to assure her that she was not forgotten

Long Way Down // Spencer Reid x Reader

Warnings: A little bit of everything really

The end had finally come and despite the amount of time you spent preparing for it, it still felt like a punch in your stomach. The knot in your throat was painful and your lungs still struggled for air to breathe. Tears clouded your eyes and turned your vision blurry until his face was unrecognizable.

“You’re a coward,” you cried. “A fucking coward!”

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llorstel  asked:

Infant Allura with a hella vice grip.

“-and that’s if the woman could be bothered to actually do any work.”

Coran sighed and fought the urge to roll his eyes. Of course it would be today, when he had offered to take Allura and give Illyere a few hours to herself, that one of the governors would come in with a bug up his nose and several grudges to air. 

The fates did tend to conspire against him after all.

“Your lordship, I assure you, Her Majesty has been quite diligently dealing with the problem-” The imperiously disbelieving sniff Governor Jorpek made in response made his metaphorical hackles raise, but his attention was caught by an insistent squirm in his arms. “-eh? Allura?”

“Hmn!” He’d forgotten she was awake, and the infant princess had wiggled from her sleeping position into a sit-up, and was reaching out for the governor, who blinked at her in surprise. “Hnn!”

Coran was no less caught off guard. Allura never reached for anyone unless she liked them, and why she would like that pompous-

Augh, get her off!”

Tiny fingers had latched into the old man’s beard with a claw-like grip, and the small bundle was nearly ripped out of Coran’s arms when Jorpek reeled back with a howl of pain. Momentarily stunned, Coran quickly recovered and tried to pry her loose, only to find that it was like trying to wrench open an Orichian-made latch-vice, and in the end, Allura came away with a fistful of hair.

“Well!” the governor snapped, gaze blazing as he pulled up a holo-mirror. “It’s clear the little monster takes after her demon of a mother!”

“Oh, for-” 

He didn’t get the chance to finish his rebuke as he man swept out of the room. Good riddance. They’d have to handle his kullashit later, but for now, Coran didn’t want the headache. 

There was the handful of hair Allura was waving around like a battle trophy to be dealt with.

“-and she’s never done anything like this before. Not to your face, certainly.”

Alfor bounced their daughter in his arms, and she giggled up at him, wrinkling her nose happily. “Maybe there was something in particular about him she didn’t like. His voice?”

“Hm… well…” Coran scratched his head in thought, then his eyes lit up. “Ah! Allura,” he said, and the infant turned her head to look at him. “Your mama’s ugly.”

And he ducked as she puffed up her cheeks in a scrunched up scowl and chubby fingers immediately made a grab for his hair.

Alfor cracked up in a bark of laughter. “Hah! It seems Miss Illyere’s picked herself up a new guard! Our nobility will have to be more clever about their insults from now on.”

“Indeed,” Coran said with a grin, then patted Allura on the head. “I didn’t mean it, sweetbug,” he said, leaning in to kiss her on the forehead. “Your mama’s the prettiest flower in the garden.”

“Hnn!” Allura continued to scowl up at him, as if threatening him that he better mean it, and he and Alfor both laughed all the harder.

Famous In Love || Part 1

Summary: Tom and reader have been together for a years, but he breaks it off because his career is starting to develop more, unbeknownst that the reader is pregnant with his child.

 Warnings: (Wrap it up guys), Teen Pregnancy, sad, fluff, angst, leaving, giving birth.

 Word Count: 1,853

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader.

 A/N: First chapter may not be that interesting. Hope you like it. : ) Wanna be tagged just let me know.

~Famous In Love Masterlist~


Falling in Love. 

Many people have a different aspects to it. To you it felt like you were living a dream. A dream where you loved him and he loved you. A dream that made you want to believe you would be together for a long time. Yet somehow that dream brought out the real reality of your living fantasy.

Tom Holland the love of your life or was the love of your life, so it seemed. We were both 17 at the time. You had just graduated from high school getting a full scholar ride to the best college. 

You knew what you set your goal for.

You knew where your priorities stood.

You had everything you hoped for.

The greatest friends.

The most loving and supporting mother any one could ask for. An amazing offer for school, but why did none of that matter that night. The night where you could let go, stop worrying about the future, get drunk wasted for crying out loud! For Tom he was setting out to pursue a career, one that would take him far in life, a successful life, a career in acting. Now you may be thinking how someone like yourself wounded up with him. Well Tom and yours meeting was as abnormal as it could be, it was kind of like your typical, “his friend were friends with your friends so we should meet up, go out for a while, maybe hit a club or something. You both got to know each other throughout a years time. And throughout that time a spark ignited. That’s right you Y/N L/N got roped into the love train with Mr. Tom Holland himself. He clearly reciprocated the same feelings you had for him. 

Your relationship started slow. You’d go out on dates. Introduce each other to each other’s parents. Go out with our friends. Do stupid things…Everything was great, so where did it go wrong?

Tom and his best friend Harrison suggested one night that you should go out for drinks, although do to some of you not being fully at age yet, you had to go with plan B. Throw a stupid party. Your friend Y/F/N and you still lived with your parents so you still had to ask permission to attend said party. There wasn’t many people you knew only a short amount like Tom, Harrison and a few other of your friends.

It seemed great at the time, but as soon as more people started arriving and more booze was being consumed, it was a recipe for disaster. Of course back home where Tom was from drinking didn’t seem that big of a deal, since he was already 18, but here in the U.S he’d have to wait three more years. You four.

You were starting to regret the whole party. You weren’t one to be in the heard of craziness. The music was too loud. Your head was pounding, and there was too many people for your liking.

Tom noticed your discomfort and suggested you two go upstairs away from all the chaos. You held in his as he lead the way.  You passed by people who were way to close for liking, couples practically sucking their faces off, and just passed out drunk on the carpet. 

You both ascended up the stairs and entered the bedroom. “That’s better” You sighed sitting on the bed. Tom closed the door behind him taking a sip of his beer and repeating your actions. 

“Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to throw a party” He frowned.

“Ya think!” You exclaimed.

“I thought today would be fun” You averted your gaze to your lap

“It still can be” He gently lifted your chin to look at him.


He didn’t give you an answer. He gently brushed your lips climbing his way on top of you. The love you had was coming out with a passionate kiss.

“You sure?” His faced showed concerned.

“Yeah” You assured him.

He connected your lips again before begging his task. The night was filled with we shouldn'ts, but were replace by “Don’t stop” or “That feels nice”. It felt like an endless pleasurable evening. You and Tom couldn’t comprehend properly due to the alcohol, yet it was the best thing you had done. It was a night filled with no regrets or any we might’ve made a mistake. No. It was a lovable moment. If anything that night had brought you closer. So you thought.

The passing weeks were enjoyable. You expressed your love you had for each other. Nothing could have ruined what you had, well not until Tom got a certain phone call.

“What do you mean your leaving?” You were slowly shedding tear after tear.

“I just got offered an incredible job Y/N!” He was so thrilled that he had gotten the part for the movie he audition for.

“Aren’t you happy for me?” His expression saddened.

“Of course I am…I-I just, what’s going to happen to us?” You whispered.

“I-I don’t know? But we’ll work it out like we always do.” He shook is head.

“You know how long distance relationships turn out Tom” You looked down at your feet.

He gently lifted your chin with his hand. “That shouldn’t stop of us though” He smiled reassuringly. 

“I’m gonna miss you” You cried into his shoulder.

“Me too”.

Tom leaving was hard on you, but not as much as the lessened phone calls and texting messages. Your departure was sort of an unexpected thing. A break up was never brought up, but you knew where your relationship stood. It was broken up relationship whether you wanted it to be or not. You felt an ache in your heart. Tom had been your first love, and your first heartbreak. He was your love and you were his.

A couple weeks had past and you were trying to get your life together again. You were going to go to college and get your degree in (Subject). But what you got instead was morning sickness, and a missed period. You didn’t want to assume the worst of the situation, but when your period never showed you were growing nervous by the second. You also didn’t want to tell your mom, god knows what’d she do if she found out you were going to have baby. You were still a baby. Bringing a child into this life was not what you needed right now. Not alone. You were so scared, you didn’t know what to do. You needed your mom.

“Mom can I talk to you?” You slowly approached her.

“Sure sweetie what is it?” She was cooking up something for dinner in the kitchen.

“I just want you to know I never intended for this to happen” You nodded at her. She turned around having her full attention now.

“Okay now you worrying me. What’s going on?” She looked at you curiously.

You hesitated. It was now or never, you thought. 

“I’m pregnant…” Your eyes started watering.

Your mom didn’t say anything. She just looked at you in shock. Her silence was something you didn’t need.

“Mom? Please say something!” You cried out. 

She still said nothing.

“I so sorry mom! I disappointed you!” You continued crying. As if it clicked in, your mother walked up to you embracing you in her arms. You cried against her shirt.

“You are not a disappointment!” She exclaimed gazing down at your figure. She wiped your tear stained eyes away.

“But I got pregnant at a young age” You whispered.

“Sweetie getting pregnant isn’t even that horrible of a thing, but it can be difficult at some points in life, besides you aren’t alone in this situation” She assured you. 

You had thought about Tom that moment. He was gone and here you were carrying his unborn child. You cautiously placed a hand on your stomach. You were going to bring a life into this world. 

“You are not a disappointment Y/N, and you aren’t alone in this” She gripped your hand in hers.

Throughout those everlasting nine months you took in your mothers words. You weren’t alone in this. You had her right by your side every step of the way. Tom had left you behind, while he went on to take on his career. You were probably long forgotten by him. Your mother told you that you didn’t need him to care for your child. Your mother had done it by herself, and so could you, but with her helping and guiding you. Something her mother never gave her, your mother gave back to you much more in many ways. You couldn’t thank her enough. 

The day had arrived. You didn’t know what to expect, but boy did your contractions hurt like a b**ch. Your mom had probably broken so many rules to get you to the hospital quickly. You were wheeled off to a room to prepare to give birth. The wait seemed to drag on. Nurses were going in and out of room trying to get a hold the doctor. Your mom was right beside you holding your hand to try and calm you down. If it weren’t for the doctor you would have broken your moms hand by how tightly you held it.

The doctor finally said those six words you had been dying to hear.

“Y/N I need you to push!”

You pushed with all the energy you had.

“You’re doing great, just one more push!”

“I-I can’t do it!” You cried out.

“Five minutes of pain for a lifetime of happiness” Your mother whispered to you caressing your hair back. You looked at her.

“Just one final push!” The doctor said.

You groaned out giving the push your all. Once you pushed you heard the sound of your baby’s cry. You sighed in relief but also because you gave birth to a new life.

“It’s a girl” The nursed informed you.

“Can I-I hold her?” You shed a tear.

“Absolutely” She carefully placed her in your arms.

“Cradle the head” You mother told you smiling down at her precious granddaughter.

“She’s perfect” You softly caressed your finger on the side of her face.

“What are you going to name her?” The nurse held up a clipboard.

You looked down at her little face. You never knew how delicate and small something so precious could be.

She opened her eyes and you couldn’t comprehend words properly, you could only gaze at her with so much love. She had his eyes. His dark brown eyes.

“Alinine Primlet Y/L/N” You smiled at her.

“You must’ve thought about this for a while”

“I did”.

“Welcome to the world Alinine” You pressed a kissed to her forehead. She seemed to react to it because she smiled.

