The turtles reaction to their s/o having an eating disorder:


Requested by: @everchangingfangirl

Yo on the flip side of your last post how about some angst? Turtle reaction to learning about their s/o having an eating disorder? 


Leo would smother you. Knowing that there was something wrong was like the end of the world to him, and he would do anything in his power to make sure you were ok. He’d bring you small bits of food, even though he knew you probably wouldn’t want them, and he’d insist you ate them. It wasn’t full meals or anything extreme, just a few bits here and there to ensure you were eating something. He wanted - no - needed you to be alright. For his own piece of mind he had to do something to stop himself from worrying about you literally all of the time. 


Raphael would get it, and he’d try not to let on that it bothered him, but acting was never something he was ever very good at. He’d get agitated when he found out you hadn’t eaten anything all day, and though it was annoying you knew it was just him caring about your well being. He’d try and encourage you to eat as much as possible, and though he probably thought he was being subtle, he wasn’t. He was freaking out at the possibility of there being even the tiniest of things wrong with you, and the idea of you starving was driving him to insanity. So this was his way of dealing with that, even if it was a bit obvious some, if not all, of the time.


Donnie would be smart about it. He’d bring you a few bits of food and tell you “fun” science facts about how your cells use and store glucose, and how your body converts it to starch or energy for further use. That didn’t mean anything, or make any sense, to you, but it brought a smile to your face to see how hard Donnie was trying. He didn’t want to force you to eat, he understood it wasn’t as simple as just not eating, but at the same time he knew what would happen to your body if you didn’t get the right nutrients, so every now and then he’d bring you something to eat, and give you a quick science lesson on whatever food he’d brought, all in an attempt to keep you healthy. Or as close to that as possible.


Mikey would NOT get it - like, at all. He’d try and pretend that he could wrap his head around it, and honestly he’d try, but in reality he didn’t understand how someone could just not be hungry, or just not eat for days on end. He’d eventually get Donatello to explain it in simple turns, which even then he struggled to really get it, and he’d ask for some advice on how to deal with it. Whenever he’d get pizza from then on, he’d insist that you’d eat one slice. Even if you weren’t hungry at all, one slice was the deal. He may not understand what you were going through, but he understand that you needed to eat something, and so one slice was the only way he could make sure you were ok. 

Why don’t we have stuff like this anymore? Now it’s like “don’t do drugs, or you’ll burn in hell” or “OMG pizza will make you fat”. Like seriously the teenage mutant ninja turtles knew what was up.