Bad Timing
Bad Timing

LaTocha’s single: “Bad Timing.” This is the song she asked MY opinion on! yes I feel special… GO GET IT on iTunes too!


So for those have you entered, here is the competition list and now it’s up to you on if you think you can win! Good luck everyone! 

  1. The best photo of yourself! 
  2. The most creative gif of yourself (if you can’t make one, let us know).
  3. Why do you think you should be tumblr’s top blogger? 
  4. Something you think can make you win, this is wide open so be creative, maybe a poem? a picture? who knows….it’s up to you! 

All of these either need to be tagged “tntb” (no spaces so don’t get confused) or you can submit it to all the judges! We will be picking the top 5 next sunday! So don’t be late, and then there will be a poll on who should win! GOODLUCK.