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a pretty good bad idea (1/?)

pairing: Trini/Kimberly (Power Rangers

words: 2097

summary: With great power comes unexpected and awkward side effects. Also: kissing lessons. (Isn’t that how the saying goes?)

a/n: Guess who saw Power Rangers and is predictable trash? Guess who loves all that trope-y cheesiness? Guess who doesn’t remember how to write, but is doing it anyways? Me me me. Anyways, I tried to bring the cheese, my friends, but I’m just not capable of writing poetry like ‘Are we Power Rangers or are we friends?’. Alas.

AO3 Link here!

WARNING for @smallandsundry : there is KISSING in this fic. (Also, no bear rangers.) Please avert your eyes.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you got this, but when Hook was jealous of Emma seducing his past self in the tavern for an analysis?

@thenevengers  thanks for the request!

I’m also combining this with a request from Anon.

           *****THIS ONE IS EXTRA LONG AS IT’S 2 SCENES IN 1*****

So here are two scenes from 3x21, 

The wench outfit & jealous Hook

“Come on, Swan. Let’s get a look.”

And he’s got the nervous tick going too. Emma’s nekkid, behind that tree stump, and he’s a gentleman…. but they’re also short on time and have to get moving.

He’s probably had to stand there, staring into the moss on the bark around him while various grunts, huffs and ruffles of clothing come from behind that tree.



No but bless him. He loves Emma just the way she is and how she dresses. And he’s hardly been in Storybrooke that long. The world is all new to him.

And now here’s Emma. The woman he’s mad about, dressed in the clothes of his realm. The clothes he’s accustom to.

And it’s like a fantasy come to life for him.

It’s almost like that scene in every damn teen movie where the ‘unpopular’ girl walks in with a make over/prom dress on, and the boy has trouble picking his jaw up.

Killian is fuckstruck - part 1.

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Castle on the Hill

English Literature PhD student Emma Swan just needs money to pay for her last semester of grad school tuition. Killian Jones has always dreamed of opening a bookshop but has never been able to afford it. So when the small principality of Misthaven is looking for their lost princess, the pair decide that this might just be the perfect money making scheme. 

A Multi-chapter Modern Day + Lost Princess (think Rapunzel/Anastasia-esque) + Book Lovers in a Coffee Shop AU

Rating: T

Word Count: 9810/ ?

Read on: Ao3

1995 JFK Airport, New York

It’s late when they find her. The airport is slowing down for the night. A vacuum is buzzing not far away and the corridors, once noisy and busy, have turned cavernous. A TV is humming nearby and those who do remain in the airport are gathered around it in rapt attention.

She is tucked in a corner, between a chair and drinking fountain. Knees pulled to chest, her arms wrapping around herself. Her tiny body can’t stop shaking.

She gazes up at strange faces, two men, dressed in blue who surround her. If she could read, she’d understand that their badges read Police. But where she is from, guards dress in more elaborate wear.

Guards like Liam. Wherever he’s gone off.

“I’ll be back soon, Princess. I’m just running to the toilet. Stay here,” he had said.

But that had been hours ago.

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Meimei Stellaworth Short Story Translation

[Little Red Riding Hood]

ヽ(´▽`;)/  All the MJS short stories seem to be based off folklore and dreams! Hahaha. Anyway, I got about three short stories to translate here. Special thanks to Deea for providing the raw! (☞゚∀゚)☞ Enjoy~~

I’m Meimei. I live in the forest and I’m the strongest wolf.

This forest is my territory. Which means, all the people who’ve invaded the forest have fallen victim to my fangs.

Getting kill after kill, before long, it looks like I’ve become famous for being a man-eating wolf. Various hunters have come from outside the forest to attack my notorious self. Of course, I attacked them right back.

There’s not a single being who can rival me. I continue to dominate this forest as the strongest wolf.

* * *

――”Rustle, rustle.” After so long, I heard the footsteps of a human trotting through the grass. When I confirm the direction the sound’s coming from, I promptly break into a run.

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I feel like Steve Rogers’ storyline is the most tragic of all the Avengers films. Because the other MCU storylines always end on a good note – the villain defeated, the guy gets the girl, the situation is under control – but both Captain America films had unhappy endings. The villain is never defeated, the hero never gets to go home, never gets the girl, and the situation is never under control. His movies just move from one upsetting situation to the next.

