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What would dark do if his S/O got amnesia? Fic pls and thx

Absolutely take advantage of it. Such a bad dude.

You weren’t sure how it had happened. Actually, you weren’t sure of anything now that you thought about it. There was… nothingness, and then you woke up in the hospital. He was sitting there. But who was he?

“You’re awake,” the man said, a small bit of eagerness present in his voice. Did you mean that much to him? “It’s been a few days.”

“A few… days? What happened?” you asked, furrowing your brows in confusion. “And I’m very, very sorry, clearly I’m important to you, but…”

The man frowned but you could’ve sworn you saw a hint of a grin before that. You chalked it up to your imagination and tried to disregard it. “You… don’t remember me at all?” You shook your head regretfully and he ran his hand through his hair. “That’s okay. What do you remember?”

“Uh… my name. My birthday. My family members, but I don’t know where they are or if they’re alive,” you listed, counting them off on your fingers. “Not much else besides that.”

“Your family didn’t even care enough to come see you. I don’t even think they know about your whereabouts. I’m not sure if they care,” he explained, looking (you assumed) reasonably upset. You had no basis of comparison and were forced to accept his words.

He reached forward and held your hand. “I can fill you in. First, I guess I should reintroduce myself. You call me Dark. I’m yours, and you’re mine. I’m by your side and will always be.” His hand was strangely absent of body heat, or maybe you were imaging that as well. You apparently just had an accident.

“I have so many memories to share with you.”

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An unpopular opinion/angle you have on an issue


Oh boy… This is gonna be long, I don’t even know whether or not it’s unpopular or not, but here’s a venting warning, and I may say things you might find offensive (even though I don’t really think it to be offensive).

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To Care, or not to Care ? (Stiles x Reader)

Requested by @hannazk : heey can you do a imagine where y/n is stiles girlfriend and he’s spending a lot of time with lydia and y/n get’s jealous and fluff and stuff like this? thx!

A/N : I’m not a huge fan of jealously that leads to anger or confrontation, so I twisted it a bit, I hope it’s okay :) Also I gave a first name to Y/N’s father just because I find it awkward to write (Y/F/N) and I feel like it sort of breaks the flow of the story to have too many « blanks » like this. I chose a very generic name, you can disregard it if you don’t like it. Also I don’t like throwing my readers in media res (in the middle of the action) so I added a bit (a lot) of context first, before really working on the request. JuST DEAL WITH ME OkAY

Also, I really like the first 4k words,but then I feel like I messed it up

Set between season 5 & 6.

Word Count : 9,2k (listen, I have no self control)


Living in a small town truly was an experience of a kind. It was like living on another planet to a certain extent, while also being just an hour drive away from a bigger city, and all the entertainments it offered. After your parents’ divorce, you were torn away from the big city you were born in, and lived all your life. Your mom left with the new man in her life, claiming she needed some time for herself and to see the world. That didn’t leave you many options besides moving in with your dad, who just so happened to come from a small town, and now that nothing held him back in the city, he wanted to go back and live there.

You obliged, not putting up much of a fight – you were a bit of  loner and never had many friends or anyone worth causing more drama within your household. You didn’t have a boyfriend, your closest friend hadn’t given any news in tn days and when your dad assured you that his birth town was just big enough to have a brand new Theater and Starbucks, it was settled.

Everything happened in a blur really. Your two stories apartment in Oakland quickly emptied and it was like all trace of your passage here vanished from one day to the next. The first seventeen years of your life had been erased, and yet you couldn’t bring yourself to feel anything besides mild annoyance, because putting all your stuff in boxes – with the perspective of having to unbox them a few days later – was the exact opposite of what you had planned to do for the last couple weeks before the end of summer break.

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I feel like there’s something very significant about this scene, Qrow and Jaune literally at eachothers throats in ep 10 “a long needed talk” 
I think its Qrow telling him “dont die” as well as “im sorry” cause qrow is a tsundere and I think Jaune’s anger towards Qrow has subsided a bit so its like a promise that he will do everything in his power to lead well, protect Qrows niece and not getting himself killed

But of course this is my own interpretation, you might have your own! id love to know what others think

the types as hogwarts hybrid houses

Gryffinclaw: ENTP, ENFP, ESTP | The Hero - The Gryffinclaw house member is curious and adventurous, and has a natural craving for exploration. Due to this, they may be seen as a “jack of all trades” as they try and juggle all their pursuits whether recreational or intellectual. While they do believe that people are good, they can be a bit cynical sometimes which puts them in a state of anger towards society in general. (which may or may not cause them to rebel)

