to a degree-ish


Justin. Rans. Handsome Ransom, my bro. My babe. My bro-babe. My brobe? 

Anyway! I’m writing this letter to you because I had to get up earlier than you for practice and shit, and I didn’t want you to think that I’d forgotten. I totally still kissed you before I left, though- not in a creepy way. It was on the forehead, and you made this cute little snuffly noise. You’re the best like that. 

I wanted to let you know that I love you, since we usually get to say it every day in some way/shape/form before we go out. I love everything about you, and I’d say it’s crazy that I still do after all these years? But, it really isn’t. Because we’ve just always been in love, right? In different-ish ways and to different degrees, but, we always have been, and I’m a billion percent sure we always will be. 

(I kinda get Nursey’s whole poetry jam now, shit. Writing all this down is cool.)

I hope you have a good day– text me when you get this, and Snap me when you’ve got time. I know you’re, like, busy as fuck at the hospital, but you’re doing so well and I love you a lot. 


Gossip Girl Adam Holster Your Loving Husband

My boyfriend is 6'4.
Which is very tall.
He’s also very thin, so he gets cold easy. Like I can’t even handle how warm he keeps his house I hijack his thermostat all the time because I’m a swamp monster in comparison to him. He’s content to leave the Windows open at night and like, let the house be 85-ish degrees. Yuck. No thanks.

Anyways. I have a tall, lean & lanky boyfriend who is always cold. We sleep under separate blankets because even now, in the middle of July, he is sleeping under a big heavy winter comforter and I just can’t.

He cracks me up because he’s so tall. But he gets under his blanket and curls up into a teeny tiny little ball and tucks this massive comforter under his chin and it’s so cute it kills me. I just want to stroke his hair and love on him forever.

anonymous asked:

My a/c went out and it's about 80 ish degrees in my house!!! It's getting too hot for my Cresties! What can I do!

Do you have a basement? I always toss nim in the basement for the summer. I think people also say to leave a frozen water bottle or ice on top and blow a fan towards it? Also mist with cool water? Maybe other people will have better input, i usually have the opposite problem 😬 sorry!!