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So do all of you realize that at the end of Rogue One, when Jyn and Cassian hold each other on the beach as the Death Star’s fire comes for them, Cassian - who spent his life facing down the brutal truth of the world, who did and saw terrible things and always forced himself to look at them, who understood the bleakness of his life down to his bones and never asked for a reprieve - that Cassian - finally lets himself lean into Jyn and just…close his eyes?

And Jyn - who spent her life refusing to look up, who was determined to keep her head down and focus on the here and now and blind herself to the greater good and the greater tragedies taking place all around her - that Jyn - wraps her arms around Cassian and keeps her eyes open as death draws closer and the explosion engulfs them both?

Because I realized that today and I haven’t quite recovered and wow those two seriously wrecked me. Holy Moses that ending

yall, instagram and snapchat have been so shitty for my self esteem and like general mental health in the past. like i reinstall instagram to post and then i get out of there and delete the app as fast as i can. snapchat made me feel like i had to be doing something every second of the day and it was SOOO exhausting. but it’s been like 3 months without snapchat and i look at 5 posts on instagram every two weeks. i feel so good. my god these sm apps are TRAPS. like real life, actual traps dude. omg like to the point where they are almost painful. i was talking to my friends last night while we were playing uno and they actually had no idea what ive been up to all summer because i havent been on snapchat and honestly that felt great to know like good lmfao when you stop having a good time just to show people youre having a good time, idk. things just change.

—  you compliment my dress but i can’t make out whether you genuinely mean it or you are just trying to make fun of me in the most twisted ways
i’ve known you for quite a few years and even then i can’t tell the difference between your love for me or your politeness towards me 

i can’t tell if you really mean all the good things you say to me because i am good or because you are just trying to be kind so as to not hurt my heart

maybe that is why i find it easier to push you away then to break apart each of your words thrown towards me because breaking something always leads to pain if it is done by an overthinking mind

even though i am up here and you are down there, i can’t believe how much that doesn’t matter in real life
really good things in our DND group

- our bard andy’s bag of holding, which is almost exclusively used to hold all of his sex toys

- meilius and our halfling cleric, dougie, always getting lost together and falling into dire life-threatening situations

- whenever someone leaves the table our DM announces “so X just fucking dies. they drop dead right in front of you.”

- lailani being team mom and honestly probably the only thing thats keeping the team slightly functional

- freya the dwarf: “i intimidate the bandits by benchpressing andy with two fingers.”

- that one time the entire group did a team building exercise by getting into a drunken brawl with each other

- the running gag that meilius and all the other oni tiefs are just drows wearing weird high quality tiefling fursuits

- Swamp Bitch™

Okay so we all know about the seeable consequences of wonderland and how it fucked up cha bois and their different abilities, but like, what about unseeable ones?????

Taako got vitality and dexterity drained from him and what if that manifests itself as knee problems or back problems or a chronic health issue later in life?

Merle starts squinting at things that are a normal distance away and refuses to get his good eye checked saying he is fine until Mavis and Mookie manipulate him into it using their status as his children to guilt him and it turns out he is going blind in his old age and there is no good reason why until he remembers wonderland and giving up his darkvision.

Taako is cooking one day and Lup notices he is favoring his left side heavily so she watches closer and it turns out he won’t put more weight than is necessary to walk (in the loosest definition of the word) on his right leg but he insists he is fine when questioned and it’s only when his left knee starts acting up too that he admits that he has days where can barley walk because his joints just don’t work like they used to and they haven’t since Wonderland. The same goes for his back.

Magnus watches his friends go through these physical struggles (he doesn’t live a long enough life-he is only a human, after all- to see Taako develop something in his lungs so he has trouble breathing some to most days) and he wishes he could be right there suffering alongside of them and Lucretia reminds him often that the blank spot in his mind when he thinks about raven’s roost and the nightmares and the ptsd is just as real as the physical side effects but it is just in the nature of who Magnus is to want to feel some of their pain.

Plz talk to me about this my dudes.