Gryffinpuff: ENFJ, ESFJ, ESFP | The Advocate - A Gryffinpuff is very brave and would often go through great lengths for other people’s needs. Harmony and balance is really important for them, partly because the emotions other people feels can easily affect their own, but mainly for the sake of other’s happiness. They are patient and are able to see the beauty around them; and they are also very tactful, but not cunning. (they don’t want to manipulate others)

Slytherdor: ESTJ, ENTJ, ISTJ | The Winner - The Slytherdor is all about hard work and determination. They are down-to-earth and driven; they focus on what is in front of them and what they are facing at the moment instead of going through lots of ideas at once. They are practical and tend to take things in a professional approach, as a result of their maturity and common sense. Their main goal is up there at the top, and they will definitely not settle for less.

Slytherclaw: INTP, ISTP, INTJ | The Scholar - Fiercely independent, they are deep thinkers and would more likely be spending their time introspecting rather than going out to do stuff. They are very inventive and clever, always being able to come up with new ideas. Very idealistic, when motivated enough, they can form a deadly combination and in spite of their silence, truly a force to be reckoned with.

Slytherpuff: ISFJ, INFJ | The Defender - They are responsible, and one can easily depend on a Slytherpuff. Like the Slytherclaw, social interaction isn’t their forte despite being well-liked enough by other people due to their kindness. Beside all that however, the Slytherpuff is very ambitious, forceful and loyal yet they are able to draw the line when they are hurting others too much. They want to help others, and they make great teachers because of their sense of duty combined with their intellect and consideration.

Ravenpuff: INFP, ISFP | The Dreamer - The Ravenpuff is aware of all the mysteries that surround them, and they are determined to solve them in order to learn. They are often very spiritual, and also very poetic - saying things such as “the stars will give me hope”. Just like their lionhearted counterparts, the Gryffinpuffs, they are able to see the beauty in things. The Ravenpuff is very artistic and creative, making great poets, writers and artists.

Seasons are a great guideline for keeping track of where your story is, where it’s going, and what you have to do. Used properly, it keeps the show from meandering, as there is usually at least one or two major “season goals” that will be resolved during the season, culminating with the finale.

While it may not be 100% crucial for the plot to be divided in seasons, the structure can definitely help. The fact that Steven Universe entirely foregoes the system may help explain why the show sometimes (if not often) has problems with pacing, particularly with its larger arcs.

You’re On

Note: Here’s some Daveed sin. This is an idea I had a while back. I’m adding this one to my list of favorites. Hope y’all enjoy.

Request: Could you do 14 with Daveed but make it nsfw? I love ur blog btw!!

Word Count: 2357

Pairing: Daveed x Reader

Warnings: smut with lots of buildup, language

You and Daveed had been dating for a while and things were going great. It was a fun relationship. You two teased each other often, your wits matched each other’s perfectly, and Daveed was everything you could ask for. It was cheesy, but it was true.

You entered his dressing room and saw Daveed with his back turned to you, talking to Anthony and Oak.

“You have to make her want it. Be dominant. Whenever I want it, Y/N does anything and everything I ask.” Daveed said proudly. You could practically hear the smirk on his face.

A bit of anger sparked inside you and you leaned against the doorway with your arms crossed. Anthony and Oak were aware of your presence, not saying a word to Daveed as he kept bragging on about how he could get you to do whatever he wanted in bed.

“Excuse me?!” You said, narrowing your eyes at him as he quickly turned around, surprised. Daveed straightened up, trying to play it cool.

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I’m About to Scream

Guys, I need to rant…. Like I don’t get it. I’ll also make this rant a bit comical because I need laughs or I’ll probably wallow in anger.

Before I go into my rant, I want to say this, I loved my EXO AU so much, I wanted to make other groups (BTS, B.A.P., Monsta X, and GOT7), but I had so many request, I put my ideas off to the side because I wanted to work on the requests from you guys.

Until January 18th or something, I got a message from a fan asking specifically for B.A.P’s Wife Trying to Escape, but Failed. 

Y’all, I was so happy to finally be able to finish working on my own work. So at first when I got the inbox message, I was like, “Yea man! I can do my reaction, finally!”

But I changed one bit… B.A.P’s wife bit. I try to gender-neutral reactions minus smut or pregnancy stuff for obvious reasons. Like, I was legitimately excited! 

So the process began and BAM, it was created!

Not bad, right? Well here’s where it all changed…

A little while after I wrote my reaction, I got an inbox message:

Honestly, after talking with her, I thought it was all done. I mean, we were now following each other! That’s basically tumblr official friends, right?

