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Raphael what if u n Leo somehow switch bodies! And it's on the same night when u r going on a date with Mona Lisa n Leo in ur body might have to kiss Mona Lisa! 😱What will u do?

NOPE!! Won’t happen! I will totally tell Mona Lisa what’s happened! So we can both avoid the embarrassment!

Jungkook Reaction || 9 Years Older Woman Treating Him Like A Little Boy

At first he’d try to laugh it off feeling a bit flustered to not be viewed as a man at his age. He’d giggle at your attempts of pinching his cheeks and speaking to him with a high pitched voice as if he’s a child

It would take quite long for him to become frustrated though. Trying to keep cool he’d judge you from the other side of the room, trying to not stay too close to avoid any further embarrassment

He’d appreciate you ain’t a noona who calls him “oppa”, but for his sake it’s better to not go too far. He likes being looked after, but not when his masculinity is too endangered, especially when it’s a woman not noticing that he is in fact a man


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It seems Haise visited re more than a couple times.

A (blatantly biased) Chronological Summary of Tousaki

Haise foreshadows their meeting by reading haiku poetry written by Taneda Santouka (its written differently but just let me reach here ok) who had a son called ‘Ken’ and wrote “In a café we debate decadence a summer butterfly flits” like I don’t even care if thats accidental, how fucking Tousaki is that

Haise’s nose kagune leads him to the “correct fragrance” (ding ding ding, name pun) and they meet (again) for the first time

Haise is handsome  s h o o k

He gets a boner over the taste of Touka’s coffee

Then cries Ghibli Tears™  

Touka offers her handkerchief and! THEY! BRUSH! FINGERS! (and Haise scores himself a free hanky)

Haise dabs away his tears and tries to convince Touka he’s not crying because her coffee tasted awful

and he demonstrates he has functional vision by THINKING! THAT! TOUKA! IS! BEAUTIFUL!

After leaving the cafe, Haise tries to fight off another boner

The next day he looks exhausted, as if he’s spent all night thinking about flinging himself into the sun to avoid the embarrassment of crying in front of the pretty waitress 

then at the CCG meeting, instead of focusing on saving people’s lives he’s daydreaming about her

THEN HE :RETURNS (possibly to give back the hanky) and they have an epic sexual tension stare off

and Touka, the sneaky little shit, plays coy as if she doesn’t already know exactly what he does for a job or that he’d be interested in the books lining the shelves

An Unspecified Amount of Time Later: Haise dresses to impress in a dandy striped waist coat to go back to :re, where he meets Touka (with her hair up) and they look so cute and awkward af shuffling their feet like 2 teenagers asking each other to prom

and another unexplained meeting with PinstripeVest!Haise and Touka with her hair down this time??? right under our noses this entire time???

AND FINALLY! Haise wondering if she was on a date ON CHRISTMAS!

Eric Bittle Is A Problem

(AO3 here)

Eric Bittle is becoming a problem. Not the problem Jack thought he was going to be in the beginning, no, he hasn’t had to worry about Bittle not pulling his weight on the team since pretty much the first time they played together. And certainly not now, when they work so well together on the ice. And off of it, too; it was surprising, but Jack considers Bittle to be one of his greatest friends, even if sometimes it feels like there’s maybe something shimmering around the edges of their relationship, something Jack doesn’t quite understand, it’s good with them, comfortable and fun in a way Jack isn’t used to.

But he’s becoming a problem, worse, a distraction . A menace, really.

The first time it’s a problem, Jack and Shitty had gotten back from a beer run, and Shitty was explaining some essential feminist theory to him as they made their way from the car to the Haus, “And that, my Canadian friend, is why intersectionality is so important. Like, you can’t really understand anything  unless you understand all of the realities and identities that inform a person’s existence, my man. I me-” as Jack turns to enter the kitchen, the rest of Shitty’s lesson is lost to a loud thrum in Jack’s ear that he distantly realizes is the rush of his own blood through his veins as he almost fumbles the case of beer and the bag of fancy nuts and chocolates that he thought Eric might appreciate- for his bakin g- and had purchased on a whim.

He manages to save the beer and the bag of goodies, but not to suppress the inelegant “ Buh -” that escapes his slackened mouth. Because Bitty is bent over at the waist, looking into the oven and making a satisfied little hum at the progress of whatever is baking in there, and he’s wearing those shorts, the short, short shorts that barely qualify as such in Jack’s opinion. And the way he’s bending is causing his muscles to tense and bulge, and his butt . Oh, Crisse , his butt is like a work of art and on display right in front of Jack, and he is in so. Much. trouble.

Jack manages to turn his random noise into a reasonable approximation of “B-Bittle,” and to reassemble his face into a generally neutral expression as Bitty stands and turns toward him and Shitty, who now stands next to Jack and thankfully doesn’t mention his near stumble. The late afternoon sun slanting through the window catches in Eric’s hair and he appears to glow for a moment, Jack manages not to choke on his sharply indrawn breath at the sight, because Eric Bittle is beautiful, and Jack is awed that he hadn’t noticed it until now.

“Oh, hi, y’all,” Bitty says brightly, a genuine smile lighting his face and stretching his lips distractingly. “You’re just in time, because this pie is almost done, so if you wanted some, you’ll just have to wait for a few while it settles,” Bitty checks the timer with a brief glance before looking back toward the doorway where Jack is still frozen, he quirks a perfectly shaped blond brow as if to ask what Jack’s problem is, but when he speaks again, he says “Did you two have fun at the store?”