Arca gives Björk a "lush compliment" and she responds with some cosmic life advice
  • Arca: One of the most inspiring things I have witnessed is seeing the way in which you go about life. Your mercurial attitude toward ‘connecting dots’ – to nurture, to solve, to create space and mitigate what might at first appear to be dead ends or tension as alchemical materia prima. Countless times I have watched you transform things by both looking outward and inward and creating a way to harmonise both spaces to one another in an almost playful way. To find a way to make it all work together means believing in considering all possibilities and then choosing. Would you mind trying to communicate what that attitude means for you as a musician and as a human?
  • Björk: Thank you! That is one of the most lush compliments I’ve received, especially from someone like you! It’s just that sometimes things feel quite chaotic, so I often don’t feel like I’m doing a very good job. But I guess life is chaotic in its nature and one has to cooperate with that chaos. One cannot retreat, isolate and create a disciplined, ‘forced’ life outside of that – but you and I have talked a lot about how the feminine element in ourselves has been underrated and looked down upon, but we want to give it an upgrade! And pride ourselves in being the queens of connecting all dots and creating a flow between things. There has to be equilibrium between as many elements as possible, for our personal worlds to rotate with that big outer one.

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what is critical role and should i get involved in it???????????

I’m gonna answer this one publicly because I’m semi almost qualified to answer it but real other people can take a swing at it to because 1) critical role is great! so good! a unique entertainment experience with a lot of heart and laughs and action! and 2) something I’ve resigned to never finishing because I got 30 episodes in and then there were still like 60 more and they’re all three-five hours long, and I’m at a point in my life where one episode of Miss Fisher’s every other week is my TV attention span. So if people who have Done the Whole Dang Thing want to weigh it, please feel free! 

But Critical Role is a bunch of voice actors who are also very good friends livestreaming (and then archiving the videos) their long running D&D game. If you listened to The Adventure Zone and you were like “this is pretty cool but they edit out all the moments where they painfully try to do some basic calculations and also argue about the rules” then Critical Role is the show for you, which I say with love. It’s a lot like watching your friends play D&D because that’s literally what it is, a bunch of people playing in real time as you watch, except they are extraordinarily better at voices and acting than your average friend. I watched through the first two arcs before I just got overwhelmed by the amount of episodes, and I had a lot of fun. (And pain! There’s a moment where one character is confessing their love to another character by a tree and it’s LITERALLY THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE, I AM STILL SCARRED AND DELIGHTED AND HORRIFIED BY HAVING TO WATCH WHAT WAS ESSENTIALLY AN INCREDIBLY AWKWARD REAL LIFE CONVERSATION ROLEPLAYED BY TWO FRIENDS WHO ARE PRETENDING TO BE FANTASY BEINGS)

The Trial of the Take is a good standalone two episode arc if you would like a scant seven hour intro (look I got A LOT of knitting and general tidying done while I watched Critical Role), and there’s loads of clips on youtube that show off the show pretty well (this animation for example is six minutes long and I watch it start to finish every single time it comes up on my dash) 

It’s a lot of fun, it’s pretty time consuming (hence why I can no longer keep up with it) but if you can wholeheartedly embrace Earnestness (Liam’s roleplaying and also real personality will be the death of my Cool Detached ass), it’s a hell of a good time 

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any updates?

Afraid not.

The short answer is that my mind has been preoccupied with other life concerns, so my body goals have taken a back seat. I haven’t been actively pursuing any sort of goal; I’ve just been on autopilot - going to the gym, eating as normal, nothing special. I haven’t even stepped on a scale in months, so I don’t know where things stand. I feel good though, if I’m honest. I neither like nor dislike how I look, I just haven’t really thought about it much at all.

As such, because this blog is purely about body-related topics, I haven’t really had much to write about here. When I finally can commit some mental energy to it, I’ll be back.

If you’re curious about a longer answer, check below the break.

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The last game.

Tristan knew that moment would have come, but that didn’t mean he felt ready. He spent most of his life running on a basketball field, fighting in courts or just training with his grandpa. Ball and hoops, trainers and speed. That was what he knew best. His grandfather… He couldn’t help but think what would he think of him now. 

“Look where I am now grandpa. It is all because of you. And because of them.”