Little did you know you’re whole life would be changed by one special little girl.

Thank you to those who suggested wonderful names. I couldn’t decide so I combined the names I liked:

@soundshoodfeelshood -Aline @unabashedlyswimmingtimemachine -Katherine = Alinine

@xsabrinalynn - Prim @quackson-central - Scarlet = Primlet

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Levy is Extremely Caring and Attentive to Gajeel

This is what Gajeel said in Chapter 486 during his fight with Bloodman:

As it can be seen, immediately after hearing Gajeel’s words, Levy became incredibly frightened and worried. She couldn’t believe that Gajeel had actually said something like that.

After some moments, Levy jumped between Gajeel and Bloodman in order to protect Gajeel with her Solid Script Magic. Then, the first thing she told Gajeel was:

She remembered Gajeel’s exact words from before. Even though Gajeel hadn’t given much thought to the way he had worded that reply of his and, just like he stated here, he had simply tried to come up with a good comeback while saying that, Levy had still become really anxious because of his words.

She jumped in front of Gajeel exactly in order to prevent his words from happening. She wanted to protect him, no matter the cost. 

Right after that, she made her absolute wish even more clear:

And, of course, Levy’s words deeply touched Gajeel’s heart, as he realised once again just how far she’d go in order to protect him:

Also, another instance that showed just how much Levy values Gajeel’s words and how attentive she is to everything he says is represented by Chapter 471:

Here, Gajeel promised Levy that he would bring her back to the guild. Thus, he basically promised her that both of them would eventually be fine. This promise was extremely important to Levy and made her feel much better, as it can be seen in this panel:

Panther Lily was glad to hear Gajeel’s words, as well. :)

Later, in Chapter 502, right after the reunion between Gajeel and Levy had taken place, Levy said this to Gajeel:

This way, Levy reminded Gajeel of his promise from Chapter 471, thus proving that she hadn’t forgotten it, of course. She then showed him how incredibly important it was to her and how much she wanted Gajeel to keep his promise:

Gajeel perfectly understood Levy’s wish and concerns and he promised that he would absolutely keep his word:

Gajeel understood how much he meant for Levy and how much she wanted him to be safe, just as much as he wanted her to be completely protected. Thus, this way, Gajeel assured Levy for good that both of them would eventually be fine and that he would do everything needed so that both of them would make it back to the guild, safe and sound. c:

DOCTOR REN // masterlist

Request: Since professor Ren was such a hit, what if Kylo was a doctor. Doctor ren, the cold yet caring doctor and the reader is the nurse who assists him from time to time. Or based off the snl skit what if kylo is the nurse that assists the doctor reader from time to time. I don’t care which one, writers choice. Enjoy and thank you!

A/N: First of all, the idea actually came from the porn doctor skit so what better header to use than from it? Thanks to my friend @agentpeggicarter​ for the request/idea! As I promised, here’s doctor ren :) If you want more, please let me know!

Warning: None.

Word Count: 3.2K+

It felt quite liberating when the constant realization that you were done with med school had hit you. Although you had already wet your feet a while back while interning in the Resistance hospital, it felt completely different when you were now an actual nurse. It was your first day and you were more excited than anything.

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“Make-A-Wish. Can I help you?”

I want to thank all the wonderful Tumblr-folk I tagged in this for contributing to one of the best reads I’ve had in a while. I would also like to apologize to those whose contributions I might have missed.


I wonder if, in superhero universes, the villains ever get contacted by those “Make a Wish Foundation” and similar people.

I mean, the heroes do. Of course they do. Kids who want to meet Spiderman or Superman or get to be carried by the Flash as he runs through Central City for just thirty seconds.

But surely there are also the kids, who - because they are kids and sometimes kids are just weird - decide that what they really, really want is to meet a supervillain. Because he’s scary or she’s awesome or that freeze ray is just really, really cool, you know?

The heroes would be so weirded out by it. The villains with codes of ethics would totally band together to force the villains without one (should they be the one requested) to do their part for the cause.

But imagine the person who has to track down the villains and organize everything?

Like, the first time it happens, no one actually thinks it’s possible, but one of the newbies volunteers to at least try. They get lucky, the kid wants to meet one of the villains who is well known to have a personal code of ethics (eg one of the rogues), and it takes them weeks to track the villain down to this one bar they’ve been seen at a few times, plus a week of staking out said bar, but they finally find them.

So they approach the villain, very politely introduce themselves and explain the situation, finishing with an assurance that, should the villain agree, no law enforcement or heroes will be informed of the meeting.

The villain, assuming it’s a joke, laughs in their face.

At this point, the poor volunteer, who has giving up weeks of their time and no small amount of effort to track down this villain, all so a sweet little girl can meet the person who somehow inspired them, well, at this point the employee sees red.

They explode, yelling at this villain about the little girl who, for some unknown reason, absolutely loved them, had a hand-made stuffed toy of them and was inspired by their struggle to keeping fighting her own and wasn’t the villain supposed to have ethics? The entire bar is witness to this big bad villain getting scolded by some bookish nobody a foot shorter than them.

When the volunteer is done, the villain calmly knocks back their drink, grips the volunteers shoulder and drags them outside. The bar’s patrons assume that person will never be seen again, the volunteer included. But once they’re outside, the villain apologizes for their assumption, asks for the kid’s details so they can drop by in the near future, not saying when for obvious reasons. They also give the very relieved volunteer a phone number to call if someone asks for them again.

A week later, the little girl’s room is covered in villain merchandise, several expensive and clearly stolen gifts and she is happily clutching a stack of signed Polaroids of her and the villain.

The next time a kid asks to meet a villain, guess who gets that assignment?

Turns out, the first villain was quite touched by the experience of meeting their little fan, and word has gotten around. The second villain happily agrees when they realize it’s the same volunteer who asked the other guy. Unfortunately, one of the heroes sees the villain entering the kid’s hospital and obviously assumes the worst. They rush in, ready to drag the villain out, but the volunteer stands in their way. The hero spends five minutes getting scolded for trying to stop the villain from actually doing a good thing and almost ruining the kid’s wish. The volunteer gets a reputation among villains as someone who can not only be trusted with personal contact numbers but who will do everything they can to keep law enforcement away during their visits.

The volunteer has a phonebook written in cypher of all the villain’s phone numbers, with asterixes next to the ones to call if any other villains give them trouble.

Around the office, they gain the unofficial job title of The Villain Wrangler.

The heroes are genuinely flabbergasted by The Villain Wrangler. At first, some of the heroes try to reason with them.

Heroes: “Can’t you, just, give us their contact details? They’ll never even have to know it was you.”

The Villain Wrangler: “Yeah sure, <rollseyes> because all these evil geniuses could never possibly figure out that it’s me who happens to be the common thread in the sudden mass arrests. Look man, even if it wouldn’t get me killed, it would disappoint the kids. You wouldn’t want to disappoint the kids would you?”

Heroes: “… no~ but…”

The Villain Wrangler: “Exactly.”

Eventually, one of the anti-hero types gets frustrated, and decides to take a stand. They kidnap the Villain Wrangler and demand that they give up the contents of the little black book of Villains, or suffer the consequences. It’s For the Greater Good, the anti-hero insists as they tie the Villain Wrangler to a pillar.

The Villain Wrangler: “You complete idiot, put me back before someone figures out that I’m missing.”

Anti-hero: “…excuse me?”

The Villain Wrangler: “Ugh, do I have to spell this out for you? Do you actually want your secret base to be wiped off the map? With us in it? Sugarsticks, how long has it been? If they get suspicious, they check in, and then if I miss a check-in, they tend to come barging into wherever I am just to prove that they can, even if they figure out that they’re not being threatened by proxy. Suffice to say, Auntie Muriel really regretted throwing my phone into the pool when she strenuously objected to me answering it during family time. If they think for even one moment that I’ve given them up, they won’t hesitate to obliterate both of us from their potential misery. You do know some of the people in my book have like missiles and djinni and elemental forces at their disposal, right?”

Anti-hero: “Wait, what? I thought they trusted you?!”

The Villain Wrangler: “Trust is such a strong word!”

Villain: “Indeed.”

Anti-hero: “Wait, wha-” <slumps over, dart sticking out of neck>

The Villain Wrangler: “Thanks. I thought they were going to hurt me.”

Villain: “You did well. You kept them distracted, and gave us time to follow your signal.” <cuts Villain Wrangler free>

The Villain Wrangler: <rubbing circulation back into limbs> “Yeah well, you know me; I do whatever I have to. So I’ll see you Wednesday at four at St Martha’s? I’ve got an 8yo burns unit patient recovering from her latest batch of skin grafts who could really use a pep talk.”

Villain: “… of course. Yes… I… yes.”

The Villain Wrangler: “I just think you could really reach her, you know?”

Villain: <unconsciously runs fingers over mask> “I… yes, but, what should I say?”

The Villain Wrangler: “Whatever advice you think you could have used the most just after.”

Villain: <hoists Anti-hero over shoulder almost absently> “….yes.”

The Villain Wrangler wasn’t lying to the Anti-hero. They know that the more ruthless villains would not hesitate if they thought for one second that the Anti-hero would betray them.

But this is not the first time the Villain Wrangler has gone to extreme lengths to protect their identities.

Trust is a strong word. The Villain Wrangler earned it, and is terrified by what it could mean.

My first official Deadpool headcanon is this. This this this.

Okay but this whole concept actually makes a lot of sense, because villains are a lot more likely to be disfigured/disabled/use adaptive devices (bc ableist tropes), so of course, say, a child amputee is going to be more interested in the villain with a robot arm who almost destroyed New York than the heroes that took him down.

Also, imagine one of the kids gets better, and a few years down the line becomes a villain themselves, except their crimes are things like smuggling chemo drugs across the border for families that can’t afford treatment, or stealing from corrupt businessmen to make donations to underfunded hospitals (idk this turned into a Leverage AU or something) and every time the heroes encounter her, they’re like “oh no. she’s getting away. Curses. Welp, nothing we can do.” Though it isn’t that she can’t take them on; bc of course once the villain from way back when found out what she was up to, he started helping/training her.

“I thought they just hired someone to dress up and pretend to be you,” she says, amazed, when he reveals himself. “I didn’t think they actually got the real you!”

Every year the Villain Wrangler gets a very expensive gift basket from the pair.

And for the kids who don’t get better the villains are there too, they show up to every funeral, they bear too small coffins on their shoulders and the heroes stand aside

They are fierce with grieving families assuring them that their child will not be forgotten, and they don’t balk at negative emotions, they don’t tell people to be strong or “celebrate their child’s life,” because these parents have every right to their grief and anger

And the lost children are never forgotten. Flowers appear on graves during birthdays and anniversaries, heroes find pictures of those kids and they carefully take them down and ensure they’re delivered to the villain’s cell, and a few villains can be seen with friendship bracelets wrapped around their wrists the cops have learned not to try and take them off

They are fierce with grieving families assuring them that their child will not be forgotten, and they don’t balk at negative emotions, they don’t tell people to be strong or “celebrate their child’s life,” because these parents have every right to their grief and anger

And then one day, one of the evil geniuses who happens to specialize in inducing bizarre genetic mutations meets a young fan who was born with a rare genetic disorder that is slowly killing them, and realizes that they can help.

