Notes from Perspectives of Serial Entrepreneurs (New York,  November 19, 2015

Day after The Next Web Conference in NY we attended the Perspectives of Serial Entrepreneurs with Dennis Mortensen (Co-Founder/CEO @, Tristan Louis (Co-Founder @ Earthweb and which went public) & Hunter Cohen (Founding member @ Genesis Direct). 

Here are my notes from the event.

What will this business relationship bring me in a year or two? We need to look for strategic long-term vision rather than grabbing a lot from a low-hanging fruit.

Entrepreneurship is timing, timing, timing.

“Icebreak” - break through corporate meetings

Everyone should be over investing to setup a team, this is the most important part of your business, company, startup …

Our team works 6 days a week. Wednesdays work until midnight.

1. Define a problem that really, really, really bugs you, the problem that keeps you up at night!

2. Don’t take the company public. It’s a form of exit. Worst then selling the company.

3. If you don’t bootstrap, you’re taking money. If you take an investment you’re already looking at exit. You stop being an innovator, you become money manager. Always try to bootstrap.

4. Integration. Do not destroy relationships after selling the company.

Try this exercise:

In an ideal world [this problem has been solved] because of my company.

Don’t build a fully flagged ship before you introduced it to your customers.

On having ideas and starting a company: 

• write all your ideas down
• one day go through the list and narrow it down
• take few ideas and research
• then ask 4-6 people from the (ideas) field and they should try to disapprove you
• if they fail you start to gather a team and start a company 

If I didn’t invest this amount of $$$, would the company still move forward?

Everyone we hire buys into the stuff we’re doing.

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JK habló de éste hombre, Tim Ferriss, un autor estadounidense que ha diseñado para sí mismo un sistema de guías para poder empezar a dominar cualquier destreza que uno quiera, un acrónimo: DiSSS. En el video él mismo explica el proceso a  través de sus propias experiencia, pero acá les damos un ligero resumen.

En español sería como DeSSS los pasos son los siguientes:

Deconstruir: Se identifica qué es lo que podría hacer que las personas fallen en esta actividad, la meta es evitar esos problemas en las primeras 5 sesiones. 

Selección: Basándose en el principio de 80/20, se trata de encontrar el 20% de las actividades (o menos) que causan el 80% de los resultados.

Secuencias: Acá uno se pregunta, ¿qué pasa si hago las cosas en el orden opuesto en el que me lo indican? esto le permite a uno experimentar en un campo sin presión ni riesgos.

Consecuencias: Hay que construir un incentivo, ¡Algo que le haga sentir el ácido, locooo! encontrar algún riesgo en fallar al tratar de aprender esta nueva práctica.

Algorithm Helps Detect Global Tennis Match Fixing

Algorithm Helps Detect Global Tennis Match Fixing

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C O N T E N T S: KEY TOPICS Commenting on the use of algorithms in the newsroom, CEO of data science consultancy Profusion Mike Weston, told TNW: “One of the most intriguing aspects of the tennis fixing story is that a news organisation developed an algorithm to mine betting data to identify suspicious activity.(More…) POSSIBLY USEFUL His star was yet to fully rise in 2007, the time when the…

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Write You a Card

And you know, I ought to write you a card
for putting up with me
putting up with every time I made it as hard
as I could make it be
in school and out, at your house and mine
pulling and pushing away
and you sure told me off but then it was fine
and there was nothing I could say
when you were crying, when you were hurt
from things done long ago
and all my words were confused and curt
as if I didn’t care or know
how much it took for you to be strong
and from all these loose ends
somehow you’ve made it work all along
and somehow today we’re still best friends.


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