So, being my new friend, I decided to check out her page and it was really cool, but I could tell our works weren’t anywhere near similar…

Well this morning, what do I wake up too…

(P.S. I’m not a morning person and I didn’t have my coffee, so I was kind of like “Lord, please don’t make this hard on me.”)

This is the message…

So, I was blocked. Like, what did I do wrong? I didn’t plagiarize her work and she wanted ME to just delete my hard work because “she’s known for this AU”… 

I didn’t plagiarize anyone’s work! I work hard for my work and THIS… THIS is what I get. That’s not fair!  

So this was me:

UGH I’m so pissed!!! Like why do I have to remove my work! Ours is nothing alike. The only common denominator was the fan who requested it… So you know what I did, I let the fan know what happened. I didn’t blame her, but I wanted her to know that people may be wary of taking her requests if they get attacked like I did by this person. 

Was I wrong? Should I just take down my stuff… maybe my entire blog because now I may get even more people coming out telling me “I plagiarized their work…”

So yea, I was supposed to have stuff done today, but I’m hold off until tomorrow or something. I’m pushing things back because I’m seriously upset with this shit. I didn’t do anything wrong, but she made me feel like I did….. 

I’m just going to look at BTS MVs and the new teaser images of Jongup and Daehyun today… Just, don’t expect requests today… T__T



KARAMEL APPRECIATION WEEK || Kara x Mon-El || S02E05 || *loudwhisper* “MON-EL!”


12x13 CODA

Dean listened to their mother provide excuse after excuse of why she’d decided to work with the British Men of Letters. He was pacing back and forth but making sure to keep a close eye on Sam. Five minutes in, though, he knew that whatever bullshit their mother was feeding them, he could not let Sam listen to it any longer. Hell, he couldn’t listen to it any longer.

Mary was still talking when Dean interrupted her.

“Get out.” He said it quietly, but the anger in his words seemed to reverberate throughout the room. He was looking at Sam’s head hanging down, expression hidden behind his hair. But Dean didn’t need to see his face to know what Sam was thinking, was feeling.

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Naughty Girl

Originally posted by eventhedevilwasonceanangel

Imagine: Running away and getting punished by Klaus, while Rebekah, Elijah, and Hayley are in the house, and can hear you.

You stumbled around blindly, collapsing into the house, rolling over and resting at your boyfriend’s feet. You were in wolf form, totally and utterly bored, so you decided to go for a run, like the proud hybrid you were, and didn’t tell Klaus. Your brown ears perked up when you heard Klaus growl. You sighed and struggled to breath as your bones cracked and reformed. Klaus frowned, throwing you a blanket. You gratefully wrapped it around your nude body.

He stood up roughly, ignoring Elijah’s warning stare. “Y/N!” he roared. “Where were you for the past two days!?”

You bit your lip. “I was bored.” you whispered.

His anger turned into a smirk. “Well then you should’ve just told me.”

Elijah coughed, “Niklaus, Rebekah and Hayley are in the house. With supernatural hearing, mind you. Don’t you think you can refrain from… pleasuring Y/N until then?”

Klaus tossed you over his shoulder, making sure the blanket was still securely wrapped around you. “We’ll be quiet.” he grinned, vamp-speeding the two of you to his room. He tossed you on the bed, kicking the door closed his his foot. “You’ve been a bad little hybrid.” he cooed. “Naughty girl.” he hissed.

Your primal urges as half-wolf broke free. “I have. I’ve been a bad girl and you need to teach me a lesson.” you licked your lips.

Klaus grinned, and you resisted the urge to poke his dimples. “Bad hybrids get punished by their alpha’s. Especially ones who run away for two days.”

You were tired of waiting. You climbed on top of him, pushing him into the soft mattress. “Klaus,” you whined for him. You grinded your core against him, smirking when you felt his erection probing at you. He growled loudly, flipping you over and pushing your head into the pillow, so your ass was out to him.

“I’m the alpha, Y/N. Not you!” he snarled, kissing the back of your neck. He rubbed his member against your ass, groaning in pleasure. You could feel yourself getting wetter by the moment. You whimpered, finally switching your body so you were facing him. You captured his lips with yours. You grinned at him and passionately bit at his lower lip, tugging it.

He moaned, tugging the blanket off your shoulder and removing his shirt. Your eyes were alight with arousal as you glanced at the large tent where his manhood was. You tugged off his belt, ripping his pants down the middle. He moaned out, pushing you onto your knees. You licked your lips, pulling off his briefs and taking him into your mouth. He cursed loudly, “Fuck, Y/N! Yeah! Suck your alpha’s cock! Ah, fuck!” he thrusted into the back of your throat, groaning when you gagged around him. You gently sucked, pumping the parts you couldn’t take, and licking what you could.