Shitty moves into the kitchen, patting Jack’s shoulder on the way, “It smells swawesome in here, Bits. You’re the best!” Bitty grins and a slightly pink tinge paints his cheeks as he watches Shitty begin to put away his beer and the few other groceries they procured. He looks back at Jack, eyes darting briefly to the bag he is clenching before settling back on his face, a curious little smile on his pink lips. It spurs Jack into action, finally, and he moves into the kitchen holding the bag out like an awkward shield.

“These are for you,” he says, sounding too loud to his own ears, and maybe too loud in general, because Shitty looks over from where he’s stacking beer into the fridge with a strange look on his face that Jack will not analyze later. He continues, careful to regulate his volume this time, “Um, for your baking, I mean. I thought you’d like them,” he amends. Jack can feel his face heating, hopes Bitty doesn’t notice, that he writes it off as the heat from the oven, but when Bitty takes the bag and their fingers brush he feels the flush deepen. It gets worse still when Eric opens the bag and he makes an excited little sound.

“Oh, gosh, Jack, thank you! I know just what to make with these,” Bitty places his hand on Jack’s forearm and squeezes gently, repeating a thank you and grinning at him, his smile is open and fond and it warms Jack in a different way than the hot flush that he knows is painting his face and neck now.

“ Bienvenue ,” Jack says, voice a little too quiet and close now. Bitty smiles at his slip into Quebecois. It’s almost too easy to slip into the quiet of the moment, the little bubble of space around them, warmed by the sunlight through the window. They stay close, looking at each other for what feels like a long time, but realistically can’t be more than a second or two, then the sound of Shitty shutting the the refrigerator door and exclaiming “Shit, Bits, that pie smells fuckin’ delicious! Think it’s done yet,” effectively breaks the moment.

Bitty laughs and turns away from Jack, his fingers trail along Jack’s arm leaving a warm tingle lingering on his skin. The buzzer sounds as Bitty steps away fully, and Jack shakes himself, realizes he’s still holding the case of beer and places it on the counter. Bitty looks at him briefly as he takes the pie from the oven, and Jack feels the confusion rumbling through him play across his face, but Bitty thankfully looks away before he notices.


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Reactions to Harry + Draco dating...

My headcanons for how everyone reacted when Harry + Draco announced they were dating:

Ginny Weasley Knew before they did and encouraged Harry to ask Draco out. Rather than face her older brothers’ and parents’ well-intended attempts to “cheer you up a bit”, Ginny then spent three months back-packing through South America. Luna flew out to join her on a trek to Machu Picchu. By the time they got back Ginny was so giddily in love that her mum could, finally, relax and get to know Draco.

Luna Lovegood Nodded happily and pointed out that “Draco has been in love with you since 5th year”. Harry and Draco gaped at her and then each other. Draco in horror, Harry in delight. They then disappeared for 40 minutes, reappearing with slightly red eyes and massive grins. From then on Harry stopped telling people “I’m dating Draco” and started saying “I’m in love with Draco”.

Ron Weasley Got Harry drunk one night and labouriously explained that a person does not sacrifice themselves for their best mate during a giant enchanted chess game, survive a dunking in the Great Lake, face down giant spiders and spend an eternity camping with them while on the run from “a noseless snake-botherer”, only to then ditch said best mate just because he has the bad taste to develop a ferret fetish.

Hermione Granger Honestly had no idea. When pressed she admitted that Harry’s fixation with Draco at Hogwarts had been a bit obvious but, what with running for Minister of Magic, launching the SPEW foundation, chairing the Muggle-born outreach program, consulting on the rebuilding of Hogwarts, moving in with Ron and learning to crochet, she really hadn’t given Harry’s love life much thought.

Pansy Parkinson Was happy for Draco, despite avoiding Harry out of embarrassment over the whole “trying to hand him over to the dark lord… thing”. Nothing Draco said could persuade her to spend more than 10 minutes in Harry’s company. Until one day Harry turned up at her office, spirited her away for a long lunch and explained that if he was going to marry Draco he would need some help choosing the rings…

Narcissa Malfoy Ignored her husband’s outrage and spent two hours reassuring Draco that Lucius would come around before fixing Harry with a steely smile and suggesting they take a turn around the Manor rose garden. Harry refused to tell Draco what they talked about but he did agree to spend every other Christmas with the Malfoys in the South of France.

Lucius Malfoy Came around.

The Weasley family Were worried about Ginny for a while. Then George noticed his Mum knitting a giant, lime green ‘D’ onto an electric orange jumper and they all felt a lot better.

Dean Thomas Didn’t say much but two weeks later an owl arrived with one of Dean’s Hogwarts sketchbooks. It was from their 8th year and included multiple sketches of Harry and Draco covertly watching each other across the Great Hall. Harry was mortified. Draco has one of the sketches framed on his desk.

Seamus Finnigan Was still demanding “pics or it didn’t happen” at Harry and Draco’s 10 year anniversary celebration.


Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series) 

Notes: swearing, flirting, mentions of child abuse and alcoholism (past), none other yet

Summary: As a PA/secretary, you are all too familiar with the fantasies nearly all men share: banging their hot assistant. Former jobs haven’t worked out for you for that exact reason, and now starting out at a new company, as the secretary for the CEO of the hottest modelling agency in the country, you’re hoping this one will be different. But after meeting your new boss, Mr J.B. Barnes, you’re not so sure if it will be. Then again, maybe Mr Barnes is not as stereotypical as you think he is.   

A/N: Hi guys! This is a little something I’ve been working on lately. It’s only gonna be a few parts and I hope you enjoy it! 

“Whoa, hey there doll, what’s the rush?”

