Hot Tea and Coughing Fits

Anon said: Ernst looking after sick Hanschen

AND I DELIVER. Note: takes place post canon so like 1892 ishhhhh???

A soft, angelic voice roused Hanschen from his sleep along with a creaking bedroom door. “Hansi? Are you quite alright?”

Hanschen stayed on his side with his back to the door. He tugged the blanket around his shoulders in an attempt to keep any possible body heat. But here he was, still shivering. Ernst’s hand resting on his side brought him totally to the world of the conscious and made him realize that Ernst was slowly sitting on the edge of his bed. “How do you feel, love?” The last word came out in a harsh whisper, just loud enough to travel from Ernst to the boy curled up beneath him.

Finally, Hanschen looked up, first at Ernst who was sitting on the mattress next to him with a little smile. He looked content, a scarf wrapped around his neck a million times and his chin tucked into it. He wore a coat that hung off of his small shoulders and if Hanschen weren’t so exhausted and on the brink of hallucinating, he would have noticed that it was his.

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Hindi ko kinaya season 7 ng The Walking Dead bakit ko pa inabangan ngayong gabi sunday na sunday puta nasaktan nako nung si ano yung pinatay ng gagong negan na yon masakit sa friendship nila yon tapos puta napaluhod ako ni negan sa harapan ng tv nung si ano na yung pinatay niya gago di pa nakuntento sa isa bakit ang crush ko pa tangina bakit okay sige quiet na lang