I’d even argue that there’s no way Steve’s last film can end well for him, because it’s just not in his cards– even if he wins the war. Because Steve is always contrasted against his superhero persona. I mean, look at his life:

  • He’s the son of Irish (possibly Catholic) immigrants, and was raised by a single mother. He faced extreme poverty and discrimination throughout his childhood. His mother died when he was an older teenager, leaving Steve without any family. He was barely getting by.
  • He also had many ailments/illnesses, including but not limited to: asthma, scoliosis, anemia, partial deafness, ulcers, heart palpitations, and a strong history of flus and fevers. Society considered Steve a burden – he would have been socially isolated and stigmatized throughout his life (when he wasn’t close to dying). From the flashbacks, it sounds like he had trouble finding work, dates, friends. Even the army wouldn’t accept him. tl;dr: Steve had a horrible adolescence.
  • Steve finally had a chance to be “useful” in all the ways he had dreamed of, only for those hopes to be dashed when Erskine died… because he created Steve. Steve gave his life to the government for them to experiment on, and the government still rejected him. And instead turned him into comedic propaganda.
  • Then Steve found out his best friend – literally the only friend he had – had been captured by HYDRA, and the Allied forces weren’t going to do anything. So Steve saved Bucky, effectively throwing himself into the middle of WWII.
  • The best time of Steve’s life was when he was a soldier in WWII. When he was fighting in enemy territory, living in a tent, risking his life every single day to help his country. The MCU touts this as the only ‘happy’ time in Steve’s storyline. Which says it all, really. I could stop there.
  • To make it more depressing, Bucky died because Steve let go of his hand (well, not really, but that’s what Steve believes). Steve was utterly alone and felt incredible guilt. He kept fighting, but only weeks later sacrificed his life to save the world. Like many, he died to end the war.
  • But unlike others, the government pulled Steve out of his ‘coffin’ and only days later (to Steve), threw him back into the fight against HYDRA – ultimately showing Steve that his greatest sacrifice was for nothing. Now Steve is even more isolated; everything he knows is gone, and even the concept of Captain America has spiralled out of his control. Just for further torment, the woman Steve loves is still alive but has dementia and doesn’t always remember him. He has nothing, life literally passed him by, but he continues to fight because he’s asked to. 
  • But wait! Steve discovered that Bucky survived the fall (meaning Steve would have survived, too, had he gone after him. Ouch.) …except Bucky was captured by HYDRA, tortured for decades, and doesn’t know who he is anymore. And Steve can’t help him, can’t even find him.
  • Oh, and the entire system that Steve was fighting for for the past ~5 years? All a lie. He was literally killing for HYDRA. And the people that he thought of as friends/friendly? Also a lie, and had actively deceived him (minus Sam). But Steve was still willing to sacrifice his life, was willing to fight his best friend, in order to save the world and help SHIELD. Even though the world, and SHIELD, have done jack all for Steve Rogers.
  • And now, in Civil War, the very government that guided Steve’s actions and gave him his orders for decades is telling him that he’s a vigilante and needs to be controlled. And they’re trying to imprison Bucky, to eventually use him as a weapon for their side, instead of treating him like a person and the longest serving POW. Steve and Bucky have been used as puppets by governments for decades, and Steve’s only trying to save others from that fate.
  • Steve is barely 30 years old, still isolated, and attacked by the government that was supposed to protect and support him. Who’s also attacking the other victim in this charade. The few friends he has left are slowly turning against him, or don’t fully believe him, or are involved in this fight because of him. But Steve stands by his principles, even if it means death, because they’re all he’s ever had. He’s not going to budge now.
  • In conclusion: Nothing in Steve’s life has ever gone his way. Ever. What he does, he does to give others a better life. Never himself.

Steve’s plotlines are always messy, and sad, and can’t be put into a little box with a nice bow at the end of the film. Things can’t be made 100% okay and loose ends can’t always be tied up neatly. The fact that Whedon tried to box Steve into a stereotypical happy ending in AoU felt wrong and strange, because it just doesn’t fit Steve’s storyline: he has no home, little sense of belonging, and his friendships have always been very fragile and fleeting (yes, even with Bucky!). Steve has always just survived, moment to moment – he’s not dreaming of Big Happy Endings to make it through his bad days.

So I doubt Civil War will have a ‘Superhero’ ending for Steve, even if he wins. He’s not going to be best friends with Tony, compromise with the government, save Bucky and live a happy life. That’s just not how a Captain America film works. But I firmly believe that a good ending for a character doesn’t have to be “defeat the opponent, get the girl, and go home”. It just has to feel right.