Quickly checking if you hadn’t dropped anything, to avoid any more embarrassment on the first day on your new job, you looked up at the man you’d just crashed (face-planted) into.

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(he did)

Admiral Horatio Nelson, died at The Battle of Trafalgar 1805. His last words were “Kiss me Hardy”, but many tried to later pass it off as “kismet” to avoid embarrassment.

Do you even lift?

Genre: Gym! Au

Pairing: Jungkook X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: You told yourself that signing up for a gym class would take your mind off of things but when you meet your trainer you’re a little less convinced you’ll be focused on working out. 

Originally posted by wonhoslilmonster

This was it. It was your first attempt at pulling your life together. That meant no more Netflix marathons that lasted days long, no more stressing out over being single, no more worrying about your weight, and no more stressing about work. When you signed up for the gym it felt like everything was solved but as you walked up the concrete steps a slight off-putting feeling was in your stomach. You hadn’t worked out in ages to be quite honest. You wondered if everyone in there was going to be extremely hot like in those sitcoms where the main character makes some self-deprecating joke after seeing everyone. You took a deep breathe and opened the door. A friendly seeming girl greeted you at the door and you just smiled back in response. One of the trainers came over to you with a smile.

“Hi, Are you new here?” 

Your gaze moved up to his face and you froze. There it was. The moment like those cheesy TV shows. You almost couldn’t believe how good looking he was.

“Yeah, is it that obvious?” You asked, looking concerned.

Jungkook let out a chuckle. 

“It’s not that. This place is just mostly regulars and I would have definitely remembered you. I’m a trainer her and my name’s Jungkook.”

Was that a compliment? His last comment left you confused but you decided to just leave it as it was. 

“Oh, well I was just going to go use the treadmill. I don’t really need a trainer for that.” You told him.

Jungkook nods slowly. 

“That’s fine, just call for me if you need me. Can I ask you for your name?”

A bit taken back you answer him. “Y/N.”

You watch as the taller boy walks away from you to do what looks like his own work out without saying another word. Ignoring him, you walk over to the treadmill to start off and he heads off behind you. As you start running you feel a bit strange. Almost as if you were being stared at but you assumed it was because you weren’t used to the environment. Pushing the thought aside you started to run but after 5 minutes your phone changed to a song you didn’t care for so you picked your phone back up. In the reflection you saw Jungkook looking over at you. You rolled your eyes. Did he not think you could do this yourself? Now you were out to just prove him wrong. You turned up the incline to make running more difficult and turned up the speed. You could only take another 5-10 minutes of running like this until you had to stop to take a break. 

As you stepped off of the machine you realized you must have out-done yourself because your legs felt weak and you almost fell over. Jungkook calls your name from the side and you look over at him.

“Can you spot me really quick?” He says, cockily pressing his tongue against his cheek.

You walked over to him taking notice of the intense amount of weight on the bars with a sigh. 

“Are you sure that you can lift that?”

Jungkook scoffs. “I wouldn’t have put it on if I couldn’t handle it.” 

“Alright, whatever.”

He lifts his arms up to bring the weights off the holder, flexing pretty hard. He had his sleeves rolled up, trying to make the main focus being his arms, To be honest though he wasn’t struggling as much as you thought he would, lifting it up continuously. As he’s counting he suddenly stops at 47, almost dropping it on his chest. You instinctively reach down to grab it but it still manages to hit his chest. He cringes, trying to breathe properly. You get down on your knees next to him, holding it off of him.

“Are you okay? Should I go get someone? I think it just knocked the wind out of you but what if you broke something?”

Jungkook moves his head on his cheek to face you. His scrunched up and in pain face changes and he starts to laugh. You sit there in confusion while he sets it back in it’s place with ease.

“I was just messing with you but you’re really cute when you’re worried.” He laughed.

“What the hell? Jungkook that’s not funny I thought you broke a rib!” You stood up, grabbing your water bottle. 

His hand reaches out and grabs yours as he still lays there.

“Alright. Alright. I’m sorry. You don’t have to get so mad.” He tried to stifle his laughter. 

When he didn’t let go you realize how long you had been holding hands, pulling yours away.

“How could I tell If you weren’t hurt? You know that I’m knew to this stuff…” You mumbled.

“I told you I’d help you.”

“Staring at my ass while I run isn’t going to help me.”

Jungkook blushed, shocking you. He must have thought you weren’t paying attention and to avoid embarrassing him more you gave in.

“Whatever, you can help me but please, don’t make me lift 1000 lbs.”

He sat up from the bench, smiling. “I won’t. We can start off easy, okay? But you have to tell me if it’s too much.”

With the nod you gave him he took your hand again, guiding you over to another part of the gym.Your eyes were now glued to the high up pole above your head. The last time you even attempted to do a pull up was in high school but even then you weren’t too successful. You look at Jungkook like he’s crazy.

“I can’t even reach that without jumping. Isn’t there a shorter one?” You say just trying to come up with an excuse.

“There is but other people are on them. It’s okay though, I told you I was going to help you.”

He comes over to get behind you and you feel his hands being placed on your waist.  Your mind starts to wonder and you’re mentally scolding yourself being so gross at a time like this. It was just hard not to when you felt his grip on you.

 “Alright so I need you to just put your arms up and when I lift you just grab the bar.”

“O-okay…” You say as you bring your arms above your head.

Jungkook does as promised, lifting you off your feet with ease to grab the bar. Once you grabbed on you assumed he would let go but he still hadn’t.

“Okay now I need you to go ahead and do one. I’m not going to lift you to help, I just need to make sure you won’t fall when I let go.

