to anyone that is wondering why I unfollowed you

my tumblr is completely fricked up
if you see me randomly follow you (and i was following you) its cos it randomly selects who to unfollow?? and follow?? i came back on today and apparently i had followed a bunch of spam blogs and random blogs ive never seen and even a gore blog ;~; so if anyones wondering why it says i started following you again thats why!!!

Okay, so I just purged my following list of anyone inactive for over a month. If I unfollowed you and you’re wondering why, I may have done so clumsily and accidentally.

Please, do let me know if I unfollowed you despite you being active, I am but a frail and fallible mortal :D

If you’re wondering why I unfollowed you on Twitter

I’m thinking the majority of folks won’t see this, won’t even be bothered by it in the slightest, & that’s fine with me, it’s all good, but in case anyone wonders I’ll just put this up here. 

I got to a point with Twitter where the folks who followed me were vastly outnumbered by those I followed - to whit, I had around 733 followers, of whom a fair few are probably bots, and I was following 2001 people. Many of them were celebrities or organisations, news outlets & the like, and that’s fine - I was following them because I cared about what they had to say. But then I hit a limit & couldn’t add any more. 

So I started thinking, & going through the people I followed. I don’t tend to follow people on Twitter unless I broadly agree with their politics & attitudes - they’re people I’d feel OK with hanging out in the pub or in the kitchen at a house party. We wouldn’t be staring daggers at each other, but I’d like to think would be geeking out over the many things we have in common. Most of these people I’d followed over the course of years - I joined Twitter in 2008 after all - so I started thinking, these are folks I’ve interacted with, agreed with, defended, helped sometimes in their work. People I’m if not friends with then friendly acquaintances with. Why aren’t they following me? Doesn’t it stand to reason that if you’re friends, you follow back? 

Now I don’t do follow for follow generally as a rule. The people who do, usually are just trying to promote themselves for some reason, and I find it a bit tacky. If someone follows me I might check them out. If they’re objectionable I’ll block them. If they’re a bot I might block them also. If they’re obviously a real person & they’re not following me because they’re spying for some neofascist group, but out of some genuine interest in what I have to say & I like what they’re posting, I’ll follow back usually within a week or two. I’ll usually reply to some of their tweets & see if they’re a decent sort, or an idiot - I don’t suffer fools. Decent sorts always get followed back eventually. So, applying the same logic to people I’ve followed for months or years, who aren’t what we used to call in CB radio parlance an alligator station (all mouth, no ears - usually a celebrity twitter or corporate account that doesn’t interact, just posts news & updates), I’d reasonably expect them to follow back. 

So, if you got culled, it’s because “Quid pro quo, Clarice, Quid pro quo!”. If you’ve been culled & you actually want me to follow you, I’m publicly viewable, you can find my profile, it’s not hard to follow me. 

I’ll say it again because it needs repeating - I’m fine with this. I don’t want anyone to feel obligated. Trimming down my follow list has done *wonders* for the folks who follow me, in terms of how much more attention I can give them. My stream no longer whizzes past at 100mph. It ticks along leisurely, & I can follow your links & compose wittier, pithier comments. It’s all good. Those I’ve cut out, go in peace. 

velocitigerr a réagi à votre billet :your edits are TRAGIC! please stop

Ignore them, you make wonderful edits!!

like i don’t get why someone would send that, i’m not forcing anyone to follow me??? i mean if you don’t like my edits, you can just unfollow me or if it’s in the tags then just block me and boom i’m gone, what’s the need to be rude tbh?

thanks very much anyway! *hugs*

chitogekrisaki replied to your post: Keep readingRead More Now!

i have no idea why anyone would unfollow you. you’ve had the same wonderful opinions since the beginning, your blog has been consistently beautiful, and you’ve always been very friendly and open. theyre just plain idiots for unfollowing

Now I just feel like shit for complaining because people who actually talk to me on here bothered to comment and support me and ugh. I suck. Thank you. <33 I feel the same way about your blog, obviously, and I can almost always rely on you to have the same opinions as me and I love that. :p