Hoseok Scenario: Found You.

Request: 💕 I’d love something with J Hope being a tourist in France, by himself, and he sees you in the same bus of his group, he gets to sit next to you and you 2 have a lot in common,inclusive the country you’re visiting & he slowly falls in love w/ you.

Genre: Fluff

You knew you had to hurry up if you didn’t want to lose your bus, but going through Paris’s crowded streets while every tourist possible got in your way was holding you down a bit too much for your liking. You just had to get to the metro and from there the bus station was at a close distance by foot, or so it said in the map the hotel manager had handed you before you left.

Your suitcase although bothersome to walk with wasn’t that big of a problem since you had actually packed light. This was the first trip you did by yourself, an adventure, you liked to call it that way, but you were afraid the adventure wasn’t going to last if you didn’t get to the bus station on time.

Hoseok waited patiently for the bus to start loading as he watched the pictures he had taken in his last day in Paris. It had been a little caprice of him to go on a tour for France without the members or even the manager, but after much talking, begging and planning he had succeeded. Now he was here in France, he had already passed through Haute Normandie and had visited all the beautiful Paris’s environs. Now he was planning to head south and have some mediterranean air, he was going to Nice.

Hoseok was distracted with his memories of his first solo trip when someone, a girl, dashed through the doors. She seemed to be out of breath, but she got there just in time, for just two minutes after her arrival the bus started loading.
He wasn’t entirely alone though, as he was actually with a medium sized group of other asian tourists, so they always went in last on the buses or other transportations, so to not cause trouble to the other passengers. 

To his surprise Hoseok didn’t get to sit with someone from his group, instead he found out he was to spend the next fourteen hours next to the girl he jus saw arriving in a hurry. It didn’t bother him in the slightest, if anything he felt curious about the girl wearing the exact same shirt as him.

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A Little Magic Called Love (2/4)

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 

Summary: Arthur Kirkland and Alfred Jones have been friends since first year despite hailing from rival houses. After creating a lie to escape some unwanted romantic attention, Arthur gets more than he bargained for when all of Hogwarts comes to believe he and his best friend are dating! Now, the Slytherin and Gryffindor must fake a relationship just long enough to shake off Arthur’s unwanted suitor, but will it stay fake?

A/N: Part two! I really powered through writing this and it really wore me out. I can gauarntee that the third part will not be coming out as quickly since school is getting busy, but I promise I will try my best! USUK Pottertalia AU based off an RP between me and my best friend, Impossibilitygirl. Slytherin!Arthur and Gryffindor!Alfred. Fluff!

As Transfiguration ended, Alfred barely even bid Arthur goodbye before he dashed off for charms. The Slytherin felt rather ashamed of himself of he made his way to ancient runes and the feeling didn’t improve as he sat down at his desk. Suddenly it seemed as though everyone wanted to talk to him. Several Slytherin girls flocked around his desk, some of them interested in the details of his spontaneous relationship with Alfred while some just wanted to know more about the Gryffindor’s golden boy. Those who weren’t quite as brazen about their curiosity seemed content to simply point and whisper whenever he walked by. Arthur tried his best to dissuade them, but he was assured several times that he didn’t have to be ashamed and that everyone had practically been waiting for this to happen. That kind of talk just made his ears burn redder than the scales of a Chinese Fireball.

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anonymous asked:

So what is this "show don't tell" you're talking about?

Show don’t tell

The time has come to write a bit more this mythical “show don’t tell”.

First off, I would like you to think about the way you read a book and what is special about books you really liked.

If you are a writer, but not much of a reader…you are doing it all wrong. It’s like trying to be a chef when you are not that much into eating. To be a good writer you have to be an avid reader. Don’t tell me “I don’t have time”. You have to make time. It’s part of the job. I read whenever I’m too tired to write, or when I travel.

So, what makes a book special?

Some books are a collection of words that tell a story, but some books are magical; within a few lines you stop seeing words and you are transported through space a time to live a 3D adventure playing inside your brain.

Originally posted by my-fancy-world

How do you do that? Show, don’t tell!

“Show don’t tell” is the art to pass information to reader without stating it directly. You have the reader infer the information from behaviors, reactions, dialogue, and situations.