Another, who created their own exosuit, talks to a young fan and suddenly understands how much the technology that they have built for themselves could revolutionize quality of life for people with muscular dystrophy, or paraplegia, or other disorders that confine people to wheelchairs with little mobility.

A third thinks of a way that their nanobots could be used to detect and remove cancer cells when their fan, who had been in remission, writes to say that the doctors have found a new metastasizing tumour.

Then shortly after, an evil genius specializing in cloning is contacted by an old colleague asking if a suitable heart couldn’t be grown for their young fan with a congenital heart condition who needs a donor.

Suddenly, a pattern of villains offering (and marketing) their insights and resources to improve medical science starts to arise. Many who had previously been operating on society’s fringes are shocked to receive public accolades, research grants and job offers from major companies because of their work.

A grassroots movement arises advocating for imprisoned villains with appropriate qualifications and/or experience to have access to resources to conduct research for the public good. The Second Chance Rehabilitation Project launches.

(It is an open secret that only people who have been vetted by the Villain Wrangler are allowed to join, because the Villain Wrangler has by now a meticulously set up method and intelligence network to run background checks and character references through ensure that none of the children wishing to meet their role models get hurt.)

This is all soooo good, but I wonder what effect this has on the villains. Like, can they really wreak indiscriminate havoc when they know the kids that worship them might be in the area? Like, what if they attack a shopping mall and it just so happens that Annie’s mom ran in for a pair of shoes or something? What then?

So what you’re saying is that there is now an organization of henchmen who do round the clock, exhaustive research in order to make sure the villain’s plan isn’t going to ruin the life of some kid. Just imagine some aunt getting a call from an unlisted number.

“I swear I am not a bill collector ma’am. It’s just. Well. Ok and I swear I am not a stalker even if this is actually going to be a very creepy phone call, but you said you were going to the mall at four? Is it possible you could reschedule or postpone that trip for about an hour? That mall is way too close to…well. It just wouldn’t be safe. I could wire you some money, and you could go to the much nicer mall one town over? Would that work for you? No? You are calling the police? Yes. Yes that is the sensible thing to do. Definitely do that. You have a nice day, ma’am. Tell Marcus Doctor Evil says hello and to have a nice day.”

And then the poor minion has to call the villain and explain why robbing X bank isn’t a good idea that day.

“Yes. Hello. Sir? Oh good I caught you before you left the base. Look, Marcus Smithson’s aunt is going to be near the blast radius for that job you have scheduled so-yes. Yes I am aware that rescheduling is going to be a lot of work since most everything is already set up, but….but, sir think about poor Marcus! She’s his favorite aunt, and the woman refused to ‘reorder her life around some crazy mastermind’. ……no…, please do not kidnap the aunt, sir. It’s terribly rude. Yes I realize you weren’t going to keep her or doing anything other than drop her off at an alternative location, but, well, citizens frown upon that sort of thing and….yes….Yes, of course. You have a good day, too, sir.”

And they turn to their coworker and are just like “So if I don’t come in to work tomorrow it’s because Doctor Evil threw me in his dungeon and/or sent his hellhounds to maul me. Please remember to send help.

But but but… what happens when one falls through the cracks? When Lord Dominion or whatever does a typical baddie thing but then Penny’s new best friend gets caught up in the damage and Lord D didn’t even KNOW Penny had a new bestie so how was he to know? But now the kid is devastated and it’s all his fault? I mean, how does that even shake out?

Penny SWEARS REVENGE! Lord D is distraught but also somewhat proud. He sends Penny a very sincere apology and also a bunch of tips on how to execute a proper vengeance plot, in case she decides not to accept the apology. He sends henchmen to spy on her, and he keeps the surveillance photos of her sitting in her room, plans and schematics strewn all over her desk. He puts them in his wallet and brags to all his villain friends that one of his kids is taking up scheming, look at her go, she’s already started on pattern analysis of his latest heists. He’s so proud. Later this month he’ll show up on her way home from school so she can have her first Confrontation.

There will inevitably be mistakes and tragedies.

Penny is an intelligent kid. She catches on to the spying henchmen pretty quick and bribes some of them to her side with snacks. That first confrontation does not go like Lord Dominion expected because Penny has minions (minions that are using his OWN WEAPONS against him, even)

Lord Dominion is the proudest villain ever, even if he did almost lose an ear thanks to the impeccable aim of a nine year old with a grudge. He does let the laser blast graze him just so he can have a scar to show people because that girl is a villain after his own heart.

He doesn’t want to ask his villain rivals to help her out because that would imply he doesn’t think she’s capable of eventually growing strong enough to kick his ass. Turns out Penny already thought of that and has mailed letters asking for advice to Lady Sinister, Lord Dominion’s long time, mostly friendly rival. (She mailed a letter to Lord D’s arch nemesis, but man. Heroes are always trying to make you do The Right Thing. Penny doesn’t have time for the high road. Plus, the low road has lasers.)

Lady Sinister thinks Penny is the best thing ever and while she has mostly stopped kicking Lord D’s ass, she still breaks into his hideout to sit in his favorite chair with a glass of wine and brags about her new favorite up and coming villainess. (She doesn’t warn Lord D about the attack rabbits she agreed to train for Penny as a favor, and for obvious reasons, she is going to be a bystander at the next confrontation, filming everything on her phone to post the dark web so all their villain friends can see this)Being able to say that one is involved with the Project begins to look really good in parole hearings. The Villains involved perform their own quality checks on one another, because if one of their kids got hurt, then all of their kids could potentially lose out, and the ones that are serious about the Project are not having that. (Also, the ability to collaborate with other geniuses is the most interesting thing to happen to most of them since losing to various heroes, and most consider the intellectual stimulation to be worth putting up with the ridiculous egos and inevitable personality clashes that arise.)

Reformed Villains come out of the woodwork to advocate about better mental healthcare, and support systems. Savvy universities and private labs quietly take their advice, setting up better mental health supports and laboratory safety standards to prevent the Brain Drain caused by losing their less stable scientists to the Costumes.

The Villain Wrangler watches all of this develop with a smile.

Their plan succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

I’m so down for these posts that assume the best of people instead of the worst

Okay, this part caught my attention: “…the Villain Wrangler has by now a meticulously set up method and intelligence network…to ensure that none of the children…gets hurt.” Which led me to the heartbreaking realization that one DID. Get hurt, that is, by the villain they idolized.

And all I can think is that the Villain Wrangler didn’t call in the heroes. They didn’t call in another heart-of-gold villain. No. The VW rolled up their sleeves and went after this person themselves. This project is their baby, after all. If they get the accolades for the successes, they must also shoulder the burden of the failures.

The VW hunts down the villain that crossed the line. Their punishment is swift and horrifying; no hero would have the stomach to mete out justice in such a way, and no villain would have the desire to get quite that much blood on their own hands.

There’s. So. Much. Blood.

The Villain Wrangler never forgets. They increase security, increase the hours and background checks, they increase the graveside visits to the child they failed.

Just the one. But one is one too many.

{ ��=����

anonymous asked:

Can you do a drabble for Jily with number 23 or 29 I can't pick? Thank you!

“at it like bunnies”

#23: “The skirt is supposed to be short.”

modern muggle au <3

“The skirt is supposed to be this short.” Lily says, indignant.

Marlene just sniggers. “I didn’t say anything.”

“Your eyebrows did.” Lily inspects herself in the mirror one more time and then turns to face her friend and housemate.

“You look great, can we go now?” Marlene asks, finishing off the bottle of wine in her hand in one take.

“Is she ready?” Mary pops her head around the door, looking hopeful. Lily frowns at both of them. “Aw, don’t be like that Lils, you’ve been an hour.”

“We’re prinking!”

“No, you’re primping.” Marlene just manages to dodge the cushion Lily throws at her.

“Fine then, let’s go.” Lily grabs her bag and pulls Marlene up from the bed.

“She’s ready!” Mary yells as they head downstairs, and the responding cheer from the kitchen makes Lily frown again.

Marlene slings a comforting arm around her shoulder. “We love you really.”

If this was a normal night, Lily would have been ready a long time ago. As it stands though, it’s a fancy dress night and she has a plan. So she accepts the teasing from her friends as they do one last shot and then leave, heading towards the pub, because she knows it will all be worth it.

Except it’s not, not immediately anyway. The first pub, their usual, is packed full of other uni students in fancy dress, all in varying degrees of effort. A pack of boys have stretched their student budget to buy banana outfits whilst, next to them, two girls are wearing black dresses with wooden placards around their next, informing Lily they’ve been arrested for public disturbance. Tegan scowls when she sees them, because she too has opted for the jailbird look but, unlike them, has gone full out.

Mary, barely a ladybug with a red dress and some wings, orders the first round. It helps Lily ignore the fact that the reason she’s wearing her ridiculous get up isn’t in the pub. It does not help her ignore the two leering freshers, Thing 1 and Thing 2, who are clearly making bets about which one of them can get her number. Leering was to be expected though and, like the teasing, Lily takes it because it will be worth it, no one’s got the guts up yet to actually approach her and because in an outfit like hers, she can’t say she wouldn’t stare either.

It had been Marlene’s idea, and Lily had agreed both because she was desperate and because she’d known she’d look good. And she does. The skirt, as short as humanely possible without showing her arse, and the heels, too high for her own good, make her legs look endless. It’s a look that could kill.

It’s also a look, apparently, which boosts her alcohol tolerance and self assurance. So, by the time they reach a club, despite the several rounds of shots and jaeger bombs, she manages to get passed the bouncers without stumbling once. They dance for what feels like hours, Lily spinning with Mary and Tegan and almost breaking her ankle when she drops to the floor during Low with Gemma. Marlene vanishes and returns with a boy, yelling to the girls that he’s got a party at his house.

They go and Lily has almost forgotten why she is wearing what she’s wearing. Then she steps into the boy’s living room and she remembers.

He’s dancing on the other side of the room, with Sirius, of course, and he looks beautiful. Maybe it’s the disco lighting. Maybe it’s the leather jacket he’s wearing. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s in love with him. Whatever it is, he’s never looked fitter and Lily almost runs out of the room before he can get a chance to see her.

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Aldo The Teddy Bear

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 2185

You rolled over violently and looked at Jensen, his snoring keeping you awake as he laid there. You furrowed your eyebrows, grabbing for your pillow with thoughts about smacking him with it filling you up with enough peace to put you back to sleep. But as you gripped the corner of your pillow, another thought came to mind. Releasing the pillow, you spun around and grabbed your phone off the nightstand and pulling the charger out of it. Bringing up the camera, you began recording, putting you on the screen with a snoring Jensen just behind you.

You stared at Jensen on the phone for a solid ten seconds before releasing a sigh. “I love you, Jensen. Even if your loud snoring keeps me up at night, I’ll still love you. I’d rather be dead tired than to not sleep next to you. Love you, baby.” You turned around and kissed his cheek with a loud mwah before turning back to your phone and stopped the recording. You snuggled back into bed and forced Jensen’s arm around you, smiling widely as you closed your eyes and tried to fall asleep despite the snoring in your ear.

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#342 [Seth Rollins]

Requested, #342, “Excuse me, I have to go make a scene.” - he’s with the whole Triple H feud, you’re also a diva so you just walk out to the ring defending Seth & you break kayfabe (Prompt from here.)

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“See you at the arena?”

“Yep.” You accepted your boyfriend’s kiss, and then watched him walk out of your shared hotel room, luggage trailing behind him.

