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IS IT JUST MY RIARKLE HEART SPEAKING or was riley thinking about someone (FARKLE) when maya was talking about fantasies

Nah I reckon it was about Lucas, that’s why she was confused, bc Maya said fantasies can’t happen, and I think we all know how real Riley and Farkle’s relationship is compared to Riley and Lucas’ (I respect all shippers tho, so Rilucas shippers just keep doin what you doin if you’re reading this).

Examples of the realness: 

  • Riley and Farkle actually talk (Texas, NY, PR), and don’t just talk about talking like Riley and Lucas (tNW)
  • Farkle recognised that Riley was in emotional distress during Texas 3 and New Years, and made an effort to talk to her and to tell her she had a right to her feelings too, whereas Lucas didn’t really care much about what Riley was doing in NY and Texas 3 until Charlie showed up
  • While Farkle cares deeply about Riley, and possibly loves her, he doesn’t get angry jealous and possessive like Lucas does when there’s a ‘threat’ to their relationship
  • Farkle let it be known to Riley that he would always support her beliefs (”Pluto will always be a planet in my room”)
  • Farkle “Always” Minkus compared to Lucas “Riley fell on my lap which means I’m supposed to love her” Friar, which one sounds more like a fantasy to you?

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Not to be greedy or make special requests but would you ever get the scripts for TNW or East? Or have you gotten them already, and I just missed the posts? Thank you!

Sorry, but those weren’t available :/

Reading because I’m going to write a script, then the geek in me stole some time.

Quick notes on “Arrow on the Doorpost” though–

Governor: I want Michonne.

Rick takes that in.

Governor: She’s the one who took my eye.  Who killed my little girl.
Rick: She was a walker.
Governor: Turn her over and this all goes away.
Rick: You’ll kill her.

The Governor doesn’t answer.  Rick starts to shake his head.

Governor: You don’t even know her.  is she worth it?  One woman?  Worth every life in Woodbury?  Every life in the prison?  Is she?


Hershel: You’re thinking of turning her over?

Long beat.  Rick’s been wrestling with this.

Rick: We don’t know her.

Hershel: Why are you telling me?
Rick: Because…I’m hoping you can talk me out of it.

Hershel looks at him, considers one of the most important decisions of his life, then shakes his head.

Hershel: I can’t.

Rick nods.  The decision’s made.  AS they look out over the walkers– THE END

Well I managed to get the scaling WAY off….back to work on this brick oven (modified from TNW and the TS3 Store) tomorrow.  

Simaginary early (unsafe) oven?  :P  Cloned to the pancake griddle…so hopefully no flames on cooktop.  (Believe it or not those bricks get hot enough to cook on!)