to a secret sinner

reading poetry in different languages: aesthetic impressions

Spanish: juice dripping from your mouth as you bite into fresh fruit; honeyed skin incessantly kissed by the sun; long laughter and shadows of summer; a red rose on a bedside table in a white room, where a single petal falls; the silhouettes of lovers sitting at the end of a dock, everything the deepest blue.

French: a river running smooth as silk; pale mornings, watching cigarette smoke slip away like a scarf in the wind; a drink which singes your throat as it slips down into your core and warms you; hot tears stinging your face, then the cold water that washes them away; the agony of orgasm.

German: storm clouds rolling in; the fear of god in the eyes of painted sinners; a long black coat for hiding every secret; shoes clacking on a wooden floor; purple veins on eyelids; the dial tone ringing and ringing when no one is taking your call; an uncapped pen which has bled all over the page.

Irish Gaelic: a whip of raven black hair; lying awake with only the moon to console you; high sand dunes punctuated with brushstrokes of green, green grass; how a first kiss feels so bright, like walking on air; the crash of the ocean, always running into the soft limitless arms of the shore.

Pashto: pomegranates, always and always, and the way they open endlessly; a woman blossoming in front of herself; a purple sunset over mountaintops; children singing songs together under the shade of a fruit tree; a bucket splashing water over your feet; whispers in the dark, a taunting dialogue.


Hawkens hadn’t been a bee long, but he took to it just fine. The Serpent Child of the Eye found it easy to fit in with the Illuminati once he fled his twisted Orochi masters. His work wasn’t all that different. Just now when he stalked the streets, he bent metal and electricity to his will, and more often then not, he traveled with teeth and claws.

And as much as many of the other agents despised them, he rather felt he understood Inbeda and the House of Exile quite well. Separate from where they once dwelled, vicious hedonists in a land ripe for profit and violence. He truly wanted to save the world with the other Bees, but what was the harm of a warm bath and good company after a successful hunt?

When he placed on his mask and set off into the Kaidan streets, he had to wonder if maybe he wasn’t all that different after all…

This is my submission to the Saints and Sinners Club for their awesome Secret World Art Competition! Hawkens and his Oni friends here were completed in approximately 15 hours in Paint Tool SAI.

I had a lot of fun making this piece in between running some holiday raids and can’t wait to get back to the Kaidan content! If anyone ever wants to say hi, I’m Hawkens in SWL! See you guys in the dark~

#GrimDragon May Book Photo Challenge•••

Day 11: Favorite Publishers.

I quite love Scholastic for publishing some fantastic books! Especially the Harry Potter series, else I doubt I would’ve gotten into reading in the first place. 😊❤️📚

anonymous asked:

What song do you dedicate to your girl? When I get a girl I want our song to be All Of Me by John Legend or Electric Love by Børns

I’m gonna give you my entire playlist for her bc I’m trash


Palace by Hayley Kiyoko

Secret Love Song pt 2 by Little Mix

Sinners by Lauren Aquilina

All About Us by He Is We

Youth by Troye Sivan

One Bad Night by Hayley Kiyoko

Strange Love by Halsey

Pretty Girl by Hayley Kiyoko

Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko

Come To Me by Goo Goo Dolls

Halo by Beyonce

Boats and Birds by Gregory and The Hawk

Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth

Kaleidoscope by A Great Big World

Love Me Dead by Ludo

Sarah Smiles by Panic! At the Disco

Training Wheels by Melanie Martinez

Young God by Halsey

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Jenny by Studio Killers

Sunday Candy by Donnie Trumpet

I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes

Coming Down by Halsey

Colors by Halsey

Lovers Eyes by Mumford and Sons

Tons of one direction songs tbh

Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

Bite by Troye Sivan

Blue by Troye Sivan

Wild by Troye Sivan

For Him by Troye Sivan

All Of The Stars by Ed Sheeran

The Ocean by Mike Perry

Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Get Away by Saint Motel

Happy Accidents by Saint Motel

Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran

Devils Backbone by The Civil Wars

Sweet Creature by Harry Styles

change pronouns as needed.

“You’re stuck in my head.”
“I wanna go, get out of here.”
“You’ve got to say all that you’re feeling.”
"We’re leaving tonight when everyone’s sleeping.”
“I’ll be your sinner in secret.”
“Run away with me.”
“I wanna stay here with you.”

“Am I better now that there’s no you?”
“Drink tequila for me, babe.”
“I won’t stop until you forget me not.”
“Dream about me and all that we could do with this emotion.”
“Tell me there is nothing I can’t have and nothing you won’t do.”
“Toss and turn without me, boy.”
“What if I turn the lights right down?”

“I really wanna stop but I just got the taste for it.”
"You like making me wait for it.”
“How’d we get in this position?“
“I know this isn’t love but I need to tell you something.”
“I really really really really really really like you.”
“I want you. Do you want me?”
“Oh, did I say too much?”
“It’s like everything you say is a sweet revelation.”
“Who gave you eyes like that?”