Returning to your own packing, you glanced out the window trying to determine if you needed any type of jacket over your dress or not. Deciding to take the risk, you packed away all your items, and after confirming nothing was getting forgotten, left the room. You headed down to the lobby, where Charlotte was sitting in a chair, scrolling on her phone, her own luggage around her.

“Hey chica,” you greeted her, gaining her attention.

“Hello my love! Ready?”

“Let’s go,” you confirmed, as she stood up and got her things organized to leave.

“Seth already leave?”

“He did. Few minutes ago.”

“Ya know, I could always just third wheel it? Makes it easier.”

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No Reason To Worry (Newt Scamander X Fem!Reader)

Newt Scamander X Fem!Reader Description: Imagine the reader being upset with Newt after losing his attention to Tina only for the reader’s true feelings to be heard by the last person she would want her feelings to be heard by. 

Warnings: angst

Want a drabble or imagine? Send it my request box or by Private message!

Your name: submit What is this?

As soon as she sat at the dinner table, she knew what dinner would be like tonight. The typical flying dish/pastry flew across her eyesight, momentarily blocking her view of the two lovebirds across from her seat at the table. Not long ago, Tina and Newt sat across from each other, an awkward and deafening silence looming between them. Newt and Y/N had been the ones to strike up a conversation at the dinner table that day, but it seemed as if roles were reversed now. A threatening and thick silence stood between Y/N and Newt while the air rang with Newt and Tina’s conversations. Jacob and Queenie were in their own world of music and baking, the usual, which made Y/N the loner at the table.

 So far, she had made several shapes with her food before eating it slowly. Her eyes kept flicking up to the two lovebirds, wanting to join in on the conversation despite the risks of being ignored. It even happened earlier that week.

 Y/N and Newt had been having a conversation in the living room one morning about the creatures and how best to care for an erumpent’s infected foot. Y/N left for one second only to come back to Tina sitting where she had previously been sitting, animatedly talking to Newt as he wore an expression that only expressed interest. Half of her instantly made the connection that when they had been talking, he had been writing in his little book, looking at her only a couple of times. Now, as the two talked, the little book now set aside, his eyes never left her face. However, as Y/N finally stood in front of them, their conversation ceased, leaving a tension in the air.

 “Is everything okay?” She had caught sight of the uncomfortable look

 That was the first sign. There would be minor changes in the way he spoke to Tina and the way he spoke to Y/N. And every time Y/N witnessed one of those changes, another part of her body slowly curled in on itself, trying to reassure herself that none of this was happening. That it was just a “minor setback”; that Newt and her would go back to how they had always been. However, nothing of the sort happened.

 “Y/N.” She was glad that someone had called her name, for it brought her out of her reverie of reliving the moments that led up to her and Newt’s splitting apart. She hoped that the unintended tears in her eyes weren’t noticeable as she looked up at the person who called her, coincidentally it being the same person who was the cause of said tears.

 “We were just talking about going to the bakery on 5th street.” Newt offered her a smile while still asking a question with his eyes. No doubt he saw right through her mask, noticing how strange she had been acting.

“Wow, he finally noticed. Let’s see if he can put two together.”

Still, the fact that he was now acknowledging her, even asking her to go to their favorite bakery together, made a little sliver of hope bloom in her chest. Y/N could feel a smile slowly raising the corners of her lips as she sat straighter, trying to shove any thoughts of being, dare she say it, replaced, to the back of her mind.

“We were going to go to the bakery. Do you mind feeding the creatures? I’m sure you know how to take care of them.” Despite the smile still plastered onto her face, her hands clenched at the table cloth, the only thing reminding her that this was real. She had to take a deep breath before responding, in fear of her voice cracking from the immense tightness in her chest.

One minute, she was in the chair watching as Newt and Tina made plans to go to Newt and Y/N’s favorite bakery; the next minute, her dish was in the sink and she had already made her way out of the kitchen.

A voice had reached out to her, calling her name but she was already in Newt’s room, opening his case.

She couldn’t get the case closed fast enough, trekking down the stairs, all the while holding back tears of anger and anguish. She wondered if someone had followed her, although her true desire at this moment was to be left alone.

Almost as if running on autopilot, she picked up the various buckets of food to give to the creatures. It was routine and she had done this multiple times, so it offered her no complications at all. And she would absolutely not let Newt’s actions and her own actions affect the creatures they both loved so much.

In fact, her best buddy, a demiguise named Hugh, instantly recognized her tear stained face. Food forgotten, he stayed situated in his spot, looking at Y/N with a tilted head.

His head followed Y/N’s movements as she bent down, setting his food beneath his favorite perch. His eyes stayed situated on her as she stood upright, seemingly asking a question with his eyes.

“C’mon, Hugh. You haven’t eaten all day.” Y/N stuck her arm out, a familiar weight befalling her as he climbed onto her arm. Even as she lowered her arm for Hugh to climb off of, he did not move. Instead, he raised his arm, using a finger to wipe at a tear streak on her face.

“I’m okay, Hugh. I promise.” He seemed to be content with the little smile Y/N offered as she reassured him, finally climbing down. His eyes followed her movements as she walked away, calling out “Goodnight, Hugh.”

All the creatures had been fed, now the last task of the night consisted of her checking on them and making sure they were situated for the night. As she approached the last creatures on her list, she could hear tiny squeals coming from the bowtruckles, resulting in a genuine smile lighting her face up. She could always count on the animals to cheer her up, for the fact that these animals were once alone and scared but were now in her and Newt’s care made her smile, being ever confident in taking care of them.

“Aren’t you all to be sleep at this time?” An eyebrow raised as she asked the cute, little creatures, their answering squeals echoing.

One bowtruckle in particular seemed to be separated from the rest and she knew instantly it was Pickett, Newt’s buddy he usually carried around. His arms reached out to Y/N as she walked past, eagerly climbing onto her finger as she held it out.

“Newt left you, too? Don’t worry. I know how you feel.” She wanted anything but for these type of thoughts to make their way back into her mind. Her face had just dried from her crying session earlier, and she had no plans for it to happen again.

“He still loves you, Pickett. You know that. He’s just been a little…busy, lately. I assure you, he has not forgotten about you.” But as Y/N reassured Pickett that Newt truly hadn’t forgotten about him, she wondered if she was reassuring someone else too.


This is my first Newt Scamander imagine and I hope you liked this! There will be a Part 2! Hopefully, soon!

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Jason makes Billy promise not to tell Zach that Trini and Kim are already dating because Zach is hilariously unsubtle in his attempts to set Trini and Kim up on a date. Zach even calls himself "The Ultimate Wingman"

A/N: Back at it again with some Trimberly :)

“I don’t understand why we can’t tell him about them.” Billy frowns as he trails behind Jason. “Doesn’t Trini and Kimberly want all of us to know?”

“Yeah, but it’ll be funny not to tell him just yet.” Jason explains as he pauses at his locker. “Trini and Kim said that they’ll tell him this weekend at our movie night.”

Billy furrows his brow, “And I can’t say anything to him?”

“Not a word.” Jason smirks. “Promise?”

“Promise.” Billy nods.


“Kim, a little harder with your uppercut.”

Kimberly rolls her eyes at Jason’s order but follows it without question. The five teens let out soft grunts and (in Zack’s case) loud, dramatic war cries as they practice with Alpha 5 and the fake putties. Eventually, the exhaustion hits them and Jason can see that he has gotten the best he’ll get for now. All at once, the teens clamber for their water bottles and Zack watches as Trini offers hers to Kimberly.

“Hey, you never share with me.” Zack huffs.

Trini flashes him a look, “That’s because you’re you and Kim is Kim.”

“Interesting.” Zack nods as he guzzles his water before he wipes the back his hand over his mouth. “So, how do I get on the level of being Kim?”

“You don’t.” Trini snorts.

Zack pouts as he looks between them before he glances at his friends, “I want what you guys have. Jason, share your water bottle with me!”

“Like hell, dude.” Jason chuckles as he finishes the last of his water before he tosses the red bottle aside. “Alright. Thirty minutes of putty fighting and then we’ll call it a day.”

Trini nods as she accepts her water bottle back from Kimberly, with a wink the older girl steps away and morphs. The other four follow her lead, and Zack makes it a point to fight alongside Trini as he watches the way she flashes Kimberly small glances every few minutes.

“So, you like Kim?”

Trini looks his way and puts her fist through a putty’s gut, “I don’t think now is the best time to talk about this, Z. I’m kinda in the middle of something.”

“Oh come on.” Zack whines as he rolls away from a fist. “Now is the best time to talk about it! Everyone is distracted. So, tell me your plan.”

“Plan?” Trini scoffs.

“Too woo Kim!” Zack chirps as he slams his foot into the knee of a putty before adding a hard knee. “I mean, there has to be some kind of plan, right?”

Trini doesn’t look away from him as she slams her fist into a putty, “No. No there does not.”


“I said no.” Trini grumbles.

Zach sighs as Trini dives into a battle between a putty and Kimberly. His eyes narrow behind the safety of his mask as he sees how well Trini and Kimberly bounce off each other and move with ease. He is only shaken from his staring when he takes a swift punch to the gut.


“Is it wrong that we’re hiding this from him? I mean, we told Billy and Jason.” Kimberly frowns as she looks across the table. “We should just tell him.”

“But it’s so fun to torture him.” Trini huffs as she stabs a fork into their slice of their strawberry cake. “You should’ve saw his face when I told him that I didn’t want him to help me woo you.”

“If only he knew that I was the one who did the wooing.” Kimberly teases as she waves her fork playfully towards Trini. “You were too busy trying to climb up cave walls to avoid me.”

“You kissed me when I least expected it. You played dirty.” Trini whines as she snaps her fork against Kimberly’s. “I panicked, alright?”

“I thought it was cute.” Kimberly assures her as she moves to grab the last bite on the plate, but a fork quickly intercepts her. “I don’t think this is cute though.”

“What are you talking about?” Trini purrs as she slides the bite towards herself. “This is our thing. It’s adorable.”

Kimberly rolls her eyes and lets her girlfriend take the last bite.


“Don’t you think Trini and Kim would make an awesome couple?” Zack asks as he sets his putter over his shoulder. “I think they’d really balance each other out.”

Jason smirks as he takes a shot and watches the golf ball soar through the open air, “I agree, but the last thing I want to do is meddle in their business.”

“Dude, I’ve been meddling for weeks. I’ve been giving Trini all kinds of advice.” Zack shrugs as he readies his own shot. “I think she might be ready to grow a pair and ask Kimberly out.”

“And what makes you say that?”

Zack balances himself as he looks out at the the field where Billy is digging through different rocks, “She stopped blushing anytime I mention Kim, and they’ve definitely been hanging out more.”

“And what makes you so sure Trini even has a thing for Kim?” Jason demands as he leans his weight on his putter.

“Trini told me ages ago.” Zack scoffs as he finally takes his shot before he looks back at Jason with a bright smile. “I’m totally T’s ultimate wingman.”

“Wingman?” Jason repeats.

“Yeah. I give her advice and make sure she stays confident. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.” Zack sighs. “All I need to do is figure out if Kim likes Trini.”

“And how do you plan on doing that?”

“Easy. A little jealousy always brings the truth out of people.” Zack smirks as he holds up his hand in time to catch the ball Billy throws his way.

