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aw, you don't have a paralysis tag? that and electrocution are my faves and I really don't see much of them in the whump community it seems :(

Ok we had a brainstorming session in the chatroom earlier! Thanks @arwione, @sarcasmcloud, @ouchthatwasgood, @dammittmarie @x-wingsandarchers :)

The Man From Uncle, Iron Man 1 (paralysis), Arrow 4x12, The 100 2x05, Hawaii Five-0 5x07, Dr. Who 3x05 & 4x10 (paralysis), 12 Monkeys 2x03, Dirks Gently Holistic Detective Agency 1x04 &1x07 & 1x08, Forever 1x08, Firefly 1x09, Teen Wolf 2x04 & 2x10 (paralysis), Supernatural 1x12, CSI Miami 3x01, Jessica Jones 1x09, ER 12x12 (paralysis), Dark Matter 1x04

These are mostly electrocution but a little bit of paralysis too. If anyone knows more please share. :)