m sorry about earlier..” Jared spoke quickly, out of nowhere.

“You’ve been thinking about that all day, haven’t you?” You say as you scan Jared’s face. He nods sheepishly. “What for?” You ask.

“How I reacted.. God, I was a dick. I didn’t mean to be so.. unenthusiastic. I mean I was just.." 

"Shocked.” You finished. “Yeah, so was I.” You say, stroking his cheek. 

“Whatever happens..” He began stroking yours. “We’re in this together. Nos adversus mundi. Always.” You smiled under his hand as he slowly rested his lips on yours.


As the sun started to settle in the sky, you all decided it was time to go back to the hotel and get ready to have something to eat in the evening. You and Jared hung back as the group walked.

“We’re just going to go to the shops quickly,” Jared announced as he continued to squeeze your hand tight. “We’ll meet you back at the hotel.” The others simply nodded and walked ahead as you began to walk to a pharmacy. In 20 minutes you had bought the pregnancy test and with trembling hands you both stood in the bathroom. 

“How long do you have to wait with this thing?” Jared bounced his leg nervously as he sat on the side of the bath.

“2 minutes..” You whisper. The minutes dragged on until under your hand that covered the dial - was your answer. You gripped the test hard so neither of you could see. You stood up and quickly Jared came and stood right next to you. 

“Whatever happens..” He whispered.

You uncovered your hand and you both held on to each other for fear the world would drift away. 

It’s a Wonderful Life, Bobby Singer

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Characters: Bobby, Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas, Jody

Word Count: 1141

Warnings:  Little bit of sad Bobby to start and lots of fluff to finish

Summary:  Bobby is planning on spending Christmas alone when a few familiar faces brighten up the holidays for him.  Set in the same universe as So Little Time (So Much to Do.)

A/N:  Happy Holidays’ everyone!  I hope you’re having a nice time and able to spend time with the people you love.  If not, well, my inbox is always open, even over the holidays.  I’m here if you need me. 

Bobby had been having a bad day.  He could have drawn it out to a bad week, or a bad year, possibly even going so far as to say he drew the short straw on his life, if he was that type of person.  But he wasn’t.  So he settled on a bad day.

It hadn’t all been awful. The son of a bitch monster was dead (after nearly taking a chunk out of him) and despite threats from the local PD, he wouldn’t be spending Christmas Eve in jail.  Not that what he had to go back to was a big improvement.  But his house came with a bottle of Jack, even if it did have the same Christmas cheer as the lock up.

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  • young cop, holding papers: COMMISSIONER! holy shit ok listen this is crazy but, sir, i think i've found the identity of the batman??
  • young cop: so i saw this clip online about bruce wayne and they kept showing the same moment from a recent gala over and over again and then i realized his chin area reminded me of someone...
  • young cop: [sets down gala screenshot and a bad picture of batman side by side] see? [points to the chin areas in both pictures] they-they're nearly identical! [encircles them with a red sharpie] THERE, do you see it?! i'm telling you it fits, the money to support all the gadgets, the supposed wild holidays somewhere far away from gotham whenever batman disappears...............BRUCE WAYNE IS BATMAN, SIR!
  • jim gordon:
  • jim gordon: [takes sharpie and encircles batman's cowl ears]
  • jim gordon: what about the bat-ears, bill. you see bruce wayne have any bat-ears on him
  • young cop: s-sir that's not how this works
  • jim gordon: goddammit bill
  • young cop: sir this is REALLY not how

When Sarge had called them over to give them some bad news, Simmons had expected anything but him explaining they had actual freetime. Holidays. Two weeks in which they were free to leave, before they had to return to Valhalla.

Usually the Maroon tried to save up his free days and work overtime, hoping to get acknowledged for his hard work and dedication. One day, they would all see and recognize that they had undervalued him.
But after all that had happened to them, all the actual fighting and chaos and them nearly dying, Simmons wondered if he should take this time for himself.
But where would he go? He was not too eager to visit his family, especially not after the war with Aliens just had ended. Earth musnt be the most pretty place right now - except for those cities who were eager to re-build, since they lived off tourists.

“Hey Grif..?” The Dutch-Irish fumbled with his own fingers nervously, “What are you going to do with that freetime?”


