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So, y'know how Red always barges through trying to get to Keith when he's physically hurt? I like to think Blue does the same for Lance, but when he's emotionally heart. Badly hurt. So, like: "Lance, you're a crappy pilot and you don't deserve to be on Team Voltron- you disappoint your fami--" "WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY SON???" and that's the last we heard from the insultee.

some galra, trying to be evil or whatever idk what’s the plot of most langst fics: you will never be as good as anyone on team voltron. you are pathetic. you-

the blue lion, sticking her head through the hull of the ship: what the actual fuck did you just say about lance

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ok but have u ever thought about risen king! chrom

 / / amigo i have that verse *will smith pose at this i have that verse *will smith pose at this here* The back story needs more tinkering but yeah. 

risen king chrom is, believe it or not, the reason for this blog existence. my friend elliot, henry’s mun  @ichorcorvus is the godfather of this blog. i have good friends that usher me to make more angsty blogs because we can lol

….sits here. who wants to rp with him owo

Musical allignments

Lawful Good: Legally Blonde

Neutral Good: 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Chaotic Good: Newsies

Lawful Neutral: Spring Awakening

True Neutral:  Into the Woods

Chaotic Neutral: Les Miserables

Lawful Evil: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

Neutral Evil: Heathers

Chaotic Evil: Sweeney Todd