”Obediently you pull your body weight up as much as you can until your chin goes past the bar. Doing one was exhausting enough and you were scared for when he was going to let go.

 “That was good. I want you to do one on your own, okay?”

“Okay.” You say as you prepare yourself.

Jungkook slowly let’s go of you and you already miss his hands being on you. Weakly you try to stay up there but it was obvious you were struggling.

“Just do one more for me.” He says, walking over to stand in front of you to watch.

Your hands started to sweat and you kicked your legs to help it give you that last push over the bar. To your surprise, you made it over but right afterwards your hands slip. Jungkook rushes over and grabs you before you fall despite the drop not being so big. You can see that dumb smirk on his face again.

“It’s not funny…This is easy for you because you do this all the time…”

Jungkook smiled. “I wasn’t going to say anything. You did good, we just need to work on it. My schedule is open this week. How about it?”

Embarrassed signs

Aries: tries to smoothly escape the situation but accidentaly make it worse

Taurus: awkwardly laughs

Gemini: says something funny to hide their embarrassment

Cancer: laughs for themselves and turns into a tomato

Leo: says something by which the avoid the embarrassment like a pro

Virgo: giggles and maybe hides their face

Libra: tries to talk it off or just stays silent

Scorpio: checks around to see whether anyone saw them or not and if they make an eye contact, they laugh

Sagittarius: most likely says something  rude

Capricorn: acts as if nothing has just happened

Aquarius: either laughs or gets pissed, depends on their current mood

Pisces: doesn’t get embarrassed

{PART 14} I Won’t Stop You (M) // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; You wake up feeling a mixture of happiness and confusion at the remembrance of your night with Jungkook. But he soon chases away all confusion - showing you, yet another side of him that you can’t help but enjoy. Meanwhile, Yoongi shares his thoughts with Namjoon, revealing part of his grand plan to him.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

Please note: This chapter contains scenes of a sexual nature. 

{Part 1} // {Part 13} {Part 14} {Part 15}

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Bts Reaction to their S/o telling them to smile more!~Hyung line

Seokjin would be in your newly beautifully decorated kitchen, smiling widely as he cooked and hummed to spring day while you sat at the island watching contently, maybe humming along, harmonising to certain parts. As he turned in your direction to use the counter space across from you, you sighed in awe and said “You should smile more Jin, it makes me fall in love with you even more. If thats even possible” His smile grew tremendously and his eyes widened freezing in shock at your remark. At his change of expression you smiled yourself and leaned over the counter to kiss him. Lets just say It would turn into an intense make out session in the kitchen that would only end due to black smoke rising from the food he was cooking.

Originally posted by jeonheart

Sitting in bed with you just lazing between the sheets, listening to quiet music together would be when Yoongi’s smile would be most calm and comfortable. You would cuddle more into his side, inhaling his sweet yet musky scent and whisper to him “You should smile more you know, its the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” To that he would groan lightly, pull you even closer to kiss your cheek and whisper back “Then you’ll have to be around me even more since I smile for you.” in his grumbling morning voice that made your heart beat 20x harder than before.

Originally posted by beui

You were far away in Korea as Hoseok toured the world enjoying himself but he always tried to text you as much as possible to make sure you know he’s thinking of you. One night you were laying on your bed enwrapped in a conversation about the newest Bts comeback to Hobi over iMessage, you were gushing about how amazing it was and how beautiful he danced. You sent him a message over snapchat with a selfie of your grin saying “Your smile is my favourite, show it more!” You thought he had maybe fell asleep since it was late where he was but you were proven wrong when you received a spam of 5 or 6 snapchats from the maknae of Jhope dancing and singing about how much he loved you and hugging his phone adorably. He was extremely embarrassed when you told him you saw him doing so.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

You loved to poke Namjoon’s deep dimples when he was talking or mixing music or sleeping, basically whenever you could see them. There were certain times when this made him grin even more and others where it was distracting and he would frown at you like an angry puppy. You were sitting on his lap, facing him with your chest against his and your legs falling off the opposite side of the chair, kind of like a sloth clinging to a tree. You were reading a book and he was editing his music with a content smile on his face from the contact with you. After finishing an exciting chapter and dropping the book you looked up at him as he smiled and nodded to the music and began to poke his dimples making him frown slightly from the breaking of his concentration. “Smile more, Joonie… your smile makes my day” you said, using your fingers to lift the edges of his lips into a grin that grew to be real as the words left yours. He would blush deeply and hide his head in your hair to avoid the embarrassment of how flattered he was, whispering the words “Baby girl” repeatedly because in that moment he can’t form a real sentence.

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I split this request in half since it was SO long, it kind of turned into a scenario instead but I hope you like it @btswifi 

-Aylee <3

Pictures of you

I’m your lock screen?!” - “You weren’t supposed to see that.”

I changed the prompt to ‘I’m the Picture in your wallet?’ so that it would fit in the 20’s time line.

Master list 

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“come on you big lump, it’ll be closing soon’ you groaned, pulling a chuckling newt by his coat sleeve, down the cobbled street, the cool pollen filled, spring breeze ruffling his auburn curls, making your heart flutter lightly in your chest at the sight of it. Turning quickly to avoid any embarrassment, you almost skipped  to the book shop, Newt hurrying behind you.

Hoping up the shallow stone step, you held the door open for newt, who gave you his lopsided smile as he ducked inside, the pair of you heading straight for the travel section in the familiar cosy little shop.

“you look for Africa and I’ll look for Asia?’ Newt suggested as you began scouring the groaning book shelves, looking for anything that might come in handy on the next leg of your adventures.