The opposite of “show don’t tell” are infodumps: the sworn enemies of writers. They are long, boring paragraphs where the writer summarizes backstory, side plots and the like. As a reader, these are those paragraphs where you find yourself skimming through and skipping lines ;)

Originally posted by trapstrblog

Example of “show don’t tell”:

This is from “Forget Nico, Falling for the Wrong Italian


The following morning I sported one of my sister’s old mini skirts made of pink denim, and I let my hair down after having it painfully brushed like Grandma had taught me years before.

I was surprised when the doorbell rang.

Mom, who had been ecstatic at my outfit when we had put it together the night before, now glared at the world from behind her triple-espresso.

I frowned. “Who the heck could it be at this time of the morning?”

Mom mumbled something unintelligible, so I grabbed my backpack and made my way to the door.

Alex flashed a dashing smile from the gate. “Wanna go to school together?”

As I walked out of the house I felt like I was in one of those nightmares where you’re naked in front of everyone. “Alex, we don’t even go to the same school.”

Alex gave me the once over and exclaimed, ogling me from his bike, “Wow, Lee, is this how you go to school? You look…wow, you look like a girl!”

“Gee, Alex, thanks.” I walked toward him and his bike. “My bike has a flat tire, by the way. I can’t go with you, gotta walk.”

Alex smiled faking a big huff. “So much for not being the damsel in distress. Here, hop on, your school’s on the way.”

He gestured to his crossbar, where I sat, hugging my Invicta backpack on the handlebar. When I felt the warmth of his chest brushing my back, I realized just how close the situation was forcing us to be. Awkward.

Alex whispered in my ear, “By the way, I made you a cassette. It’s by Marco Masini.”  

Very awkward. I shivered, but it didn’t seem that cold, at all. I tried to lunge forward on the handlebar to increase the distance between us, but I had nowhere to go. Alex handed me the cassette and then took off.

“Ah, thank you. I heard of him.” I clutched the cassette of the Italian songwriter and buried my face into my backpack. Alex pedaled away.

It felt amazing to be forced to sit in his arms without any implications, just being close. I could get used to Alex’s attentions. That jerk Nico had better start to see whatever it was that Alex liked, because I was not going to wait forever.


Okay. So this is an ordinary scene; some dialogue, zero description (there is some later in the chapter, just not here), some narration. The gist: Alex picks up Leda to go to school.

But think about it; what did you learn? 

About Leda: she has a sister, she lives with her mom, she is a tomboy, she is not comfortable wearing a skirt (”I felt like I was in one of those nightmares where…”, she hates pink (pink was italicized), she does not wear skirts normally nor lets her hair down, she likes Nico (who is a jerk), she is not indifferent to Alex, she is lonely (“I could get used to Alex’s attentions”).

About Alex: he likes Leda, he has a dashing smile, he’s thoughtful and kind (he made her a cassette, he came to pick her up, he’s giving her a ride), he’s not a “player” (if he were he would have complimented Leda on her outfit, instead, like the klutz he really is, he says “Wow, you look like…a girl”)

About Mom: she is not a morning person, she would like Leda to be girly (”she had been ecstatic at my outfit…”)

About the place: there are several clues suggesting that we are in Italy, but you would know that already if you had started the book from the beginning. So these are really just “reminders”. Clues: the triple espresso, the Invicta backpack (a typical Italian brand), Marco Masini (an Italian songwriter).

About the time: Alex made Leda a cassette; this is typical of the 90s (or 80s). Again, if you had read the book from the beginning you’d know we are in 1990. This is just a reminder.

About relationship dynamics: I don’t tell you that Leda thinks that Alex is cute: she shivers in his arms, she notices the heat of his chest against her back, she thinks the situation is awkward. I don’t tell you that she likes Nico and he is indifferent you learn that from her thoughts.

The narrator did not tell you any of these things. You learned them from the scene. An example of infodump would have been: “Leda was a tomboy and felt very awkward wearing a skirt. When Alex picked her up she felt selfconscious. Etc…”

The more you write, the better you’ll become at “show don’t tell” to the point that it will permeate every aspect of your writing, even little details. When in the paragraph above the doorbell rings I don’t tell you that Leda is surprised because she is not expecting anyone; she frowns and wonders who it might be.

A cheap trick to find and eliminate infodumps

As a rookie writer it’s hard to find infodumps. Look out for verbs like “look” and “feel”. For example: “Alex looked upset” (You are telling me! Show me instead!) You could replace that with “Alex bit his lip, tormenting the cuticle on his thumb.” Or “Leda felt embarrassed” could be replaced with, “Leda looked at the ground feeling her cheeks burning.”

