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Damon stuck his hand out, “Welcome to the family.” He said. He was still sceptical of Elijah but he made you happy so he never voiced his concerns.

“Hurt (y/n) and die.” Stefan grinned as he clapped your husband’s shoulder.


Hey, anjo! Como o vamp recomeçou do zero, todas as nossas edits foram apagadas e as tags ficaram “vazias”. Por isso resolvemos fazer uma Maratona de Edits!!

Como assim?

Nós vamos editar a cada dois dias uma season diferente de The Vampire Diaries e The Originals. Começaremos com a primeira season de TVD, seguida pela primeira season de TO. E assim vamos editando até as seasons acabarem. E tem mais! Depois que as seasons acabarem, durante quatro dias, editaremos apenas o cast de TVD e o de TO. 

Sobre os pedidos:

Fique a vontade para pedir, meu amor! Mas lembre-se: postaremos apenas uma season a cada dois dias. Então, por favor, faça o pedido referente aquela season.

Obs: Caso você faça um pedido referente a uma season que ainda não foi editada, ele será postado apenas no dia da season. E se a season já foi postada, o seu pedido só será postado quando a maratona acabar. Então fique ligado!

Calendário das postagens:

  • 06 e 07 de julho: The Vampire Diaries Season 1
  • 08 e 09 de julho: The Originals Season 1
  • 10 e 11 de julho: The Vampire Diaries Season 2
  • 12 e 13 de julho: The Originals Season 2
  • 14 e 15 de julho:  The Vampire Diaries Season 3
  • 16 e 17 de julho:  The Vampire Diaries Season 4
  • 18 e 19 de julho:  The Vampire Diaries Season 5
  • 20 e 21 de julho:  The Vampire Diaries Season 6
  • 22 e 23 de julho: Cast Feminino
  • 24 e 25 de julho: Cast Masculino

Learn how to get people to swipe left on your life history and swipe right on that perfectly contoured face.

So, a little heads up to iamrottingbitch, barondaot uhmmm.
Hmmm. squaresrcool, frozen quotes anon and anyone else involved.
My sleeping schedule is shit.
I’ve been asleep on and off since about seven this morning because I’ve had a fever and took a bunch of nyquil.
Don’t take my unresponsiveness as being annoyed or mad.
If something makes me mad I often rant about it to the point of dead horse, so If you piss me off, you’ll know. xD
But birthdays for me, often make me feel awful, and some days when my depression or ADHD is high, I just avoid the internet all together. I can’t function.
So I’m sorry for the confusion, I’m sorry if I upset anyone, and I’m sorry I haven’t responded to any messages.
Some times I’m really bad at that and it takes me weeks to not procrastinate.
But I’d like to give all those boops the attention they deserve, and I was actually really glad that people made my birthday feel like something to remember, instead of a slight after thought since its on a holiday.
Thanks guys, for Being awesome. :D
Sorry iamrottingbitch. I didn’t mean to make you think that I was upset with you. I’m sorry.