Before too long, newt was pulled away from ‘a traveller’s guide to Asia’ and into the animal section, where you could still hear the occasional gasp of excitement or slight sigh of annoyance.

You couldn’t deny the slight smile playing at the corners of your lips, as he would pop his head around the book shelves to tell you an interesting fact that he had found, while you continued the hunt for a few useful books to take on your travels.

Your index finger stroking across a particular deep blue leather bound book, ‘an adventures guide to the big wide world’ after a quick flick through and a read of the blurb, you tucked it under your arm, and found newt, where he had made himself quite comfortable on the carpeted floor, the stern looking book keeper, squinting at him behind her thick spectacles.

“newt’ you murmured, giving his shoulder a prod,’ this one seems decent for what we need’ keeping your voice quiet so as not to irritate the already grumpy looking woman. “alright, hang on’ he mumbled, fishing about the many inside pockets of his distinctive coat, finally coming across the money wallet, and handing it to you.

Ruffling his hopeless hair on your way past, to the counter, where you placed the book, and popped open the wallet, to find your own laughing face looking back at you. Utterly bewildered, you handed the book keeper the money that you owed in a daze, still staring at the picture in newts wallet.

You turned bemused, to newt who had hurried behind you, a slightly panicked look in his sea green eyes. You opened your mouth to try and speak, only for newt to guide you out of the shop, a slight pink flush flooding his face.

Newt shrugged his coat off to drape it over your shoulders, bringing your slight shivering to an end, lighting a smile across your cheeks, as he stroked his work worn finger across your cheek, a certain softness coming over his face as you leant into his gentle touch.


Have a great day and be safe


NCT-127/U reacts to you falling over & playing it off by saying “looks like I’ve fallen for you”

So the idea of this request was that you fall and play it off by saying “Looks like I’ve fallen for you”, so it’s a reaction to you falling, and you playing it off. I hope I wrote it correctly but it was really fun to write, thank you for requesting! 


 At you falling, he’d have to supress his laughter and would quickly check if you were alright, not wanting to be hurtful but finding your clumsiness hard not to laugh over. When you gave him the cheesy “Looks like I’ve fallen for you” line, he’d stop trying to supress his laughter and jokingly warn you he’d leave you on the floor for your bad pick up line type joke.

Originally posted by taesyong


 Immediately seeing you fall, his caring side would come out - coming to your side and checking your okay, probably brushing you off and fixing your hair or something. Hearing you playing it off, he’d laugh, relieved you weren’t hurt, but might get kind of shy and blushy, finding your joke awfully cheesy but also adorable, doing that little bounce thing he does as he laughed at your cuteness.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


 Once you fell, it might take him a moment to notice if he was absorbed in the conversation, probably walking on a few steps before realising you weren’t replying, before turning to find you on the floor. I can see him jokingly scolding your clumsiness, but would help you up and move on to avoid any embarrassment for you. He seems very quick witted, so as soon as he heard your joke, he’d reply something like “who doesn’t”, smug at you jokingly confessing to you and his reply. 

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou


Seeing you fall, he’d probably be the most likely to laugh outwardly - not to upset you, but because he likes to laugh, though would make it clear he wasn’t laughing at you in a harsh way. A joke like that would probably make him walk away, jokingly dissapointed with such a cheesey line, brushing back his hair and trying to act cool and unaffected by the joke, even if he was internally trying his hardest not to laugh at it/you.

Originally posted by nakamotens


Another one to show his caring side after you fell, he’d ask you if you were hurt and try to help you up, if you were grazed even slightly he’d end up making a fuss and telling you to be more careful. At the attempt at playing it off he’d sigh and try to act as if he found it cringey, rolling his eyes at you and jokingly warding off the advances, but would secretly find it cute and tease you about it later.

Originally posted by sweetlyoriginalthing


 Seeing you fall, he’d be at your side asking if your okay, but still supressing a smile on his face at the fall. Hearing the joke, he’d let out his laughter knowing you were okay, applauding your bad joke with only slight sarcasm, secretly pleased you’d used the bad pick up line on him. I can see him being the type to google some similar bad pick up lines to use on you at random points, and enjoying trying to one up you with the bad jokes.

Originally posted by nakamotens


Jaehyun would be clingy and protective after you fell, helping you back up and offering to keep a firm grip on you so you didn’t fall anymore, or maybe even a piggyback if you were hurt slightly. After you played it off, he’d be cringey and playfully tell you off for the bad joke, saying you needed to come up with better even if it did boost his ego a bit. 

Originally posted by yonges


I see WinWin as someone who’s more used to being taken care of, rather than taking care of others, so would be unsure how to comfort/help you when you fell. At the joke he’d laugh and get a bit flustered, glad you were okay enough to play it off. He might try and joke back, saying he’d be careful not to hurt you with his looks or something similar to show he was on the same page as you.

Originally posted by fywinwin


He wouldn’t make a big deal of you falling, not wanting you to be embarrased, but would quickly help you up and make sure you were okay. The joke however, he’d laugh at with that one giggle of his, like the reaction king he is, finding it so cheesy it was hilarious. 

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At your fall, he’d joke at how clumsy you were but would help you up if you were actually hurt. At the attempt to play it off, he’d jokingly fall over and say “I fell for me too”, causing you to laugh together at the dumb jokes. He’d probably also be one to hold it over you and randomly bring up the time ‘you literally fell for him’ whenever he wanted to tease you.

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My Dear Teacher

Word Count:2,098 

Warning: Smut 

A/N: This is my very first story and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you bangtans-baby for the revision! 