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Destiel Christmas Mini Bang - Day 24: Nativity
Story by: casinthongs
Art by: lotrspnfangirl can be found here

It was a month before Christmas when Mr. Garth walked into their class, seemingly like every other day. This time, though, he asked, “Who knows the story about Bethlehem and Jesus’s birth?”

Castiel raised his hand excitedly, and with him, all the other boys did, too. And Charlie.

The teacher smiled at them. “We’re gonna have a play about it. A nativity play. And you, my friends, are going to be the actors.”

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Rapunzel and the Twins: Dipper in Wonderland | Wonderland AU

Dipper was walking through the woods, grumbling about how mean Grunkle Stan was and how come he had to be the one to walk through the creepy forest and hang signs and how life was so unfair. He had gone a fair distance from the Shack when he decided he deserved a break. If he was going to be sent out here to do grunt work for the old man, he was going to take his sweet, sweet time doing it. He set down the rest of the signs and then plopped down under the tree. He yawned. Man, he was tired. He had a late night reading. He was up til almost the sunrise. Maybe he would just rest his eyes for a few minutes…

He woke to the sounds of rustling leaves. He almost ignored it, believing it to be a harmless woodland creature when he realized that there was a mechanical sound to it. It wasn’t the normal crunching of leaves underfoot or hoof, it was a whirring and a crunching of leaves under tires. He stood to investigate. It didn’t sound far off. He had hardly made it to the bushes when the sound increased, accompanied with some beeps. The bushes shook violently. Dipper braced himself for whatever may emerge.

Suddenly, the bushes parted and the strangest thing Dipper had ever seen came rushing out: a pig on some sort of cart, steering and typing controls into a control pad in front of him. “What the-?” He said aloud. The pig seemed to be in a hurry. It spoke-or, at least, the machine did, in a robotic voice.

“Oh dear. It appears that I am extremely late. My master will not be happy with me at all.” It said. 

“You’re a pig! Pigs don’t talk! Or ride… whatever that is!” Dipper shouted from shock. 

The pig turned his attention to the boy. “Excuse you, but that is very rude. I happen to be Waddles, a close and trusted friend to those of higher power in Wonderland. Now if you would excuse me, Dumb Boy, I am expected elsewhere for tummy tickles and num-nums.” With that, he turned his machine and whirred away.

“Hey! Wait!” Dipper shouted after him. Driven by curiosity, he followed, the signs and his task forgotten. The pig’s machine was surprisingly fast, and Dipper had his work cut out to keep up. He chased him far into the wood. Suddenly, he lost sight of Waddles near a large bush. He approached slowly, wondering where the pig had went and who was going to be providing his “tummy tickles and num-nums.” The next thing he knew, he was plummeting down a hole into the darkness. He screamed, tumbling and turning in his free fall.

No sooner had the plummeting began, it stopped. He was drifting down calmly. He looked around, his vision adjusting to the dark-no, it was just getting lighter in the hole. Candles and other odd lights were suspended in the air periodically. A few other random objects joined the light fixtures. Dipper wondered what kind of insanity he had gotten himself into. By the time he had reached solid ground again, he was convinced he was trapped in some kind of overly-imaginative dream. There was no way this was all possible.

Touching down on the floor of a large room, he heard the whir of the pig’s machine and then a closing of a door. Excited and re-invigorated in his quest to find out more about the strange pig, he walked around the room, looking for the door Waddles had gone through. He saw it tucked away in the far corner. He frowned as he approached it. It was much too small to fit through. He pouted, looking around the room for anything that would be of help. There was a table in the center of the room with a bottle labeled “Drink Me.” Dipper wasn’t sure why, but he was drawn to the bottle, and with a bit of questioning, drank it.

There was a tingle that ran throughout his body as the world around him grew. Or more accurately, he shrank. Dipper grinned, triumphant that he could now easily fit through the door. He quickly ran over to it and flung it open, dashing through to the other side. He entered into what seemed like an overgrown garden in which he was the size of a small animal. He didn’t get much time to look around before he ran smack into something. He fell back and looked up. And up. And up. He screamed like a little girl at what he saw.

He had run into the shoe of what appeared to be a giant girl. She looked down at him and gave him a big brace-face toothy grin. She looked as though she was no older than him and was dressed in the most outrageous styles and colors. Atop her head was a large top hat. “It’s about time you got here!” She boomed. “We’ve been waiting for you! But it will never do to take you to tea looking like that!”