“I know I said that I’m too scared to try but I still think about you.”
“I like the feeling, how you make me shy.”
"Do you think that I want too much?”
“I toss and turn but still I can’t sleep right.”
“I should’ve asked you to stay, begged you to stay.”
“I never thought I’d ever say forever.”

“Just let me in your arms.”
“You can always rely on me.”
“Show me if you want me.”
“I will be your friend.”
“I’ll be your lighthouse when you’re lost at sea.”
“I wanna be the place you call your home.”
“When you need me, I will never let you come apart.”
“When you need someone, let me be the one.”

“If you’re gonna go, then go.”
“So tired of hearing all your boy problems.”
“If you’re gonna stay then stay.”
“He’s not gonna change anyway.”
“I know that she’s right and I should not be offended.”
“I know what it looks like from the outside.”
“I think I broke up with my boyfriend today and I don’t really care.”
“I’ve got worse problems.”
“It could be the perfect day. You’ll just make it rain anyway.”
“What’s worse: losing a lover or losing your best friend?”
“She’s been giving, you’ve been taking.”

“I know when you’re down.”
“I know you’ve had a rough time.”
“I love you while making the most of the night.”
“Now you’re seeing things that you’d lost sight of.”
"Take my hand now, don’t you cry.”
“Go on and fight. Don’t lay down to die.”
“Come on, get up. You’ll make it through okay.”

“I used to be in love with you. You used to be the first thing on my mind.”
“I know I’m just a friend to you.”
“But I still love you. I’m sorry.”
“I tried not to feel it but I can’t get you out of my head.”
“I want you to miss me when I’m not around you.”
“I break all the rules for you.”
“You probably eat up every word she says.”
“If you ever think of me, I bet I’m just a flicker in your head.”

“I was never one to want to put my trust in someone else completely.”
“You could be the one.”
“Let’s go get lost.”
“Keeping my fingers crossed that maybe you’ll take the long way home.”
“I was always shy and careful.”
“Never wanted to discourage everything your eyes encouraged silently.”

“We were young freaks just fresh to L.A.”
“We would write and sing and wear whatever.”
“Money makes your whole world spin till everything is dizzy.”
“There’s a little black hole in my golden cup.”
“Haven’t seen the boy in ages.”
“Used to stay up all night, he and I.”
“The teeth come out when the camera flashes.”
“We said we’d always be the same but we lost each other in the game.”
“What can I say that you don’t already know?”

“I’ve got a cavern of secrets.”
“Let down my guard tonight. I just don’t care anymore.”
“I’ve told a hundred lies but I don’t wanna tell you any at all.”
“I can not control it- the way you’re making me feel.”
“You should stop me there but I keep on talking.”
“You lift me up and catch me when I’m falling for you.”
“I was scared of almost nothing at all.”

“What if we could go back?”
“We could take the words back.”
“I don’t know what you wanted. I tried to be so perfect.”
“I thought that it was worth it to let myself just disappear.”
“You come to me in dreams at night.”
“Sometimes I wish that I could change. But not for me, for you.”
"Where were you for me when I needed someone?”
“Once upon a time I thought you were the hero.”
“I’m not myself.”
“I don’t want to work it out.”

“I don’t care about your good intentions.”
“In your black heart is where you’ll find me.”
“You think love is a destination.”
“You’ll cry to your generation but don’t you cry to me.”
“Everything you ever wanted, now it’s happening.”
“Won’t you come a little closer to me?”

“I didn’t just come here to dance, if you know what I mean.”
“If you just give me a chance, you’d see what I see.”
“It’s your fault, baby boy, ‘cause you’re the one that sparked this.”
“I only came here for you.”
“I’m not going anywhere without you.”
“I like every single thing about you.”

“This is getting kinda serious.”
“Breathing heavy when it’s just a kiss.”
“This is getting kinda out of my hands.”
“When I’m close to you we blend into my favourite colour.”
“Making out like it’s the end of the world.”
“It’s getting hard to slow down.”
“Got me feeling like it’s real for sure.”
“You’re my favourite colour.”

“You know I didn’t mean it, darling.”
“I wanna be the one that’s in your arms.”
“I never get to hold you as long I want to.”
“Remember I told you you’re all that I need.”
“Just say you’ll stay the night.”
“I don’t think anybody understands you the way I do.”

“Don’t you know it hurts for a reason.”
“You’ll learn to love again.”
“Won’t you dance with me?”
“It’s a lot to give and it’s driving me crazy.”
“I never meant to fight with you.”
“I wanted us to stay together.”
“Even now, my love is true.”
“I know that we can’t be together.”
“Just for you, their heart keeps on beating.”
“The sky is turning black now.”
“It’s too late for us and there’s no turning back now.”

made of stars » jyn erso/cassian andor (rebelcaptain) modern au fanmix 

never had much faith in love or miracles, never wanna put my heart on the line, but swimming in your water is something spiritual | and i decided you look well on me, so let’s get somewhere no one else can see, you and me | kiss me with your fist, it’s alright, wrap your hands around my throat, i won’t mind | you’re the dream i had just before i woke up, am i running through that mind of yours at all? | i feel so alone on a friday night, can you make me feel like home if i tell you you’re mine?  | i’ll be your sinner in secret, when the light go out run away with me | you’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece, now i’m tearing through the pages and the ink | oh baby, look what you started, the temprature’s rising in here, is this gonna happen? | yeah my boyfriend’s pretty cool, but he’s not as cool as me



This, this was not supposed to happen D: I am so scared of posting this but I really like these sketches like, allot, but still like… screw it, this will come out sooner or later anyway and I will just come clean!