Jason frowns nervously, “I don’t think that’s such a good idea…”

“Oh please,” Zack snorts. “What’s the worse that could happen?”

“Famous last words, dude.”


Zack keeps a close eye on his friends as they sit together at lunch; he loves this, being with them. They’re all so happy, and he glances to Trini to notice her lopsided smile. He loves how happy she’s become, he has watched slowly as she has come so far from the girl who forced herself to be invisible. Now, he has learned that she barely ever shuts up; and that she was entirely infatuated by Kimberly.

“Kim, doesn’t Trini look hot?” Zack blurts out, and four gazes snap to him. “I really like that shirt, T.”

Trini watches him with a frown, “Thanks.”

“Has anyone ever told you you’re beautiful? Because you are.” Zack grins, and he throws a quick look to Kimberly who watches on in confusion. “I bet you’d love my cousin, you should meet her. She’s just like me.”

“I’d rather punch myself in the throat, Z. Sorry.” Trini snorts as she arches an eyebrow at him. “Are you feeling okay today?”

“I’m great.” Zack assures her.

“You sure?” Kimberly demands

Zack perks up at the harsh tone Kimberly uses, “Oh yeah, totally. I was just thinking that my cousin and Trini would make a really cute couple.”


“I doubt Trini has time to date.” Kimberly cuts in with a scowl. “We all have our plates full with training, school, and keeping the world from ending.”

“You don’t think you can squeeze a little date in?” Zack frowns as he pouts his lower lip. “I’ve told Lena about you, and she said she was interested.”

The creak of wood catches his attention and Zack glances to Kimberly in time to watch as Billy grabs her hand to keep her from doing anymore damage to the table. A thrill of satisfaction rolls through him as he flashes Trini a quick wink, but all he gets in return is a wide eyed expression.

“Trini, we have that Biology homework to finish.” Kimberly grumbles as she stands to grab her bag. “Come on, we can go finish it in the library.”

Trini shrugs and stands, “Let’s go.”

Zack beams as the girls slip from the table and out of the cafeteria. He has to keep from squealing like a girl as he watches Billy struggle to put the table together while Jason chews his hamburger and shakes his head in amusement.

“Wanna know something hilarious?” Zack hums, and a laugh bubbles in his throat as Jason and Billy look to him. “I don’t even have a cousin named Lena.”

Billy shakes his head and gives up on the table, “That’s messed up, man.”

“Yeah.” Zack nods. “But it worked!”


“I was thinking that we should tell Z.”

Kimberly looks up from her textbook to watch as Trini twists a strand of hair around her finger, “Yeah?”

“He’s been trying so hard to set us up, and he has a right to know. I feel bad about fucking with him like this.” Trini admits as she meets Kimberly’s gaze. “Wanna tell him tomorrow?”

“If that’s what you want.” Kimberly shrugs as she playfully tosses a pencil towards Trini who easily catches it. “I wanted to tell him when we told Jace and Billy.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Trini mumbles as she rolls her eyes, the younger girl pushes her books off her lap and moves to kneel. “So, are you done studying?”

Kimberly arches an eyebrow as Trini begins to crawl towards her, “Well, I wasn’t but I think I can be persuaded.”

“Oh?” Trini hums as she pulls Kimberly’s books away and swings a leg to straddle her waist. “And how can I do that?”

“Well, this is definitely a good start.” Kimberly assures her as she slowly sits up and allows Trini to get comfortable in her lap. “Got anything else?”

Trini laughs softly and ducks her head to brush her lips over the shell of Kimberly’s ear, “I have a few other tricks up my sleeve…”

Kimberly simply turns her head and captures Trini’s lips with her own; Zack is all but forgotten as Trini shows Kimberly just how many tricks she has.


Zack gives a cry of excitement as he plunges into the water and swims his way through the wall of the spaceship. He knows he’s late for training, but he figures Jason can excuse him for taking a small nap; things had been a little intense in his house lately, and his exhaustion had definitely taken over.

With a sweep of his hand, Zack clears off the small residue of water as he walks towards their training room. Just as he steps through the threshold, his feet skid to a stop as he watches Trini tilt her head up to press a soft kiss to Kimberly’s lips.


Trini stumbles back and looks wide eyes towards Zack while Kimberly simply arches an eyebrow. For a moment, he simply stands there before he jumps up in excitement and pumps a fist. With a shake of her head, Kimberly curls her arms around Trini’s waist and ducks her head to rest on her small shoulder.

“So, my advice worked?” Zack beams.

“What? No.” Trini snorts as she glances up at a grinning Kimberly. “Kim and I have been dating for about three and a half weeks, Zack.”

“Wait…” Zack scowls as he looks between his friends and sees their looks of utter amusement. “Are you telling me that you’ve been dating this entire time?”

“Yep.” Trini chirps.

“So, I used my wingman skills for nothing? All that free advice was wasted?” Zack whines as he crosses his arms over his chest. “That’s just cruel, crazy girl. I thought I was helping you.”

“You did.” Trini shrugs, and Zack perks up in excitement.

Zack looks to Jason and Billy with a smug smirk, “Told you guys I was an awesome wingman. See what happens when you doubt me?”

“Sure, man. Whatever you say.” Jason laughs as he nods his head. “Alright, team. Let’s get back to training.”

They jump straight into the order and all five teens are on their A game as they dodge rock arms and legs. Zack takes a hit to the stomach that winds him, but he doesn’t complain; he’s too busy smiling and watching the way Trini and Kimberly look at each other. He gives himself a mental pat on the back, his wingman skills really came through.

Langst Mini Fic #5: Mother knows Best (She Lies)

He couldn’t remember anything before he was rescued. In all honesty, Lance’s only memory when he woke up was his own name and the next was that he was apparently rescued from the hands of the enemy. But the relief and happiness from his Mother’s face was enough for him to ask questions later.

Haggar, that was the name of his Mother. She was a well respected woman in the empire. She was the right hand of the emperor and the leader of the druids marking her as the most powerful witch the empire could offer.

His Mother was a strong woman, this he could testify with his own eyes. He may not have the memories they shared together when he was growing up but Lance knows that his Mother loves him with all her heart. The gentle caresses she gave whenever he has a nightmare, the soothing voice she use to lull him back to sleep, the sweet smiles she offer to him when he was uncertain or doubting his own memories (the facts said to him), and the patience she gave to him when he was trying to study all the forgotten information about the empire and their long time enemy ever since his captivity.

His Mother knows best.

He expressed his desire to help her once Lance was healed enough to wander alone inside the ship where they were. At first she was scared that their enemy might capture him again, force him to pilot a weapon designed to fight the empire, be forced again to fight his own people and his own Mother. Lance assured her that he would not allow them, he would never allow them to steal again his identity and loyalty.

Lance would give his everything to fight Voltron and protect the empire, to protect his Mother.

From then on, Mother Haggar allowed him to form strategies with her and the rest of the high ranking officials. Every time his Mother praised him for doing such an excellent traps, warmth would blossom inside him (and coldness at the same time but he learned to ignore it for Mother told him it was the side effect the enemies had given to him when he was under their spell).

That’s right, Mother knows best.

Lance didn’t know that she is LIAR.

Lance was a prisoner with fabricated memories.

She Lies…

Langst Mini Fics:

#1 / #2 / #3 (Part 1) / #3 (Part 2) / #4 / #5 / #6 / #7 / #8

(Also, can someone rec me some good fics about Kozmotis Pitchiner? I just remember Rise of the Guardians like yesterday and wow…I’m so late for this angst avalanche. I didn’t know there was a book series! I’m. So. Late.)

somebody else

summary: yoongi encounters the only woman he had ever loved again
pairing: yoongi / ♀ reader
word count: 1.2 k
genre: angst
warnings: none
playlist: somebody else / the 1975

this is the second part to “congratulations


Originally posted by jjks


There’s little time for Yoongi to think when he sees her again. It was past midnight and he was running on four hours of sleep for the past two days. After two hours of sitting and trying to adjust himself in his bed, he got up and decide to get sleeping pills from the pharmacy around the corner that was open 24 hours. Usually sleep came easy to Yoongi, given that he was always tired from the countless hours of work and practice he had to put into his career, but the headlines that broke the news for the past two days had him on edge. The article hadn’t caught his attention at first, but Namjoon had tagged him on it. He was confused as to why Namjoon would tag him on an article about how some CEO’s son was engaged and was about to click out when the video at the bottom of the article stopped him in his tracks.

It was her.

His heart was racing a million miles per hour, but somehow, with shaky hands, he clicked on the video.

She was dancing with the future CEO, someone by the name Jin, who was holding her tight. The two of them smiled at each other as if the stars were placed in the sky by the other. They were in some sort of rose garden, surrounded by pretty tables lined with white satin. People were gathered around, watching the couple. The video was only 10 seconds in when Jin pulled away. Yoongi watched as y/n watched Jin in confusement but her mouth fell when Jin got down on one knee.

Yoongi threw up on the other side of the bed before he could watch her say yes.

Yoongi’s bloodshot eyes skim through the aisles of the pharmacy, looking for something that could help him relax. It had been two years since she left his life, but it seemed like it had just been yesterday. The engagement only opened a wound that still hadn’t healed after so long.

He had tried reaching out before. After he ruined his life he called her over what seemed like a thousand times. Countless text messages were sent. She left her stuff in their apartment for a week, before she picked her stuff up when she knew he wouldn’t be home. He only lasted there for three more weeks, unable to deal with the silence and emptiness that came without her presence. But he deserved it. That night he was the only that made a stupid decision. All the pressures on him snapped when that woman told him that she was the only one that was meant to be by his side. Not y/n.

He kept tabs on her for a year. Made secret accounts to look through her social media after she blocked him on everything. He saw when she went back to school, something that made him proud and ashamed given that she had quit first due to her loyalty and love to him. Yoongi watched as she got better, went out with friends, got a good job, and spread her wings. He was happy to see her living happily, but it killed him knowing that she was moving on while he still kept holding on. After the first year he stopped keeping tabs, ready to move on. He knew he could never love anyone as he had loved her, but it didn’t matter. He had lost her and couldn’t do anything about it.

Yoongi finally finds the pills and is about to head to the counter when he hears a familiar voice. He stops dead in his tracks and feels like he’s going insane. But the laughter that follows a male voice has him shaking. He turns his head and goes pale when he catches a glimpse of y/n holding hands with Jin.

Yoongi drops the pills and runs out.


Jin is apparently a musician as well. He has the voice of an angel, but when asked if he wants to take it to a professional level, Jin laughs and says he wants to take over his dad’s business. Jin is a hard worker, a kind person, and an incredibly beautiful person. Looking through his profiles Yoongi feels almost worthless. His eyes trail down the profile he has found of Jin and the countless articles written about his success so far. He even finds information about his fiancé. They had met almost two years ago, got closed, and started dating close to the date Yoongi decided to move on. Yoongi clicks out the tab, breathing heavily and face pale. He runs his hand through his hair. He knows he deserves this. He cheated, he’s the one that ruined their relationship. But thinking about y/b with another man…

Yoongi closes his laptop and throws it across the room. He doesn’t care if it breaks, he can just buy another one. He has the money now. But does it even matter? He thinks, closing his eyes and collapsing on his bed. He remembers when he first started with music it wasn’t about the money but doing what made him happy. But when he noted y/n losing weight due to the lack of income, he wanted that money. Wanted to provide for her. Now he was one of the richest musicians in Korea, but he lost his girl along the way.