“What are you talking about?!” Dipper shouted up at her. “Who are you? Where am I?”

“I can answer that once I fix you up. I should have just the thing…”  She rummaged through her coat pockets. “Ah! Here!” She pulled out a glowing spotted mushroom cap. breaking off a small bit of the spotted side, she put it in her palm and held it out to Dipper. “Eat this! It will be all better afterwards!”

Dipper was not convinced, but he had no real reason to not, and if this was a dream then who cared what happened anyway? He stepped forward and took the bit of mushroom. He inspected it before putting it in his mouth and chewing. It tasted funny, and the same hot tingle raced through his body as when he drank from the bottle earlier. Only this time, he grew. Soon he was looking the girl in the eye. He realized that they looked a lot alike. He didn’t dwell on that long, though. He had bigger questions to be answered. “Alright. Now will you tell me who you are? And where we are? And what is going on?” He asked.

The girl bowed deeply, sweeping her top hat off with a flourish. “I am Mad Mabel Hattington of course! Though most people call me the Mad Hatter! Those who don’t call me Mabel!” She stood and returned her hat to her head. She threw her arms out to the side. “Welcome to Wonderland! We have been expecting you. You took longer to follow Waddles than I thought you would, so we are running a little late. Hurry along.” With that, she turned and began walking away.

“Wait! Where are you taking me?” Dipper shouted, following her.

“To her of course.” She replied with a laugh, continuing her brisk pace. “And we really shouldn’t keep her waiting. It wouldn’t do. And the tea will be cold! Who in their right mind would drink cold tea? Bleh!”

Dipper didn’t have long to wonder who “her” was, as they soon came to the gates of a large white castle. He was looking around in awe, he didn’t notice the tea set out at a large table with mismatched chairs in the center of the courtyard. Nor did he notice the beautiful woman at the head of the table, waiting just for them.

All That Remains

     Ruby’s new team makes its way to Haven, hoping to put an end to what was started below Beacon’s shadow. However, the city of Vale is unstable, and political upheaval betwixt kingdoms is on the rise. What’s to happen to those left behind to pick up the pieces?

     This story focuses on Yang, Weiss, and Blake immediately following the events of “The End of the Beginning”. Within the framework of a battle between factions, each of the girls will be forced to face their more personal demons:

- Yang is suffering from PTSD as a result of her physical trauma and her longstanding abandonment issues. What do the first steps of her recovery look like?

- Weiss is sick of being her father’s puppet. Will she be forced to submit to his control, or will she be able to break free long enough to find her place in the world?

- Blake is preparing for Adam’s inevitable reprisal, but is terrified to ask for help. She can’t bear to see her closest friends get hurt again. Will she learn that no one is better off alone before Adam strikes again?

     In spite of these problems, the fate of the city may very well rest on Team RWBY’s shoulders. Read to find out if fate has chosen wisely!

Prologue: Snowfall

                                     Patch, Xiao Long Residence
                        Twenty-three days since the Battle of Beacon

    “You have a visitor, sweetheart.”

    His voice was gentle. Pillowing. A testament to just how fragile her own father believed she had become. What they all believed. They spoke to her as if she were about to shatter from the sound alone. What he didn’t understand, what none of them understood, was that she was already broken. They’d visit her - Sun, Neptune, Velvet, anyone who could sneak away from the city’s designated safety camps and convince the ferryman to cross the channel - and waste their breath on hushed sympathies. Always with the useless little tidbits someone might save for a child amidst crisis. They never dared to tell her what was happening beyond Patch’s borders. Not to her face. Not to someone so delicate.

     Eventually, her friends would realize she wasn’t listening to their idle chatter and awkwardly do their best to make it seem as if the conversation hadn’t ended before it had ever begun. They’d make a joke or comment on her hair. They were desperate to say something - anything - that might get them a response that was just so very Yang that they’d feel like they had accomplished something. When they inevitably failed, they’d wish her well, close the door with their eyes on the floor, and pass along updates to her father.

    “No one is allowed into the city, and the refugee camps are under guard to keep people from wandering off. We’re sitting ducks out there.”

    “Vacuo has closed its borders. They’re not even letting their tournament teams go home.”

    “The Grimm have completely overtaken the school. It’s like they’re trying to protect that dragon. But why bother if it’s dead?”

    "Mistral is demanding Atlas answer for trying to incite another Great War. Something about an occupation. Whatever’s going on, it’s stopped Atlas from sending more ships to help relocate the evacuees.”