Jin sighed to himself before he walked into the classroom. He placed his book, notes, and dry erase markers on the table and faced the class. Twenty four faces stared back at him and he quickly took notice of the empty space at one of the front table. The spot where “you” normally would sit. Relief washed over him as he began to teach his class. 

“Good morning everyone. I hope you read over the assigned chapters because we are going to have a quick class discussion followed by the exam.” ~ 

Being a teacher was always a dream of Jin’s. So when he landed a teaching position at the university, he easily accepted. He became one of the most talked about teachers at the school because he focused more on the curriculum and thought of fun ways to help his students learn. They enjoyed the class just as much as he did and even recommended his course to others. Jin was on a winning streak. He hasn’t had one bad semester, that is, until you enrolled in his class. 

 You always sat in the front and focused solely on him. You didn’t give a damn about the course or the class work. You made it your mission to get under his skin and make him uncomfortable. Little did you know, it was working perfectly. Every class, you would show up wearing something revealing and tease him relentlessly. Sometimes sucking on your pens and pencils, making sure to show off your tongue ring. Other times wearing loose clothing so you could easily expose yourself to him. 

Jin tried his best to ignore you by skipping over your raised hand and questions, assisting other students, or diving more into his work. But at the end of the day, he was still a man and his body was reacting to your torture. Once class ended, he would walk out the room trying to disguise his hard-on. There were lines that teachers shouldn’t cross when dealing with students and with the direction they were headed, their exchanges were definitely considered inappropriate for school. But as much as Jin didn’t want to admit it, he also didn’t want it to end. He had asked for help from a few colleagues, leaving out a few details. 

“You could drop this student from your class. You know, show them who’s boss.” His good friend, Namjoon, suggested. He was a professor in the science department. 

 "I don’t want to fail or drop anybody. It reflects on the teacher.“ Jin groaned, running his hands through his hair. 

"Yeah but everyone already knows what a great professor you are. I’m pretty sure one student isn’t going to change that.” Hoseok spoke up. 

 "I guess you guys are right. I’ll bring it to their attention as a warning before I drop them.“ The next day, Jin had every intention of warning you of your behavior. That is until you walked into the classroom wearing a mini skirt and a button up shirt that was loose at the top. You had captured every male’s attention in that room but you were only focused on one man. You sat in your usual front seat and when Jin’s attention fell on you, you slowly spread your legs. You wore a thong with the words "eat me” printed on the front just for him. You smirked when Jin gulped and had a hard time tearing his eyes away from your crotch. When you closed your legs was when his trance ended. Jin face turned red and he had trouble answering a question a student had asked him. 

Fuck! How the hell am I supposed to talk to now her and I was just gaping between her legs?” He thought to himself. 

Jin spent the remainder of class avoiding your face, too embarrassed to say anything. So it didn’t come as a surprise when class ended, he let you walk out of the classroom. 

“Enjoy the rest of your day, Professor Kim. I’ll see you next time.” Your sultry voice spoke out. 

With your fingers buried deep inside your pussy, you came extra hard. You couldn’t stop thinking about Kim Seokjin. You had heard from a few other females students in the girl’s bathroom how your teacher was rumored to still be a virgin. There was no way he was still a virgin! A tall, gorgeous, generous man like Jin had to experience wetting his dick in pussy before, he just had to. Curiosity got the better of you and you decided to see for yourself if the rumors were true. By asking around, you found out that he was never married, doesn’t have any children, and wasn’t currently dating. 

Setting your plan in motion, you begin the task of teasing him while he was trying to teach. After successfully noticing a bulge in his pants every time, you would follow him home to see what he would do next. You figure he would call up a “friend” to fuck but he never did. He would shower, grade homework, eat, and then sleep. “Maybe he was a virgin.” The more you thought about it, the more it excited you. You wanted to be the one to take it, to break him in and give him a piece of what he’s been missing out on. After you caught him hungrily staring between your legs, you figured it was time to make your move. The next time you had class, Jin would be yours. 

Jin shook the past thoughts from his mind. You weren’t there so he could finally relax. After the discussion, the exam was already being passed around when the door opened. In you walked, wearing floral dress that stopped mid thigh. You smiled and took your seat. Jin walked up to you, gave you the exam packet, and returned to his desk without saying one word to you. 

“You have until the end of class to finish. Take your time and make sure you check your answers before turning it in." 

The rest of the class worked diligently while you stared at your paper thinking. After a time span of five minutes, you felt Jin’s gaze on you. Acting as if you were scratching your thigh, you spread your legs far apart, pulling the end of your dress up. Jin gasped followed by a light cough. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Your bare pussy right on display for him. You smiled and bit your lip, getting the reaction you wanted out of him. 

Bringing your hand to your lips, you sucked on the tip of your middle finger. Jin watched as you used your index and ring finger to spread your outer lips. Your middle finger slowly rubbed your clit before disappearing inside of you. He was at his breaking point. He was painfully hard and couldn’t take much more. Jin wasn’t sure how he did it but he managed to tear his eyes away from you and focus on something else until class was over. One by one the students turning in their test and left out the door. Jin was hoping you would follow behind your classmates but today, you decided to stay a bit longer. You made sure no one remained except for the two of you. 

 "Y/n, are you finished with your test? I have to leave soon.” He spoke softly, unsure of what to do. This was the moment he had been dreading. You stood and walked in front of his desk. 

“Well, I have a problem, Professor Kim. I didn’t complete my test because I didn’t understand it and I was wondering if you could help me?” Jin took the paper and looked it over. 

“You didn’t answer a single question. May I ask why?” He stared at you curiously. You bit your lip and smiled. 

