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Homeless Shelters: Private or publicly funded residential facilities for individuals and families who otherwise have no homes. The shelters typically offer beds, meals, and sometimes health and social services to as many needy people as possible, depending on available room, supplies, and demand. Some shelters have strict requirements about who is accepted, whereas others admit anyone on an as-available basis.

An all-girls science club from San Fernando Senior High School near Los Angeles has designed a solar-powered tent meant to help homeless and displaced people around the world.

The tent — designed by a group of 12 high schoolers with the help of an organization called DIYgirls — uses solar power to charge electronic devices, provide light and sanitize itself via a system of antibacterial UV lights. And it folds into a backpack for easy travel.

The electronics cost about $40. The tent itself is made out of highly durable and water-resistant material. The idea for the tent came after some members of the team saw increased homelessness in their neighborhood.

“These girls saw a problem in their community,” Evelyn Gomez, an engineer and the executive director of DIYgirls, tells NPR’s Morning Edition. The group aims to get young girls from under-resourced areas interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and math.

All-Girls Teen Engineering Team Creates A Solar-Powered Tent For Homeless People

Photo: Courtesy of DIYgirls

landlords, are for one, useless, for two, leeches, and for three completely fucking over the world. 

landlords can have hundreds to thousands of places empty, that they are fucking denying the homeless access to, simply because they would rather something go unused than they themselves not getting paid for already being wealthy.

thats what being a landlord is, it’s getting money for already having it.

if that isn’t disgusting you must have a different definition of disgusting from me.
Squatters turn oligarch's empty London property into homeless shelter
Vast £15m home bought by Russian Andrey Goncharenko, who wants to add a pool and leisure centre, is housing about 25 people
By Diane Taylor

There must be loads of properties like this in Kensington. 2,000 homes have been destroyed in the Grenfell fire - if ever there was a need to repossess the idle luxury flats of speculators it’s now.