For the first time in two days Yoongi falls asleep and dreams of simpler days. He’s back in high school and there’s a girl waiting for him after school, her face is lit by a smile that’s rare to find. Yoongi takes her hand and wonders if they’ll ever part. When Yoongi wakes up again he knows the answer but doesn’t say it out loud, instead his room is filled with sobs.


Y/n knows if she wants to marry Jin she needs to let go of the ring she had hid and forgotten about in a box deep in her closet. She tells Jin this over their post dinner cuddling session on their couch.

“I want to return the ring I told you about.”

Jin falls silent. Her head is pressed against his chest and she feels his heartbeat quicken. She presses her hand on his chest and looks up.

“It means nothing to me now, Jin. You’re my only future. But I think it’s the right thing to do.” She assures him, leaning up and kissing him in the neck. She feels Jin relax with her words and affectionate gesture. Y/n can’t help and smile, because she means every word.


Yoongi didn’t expect her to show up to his door after so long. He almost pounces on her but she raises her hand up when he steps forward. She pulls something from her pocket and Yoongi’s heart stops when he realizes what it is.

He had given it to her as a promise when she went off to college the first time. Told her that he planned to marry her, but given that he couldn’t afford an engagement ring yet he’d give her a promise. It was an old wedding band given to him by his grandmother, who told him to give it to his soulmate.

“Sorry it took so long to get this back to you, but here it is.” She presses the ring into his hand and smiles, that genuine smile of hers because she knows how sorry he is.

“I forgave you a long time ago, Yoongi. I hope that you have forgiven yourself as well.”

Y/n smiles again and turns on her heels.

Yoongi never sees her again, but the hole in his heart doesn’t feel as empty as it did before.

anonymous asked:

This may sound weird, but what if LeFou gets cursed (not necessarily into a beast) instead of Gaston?

gafou and stanfou prompts are very welcome! 🌺

This ficlet’s also on AO3!


Notes: Not weird at all, nonnie! I’m hoping this prompt will help me with my GSS block, lol. Enjoy!

Éduoard is a character from this ficlet!

“LeFou? Where’s -”

A hand that was definitively not LeFou’s grabbed his arm, and he tried to pull away.

“Where is LeFou?”

“Lie down, or you’ll hurt yourself,” someone said, and his bleary vision focused enough to recognize the dim outline of Stanley, his normally coiffed hair unkempt and his clothes dirty.

“Please… is he alright? Where is he, why can’t I see him?”

“Gaston, calm down,” Stanley ordered. “You’ll see him later, I promise. Right now, you need to lie still and wait for the doctor to come see you.”

“LeFou -”

“He doesn’t remember you,” the other man hissed, struggling to keep him in bed.

“What?” Gaston said, his tongue slipping over the word. “What do you mean? Was he injured?”

Is he dead?

“He’s… um, he bargained for your life - with Agathe, the sorceress.”

“I died?”

“No,” Stanley assured him. “LeFou made sure you didn’t. You were… dying - you fell off the roof of the castle, and when we found you, you were covered with rubble… and, well, he found Agathe and asked her to curse him in exchange for your life.”

Gaston blinked. There was a terrible feeling in his gut - as if he had been stabbed hundreds of times over with the same jagged, rusted knife. “And she agreed?”

“Yes. He’s…”

“Has he forgotten everything?” he asked with bated breath.

Stanley shook his head and said, “No.”

Then, a moment later: “Just you.”

He felt like he was drowning: sinking below the surface of some grim, ghastly lake with stones tied to his feet, gasping for air and swallowing nothing but water, choking as seaweed wound itself around his throat…

“May I see him?” he asked.

“I don’t think that’s -”

There was a knock at the door, and Stanley sighed, let go of Gaston’s arm, and got up to open it. While he was gone, Gaston looked around and wondered where he was. He wasn’t familiar with the room they were in, although it clearly wasn’t in Villeneuve. Eventually, the ornate, golden fixtures dotted around the chamber and the bookshelf lining the far wall told him that he was in the beast’s castle, although he wasn’t sure why. Shouldn’t he have been kicked out ages ago for what he had done?

“Let me see him! He’s hurt, and I want to help,” said a voice that made Gaston’s heart nearly burst out of his chest.

“That’s not a good idea, LeFou,” Stanley protested. “Just let the doctor see to him.”

“I’m a healer!” LeFou retorted, pushing past Stanley, entering the room, and crossing to the four-poster Gaston was sitting on. “Hello, what’s your name?” he asked him, taking his wrist in his hand and checking his pulse.

Gaston shattered.

“This is Gaston,” Stanley answered for him, hovering anxiously behind LeFou. “He fell from the parapets during the battle.”

“Interesting name,” LeFou remarked, giving him the kind of smile that one gives a friendly-looking stranger. “Do you mind if I unbutton your shirt?”

He shook his head slowly, unable to speak.

“Is he mute?” LeFou asked Stanley as he quickly opened Gaston’s shirt and pressed his hands against his abdomen. “Trauma can do that to people, you know.”

“I… er, I’m not sure,” Stanley mumbled. “I think he’s just shy around new people.”

“Oh, well, my name’s LeFou,” LeFou said, his fingers warm against Gaston’s rib cage. “I was a medic in the war under Captain… what was his name, Stanley?”

“I can’t recall,” Stanley muttered, making direct eye contact with Gaston.

“Me, neither. It was a while ago, though, wasn’t it? Did you fight in the war, Gaston?”

He nearly choked, but managed to nod.

“I’m sure you were very brave,” LeFou beamed. “Alright, well, no broken ribs or bones, as far as I can tell - just bruises. You’re very, very lucky. If you have any trouble breathing, come find me or Doctor Éduoard.”

He patted Gaston’s hand, said goodbye to Stanley, and left the room without looking back.

Gaston fell back against the pillows and covered his face with his hands, trying and failing not to sob over the loss of his lifelong companion.

Regarding (Y/N) - Request

Requested by anon: So the reader has a a stuffed animal moose same gave her but in order to protect her he ask castiel to erase her memories of him she ends up leaving the stuff animal and going back to her life at home but then sees the Winchesters in the impala and she follows them to the hotel and when they leave she goes through there stuff finding the moose and she begins to cry not knowing why but sam Comes back and she remembers everything and gets upset!
& anon: Sam X Reader something like regarding dean except the reader is losing her memory?

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader.

Word count: 2.520

Warnings: Bit of angst.

A/N: I changed the story a bit. Also, I’m cheesy as Hell in this one, sorry.


Originally posted by adaav

“I’m fine, Sam,” she assured, “I’m perfectly fine.”

“Right, then what’s in your hand?” Sam inquired angrily.

She looked down to her hand; she had totally forgotten she was holding something. “It’s a… a stuffed toy.”

“A stuffed toy…” Sam repeated, “Shaped like which animal?”

“Like a…” She licked her lips, and looked behind Sam’s shoulder. Dean was trying to tell her the answer, mouthing it. “Like a goose.”

Dean face palmed as Sam rolled his eyes.

“Moose, (Y/N), it’s a moose.” Sam argued, giving her his sad puppy eyes. “Crowley calls me like that… Don’t you remember?”

“Right! Crowley, the Queen of Hell…”

“King,” Dean corrected.

“The King of Hell calls you moose and I do too!” She cheered, “You gave this to me on… Christmas?”

Sam rolled his eyes again. He wasn’t going to argue, not with her. It wasn’t her fault. He turned his back on her and left the room. Dean stayed with (Y/N), comforting her and trying to make sure she didn’t forget the names of the furniture by naming them over and over again.

“So who is he anyway?” She inquired as Sam left the room. Dean’s eyes saddened as he proceeded to explain her relationship with his brother. “Good, he’s so hot… And you are his… dad?”

Sam was out in the cold, letting the tears spill his eyes. She wasn’t supposed to be hurt during that – or any – hunt, but he had been so reckless leaving her to her own luck outside in the woods while they inspected the little cottage… She was supposed to get inside as soon as she heard something suspicious; that was it. But something attacked her before she could even give a step forward…

“You’re sad…” Castiel observed as he appeared next to Sam.

“What are you doing here?”

“I heard your prayer.” The angel informed, siting awkwardly by Sam’s side.

“I just want her to be safe, Cas…” Sam whispered as more tears slipped his hazel eyes.

“Do you really think this is the way?” Castiel inquired, “I could just heal her…”

“No, no, this is her chance to step away and live a normal life.” Sam insisted, looking up at the angel. Castiel could see the grief and the sorrow behind his eyes. She was the woman Sam loved, and he wanted her to be safe and sound.

“Dean might have something to say about this…”

“He does, but it’s not up to him.” Sam interrupted.

“It’s not up to you either, it’s her life.” Castiel replied.

“It’s her life what I’m trying to save here, man.” Sam begged one more time before Castiel agreed.

The old stuffed moose was the only thing she left.

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Don't Forget (Poe Dameron x reader)

I finally finished my first star wars imagine, a Poe x reader! I’m really proud of this one 😊 keep sending me star wars request pls.
Aaanyway I never had a personal instagram, just a fan account one, so I wanted to start a personal one (Yay!) follow @hesragnorssoulmate on insta and I’ll follow you back! 🤗