“Professor Kim, I think you know that answer. I was distracted by a sexy ass man and I was imagining how his fingers would feel deep in my pussy." 

And that was it. That was all Jin needed to hear before he stood and walked around the desk. He knew what he was about to do was wrong and against the rules. But his fight for control crumbled as he crushed his lips against yours. You held on to his arms as he gripped your face, trying to match the intensity of his movement. Opening your mouth, you easily granted his tongue access. Jin broke the kiss allowing both of you to come up for air. His mouth immediately found your neck, sucking and biting a path down your body. His hands yanked down the front of your dress and latched onto your nipples. Jin was already addicted to the taste of your skin. He pushed you back against the desk until you propped up on it. He pulled your dress up and over your head, leaving you naked to his gaze. The look of desire in his eyes sent a shiver down your spine. 

 "Fuck…” you breathed out. You watched as Jin lowered himself on his knees and brought his face closer to your dripping heat. 

“Ever since you wore those panties to class, I wonder how you would taste on my tongue." 

Jin flattened his tongue and licked up your pussy to your clit. You fell back onto the desk, over your fellow classmates papers as your teacher ate you for dear life. Using his thumbs, he stretched your lips apart and covered your pussy with his mouth. Suck lightly, Jin was able to create pressure on your clit as his tongue teased your opening before it slid inside. Your hands pulled and gripped his hair, pulling him closer to your warmth. The feeling was becoming overwhelming that you couldn’t hold your legs up but instead, let them hang over Jin’s shoulders. His mouth moved to your clit as he sucked harder and flicked the sensitive bud with his tongue. You were dripping down his chin and desk, his middle finger entered you followed by his index finger. They curled up inside you, hitting that spot making his actions even more intense. 

 "FUCK, JIN!… I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum!” You quickly yelled out. The speed of his tongue and fingers were sending your over the edge. You couldn’t take anymore as you released in his mouth. Jin removed his fingers to taste as much of your juices as he can. He stood to undress, watching as you came down from your high. The tip of his cock was red and dripping precum. Jin rubbed himself against your clit, watching you twitch from the sensitivity. He was trying to savor every moment with you but pressure to his cock was making him lightheaded. He needed to be inside you as soon as possible. Jin positioned himself at your opening before shoving in. He buried himself balls deep and began pounding away. With Jin filling you up over and over, you felt so full with his big, heavy girth inside of you. He leaned forward to meet your lips. You tasted yourself as his hips picked up speed. Jin squeezed your waist as he impaled you on his stiff cock. Soon he was up on the desk and you were sliding over as he brought you to your peek again. The papers were instantly crushed under two bodies and the room held nothing but his grunts and your whimpers. You chanted his name as you reached your second orgasm, lying limp against the desk in exhaustion. Jin continued to pound away. Once he was released from your death grip, he pulled out. Stroking himself rapidly and cumming on your stomach and breasts. His body collapsed against yours as you both tried to catch your breath. 

“Wow…” you stated breathlessly. “You don’t fuck like a virgin." 

Jin looked at your curiously. "Who said I was?" 

"Well I…” you stuttered as you struggle to think of what to say. “I just assumed.” He smiled and shook his head. His eyes wandered to the papers under you. "That’s right, you still have to complete your test. Since you didn’t finish it on time, I’ll have to take off a few points.“ 

You pouted. "But professor, with what we done doesn’t that count as extra credit? Maybe I can make some more, I don’t want to fail." 

Your hand found his cock and began massaging it. Jin groaned at his body reaction to your touch. Almost immediately, he was hard in your palm. 

"This is going to be a long day.”

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(First sentence prompt) "Lift your leg higher, Yuri."

Yuri practically growls at the request, but lifts his leg higher anyway. 

Otabek is helping him with his stretches, and this is a pose Yuri is used to doing on his own.

He wonders if Otabek even realizes the way he’s pushing against Yuri with his whole body, as he tries to keep pressure at the back of Yuri’s thigh; right above the curve of his ass. 

The close contact is the entire reason Yuri’s quaking leg won’t stay in the air, and he’s about to tap out for his own sanity (and to avoid anything embarrassing happening with his dick) when he sees Otabek smirk as he pushes forward. 

Yuri pretty much collapses when Otabek presses fully against him and whispers, “Come on, Yuri, I want to see how far you can stretch.” 

A New Livelihood (Werewolf! Jimin x Werewolf! Reader) Chapter 3

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Important Author’s Note: Okay so, firstly, I would like to thank everyone for showing love to the second part of this fanfic in addition to the first. You guys keep me going. I apologize for the longer than intended wait for this chapter. Sometimes, life just comes at ya fast, ya know? Two very important things about this chapter. Number one, this is the awaited smut chapter. I’ll just say that I’m not that confident in my smut writing abilities, so, if it sucks, I apologize in advance. Also, it hasn’t been proofread like in the slightest so please don’t hate me for any errors. Second, see that weird symbol up there? I bet you’re wondering what that is. Well, that just so happens to be Jimin’s mark. That’s all I’ll say for now, read to find out the rest of the details. Without further hesitation, onto the story:

Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Genre: Fluff, SMUT (You have been warned as it is in all caps :) )

Rating: R ( I guess that’s the correct rating)

Characters: Aera (Reader) and the lovely BTS

Word Count: 4,765

Summary:  Aera (or really Y/N) belongs to a pack of more traditional werewolf values led by her brother, Jung (or really Y/B/N). The very brother that murdered their parents in cold blood solely for the purpose of ascending to the position of Alpha. With her tyrant brother in control, Aera (or Y/N) is forced into a mating ritual with a rival pack in order to cement their alliance with her own pack. Things take a turn for confusing when this forced ceremony turns out to be far from forced. Aera (Y/N) must learn to adapt to an entirely different lifestyle, one that stands in drastic contrast from her own, while simultaneously navigating the confusing and passionate nature that is the mating bond.