“Your mouth needs to be fucked.” he moaned. He twirled your hair through his fingers, watching you suck him off. “Y/N, I-I’m coming!” he shouted, releasing long spurts of warm cum into her mouth. She swallowed everything, not missing anything.

Klaus smirked, pulling her back onto the bed and pinning her arms above your head. “You don’t get to move, that’s your punishment, little hybrid.” he grinned.

You whimpered when he lowered his mouth onto your core. He rubbed your clit with his thumb, gently running his tongue along your slit, smirking against you when he heard you moan. He pushed his tongue into you. You resisted the urge to buck your hips. Klaus was holding your hips to move you closer to him, still going in and out with his tongue. You were panting, almost ready for release. He was going slow on purpose.

You squealed as he removed his mouth, shoving two fingers inside your wet core. “You’re so wet for me.” he laughed. “You’re so easy to please.”

You grinded against his fingers, swiveling your hips to create more friction. He sighed, pulling out his fingers. “Bad Y/N. I said not to move.”

Without warning he thrusted into you, going incredibly fast. You choked out when he found your g-spot. You moaned loudly, throwing your head back in ecstasy. He kept thrusting, transferring into the speed of an original. A string of moans flew from your lips. It was all pleasure, at this inhuman speed. “You like my big cock, pounding into you like the naughty girl you are.” he moaned as you clenched your walls around him. “You like when your alpha fucks you like a hybrid king should, fast and hard.”

“Yes! Yes! I love your big cock! Making me cum and filling me up!” you shouted. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

He pulled out so quickly, it left you breathless. “I want to come. Please let me come, Klaus.” you whimpered, thrusting your hips at air, begging for any release.

His eyes glittered, “Okay then.” The next time he hit your g-spot you collapsed under him, screaming as you released. He was soon after, releasing into your infertile body with long, thick ropes. You cuddled into his chest. “I should run away more often.”

He rolled his eyes, pulling the blanket over your sweaty bodies. “Well, then Elijah will be having more hissyfits, complaining about how loud we were.”

“So much for being quiet.”

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i have a headcanon that dark can play piano.


okay but can you imagine dark trying to serenade you with playing the piano and just during it, a bit of his anger tries to break out and he ends up slamming on the keys and creating a loud noise. before he calmly regains his composure and fixes his suit before continuing again omg


“Yeah?” Dean replied, not taking his eyes off the screen in front of him. They were watching this new TV Show called “Stranger Things” and they had been binge-watching it ever since they came home from school. It was currently 10 pm and they were fully invested.

It sure was an amazing show.

The only problem is that Cas couldn’t appreciate the show enough because of his nerves.

He was about to tell Dean something and he knew that Dean would react badly.

“I have a date,” Castiel confessed, almost flinching when Dean turned his head suddenly, squinted eyes pointed at him.

“With who?” Dean asked, his voice calm with a bit of anger laced through it.

“Balthazar,” Castiel replied as he watched the tension rising in Dean’s shoulders.

If he hurts you, I will fucking kill him,” Dean warned and turned back to the screen, his jaw clenched.

Castiel knew that Dean was very protective, not only over him but over Sam as well. He saw the reaction coming, but he really wanted to go on this date. His first date.

“I know you will,” Castiel chuckled and softly pushed against Dean’s shoulder. “You over-protective bastard.”

Dean chuckled and slung an arm over Cas’ shoulder. “Yep, that’s me.”


The day of the date arrived and Dean was about to hit a hole through the wall.

Sweet, precious Cas thought that he was just being a good, protective friend, but Dean was far from that.

He was selfish and jealous and wanted Cas for himself. However, confessing was not in Dean’s dictionary.

He would lose Cas and that was not something he could risk.

Dean eventually calmed down enough to go downstairs and participate in the family meal, even joking with Sam and helping his mom with the dishes.

No, the real anger came when the doorbell rang and Castiel was in front of him, tear streaks running down his cheeks.

Dean pulled him in and against him, enveloping Cas in a tight hug.

“What happened?”

“Don’t kill him,” Castiel sniffled, smiling weakly, “but it was probably the worst date ever.”

“I will make you hot cocoa,” Dean said gently, ushering Cas inside. “Go to my room and make yourself at home.”

They both knew that they always felt at home at each other’s houses. They have seen the other’s home as their second home for as long as they can remember.