MURASAKIBARA birthday special ~

After waking up extra early for a morning shift at the bakery, you were absolutely pooped by noon. The entire morning consisted of you running around non-stop for people’s orders, something that happened on a daily basis, but not nearly as bad as it was today. Everyone and their mother seemed to be stopping by to grab some pastries, and you were beginning to wonder if there was some kind of secret holiday going on that you weren’t aware about.
You slump over the counter as another satisfied customer exited the sweet shop with a smile on their face. You raise your head and prop it up with your arm, waiting for more customers to arrive. The longer you waited, the heavier your eyes felt as you slowly started to pass out.
Poke. Poke. Poke.
Your eyes shot open in response and you mentally cursed at yourself for falling asleep on the job. Looking up at the culprit responsible for waking you, your heart stops for a short second.
Despite him being crouched down to poke at your figure, you still had to look up to meet the face of your good friend and long-time crush, Murasakibara. 
Your tired face becomes flushed at his sudden appearance, and again, you mentally scolded yourself for not paying more attention. You quickly raise yourself from your position to stand in front of him behind the counter. You search for any coworkers in sight, but realize they were out of sight and were unable to keep you awake, leaving only yourself to blame.
Mura tilts his head slightly as he takes in your fumbled look. Cute…He ponders to himself.
“You tired, ___chin?” He mumbles while shoving a bite of maiubo into his mouth. After clearing you throat, you nod meekly before grabbing an empty box to fill his order with.
“So, what’s it going to be for you today?” You ask him with a cheerful smile. Mura gives a light smirk at your sudden change in demeanor before sliding his gaze over to the various and large amounts of sweets. He places the maiubo in his mouth as he pointed at different items.
“One donut, two cupcakes, four sugar cookies, and two chocolate daifuku,”  He mumbles around the maiubo, lifting his gaze to you to make sure you absorbed his request. 
Nodding, you begin to fill up the box with his order, feeling Mura’s eyes watching you gather up the pastries with rapid interest. Then, you finish by sealing the box with a piece of tape and pushing it on the counter towards Mura.
Looking at the numbers being punched into the register, Mura pulls out money and slides it across the counter.
“Thanks, ___chin,” He says with a soft smile as he bites his maiubo as he leans on the counter. He holds the snack out to you, gesturing you to take a bite as well. 
You raise a brow and attempt to hide your blushing cheeks as you reach out to bite the delicious treat. Mura smiles lazily at your cute, chewing figure before placing the maiubo back into his mouth to finish it. The shared interaction between the two of you made your heart flutter as you fight back your growing blush.
Mura slowly leans back up and grabs his newly packed box of sweets. He mutters a small ‘goodbye’ and begins to leave the shop.
“Happy birthday, Atsu!” You call out to his retreating form. He hums a reply and waves behind him.
“___chin better come tonight~” He turns back, grinning a little, then walks out the door with a small ring following after him.

A couple hours later, your jet-black haired friend enters the bakery with a big smile.
“I plan on getting Atsushi a big surprise, so get ready, ___!” He beams happily as he reaches the counter. 
“Nani? Mura already came,” You tell him with a confused expression. Himuro’s smile immediately falters in response before smacking his palm on his forehead. Understanding his frustration on a personal level, you start to feel sorry for your friend.

This was the third time Mura has foiled Himuro’s birthday surprise.

“He makes it so hard..” Himuro sighs and slouches against the counter with a defeated look. 

Sunday Coffee [Luke]

* Short and sweet Luke and March drabble (is this drabble?). I have Connor and Penny stuff in the works and Molly stuff and smut and other preferences, but I couldn’t crank much more out (i’m very bad at being on holiday), so I just sat up and typed this. Hope you like it. 

“Do you think Miles would think he is cute?” Hands folded under his chin, hovering above his nearly finished mug of coffee, Luke asked March while nodding over his beanie covered head to the barista refiling the stir sticks and packs of different sugar

Slowly, looking up from the screen of his cell phone, March turned with a bunched up face to spy the tall hipster clad in all black with the exception of his dirty green apron tied loosely above his butt. March frowned at the store employee before looking back at his Dad with a face that almost screamed, ‘You are so freaking weird. How does Mom put up with you?’