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ASSistant (pt 1/?)

pt one of a new fic lol

pairing: lin x reader

warnings: swearing, suggestive stuff

word count: 1,033

a/n: lemme know what u think xo

You shouldn’t have gone out with the girls last night. If your hangover wasn’t enough, you were running late. You practically ran to the theater, nearly making yourself sick when you checked the time.

“Y/N! There you are - is everything alright?” Lin was waiting at the front door with a cup of coffee.

“I’m so sorry,” you gushed, “I over slept and then my skirt ripped and -”
“Y/N,” he laughed, “It’s okay. We’re all allowed to be late.” After a beat, he added, “Once.”

You let out a breathy laugh, gratefully accepting the coffee in his hands, “Lin, I’m you’re assistant. I’m supposed to be getting you coffee.”

Lin only laughed, “Please. You cover my ass day in and day out, coffee is the least I can do.” You nodded feebly, pulling your iPad out of your bag.

“Besides, you look like you had a rough morning.”

Your face twisted in confusion.

A smirk riddled his face, “You shirt is on inside out.”

You gasped, running into the nearest bathroom to switch your blouse over. When you walked out, Lin was leaning on a wall. Hoping to avoid embarrassment, you immediately started on his week.

“So you have a meeting tonight with Karen, and then tomorrow you’re on with Fallon. Lin?” He wasn’t listening, rather, he was staring at one of the dancers.

Scoffing, you rolled your eyes, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

Lin snapped out of it, turning quickly to see you, “Someone’s got a bite today.”

You shrugged, “Come on, you’ve got two shows today. Go get ready.”

You walked in his dressing room, knocking as you opened the door. You had to drop off some papers and his outfit for the Late Night show tomorrow.

“I could’ve been naked.”

“Thank God you weren’t.”

“Yeah, 20 minutes doesn’t give us enough time anyways,” he smirked.

You let out a laugh, “Is everything that comes out of your mouth suggestive?”
“Depends, what are you suggesting?” He toyed.

You ignored it this time, “I need you to sign this,” you said, throwing a packet on his makeup counter. You hung the blue suit up on his door before turning on your heel to leave.

“Why are you giving me the suit now? The show isn’t until tomorrow.”

You shrugged, “I’m not gonna be there tomorrow. I have a date.”

“A date? With -”

None of your business.”

“Don’t fuck on the first date!” He yelled as you shut the door, rolling your eyes as you did so. You were always rolling your eyes around him. God, he was annoying.

The date went well. Really well, actually. So when you went back to the theater Tuesday, you were wearing the same shirt you did on your date.

“How was the date?” Lin said, rushing to your side the second you walking through the doors.

“Fine, thanks.”

“That’s it! I want to hear about this prick,” he teased.

“I don’t date pricks. I leave those for you.”

“I do not date pricks -”

Emily.” You fought back, your voice drenched in sarcasm. Lin laughed for a second before nodding.

“Did you like him?” He asked, this time less pushy.

You nodded, “He was very nice.”

“That all?”

You bit your lip to hide your smile. Unfortunately for you, Lin instantly caught it.

“Go, Y/L/N! I didn’t think you had it in you,” his words were light hearted, but he felt something inside him stir regardless. Immediately, he brushed this aside.

The show that day went off without a hitch. Every scene seemed to go perfectly, every song seamless; even the orchestra sounded better than usual. As a result, you weren’t surprised when the cast decided to go out for drinks.

Politely declining, you explained to Pippa that you had some work to finish up. Then again, when didn’t you have work to finish.

You heard a knock on your office door around two in the morning. Running your hand over your face, you called out, “Come in!”

To your surprise, Lin was waiting on the other side of the door.

“Hey,” he said softly.

You offered a half smile, looking down at your paper one last time before pulling your stray hair into a pony tail. You had to look twice at him, rubbing the tired out from under your glasses.

Your brows knit together at the sight of his sullen state, “Why aren’t you out with the rest of the cast?” Lin didn’t even look a little buzzed, let alone drunk. He shrugged.

“Just wasn’t feeling it,” you saw right through his lie. You were about to come back with some witty remark about Lin always wanting alcohol, but the way his eyes looked made your heart fall a little.

“I’m just finishing up some work,” you said, looking back to him, “We could go get a cup of coffee.”

His eyes went bright again before offering a small nod.

“Okay, good. Um, yeah. Give me fifteen minutes and we can go, yeah?”

He nodded again, taking a seat on the couch along the wall. You could barely focus on the paperwork with his eyes on you. As his assistant, it was your job to make sure things went smoothly for him. What caused this hiccup?

At the coffee shop, he was quiet. If he wanted to tell you, he would. So you filled the silent void with stories of your mother, from high school, and even your date. Around six in the morning, he eyes left yours and fell to the window behind you.

“What?” You tried, turning around. Then you saw it: the sun was rising, coloring the sky different hues of red.

You smiled a little, turning back to see him. All you wanted to know was what he was thinking at that moment.

He stood up, offering a hand to you, leading you outside to watch the rest of the sunrise. You shivered a little at the cool air. Immediately, Lin took off his jacket and gave it to you. As he watched the sun go up, you saw his smile grow, like he was relaxing.

And that smile? It warmed you in ways his jacket couldn’t.