to anyone that is wondering why I unfollowed you

PSA: It’s OK to block me.

I’m serious. Nobody is perfect. I do my best not to upset anyone, but sometimes certain behaviors are just triggering to others. Maybe my OOC is overwhelming you, maybe I just IM you at the worst times, maybe I ask about our threads just a little too much.
I would much rather we talk about what’s wrong, but if the thought of any potential conflict makes you worse, I understand. I’m not the type of person who will attack you or start drama because I’ve been blocked or unfollowed. I’ll probably be a bit hurt. I’ll probably wonder why. But I won’t let it consume me.
We all have a right to do what we need to do to feel secure. I will exercise this right. You should, too. Remember, blocks aren’t permanent – I’ll be here if you ever feel safe enough to talk.

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anonymous asked:

was your answer to someone asking you about benedict cumberbatch supposed to be funny? just wondering because i really don't get it. please stop bashing other people's interests/opinions. it doesn't help anyone. you're wasting everyone's time. get off tumblr and do something real with your life please! why i haven't unfollowed you before now is a crazy mystery to me! just like why you think it's funny or ok to make fun of or shame other people's interests! have a nice life!

anonymous asked:

I know you were wondering about why people were unfollowing, so just in case it wasn't rhetorical, I chose to leave because I don't like any ship negativity on my dash, so anyone who bashes Otayuri (even if they're not my own ship) generally gets an unfollow unless I believe they won't be posting that anymore. Otherwise, I enjoy your blog a lot. It's your blog and I'm not gonna tell you what to post, but I will say I'd come back if there weren't anti-ship posts in the future.

Ah, yes, because being anti-pedophilia is considered “ship negativity”

Bye 👋