His eyes run quick on the bleachers: his mom, his daughters, his son, his siblings, the only woman he ever loved. Everyone was there, there for him. Despite everything he did or didn’t do in his life, he knew they still loved him. 
He hadn’t been a good son.
He hadn’t been a good brother.
He hadn’t been a good father. 

Was it too late for realising it? Now that the only thing he was ever good at was about to end, to abandon him… could he have another chance?

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Nesta archeron

Nesta Archeron

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: Loyal, intelligent, perceptive, wise, straight-forward
worst quality: Stubborn as hell (sometimes that’s a good thing)
ship them with: C a s s i a n
brotp them with: Helion
needs to stay away from: Anything that causes her immense physical or emotional harm.
misc. thoughts: Out of all the Maas female characters, she’s my favorite.

I wanna apologize for my absence because I love u guys a bunch and wanna keep updates when I can! I’ve been away from home for the past weeks (around 3-ish weeks), so some may have noticed that I disappeared for a bit because I wasn’t using my computer while away! a lot has been going on in life lately, but things are actually going in a great direction for me, and I’m super excited to share more about it later on. I hope you’re all well and having a good day!

I’m that girl who doesn’t have a lot of friends. I don’t go drinking every weekend or smoke to have a good time. I’m the type who’ll stay up all night talking about your favorite artist. I’ll spend the whole day window shopping with you on stuff we can’t afford. I’ll go waste gas money just driving around so we can blast music in the car. I may not party every weekend, but I promise we’ll still have fun.

Just imagine if MC would had appeared earlier in V’s life ?

Before he and Rika met, like, what would you do when you know all the things that will happen to them?

What will you do?

Wouldn’t you save their relationship for the goods?

Wouldn’t you save Saeyoung and Saeran?

Would that be the only way you can save everybody?


From the first moment I looked you in your eyes you stopped time. You speak works that linger with me forever, give my body sensations a body can never understand, and you make me laugh and see how good life can be. You have thrived in my dreams and made me realize they can come true. All of the things you and I could be, see and do. You made me love today and live for tomorrow. You give me days of love and joy and nights under the stars. 

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it's a good thing I did try to commit suicide, it exposed who was and who wasn't my friends.

The irony is the hours we all spent worried sick about you over that, over the fact I had to cancel my fucking birthday plans out of stress and worry. You got caught lying and ATTACKED ME right after I said something.

Buddy, I’ve been hospitalized for suicide attempts at least 4 times in my life of which one they didn’t know I had attempted. (”friends cat got my arms”)

They don’t let you have a cellphone near you due to stress, it’s protocol.

Plus you told us it was through cyanide poisoning, which is physically unsound. Cyanide would have kept you from talking let alone texting. We’ve proven time and time again you had lied to us then afterwards tried to demonize me of all fucking people. The person you KNOW is very, VERY empathetic towards suicidal types because I have a bad history with it.

You fucking met me in 2012 right before I TRIED TO KILL MYSELF. You knew this for years and it’s why I kept clean of it for 2 years after I got out of the hospital. Do you really think I’m that fucking stupid.

You had us turn against poor fucking Dak and Blue because you can’t keep your fucking dick in your shorts and take a fucking no for an answer, then when we found out you lost control of us. So what did you do? Lied to us. Stressed me out. COSTED ME A CLASS I COULD’VE BEEN IN BECAUSE I WAS FUCKING BREAKING DOWN OVER YOUR STUNT.

You caused all of us so much fucking stress that could’ve been avoided and you know it. You blame me because you know I’m the weakest emotionally and you prey and leech on it like some sort of fucking tax collector. Well honey I’m unemployed and a broke ass college student from California and I don’t have time for people like you.

Though never, NEVER say I didn’t care. I cried for you and cared so much about you I put my own health aside various times. I tried to be inclusive and get people to stop saying things I knew you hated. I tried to encourage you to go out and get on with life and get HELP for this clear delusion of reality you have and by god if I didn’t care I wouldn’t be telling you this right now in fucking public.

You forced me to leave Dakota. You forced all of us by pushing us all away. You’d accuse us of not trying while you left us for days without a fucking word because your fucking RP was more important, but you could manipulate Saen into thinking you were having a hard time thus why you weren’t talking.

Leave. Us. Alone.