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As The xx gear up to tour their new album, I See You, Oliver Sim reflects on a new version of himself

It was during The xx’s residency at New York’s Park Avenue Armory in March 2014 that Oliver Sim found out what stardom really looks like. “Those shows were crazy,” he says of their 25 performances at the former military headquarters on the Upper East Side. “The response we got, the people who came, the whole experience was mind-blowing.” Each night - at an event more like an art installation than a gig - the band performed encircled by an audience of just 40 people, who watched them play in complete silence. On the last night, A-list attendees included Jay Z, Beyoncè, Björk, Anohni and filmmakers Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach. “Throughout the show I was facing (co-vocalist) Romy, and Madonna was standing directly behind her,” he says, reliving the moment. “Every time my gaze went up an inch, I was staring straight at her. It was surreal.”

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I’ve been trying, for half an hour now, to put my thoughts on a piece of crumpled paper. I found in one of my bags. I ran out of free sheet, so I decided to take it in the virtual world. 

Today (yesterday, but I didn’t sleep yet) we held a oneman live in my hometown, Osaka. 

Last year this birthday event wasn’t even in plan. I thought it would only mess our working schedule up, we have to prepare a big tour and an album on the work after all. But after many meetings and discussions amongst all of us, the members, and our staff I was assured everything will still go according to our plan.

Fastforward to today. Birthday events are a little bit more special than the regular events, for the simple fact that everything behind and in front of the stage revolves around the one who’s going to be celebrated. 

Flowers started to arrive at the venue around 16:00. They made me so happy! And I would like to thank everyone again. I took pictures with some of them (as you already noticed).

Birthdays will always remind me of the fact that even if I age, I’ll always stay the same at heart. I know, for a fact, it will never ever change. As long as my heart and soul are young, I’ll always be, too.

Moving on. The doors opened at 17:00. I was getting nervous, but I tried my best to hide it subtly with jokes and cigarettes. 

For the set, I chose the songs I thought you’d love hearing the most; the songs we always played and had so much fun together on.
I had many moments when I looked at the crowd with tears in my eyes. The view got me emotional. I was more than happy, you could tell. The MCs? Oh, I won’t even mention much. Tears. Happiness. Surprises. Today, Here I am was a symbolic song.

I don’t want to keep on blabbering. I should have warned you from the start that this won’t make much sense. I won’t read it twice. I’ll go with the flow. 

It’s been 12 hours since everything started and I wanted to thank you. I will be forever grateful. I will work harder. I will not disappoint you. Thank you for being my second family, my home away from home. We will keep on fighting, we will keep on making each other’s dreams come true.

As for you four, thank you for standing right next to me and behind me everytime. Thank you for being who you are, for not only being great musicians, but for being the best(est) friends one could have as well. I love you. 

There are a few pics of Nalum in the relative vicinity of each other from the premiere last night, but this seems to be the one most people are flipping over.
As you can see, cal is socializing with his friends, and there is a blonde woman between him and Nia… in fact, she isn’t even in their little circle of conversation.
We knew this was coming, and I warned you guys. The HV album was just announced, and the HV European tour starts on like April 28th, only a few days from now.
Of course there was going to be pr. She literally was just hanging out with him and Ash.
They are doing NOTHING relationship like, which just further supports the nalum-friendship-pr theory. What I’m trying to say is this shows absolutely no signs of a relationship or anything but a friendship.
I warned y'all a few hours in advance, so I hope most of you were prepared.
Any questions or anything really, hit up my asks, they are always open (you can message me as well if that is more comfortable for you, it will just take me longer to respond.)

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harry isn't half assing anything wow

first solo contract? 80 MILLION! first acting role? A CHRISTOPHER NOLAN FILM THAT ALREADY HAS OSCAR BUZZ! first magazine? A FULL 60+ PAGE SPREAD CENTERED AROUND JUST HIM! first radio interview? 2 HOURS LONG WITH A CLOSE FRIEND! first live performance? A GAME CHANGING EP OF SNL! 

and there are still so many firsts left THIS IS JUST THE START 

guysguysguys yknow what i just realized?? 5sos are in the studio and making new music. for us. with new concepts and lyrics and music videos, which leads to interviews and more pictures of them. and then all of us are going to get excited, waiting up late at night to hear new singles until the actual album is released. and so many cute edits are going to be made throughout the fandom, and we’re all going to get excited together and love this goddamn band and its going to feel like a family again. its going to be about the music instead of their personal lives again. AND THEN A NEW TOUR ?? all the friends you’re going to make at their shows while waiting for them to perform. all the videos that are gonna be posted, all the guitar solos and fan projects