Dean rushed to make the cocoa and when he brought it upstairs, he found Cas in one of his old hoodies, which was way too big on Cas, in his bed with the duvet drawn up.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Dean asked, setting the cocoa down and sitting next to Cas, his hand playing with the dark mop on top of Cas’ head.

“Not really,” Cas replied.


Cas told Dean about the date eventually and it didn’t make Dean less angry. Apparently, Balthazar had flirted with every living thing in the club he brought Cas to. Yes, a club, with actual fake-ids. Balthazar had gotten drunk which resulted in Cas having to take the bus to Dean’s house. Luckily, it wasn’t that far away from the club.

So when Dean saw Balthazar, he didn’t think that punching him in the face was such a bad reaction. I mean, he could have done way worse.

“I told you not to kill him!” Castiel near shouted when as he gently wrapped Dean’s hand with a bandage. Dean almost laughed at the contrast but wisely refrained.

“I didn’t kill him, just punched him.” Castiel rolled his eyes at that.

“Dean, you don’t have to do these things.”

“Yes, I do!” Dean said, his tone sharp. “He was a jerk, he deserved it.”

“Well, he kinda did, didn’t he?” Castiel chuckled, securing the bandage. “All done.”

“Thanks, Cas,” Dean said, briefly touching Cas’ cheek with his bandaged hand.

“And I am sorry for punching MR Jerkface.”

“Apology accepted and thank you for sticking up for me.”

“Always, Cas.”

They stared at each other for a bit too long. Cas tried to look away but Dean stopped him, his bandaged hand back on Castiel’s cheek.

“Cas, I-”

Suddenly, a pair of warm, dry lips were on Dean’s, hands gripping his shoulders tightly.

Dean seemed to freeze for a second before melting into the kiss, holding Cas’ face in his hands.

“I like you too,” Castiel said breathlessly.

“How did you know I liked you?” Dean asked, his mind still spinning from the kiss.

“You punched somebody in the face for me, that was kind of a big sign.”

“I would do it again,” Dean said, pecking Cas’ lips.

“I know you would.”

Gingerbread Thief - Christmas Challenge Day 13

Damian Wayne x Reader

The prompt for this one was  “Who the fuck ate the last of the gingerbread cookies?!”

Words: 467

A loud thud from the kitchen pulls your attention away from your gift wrapping and redirects it to the source. Dick, who was also wrapping gifts, looks at the doorway with a raised eyebrow. Jason looks up from his book in slight annoyance. Tim either doesn’t hear the noise or chooses to ignore it, as he keeps typing on his laptop.

“Who the fuck ate the last of the gingerbread cookies?!” Damian storms in the living room with a red face.

“What?” you stare at your boyfriend.

“The last of Pennyworth’s gingerbread cookies! They’re all gone!” Damian’s tone softens a bit while speaking to you, but he still radiates anger. “Was it you, Todd?”

“The hell are you talking about?” Jason focuses on his book again. Damian apparently doesn’t like that answer. The younger brother yells as he jumps over the couch to tackle Jason from behind. Damian’s momentum knocks both of them to the floor. “Get off of me you little demon! I didn’t touch your damn cookies!”

Damian stops wrestling with Jason and sits up to survey the room. His eyes narrow at Tim. “Drake? Drake! Don’t ignore me!”

“What?” Tim looks up from his screen with innocent eyes. When he sees Damian sitting on top of Jason his eyebrows knit together. “What is happening right now?”

“You ate my cookies!” Damian makes to lunge at Tim, who has pulled his laptop in front of him as a shield, but his attack is stopped by Dick pulling him back. “Let me go, Grayson!”

“Not until you calm down,” Dick says. Damian quickly shakes away from his grip. Now that he’s older he can escape his older brother’s holds a lot easier.

“Was it you, then, Grayson?”

“Why would I eat your cookies?” Dick holds his hands up to show his innocence.

“I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking! I don’t know the motives of a cookie thief!” Damian starts yelling again.

“Damian, dear, please calm down,” you say in your most soothing voice. The one you reserve for scared children and hurt animals.

“But, Y/N, they were Alfred’s special gingerbread cookies. I get them every year,” he pouts at you. “And now they’re all gone.”

“Are they the ones that Alfred said anybody could have? The ones that were on the Christmas tree platter?” You keep your voice low and sweet, as it appears to be helping to calm Damian down.

“They were on that platter, yes,” Damian nods at you. Your stomach drops.

“Damian, I have something to tell you,” you grab his hands and look him in the eye.

“Beloved?” He asks with a raised eyebrow. Slowly confusion turns to shock as he realizes what you are about to say.

“I’m afraid I’m the one who ate the last of the gingerbread cookies.”