Mod PSA for all followers:

“If you call me a racist blatantly or even INSINUATE I am because I dislike concept!Mercy’s fucking outfit and like the current Mercy as she is I will block you from interacting with this blog.

I will NOT be branded a racist because I dislike his outfit and love Mercy as she is. I am entitled to my opinion of loving Mercy AS SHE IS just as you all are entitled to love concept!Mercy.

I refuse to be branded blatantly or even minutely a racist because I love CANON Mercy.

Please keep racism off my blog, you all have been warned.”


That Whose Line photoset reminded me that I haven’t listened to the most awesomely fail-tastic game of Three-Headed Broadway Star in way too long.

i seriously don’t care if you unfollow me today but if you’re seeing the posts i’m reblogging right now reblog it. 

I have to go now but I’ll keep you guys updated on how my friend is doing ii’m so worried for her she always says everything is okay but she’s not answering any of my texts and i’m going to keep my phone in my hand tonight in case she answers, please please keep the people of Boston in your prayers. 


Obliviate by Thats Outrageous!

Hopefully these guys get enough support so they can make a 3rd album.