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Hey do u remember that post that went around that was like "What if the guys wore skirts instead of slacks in the i'm not okay video"??? Do u know if any1 ever made fanart for it????

Everyone and their mom made fanart for it and it was amazing,,, not sure how to find it all tho

no offense but im so fucking tired of this site ignoring the bad things ppl do just because theyre popular until someone equally popular calls them out for it. u guys would rather ignore everything they say and do and defend them 2 ur last breath until it gets to a point where u realize itll hurt how YOU look and then turn around and say u knew they were bad all along and its so annoyingly hypocritical.

everyone who reblogs this will get a custom phone background! because i’m trying to get this blog up and running. if you reblog, just describe what kind of background you want in the tags! if you don’t want anything specific, i’ll also do one inspired by your blog!

Please answer.