(Y/n) and Ben Solo were both strong with the force, but unlike Ben, she wasn’t obsessed with it.
Her parents had sent Ben away with their uncle Luke when he said he wanted to train as a jedi. They offered her the training as well, but she refused. She’d rather train with her father and became a pilot. She spent years and years of her life inside the millennium falcon. When the falcon was stolen, she was devastated, but she eventually moved on and chose an X-wing.
The time Ben turned to the dark side, it was the worst time in her life. Han Solo left her and Leia, blaming himself for what happened. Luke went missing.
(Y/n) had lost her brother, uncle, and father in a matter of days.
Soon after that, The First Order started attacking the new republic, and that’s why (Y/n) and Leia started recruiting resistance pilots.
(Y/n) was the best pilot into the resistance. Until he came.
She was recruiting pilots from Yavin 4 when she met him.
“What’s you’re name?” (Y/n) had asked him the first time he met. He was cute, she thought.
“Dameron,” he answered with a wide grin, like a kid on his first day of school, “Poe Dameron.”
“All right, Poe, let’s see what you’ve got,” she had answered.
He climbed in the X-wing and lifted off.
He was good, (Y/n) thought.
But she was proven wrong as soon as Poe flew through his first obstacle.
He was really good.
He went through the track with ease. He didn’t even come close to hitting anything, something (Y/n) could never do on this godawful obstacle.
He came out of the fighter plane, his hair ruffled with a confident smile that said ‘I know I impressed you.’
It was the only thing she said that day.
Soon after Poe was recruited, he became the best pilot in the resistance, making (Y/n) fall for the second spot. She tried to hate him, she really did, but she just can’t.
She even became Poe’s best friend.
Her feelings grew for him over the years but she kept it hidden in fear that he did not return them.
She joined the fight against the first order that day.
No matter how many attacks they triggered on the x-wing, none of them hit her, because she knew the fighter plane in the back of her hand. She maneuvered sideways, making the blast that came from the first order fighter hit one of its own.
“Well done, (Y/n),” praised Poe through the headpiece. “Thanks,” she said confidently, the color red creeping into her cheeks. She can’t help but notice that Poe ever only congratulated her on a perfect maneuver, never anyone else.
She shook herself out of her thoughts. Get your head back in the game, (Y/n), she thought to herself.
And suddenly she felt it. A sudden pang in her chest like a rope was snapped and all the connections were lost. Something empty; something wrong with the force. She didn’t exactly know what it was but her mind went blank. She lost something, she knew, but she couldn’t tell what she lost.
“(Y/n)?(Y/n)!” someone shouted in her head. Who was it? Why does the voice sounded so familiar.
She snapped back into her self to find out that she was plummeting down. She frantically pulled the controller and lifted herself back up. She heard a sigh on the other end of the line.
“I-I’m sorry I was… distracted,” (Y/n) said, trying to explain the accident that nearly took her life.
That connection, that goddamn snapped connection was Han Solo.
How could she not have known?
When Rey told her what happened, she felt a hollowness in her heart, that she could finally understand what, or rather who, she was missing, along with the realization that she’ll never get him back.
Han was just never her father, he was also a mentor, a teacher, and someone to look up to.
Her father’s death really shook her.
The feeling strongest in her was guilt; guilt that she never went after her father, guilt that she was celebrating her victory over the starkiller base when her father was killed.
By her own brother.
She sworn that day that whoever he is now, he is not her brother, and she will bring Ben back from the ashes of Kylo Ren.
“General Organa,” saluted Poe. “Have you seen (Y/n)?”
“She’s in her room,” Leia said blankly. She could see that the general was scared. She was scared of losing (Y/n) after everyone else she lost. (Y/n) was her anchor in the world. All hope that’s left of in her. “Don’t bother. She won’t talk to anybody. Not Rey, not beebee-ate, not threepio. Not even me.” she said that last part with pain, like a thousand needles prickling her voice.
“I’ll have to try, general.”
A knock sounded on her door.
(Y/n) decided to ignore it. Must’ve been Rey again, or the annoying threepio who couldn’t help her grief, or beebee-ate trying to roll through her door. Or maybe it was Leia.
The knock sounded again. Man, whoever was behind the door was stubborn.
“Go away, mom,” she stiffled a cry from under her breath.
“It’s me, (Y/n),” said a familiar, soothing voice. “Poe,” she whispered under her breath. “Go away,” she urged him.
“No,” he said stubbornly from behind the door, “even if you don’t let me in, I’ll stay out here all day to annoy you.”
A soft click after a fair amount of silence was heard from the door as it slid open. “What do you want?” asked (Y/n). Her hair was messy, and her eyes were red from crying. She had a frown on her face.
But yet, he still thought she looked beautiful.
“I just want to talk,” said Poe. (Y/n) sighed and stepped away to let him in. When he got in, he did something unexpected.
He hugged her.
It was one of those hugs where they seem to melt into each other. His arms gripped her, leaving her breathless as he held onto her. (Y/n) lost track of where her body stops and Poe’s begin. With one last choking squeeze, Poe let her go, looking at fresh tears that stained her face.
But she didn’t want to let go.
This time, it was (Y/n) who embraced Poe, wrapping her arms around his neck as she engulfed herself into his shoulders, silently sobbing. Poe returned her gesture almost immediately, and it was clear neither of them would ever want to let go.
They stood there in each others’ arm, not saying a word, but Poe knows what she wants.
“Don’t let go,” begged (Y/n) urgently, softly digging her nails into his back. “I won’t,” He reassured.
“Stay with me,” sobbed (Y/n). Her voice was raspy, it almost sounded like a low growl, “Stay with me and make me forget about my father. Make me forget about my brother. Make me forget about my uncle. Make me forget about everyone. Everyone.”
Poe ran his fingers through her hair. They were not the softest hair Poe ever felt. Her hair was rough, worn out by battle and the helmets she put on her head and the radiation and smoke she worked with, but Poe did not care. It was hers, and everything about her makes him fall in love deeper every time. “Even me?” Asked Poe gently, “Do you want to forget about me, too?” There was a sharp edge in his voice, the kind of edge that can cut through glass.
“No,” she whispered quietly, “Not you.”
Poe smiled and kissed her forehead and breathed, “You don’t have to forget.” Poe pulled his head back to look at her tear-stained face, but his arms were still around her. “Do you who I see in your eyes?” Poe asked her.
“My father,” she guessed, a little choking sound at the edge, “Everyone always tells me that I have his eyes.”
To her surprise, Poe shook his head. “I see you, (Y/n),” said Poe, caressing her cheeks. “Han had the eyes of someone who regretted that he had forgotten so much. You have the eyes of someone who wants to forget,” Poe trailed her jaw gently, “Don’t forget, (Y/n). Don’t make the mistakes your father made. Make him-.”
Poe trailed off, afraid of what effect the word he was about to say brings to (Y/n).
That word echoed in her head endlessly, drowning in her thoughts. That was all she ever wanted to do. Make her father proud. “I want to,” (Y/n) gulped, lowering her head in the process,“Make him proud.”
“He already is,” Poe assured, tilting her head back into its original position, “I saw it in his eyes.”
For the first time that day, (Y/n)’s eyes twinkled. “You think so?”
Poe nodded and lifted his other hand to her cheek, so both of them were caressing her face. (Y/n)’s hand moved to his waist.
And hey stood there, not talking to each other, a cloak of silence separating them from everything else in the universe.
I love you, Poe wanted to say.
But he was going to save it for another moment.

The Nth Time Katara Saves Zuko From A Date

Written for day five: modern day for @zutaraweek 2017! Late submission, but it’s never too late to write Zutara fanfiction. 

Many thanks to @theadamantdaughter and @themomentofdavyprentiss on tumblr for helping me characterize jealous!Katara!

Read on AO3

Summary: It is late afternoon, and more customers begin to come in. The noise of chatter, combined with the sound of rain, gets louder, but still comfortable enough for Katara to not need earphones to block out the din. A few minutes later, she notices a woman enter the establishment, struggling to close her wet umbrella. She is tall and slender, with the kind of body one would only see on magazines. Her skin is light, especially against the maroon of her dress, and her slightly damp brown hair reaches her waist. She’s pretty, Katara thinks, but she changes her mind when she sees Zuko approaching to assist the woman.

(Just another coffee shop AU featuring a jealous Katara)

A warm hand squeezes Katara’s shoulder from behind. “You know, it’s distracting that you’re always here.”

Without yet looking up from her book, Katara chuckles. She turns in her chair and finds Zuko standing behind her, the corners of his mouth drawn into a small smile. “I’m just quietly studying here,” she says, feigning an innocence betrayed by the mischief in her eyes. “You lose today. You owe me a latte.”

“How terrible,” Zuko says without a semblance of an attempt to fake dismay. He leans down swiftly, giving Katara a peck on the cheek. “It’s not like I don’t buy you coffee all the time, anyway.”

“Hey, you do that on your own, Mr. Manager,” Katara says, absentmindedly smoothing the front of Zuko’s black button-down. “But I appreciate it a lot.”

“You’re bad for business, you know that?” Zuko jokes in a low voice. She hopes Zuko doesn’t notice her blush after he says that, but his grin tells her otherwise. “Anyway, I’ll be going back to work now. I’ll have to pretend that you’re not taking up my attention again. Talk to you later.” Giving her shoulder one final squeeze, Zuko leaves for the counter, leaving Katara feeling warm and distracted.

As a law student, Katara often finds herself studying in coffee shops and small restaurants for hours. Her apartment, which she shares with her batchmate Suki, isn’t far, but she struggles to concentrate with her bed so close to her desk. It just so happens that a café she frequents for its good coffee and cheap meals is owned by a man she finds herself strongly attracted to. It’s difficult not to notice him, really, Katara remembers. The pale skin of his face is contrasted by a faded red scar around his left eye, giving him an intimidating yet arresting appearance. Along with that, even from afar, his amber irises can be seen catching light. The starker contrast, however, lies between that impression and his actual demeanor: he greets the customers with a genuine politeness, greatly tempering the fear one would experience from seeing a man with such a scar. Up close, his bright eyes seem almost molten from the softness of his expression. When Katara mustered up the courage to finally ask him out a few months ago, she learned how deeply his kindness goes, and that along with it runs a sharp wit and sense of humor similar to her own. Two months in and she admitted to herself that she’d fallen in love with Zuko, and to her surprise, she found out that he had been in love with her for a while now.

The months passed like a soft breeze, and the two fell into a comfortable, steady relationship punctuated with moments of intensity. With both of them often occupied with work or school, they would excitedly catch up with each other during their vacant periods, going on all kinds of dates. He’s an adoring boyfriend, always trying to surprise Katara with presents as small as a blue hairpin she didn’t have  enough cents to buy, or as big as an overnight getaway at the beach during her weekend. They do see each other often at Zuko’s café because Katara now basically only ever goes there unless she had to be elsewhere out of necessity, but they agreed to interact minimally during his shifts. Zuko would focus on work, and Katara would focus on hers. It also gives them something to look forward to at the end of the day.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Katara then composes herself, shifting her focus back onto her readings. She smooths the page in front of her, uncaps her blue highlighter, and resumes her reading. It starts to rain outside, and Katara sighs relaxedly. The sound of pouring rain helps her concentrate.

It is late afternoon, and more customers begin to come in. The noise of chatter, combined with the sound of rain, gets louder, but still comfortable enough for Katara to not need earphones to block out the din. A few minutes later, she notices a woman enter the establishment, struggling to close her wet umbrella. She is tall and slender, with the kind of body one would only see on magazines. Her skin is light, especially against the maroon of her dress, and her slightly damp brown hair reaches her waist. She’s pretty, Katara thinks, but she changes her mind when she sees Zuko approaching to assist the woman. He closes her umbrella for her, and deposits it in the container by the door. Katara tries to avert her gaze back to her table, but she continues to watch as he escorts her to a single table a few feet from Katara. The woman gives a tight-lipped smile, drawing attention to the fullness of her red-painted lips. Zuko bows after the woman seats herself, and walks back to the counter. Katara, grasping her highlighter tightly in her hand, exhales heavily. Spirits, Katara, she’s just a customer, she reprimands herself. Who happens to be very pretty.

Despite her attempts to let the matter go, Katara observes the following: the woman asks for soy milk for her macchiato, she is almost as tall as Zuko, and she engages in small talk with the cashier. She is also ridiculously pretty with her silvery-blue eyes under thick, long lashes. Katara starts to calm down, but then she sees her calling Zuko, who, as manager, Katara convinces herself, would be happy to assist her in anyway. Her ears perked, Katara overhears the girl asking something that isn’t what’s on the menu or how are you today . She’s asking him what time his shift ends. He’s closing up tonight, he says, and so the girl asks if maybe he could spare a minute to chat with her because she’s new in town. It is still raining outside, Katara notices, so she directs her attention to the sound of rain to help her study. Katara tries to concentrate on the Constitution but the girl’s giggling keeps breaking through her focus. Sneaking a glance in their direction, she finds Zuko now seated across her, and the girl leaning forward with her elbows on the round table. He’s not even looking at me!

“Fine,” she mutters to herself. She loudly shuts her book and shoves it into her satchel along with her other reading materials. She drops her pens and highlighters into the bag, not even bothering to return her pens in their case. Pushing her chair back sharply against the wooden floor, Katara stands up and walks over to the table where Zuko is at. The girl notices her presence first, eyebrows raised subtly but inquisitively at Katara. She tries to maintain her composure despite the seething in her chest, but one look from Zuko’s bright face immediately soothes her.