YES, I ship Undertale Sans and Underswap Papyrus like there is no tomorrow, f- fight me! The secret is out! BURN THE WITCH I AM A SINNER! CUE MEGALOVANIA PLAYING! HELL IS WELCOMING ME!

But I just can’t help it, they are just so cute together to me for some flippin’ reason, like their whole relationship would just be like two very close friends who would spend their time together just sleeping, cuddling and making constant puns and jokes with one another, like they would have allot of late night talks about literally everything and they would be able to help each other with their problems and issues like so damn well as they literally knows what the other one is going through and it just makes me so damn happy??

And I just had this need of drawing them sleeping together, though mostly just wanted to draw Pap in cat like poses as I headcanon him been like a cat when sleeping or just laying down and stuff which I mentioned in one of my other pictures, due for the two always sleeping and it’s cute, and I had some problems with cleaning these sketches up as they were so damn messy, which is no surprise as all of my sketches are super messy but these one’s were worse than usual!

though the fontcest is not even really visible in those sketches so you guys can just ignore it and see this as completely platonic C: 

You know they’ll want to burn you for this. You’re already under their watchful eyes, their suspicions. They think they know your secrets, when they point and mutter “sinner, heretic, burn him at the stake…” they’ll never catch you, though, you’ve got someone special to guide your hands, to keep you safe. Can’t help but smile and laugh when they think all you keep in your cellar is some unholy altar, a dark grimoire, but no. He is there, the beautiful, loving beast, watching over you. He is there to come home to comfort, to hold you, to whisper to you as you lie with him. “I am yours, as you’ll be mine. I love you, I’ll be by your side always.”

The Travelling Booth

“One minute a day
could be reserved for you
To tell your secrets to
Miss You-Don’t-Know-Who!”
From a yellow phone booth
projected the voice,
“Women and grandmothers.
Husbands and boys.”

“A tip in the hat
for a tick of your time.
Pay us in pennies.
Pay us in dimes.
We accept gum wrappers,
tokens, and tickets.
Give us your coins
in exchange for one minute!”

The line up consisted
of fidgety folk
From the corner of
Sheep Street and Rumour Road,
To the White Liebrary
it wrapped around.
The Travelling Booth
Was the talk of the town.

“Have you a moment
Between lunchtime and dinner?
Might you be a secret keeper,
Liar, or sinner?
Let us relieve you
of any hard burdens.
You don’t have to carry them
All by your lonesome.”

One by one, people
Turned over their pockets,
Giving up loose change,
Old lighters, and lockets,
To participate in this
Addictive game
Of unknown confessions
From anonymous names.

After a week, the town
Ran out of claims.
Their minute of whispers
began to shift blame
Into crueler tongues
About other townsfolk.
The people turned over.
They were bitter and broke.

When the people gathered
In the centre of town,
In the early morning,
Do you know what they found?
There were two phone booths
At opposite corners.
In curiosity, slowly
the crowd shuffled forward.

“One minute a day
Could be reserved for you
To tell your secrets to
Miss You-Don’t-Know-Who!
Or instead, if your curious
mind is of interest,
You could make your offer
In exchange for one secret.”

“That’s right! One secret
That we will tell you!
Instead of one minute,
We’ll give you one truth!
We won’t be here long,
What have you to lose
But a moment or two
In the Travelling Booth? ”

Echoed the speakers,
A rooster in the street,
Feeding a daily routine
To the sheep.
Back and forth, the
townsfolk cut lines,
Pick pocketing neighbours
To pay for more time.

Some started wearing
Shades as a disguise.
The truth booth in fact
Was creating more lies,
And every so often
Some poor guy would pay
To hear his own sad secret
Being relayed.

Three long weeks after
The phone booth arrived,
The booming speaker
Announced a surprise,
“In the midnight hours
Instead of midday,
Before we pack up and
Start leaving this place”

“I will tell you my secret
If you tell me yours.
A coin will buy you-
Not one minute, but four!
Miss You-Don’t-Know-Who,
At the end of line,
Will not be available
Tonight until Nine.”

The phone booth locked up,
And the speakers shut down.
The people were buzzing
Around in the town.
But for the first time in weeks,
The town had one day
Without any rumours
Or secrets to make.

One woman piped up,
“This man buried our town.
Together we need to
Rise up from the ground!”
This town excelled in one thing,
That was talking.
By the end of the night,
The whole town was marching.

The town hated each other,
But they were like family,
And they realised they had
A cruel common enemy.
They met at the centre
Of town after dusk.
After the phone booth
Had opened up.

They waited with pitchforks.
They waited with knives.
All night long, but the
booming voice never arrived.
Some people tell tales
Of the whispering town
Because the Travelling Booth
Has never left grounds.