Watch Steve Jobs brainstorm with the NeXT team in this fascinating video

“This video is from a series called Entrepreneurs, that documents the creation of NeXT. The real gems here are the way that Steve interacts with the team, shooting down what he feels are silly ideas and encapsulating several minutes of brainstorming with explicit goals.” - The Next Web

Time to say goodbye

Hey guys,

I’ll be soon leaving my position as Social Media and Marketing Director for TNW. Time for a change, off to new digital adventures ;)

The part of my job I’ll probably miss the most, will be managing TNW’s tumblr. Thank you all for the great company, inspiration, <3s and reblogs.

For any TNW community related issues reach out to community[at!]

Stay in touch! Via e-mail: amalucky.a[at!], @amalucky

Happy Spring!
Amalia :)

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