    Such squabbles. She hated it. She hated everything. The Grimm. The school. Hunters. They were taught that if they trained enough, if they learned enough, if they fought enough, that the evils of the world would be vanquished. Humanity could one day live in peace, without fear, because hunters and huntresses could make it so. But with every small victory came a crushing defeat. Penny. Pyrrha. Summer. The only thing humanity had to show for it’s efforts was death. The thought of becoming a huntress now? She could taste the bile in her throat.

    “Yang? Honey, she came all the way from Atlas. Won’t you speak with her?”

    It had been a few weeks since Ruby had left with her band of misfits, friends, but Yang hadn’t bothered to count just how many. Taiyang had burst from her sister’s room in a panic she hadn’t seen since Qrow had dragged home two little girls covered in Beowulf blood. He dashed out of the house shouting Ruby’s name, and he didn’t come home for almost an hour.

    Maybe she should’ve stopped him long enough to tell him she’d seen Ruby leave nearly three hours prior.

    When he did come to her, he read Ruby’s letter aloud as if the words were something Yang never would have expected. As if she didn’t know her sister well enough to know she still believed Remnant was worth fighting for. Worth dying for.


    I know you’re not going to like this, but I’m going to find the people responsible for everything that happened at Beacon. If I can stop a big, scary dragon, then I can stop them… even if I don’t remember how I did it. Yet. I probably shouldn’t have written that part down. I’ll just figure it out on the way! It can’t be that hard, right? Just don’t worry! I’m not alone. My friends from school are coming with me. And I remembered to pack extra socks!

    Please. Look after Yang and Zwei. I’ll be home soon.

                                                                                        Love you always,

    By the time he was done reading, Taiyang’s eyes were clouded with tears, but he refused to let his anxiety stop him from purposely reassuring Yang that Ruby would come home safe and sound. Then he waited for a response from her that never came. Not a sound, nor a hint of a sniffle. Her gazed remained fixed on the window, as it had been for most of their previous interactions. When he realized she had nothing to say, he kissed the crown of her head and left the room.

    Left. Just like the others.

    “The only person I know from Atlas is probably locked away in some tower. She won’t be coming back.”

    “I wouldn’t put it past my father to do something like that. He might even try once he finds out I’m missing. Try being the key word.”

    With more energy than she’d exhibited in weeks, Yang immediately turned to see a slightly disheveled Weiss Schnee standing in her doorway. Her peacoat was on her arm, damp from the snow, and her eyes looked so… tired, but her head was held high, Myrtenaster was at her hip, and she was smirking. It was really her.

    “I’ll let you two catch up. If either of you need anything, I’ll be making some tea in the kitchen,” Taiyang said. Then he smiled, relieved Weiss of her coat, and closed the door behind him. Weiss quickly wished he hadn’t.

    The silence that followed after him was deafening. Weiss took it as a cue to move further into the room, but Yang’s spiritless eyes were unnerving, increasingly so, and watching her every move. Her smirk faltered, along with her confidence, and she was compelled to look at anything but the other girl. Unfortunately, the dreariness of Yang’s bedroom did little to placate her concerns. No color. No light. Not even a poster like the one Yang had absolutely insisted be hung up on the wall of their dorm back at Beacon. And those wilted sunflowers…

    "Your flowers could use a little wat-”

    “Don’t.” Weiss nearly jumped. She hadn’t expected to get a response, let alone such a harsh one - not after Taiyang had told her about Yang’s previous social calls. But it seemed Yang still had some fire left in her after all. A volatile sort. She’d have to tread carefully.

    “I’m sorry,” she replied, taking a seat in a chair at the foot of the bed.

    “How did you even get here?” The distrust in her voice was clear.

    “It’s a long story. Let’s just say my sister doesn’t share my father’s alienating brand of patriotism.” She paused, thinking of Qrow. “Well, most of the time. When I told her I couldn’t stay in Atlas, she listened. She pulled a few strings and had me on a military vessel a few days later.” Weiss bit her tongue, recognizing she may have said a bit too much on the matter. Even if she trusted Yang, if word got out that Winter had acted in direct opposition to her orders… “But none of that is really important. I saw a few other students when I landed, but not Ruby. Is she here too? Your father didn’t mention her.”


    Weiss raised a brow. Yang’s gaze had hardened. “Excuse me?”

