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Hey, would you by any chance know a fic that's basically about: Lexa comes back from the army but Clarke is engaged to Bellamy (Clexa were together before) and then she finds out and tries to kill herself but doesn't and then she moves back to her hometown (dark I know) any way if any1 knows I would love u forever thx so much

i think i remember reading this fic a while ago! is it keep me close in memory by paralysisoftheheart? and don’t worry anon, i love rlly angsty fics too

is any1 else rlly concerned with how 13 reasons why is the most popular show on netflix??? like,,, a girl,,, who commits suicide and mails tapes to the people who hurt her.. is nice to watch?? Is it interesting to watch a girl’s life fall apart?? Is it inspirational to see bad people go to severe states of depression/anxiety/etc? are you into watching dangerous and vivid depictions of suicide on film??? like how the hell can you overlook the fact that this girl was raped, and was so severely fucked up,, and you still talk about how she’d have been so great with Clay,,, how the heck are you enjoying it my dudes

i’ve had folks on this site assume i’m a woman (or realize i’m gay) solely for my use of exclamation points or because i get excited about things.  which brings me to my next question, why are str8 dudes so afraid to show any kind of enthusiasm, like “you can be hyped for something, but you have to say or type it a certain way or it’s too gay bro”