to all my dear friends

Scout Pregame Quote (Rare)
Nathan Vetterlein
Scout Pregame Quote (Rare)

“Hey, I’ll just say it. Everyone else here is too scared to say it, but I’ll just say what everyone’s thinkin’! We’re all best friends. We are all dear, dear friends! Birthday party at my place this weekend, by the way. Nobody showed up last weekend so I figured, now no big whoop, I’ll just have it again.”

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” ~Henry David Thoreau 

Happy birthday to someone who has been a great source of inspiration, my dear friend, Matt @catharticexperience!! Best wishes for all the joy, laughter and love you can handle!! 😘 I am blessed to have you as my friend!! 🤗 *BIG HUGS* ~Angie 💖💖

I.. I don’t even know if i should could translate this :D

He just kinda swears in Russian (meaning something like “Well that’s just great”, “What am i going to do with you now?”)


i have -0.5 friends that are interested in Connor/Evan and i have so many fic ideas and AU’s and i just wanna TALK BECAUSE THERES LOTS OF EMOTION THIS IS SUCH A PURE AND DEEP AND BEAUTIFUL SHIP SEND HELP SHOOT ME A MESSAGE

Ramadan tips to maximize your rewards:

1. Get a journal to write down all your goals, dua and things you will avoid. (Inspired by my dear friend Mona Al-Khayyali).

2. Make different category of goals:
A.Character goals (control anger, more patient, more humble)
B. Spiritual Goals (amount of Quran you want to read, extra prayers, athkar)
C. Family (spend time together, listen to lectures, reward system and charts)
D. Sins to avoid (gossip, lying…)
E. Community (feeding the poor, visiting the sick, money to refugees, helping at the mosque)

2. Form a support group with friends or family to remind and encourage one another. (Blessed to have a group of the most sincere and encouraging sisters MashaAllah working together towards self-improvement)

3. Forgive and clear your heart from grudges. It is so therapeutic to let go of the hurt and move on. This will free your heart of rancor and animosity.

4. Pray 2 rakats tauba for any shortcomings you had throughout the year to start with a clean slate.

I pray Allah strengthen us and guides us.

—  Halel Banani

“friends are the sunshine of life.” ~John Hay

Happy birthday, dear Trisha @sims3-4-creations-mycats!! You make us all feel like a part of your family with your good food, travels and of course, Ginger and Mina! 😘 I wish for you as much love and light as you give to all of us, my dear friend! *BIG HUGS* ~Angie 💖💖

Elliot and Angela kiss

me: oh wow, what a great friendship

Tyrell grabs Elliot by his shoulder, caressing him gently

me: look at that, true love, so pure 


It's not right.



It’s just not right now.

Dedicated to Lola


#kdramawomensweek: day 3 // 40+ up women in stories that you adored

↪ dear my friends

Once I saw this category I immediately knew I would be choosing the Dear My Friends women. And as I was making this gifset and rewatching the scenes I started crying. That’s how impactful these women were for me and how deeply they touched me. They’re the kind of women you see and say, “I want to be like you when I grow up.” Their stories were so painfully truthful that after an episode, I felt a deep aching in my heart. Their sadness, joy, fear, and love was my own. Though I’m not at their age, they were still women who felt relatable in some way. Their friendship really added to my love for them, because you saw how much they depended on each other during uncertain times. Separately, everyone was interesting and watching them live their individual lives was a great experience, but together they were incredible and made watching the drama even more enjoyable. I really applaud Noh Hee Kyung for writing such complex women and this was only elevated by the amazing performances given by the cast.
Maybe it’s kind of cliche to say, but these women did teach me lessons. And the one I take close to my heart is: keep going. It’s something everyone tells you all the time, but with Dear My Friends, I felt the lesson really penetrate and stick with me. It was in the small moments, the way the women lived their lives, how they laughed hard after days of worrying and crying, and when they said death could wait, but their farm needed tending to right now.

“They have no shame but they’re not shameless. They had struggled to survive for over 70 years, I regretted being mean to them as if I understood them all. I wanted to tell them that I’d been ignorant & foolish.”

Winter was at its highest and although Magnus’s loft had a very good heating system, he had purposely lowered it down a bit to have the excuse to be near the fire and use the blankets to warm each other up. 

- “Between The Lines” (Chapter 23) by @msalexiscriss

Wish you the happiest of Birthdays my dear friend Alexis, and all the best for the next year!!

I love your stories and I love talking to you and that you’re always up to fangirl around or answer my questions and add to my limited Shadowhunter knowledge… Thank you!! 

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Can I give Connor a hug?

“I don’t care if I sing Off-Key
I found myself in my melodies”

- Bird Set Free, Sia