“No.” March shook his head and grumbled, his hands picking up his phone off the plate where his muffin sat half finished and went back to texting. “And Miles probably wouldn’t have told you he is bi if he knew you were going to go hunting for him.” March spoke through grit teeth, his lip ring brushing up against his top lip annoyingly.

Luke tried to take his son’s words into account, still letting his eyes linger over the barista as he rounded the counter and went back behind the till. He thought about how nice the kid had been, taking his order, and not reacting when March couldn’t decide between orange juice or something with a shot of caffeine in it.

“He’s into Lana anyway.” March sighed, putting down his phone and replacing it with his muffin, peeling back the rippled bottom to take a banana filled bite.

“And Taylor.” Luke pointed right to the tip of March’s Roman nose before picking up his mug to slurp a little more coffee from. He was so happy to have some insight into Miles’s life, something beyond his work out regime. “Have you met Taylor?”

“Dad, I don’t want to gossip with you.” Sounding more harsh than he meant to, March muttered clearly and challenge his father with his own set of sharp blue eyes. Luke swallowed his last sip quickly.

It had slipped his mind that March was thoughtless with the way in which he said things and his words in general. 

“Your girlfriend likes to gossip with me.” Almost taunting, Luke said above the rim of his coffee mug.

“No, she doesn’t.” March laughed around the last bit of muffin bite in his mouth, checking down on his phone to see if Daphne had answered his last message yet. “She does it for penance because she feels like she is going to go to Hell for having sex in your basement.” March hissed, taunting his father right back.

Luke was left speechless, just staring at his youngest son and trying to figure out where exactly he went wrong. How could he have raised Miles and March simultaneously, but achieved such varied results?

“Do you want me to ban her from our house?” Very seriously, Luke switched into his usual stern father mode. He even used the voice that he reserved for scolding Penelope when he caught her before she could tip toe out of the house to try and go night surfing without him realizing.

“You would never.” March’s lips went straight as he huffed, pushing out his chest and leaning into the chair’s wooden back as he shook his head. “You ship us too hard.” He laughed and picked up his phone the second Daphne’s name lit it up.

Laughing, Luke could not argue with March on that note, “I kind of do.” He softly mumbled to himself, reaching across the table to rip off a piece of his son’s banana muffin for himself. Daphne, while quiet and without confidence in herself, was filling his son with joy and that was all Luke could ask for as a parent. While March was a rough copy and still needed much improvement, he had noticed that being with Daphne had helped March to grow some. He was rolling out of bed before noon on weekends, he was showing more effort in school as he liked to help her with her own homework, and in general, he had become a much better listener which Luke credited to the fact that you had to really strain to make out Daphne’s little voice. He had been scared of what could come of his son and Calum’s daughter getting together, but so far, Luke couldn’t have been happier with the way things were going. They were just under a year now, almost a week away from the day Luke caught Daphne trying to sneak into his house through his bathroom window. So far, there had only been minimal bloodshed over the whole ordeal, but a lot of tears and one destroyed hotel room. The pros certainly outweighed the cons.

Fic: Poem Without Words (2/?) (M)

Author’s note: An update! Woot! This story will be much better thanks to unspoken-and-wild​ who has graciously let me into her brain for the art stuff. Go follow her if you’re not already! Thanks to everyone else who’s liked or followed this story, I already love writing it!

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Chapter 2

“What are you doing?”

Emma looked up from her book. “Laundry.” Obviously.

“Emma, it’s after midnight. It’s Sunday. Why are you up in the middle of the night doing laundry?”

Emma shifted in her seat. The hard plastic of the chair was not doing her any favors. The fact that their apartment building had its own laundry room was convenient, but couldn’t they afford nicer chairs? What did their rent go toward anyway? She ran her hand though her messy blonde hair. “You know how busy this place can get. Seemed like the best time.”

Elsa looked skeptical. “What are you reading?”

Emma shrugged. “School stuff. Dry, boring. The usual.” She prayed Elsa couldn’t see the cover.

No such luck. “Art history? Since when…” The other blonde’s face lit up. “Oh! This is about Jones’ class! How did your first day go?”

Emma leaned back in the chair. “Fine. Like you said, all I have to do is sit there while people stare at me.”

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