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can you do the ship thing? :D im 5'1.5 and i hate loud noises but also i talk loud. i love to write and talk??? i love talkin. im ace but not sex repulsed so i make dirty jokes often as a power display and also just cus im lowkey a hipster whoops. im a dude whos attracted to other dudes, and if someone mentions my height i fight them. um, what else... ive got shortish blond hair, blue eyes, and hipster glasses and ill fite any1 who doesnt think the oxford comma is necessary cUS IT IS,, (thank u)

I ship you with Hamilton!  Just like imagine Madison forgetting like a punctuation mark or capital letter or something in the Federalist Papers and you just calmly but angrily try to correct it because neither of you have time for this

  • person: does 1 nice thing towards me
  • my cluster b ass: tells everyone, wants to be their best friend, thinks abt them all the time, would basically do anything for them (and by extension more attention), assumes they have a crush on me, probably develops a crush on them in return,

no offense but talking about mental illness isn’t romanticizing it. stop yelling at people for trying to create a safe place in which they can start a dialogue about their illnesses/disorders. discussing & validating ≠ romanticizing