    “Ruby. Isn’t. Here.” That fire again. Thankfully, even if she was irritated, Yang at least had the decency to elaborate. “She’s on some mission with Jaune, Nora, and Ren to find the people that attacked the city. That strange woman. Our uncle told her about what happened to the dragon. What she did to it. Now she’s convinced she’s the only one that can stop them. She’s-”

    “- a complete dolt!” It was Yang’s turn to jump. Weiss had lost herself. “How could she just run off like that? What if there are more dragons? And she went with… Jaune doesn’t even know how to manifest his own semblance and they expect to take down someone that Ozpin couldn’t?! That Pyrrha- Please tell me you know where she is. I’m not going to stay here and let her get herself kill-”

    Weiss went wide-eyed; her regret, instantaneous. The accusation wasn’t intended, but it was there. And it had struck a chord.

    “You think I want her to die?!”

    “Yang, no-”

    “I may have watched her leave, but how was I supposed to know she wasn’t just going to the city?” The question silenced Weiss’ protests immediately, as did the strain in Yang’s voice. “I didn’t know she was about to go on some cross-continent adventure to fight a crazy witch. And even if I did, what was I supposed to do? Wave my stump at her?!”

    She cringed. So they both felt guilty. Immensely so, even. However, Yang’s first question still left Weiss with a heavy feeling in her stomach.

    “She didn’t ask you to go with her? She didn’t… tell you?”

    There was a long pause that followed - one Weiss was beginning to believe had marked the end of her welcome. After all, it seemed as if her presence had only succeeded in worsening Yang’s state of mind. But just when Weiss was about make her exit, Yang spoke.

    “Dad’s tried to contact her. Still does. She never answers. With the CCT down, inner-kingdom communications are spotty at best. By now, it’s likely that she’s made it out of the kingdom altogether. There’s no way of finding her. There’s nothing we can do.”

    Her despondency was palpable; the fire was nowhere to be found. It was all too much for Weiss to bear. With a bold step forward, Weiss gripped Myrtenaster’s pommel with one hand and clenched a fist with the other. Her confidence was back, and with it, a purpose.

    “If Ruby insists on throwing herself into battle, there is something we can do. We can help the city. Even if it’s something as simple as keeping the refugees company. She has to have a world left to fight for, right? To come back to? What better place than her home?”

    Yang didn’t respond. She did manage to hold Weiss’ gaze long enough for her to notice how glossy her eyes looked. The realization was striking. She’s terrified.

    “Y-you don’t have to come with me. I’d understand if you didn’t. But I need to do right by Ruby. By Penny and Pyrrha.” A sniffle. “This is the only way I know how to do that. This is what I came back to Vale for. And for you. Just because we’re not in school anymore doesn’t mean we stopped being teammates.”

    Teammates. Another stone settled in her stomach. Blake. No one had said anything about Blake. Before she could stop herself, Weiss said as much.

    The dam broke.

Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Limerence
Pairing: AoKise (with some KagaKuro and MidoTaka thrown in)
Genre: Rom/Com with a side of angst
Total Word Count: approx. 5400
Chapter Word Count: approx. 5400
Summary: Aomine and Kise share one night coined by fate that is taken away just as quickly as it’s given. Years later, at the threshold of their new lives, they look back to that one night and wonder… “what if?”.
Chapter Summary: Aomine and Kise meet and an instant connection sparks, making way for an unforgettable encounter.
A/N: Inspired by the film Serendipity and these songs. I’ve always wanted to do a fate/destiny fic and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put an AoKise twist to it. Happy reading! ;D

On AO3 || Multichapter || Ch1

Always for this pos

“Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swiveled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark.”

-Bryce Courtenay

New York City on Christmas Eve is a madhouse.

There’s a distinct charge in the air, a rip-roaring tide of energy that infects everyone with that sort of obliviously irritating happiness - that is, until they enter a department store and turn into snarling, no-holds-barred devil incarnates willing to bowl anyone over for a discounted pair of shoes or some upcharged toy that everyone’s going nuts over. Unfortunately for Aomine Daiki, he’s right smack dab in the middle of the rumble, swallowed whole into the chaos of last minute Christmas shoppers fighting tooth and nail for things they probably wouldn’t have looked at twice if it wasn’t the day before Christmas.

Every year, he tries to convince himself it’ll be different - that this year, this year he’ll get everything done just so he wouldn’t have to power through the stupid lines and the hoards of pissed off people set on cleaning the stores out.

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