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hiraeth - homesickness (1/?)

(a/n: writing a werewolf au because you can never have enough of those, also re-watching the first season of teen wolf is giving me so many feels ughh)


He stays in her apartment, on her couch, and doesn’t even hesitate to make himself comfortable.

The complex is nothing short of cozy - tinier than what Klaus is accustomed to - but still tasteful. The hardest part is probably the mornings. All three of his so-called roommates share a bathroom, a filthy one, nonetheless. The original hybrid couldn’t believe that a threesome of grown women could shed so much hair and fill their washroom with an overflowing amount products…not to mention the fact that he can never get ready in the morning thanks to the lineup.

All in all, Klaus usually resorted to using the restroom in the coffee shop across from their home. 

And, on his way back to his new-found home, Klaus catches one of his roommates in the middle of hanging oddly colorful streamers all around the place.

“Hey there birthday boy,” the brunette hums, as she watches him roll his eyes and crawl right back into their couch. “You gunna sleep through your special day?” Hayley Marshall goes on to say.

“Sweetheart,” He hums. “Who told you that it was my birthday?” Klaus wonders, sounding quite irritated.

“Well, despite the fact that your parents kicked you out for being half wolf,” she says while smiling (because she’s cruel, she truly is - especially towards him). “Your siblings seem to be very fond of you. They came by this morning, left you a bunch of presents,” the she-wolf points to the colorful bags left by the coffee table.

Klaus stares at the gifts, he slowly reaches for them, mostly because he’s curious.

“How funny,” he smirks, while opening each present. “They’re all dog toys,” he chuckles, offering her his second eye-roll of the day.

It doesn’t take her long to figure out that Klaus is close with his siblings. And yet, none of them took him in. Because, in the end, Klaus is a different kind of monster. His siblings love him, but they don’t understand him.

That’s why he’s here, staying in Hayley’s humble abode. 

“I guess they all share your sense of humor,” she slowly sings, while smiling.

He then sniffs around, distracted by the sudden aroma of vanilla. “What’s that smell?” Klaus wonders.

“Cami insisted on baking you a cake,” Hayley offers. “Gia went shopping for drinks and snacks,” she goes on to say, mentioning their last roommate. 

“Hayley, as touched as I am by all of this…nonsense,” he chooses to say, because truly, it was pretty far-fetched. He was a thousand years old, the last thing he needed was yet another birthday. “I don’t celebrate my birthday, I haven’t in years,” he shrugs.

“Well, we sorta already planned your party,” the she-wolf tells him. “All your brothers and sisters are coming. We even invited some of your friends,” she adds on.

Klaus raises a brow. “Friends?” he asks.

“I took a look at your contacts,” she admits. “The cute guy with the hair

“Stefan Salvatore,” Klaus cuts her off.

“And the bald karaoke dude

“Marcel Gerard.”

“The kid with the murderous psychopath smile

“Lucien Castle.”

She takes a moment to pause and to laugh.

It’s surprising to her that he’s unaware of the number of people who actually cherish him. But, then again, she supposes the she can’t blame him. He’s been very unfortunate…anyone who grew up like him would end up this way - all lonely and sad. 

“You’ve got a strange mix of friends,” Hayley reveals instead.

“Says the girl who basically has no friends…except for her roommates,” he takes a jab at her, but chuckles nonetheless.

“So, that means we’re friends?” Hayley concludes. 

“I suppose so,” he grins.

She gives him an evil smile, as he had fallen right into her trap.

“And friends do favors for each other, don’t they?” she hums.

Klaus knows her tricks - it’s those doe eyes, the way she flutters her lashes and pouts, biting on her bottom lip.

Damn it.

“Alright, I’ll come to the bloody party,” he finally tells her. “Just make sure no one gets me any more dog toys,” Klaus mentions.

“Got it,” she cheers, while ruffling his hair. “You’re gunna have the best birthday ever,” Hayley squeals.

Klaus can’t help but smile.