“Hey, Zuko,” Katara says, moving her weight to one leg to emphasize her hips. In the woman’s presence she starts to feel conscious about her faded blue top and black jeans, but she shoves this embarrassment to the back of her mind. “I’ll have to go home early today. Turns out Suki left her keys in our apartment, so I’ll have to open up for her.” Suki did actually call this morning to ask Katara to wait up for her because she left her keys. But Katara knew Suki won’t be home earlier than 9 in the evening, and it was only five minutes past six. “Guess I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Her heart leaps a bit when Zuko’s eyes widen, visibly dimming with disappointment and worry. “Now? But it’s still raining. Why don’t you wait it out?”

“Oh,” Katara shrugs. “It’s pretty much just drizzling at this point, I’ll be fine.” She looks away, upset and nervous about the whole situation.

“No, Katara, it’s pouring really hard. I know you like the rain,” he insists, standing up. Katara tries not to smirk as Zuko is now completely facing her, his hands on either sides of her face, the nameless girl completely forgotten. In her periphery she could see the girl staring at them, her perfect eyebrows scrunched together. “But you’re going to get sick out there. If you really need to go, I’ll drive you, I’ll just have to let the staff know I’ll be going out for a while. It won’t take long, anyway.” He kisses her forehead. “Okay?”

“Oh, Zuko, you don’t have to.“ Katara freezes—she just wants to kiss him goodbye in front the girl, not pull him from his work out of her pettiness!

“It’s not a problem, Katara.” He assures her with a warm smile and a squeeze on her hand, loosening the tension in her spine.

Before he manages to walk away, Katara gently pulls him by the hand, making him turn back towards her. She stares at his lips, gesturing her desire to kiss him, and she glances slowly at his eyes for approval. Zuko lets out a small chuckle before kissing her right there in the middle of his shop, right in front of the light-skinned girl. His kiss is warm and electric, as always, and as gentle as a falling into place. She hears a soft, deep sigh from Zuko as she tongues his lips open, making her way into the warmth of his mouth. Satisfaction and desire settle in Katara’s belly, and she starts to think that she might have been cruel. For a moment she feels almost embarrassed by her possessiveness, by allowing it to drive her to do such an act in the middle of Zuko’s café, but she couldn’t stand seeing Zuko cluelessly responding to others’ romantic and sexual advances. She finds Zuko’s obliviousness to flirting adorable, but maddening because she’d always have to step in and keep Zuko from unwittingly agreeing to a date. Katara knows she’s not gorgeous, and it doesn’t help that she’s always just bare-faced and plainly dressed. She often doesn’t mind this, but when someone who looks like a runway model shows interest in Zuko, Katara can’t help but suddenly feel insecure and defensive. And Zuko is beautiful, of course people would express interest! Katara has to remind herself, he chose me, he continues to choose me. And when the mental exercise doesn’t work—and it often doesn’t—she has to resort to making sure, in whatever manner necessary, that the other party knows that yes, Zuko chose her.

When they finally pull away, Zuko appears obviously flushed, his gaze fixed on Katara’s face. Her lips, still parted, tingle in the absence of Zuko’s kiss. He lets out another quiet laugh, as he often does in awkwardness, and seals their kiss with another on her forehead. Katara’s jealousy dissolves into tenderness at Zuko’s affections. Shaking his head, he whispers almost seductively, “Bad for business.” She thinks herself silly for being jealous for a moment when Zuko has done nothing but demonstrate how smitten he is by her. It had to be done, she thinks to herself anyway, letting out a breath in relief. Then, turning towards the stranger, Zuko bows lightly. Politely he says, “Thank you for your company. It was pleasant chatting with you, but I’d have to excuse myself now. Enjoy your coffee.” Saying nothing further, Zuko then leaves for the staff area. Katara, herself breathless, holding onto the strap of her satchel with one hand, eyes the obviously upset girl and smiles. “He’s the sweetest.”

Fools who dream - PART II (Jughead x Reader)

A/N : Part II here! Mainly because the first part was totally incomplete and meaningless without this. It’s kinda long, but i really hope you guys enjoy! Feedback would be highly appreciated.

Part I


Jughead was stirring his milkshake when he heard the door jingle to signal the entry of another visitor. The diner was crowded, not something Jughead appreciated when all he wanted was to be left alone. But where could he go? He was pulled out of his reverie when a girl about his age asked him if she could share his booth as there were none other left unoccupied. Jughead furtively read her face. Tear tracks were evident on her face, her mascara smudged from rubbing at her eyes. Not to take out his frustration on an already sad person, he replied with a “sure” and went back to sipping his milkshake.

Y/N observed the raven haired boy, upon whom she had forced her company. Hair tucked under a beanie, except for little curls which had rebelled their way out of their prison. Eyes bloodshot - from crying or lack of sleep or both. On the table sat a manuscript of sorts, whose title page seemed to have been shred by the boy in a fit of rage. She understood, but careful of jumping to conclusions, she asked anyways, “What’s this?”

”Not anything interesting, i assure you.”Jughead replied.

“Let me decide that for myself, will you?” Y/N smiled. “Y/N, by the way.” she held her hand out. “Jughead” he nonchalantly nodded.

As the girl flipped through the pages, Jughead asked, “Are you new to Riverdale?” She replied affirmatively. 

“Me and my dad moved here recently, he got tired of the place where we used to live.”


“After my mom died, everything reminded him of her. He was so heartbroken.” 

“I’m so sorry…I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Don’t be. It wasn’t your fault. It was nobody’s. And anyways..she was a soul to be celebrated…not forgotten with her coffin.”

Jughead couldn’t put a finger on what exactly, but there was something about this girl sitting in front of him. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, neither did she have an attention-grabbing personality. No, she was…beautiful. Kind of like a dream if you will. Enigmatic. There was a charm to her. She lightly tapped her fingers to a spastic tune, something that Jughead loathed when it came from Archie. But from her, he didn’t mind as much. It almost felt…soothing.

Y/N read a few pages then handed back the bundle to him. “It’s written really well. Like, the balance between imagery and logic and the’s perfect! Did you try this with some publisher?”

“Just this morning. They rejected it.”

A silence cloaked them, one that Y/N felt compelled to break.

“I got rejected too, you know? Just this morning.”


“They were holding castings for an upcoming movie. Something about…wanting a new face for their project. I auditioned. Got rejected.”

“I’m sorry.” The beanie clad boy apologised again.

Y/N chuckled lightly. “You really need to stop apologising, ya know? Especially when you’ve had a shitty day as well. Not everything is your fault. So Jughead…is that your real name, by the way? Are you going to submit your book again to some other publisher?”

“No, my name is actually Forsythe Pendleton Jones. The third. Jughead was just…a name that stuck during elementary. And hell no, I already put all the guts I had in this meeting. Guess, I’ll just stick to writing for the local daily. What about you?”

“I’ll try again and again till people have to take me.”

Jughead admired the way this girl was so adamant in doing something she wanted. 

“I could never be like you. No, forever a pessimist. That’s who i am. That way, you don’t compromise yourself, you don’t get hurt as much.”

Y/N stared at him. She didn’t want him to give up. It didn’t matter if they were hardly acquaintances. Stranger or not, she decided, I’ll try to make him see some sense.

“You know, my mom…she wanted to be an artist. She painted. And God, she could capture feelings, the sunset right into the little frame. I remember, once on a trip to Paris, she jumped right into the Seine…saying she couldn’t paint the view if she didn’t feel it first. Fought everytime my Grandma brought up the topic of a steady job. She was my biggest cheerleader. Whenever I felt like giving up on acting or whatever the hell was my passion for the week, she’d always whisper to me - “ Just a little bit of madness. That’s the key. That’s the only way you get to see colors of life you never thought existed. Follow your heart, your dreams, your passion. You never know where it could lead you. The world’s lost it’s charm baby, that’s just why they need rebels like us to decorate it with our dreams.”"

Y/N sniffled into her sleeve, hurriedly wiping little tears that she didn’t realize had escaped. She took the cherry off the milkshake of a now awe-filled Jughead and held it out like a cup, and toasted,

“And here’s to the fools who dream
Crazy as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that break
Here’s to the mess we make”

silently dedicating it to her mother and hoping that she hadn’t made a complete fool in front of this stranger by acting so spontaneously and laying bare her open wounds, ones she talked to no one about.

Jughead stared dumbstruck at the now furiously blushing female. He felt something ignite in him. A flame. Maybe, she’s right. I could do this. I mean, there’s nothing at stake really, is there? 

And after so long, he smiled. Not the half sassy half sarcastic smirk he was so used to giving. It was like a ripple. Little by little, his face lit up. He picked up the cold glass and toasted back,“Here’s to us fools, Y/N.”



@betty-coopers-number-one-stan for being a sweetheart. 💋

I’d Fall With You Forever

Adrien confides in Marinette that he’s in love, which, naturally, upsets her. It’s only when Chat asks what’s caused Ladybug such distress that she admits to being in love with Adrien Agreste. It’s information that shocks Chat, and sends all sorts of revelations careening into his brain.

Reveal fic.

Marinette couldn’t believe her luck. Usually, when it came to partner projects, she didn’t stand a chance. Not that she was complaining about generally being Alya’s partner, but they didn’t always get to pick. When it came to random partnerships, she usually had to sit by and watch as Chloe somehow—magically—ended up with Adrien. Or, the last two times, Lila. It would appear that when it came to such things, she simply didn’t have the high chances that Ladybug should.

But not this time!

This time, she was sitting in the library beside Adrien, a stupid grin on her face as she pretended to focus on the books they’d pulled for their research project. They had to have three textual sources, which was, naturally, the biggest pain. But Marinette wasn’t the type to waste time when she had it (being Ladybug tended to interfere with everything, so she used her available time wisely) and, apparently, neither was Adrien.

So there they were, the same day the project had been assigned, alone and sitting in the library.

Marinette thought she might combust.

It didn’t matter that they’d barely said two words to one another, or that Adrien actually seemed preoccupied with everything but her. None of it mattered. Because he was there, and she was there, and they were alone.

No Chloe, no Lila, nothing.

It was like a breath of fresh air.

She’d also been reading the same paragraph for five minutes. Resituating herself in her seat, she reminded herself that she was there to work, despite the fact that Adrien was only a short distance away. She’d regret it later, she knew, if she didn’t at least get something done.

Beside her, Adrien sighed.

Actually, that was the third time he’d sighed in the last five minutes.

Biting the inside of her cheek, Marinette glanced his way. He was hunched over a thick encyclopedia, elbows on the pages as he held his chin in his hands. Though he was apparently reading, even Marinette could tell there was something about him that seemed distracted.

Tapping her fingers on her own book, she considered her options. Either she could stay quiet and continue to listen to his distracted sighing, or she could ask him about it. There was no harm in the latter, she supposed. And maybe it’d start up a conversation.

She could do this. Pull it together, Marinette!

“Um…” she flicked her eyes between him and her book. “A-are you alright?”

He looked her way immediately, appearing moderately surprised. Almost as though he’d totally forgotten she was there. Marinette tried not to think about that.

“Uh, oh, yeah, fine,” he assured, casting her a small smile at the same time. It caused her to blush, Marinette fiddling with the pages of her book as she looked away. “Why do you ask?”

Keep reading