to all the hooks that followed me back lol

cryptidpidges  asked:

its prob what they are doing tbh with this its making the game more dps oriented but we already knew that

I’m hoping its because they’re bringing a new healer in and they’re between like Ana-mercy level heals but I doubt it. everyone is saying the new hero won’t be till around Christmas time. I mean, just let me go on a crazy rant for a second.

  • ana was nerfed 6 months back so she could no longer defend herself. sure she can still sleep dart and get kills, but not nearly at the rate before. 
  • lucio’s healing was nerfed. he was doing too much over a radius and blocking a shit ton of lets with how fast he could get it. believe me, this is what got me through s3 and s4 of comp lol. 
  • road hog was nerfed. some support complained, but it was mostly dps. they were upset about being hooked and one shot- especially tracers, Pharaohs, and genjis. 
  • dva was nerfed so that her defense matrix can no longer eat the following ultimates completes: Zarya (and all the dps paired with it), Pharah, McCree, Soldier, Roadhog. I could go on. 
  • mercy was nerfed. people (read: dps) was angry and claimed all mercys hid and ruined the game. some did, but I sure as hell didn’t (unless I knew a Zarya, Reinhardt or dva ultimate was coming. then I may back a bit and keep a little distance between me and my team or hid behind a shield lol) 
  • lucio is potentially nerfed. this is to his speed as he is coming off of a wall climb. it usually is boosted, but it isn’t. this MAY be a bug. 
  • Genji gets a buff. a speed buff. so he can let faster. 

now… do you see whats wrong here?? seems like all of it is in favor of dps. and worst of all? everyone is freaking out. 9 threads were locked on the first page. so what do they do? update a ptr thread! yay! but guess what :) it only acknowledges Mercy. its been proven through video and others in ptr that lucio, Mei, and Genji also have changes but they are not addressing them. hopefully its because they are being reverted and or/fixed if lucio is a bug. who knows tho? not us because blizzard sure as hell doesn’t want to communicate.