Update : so ratings are out for yesterday’s 1N2D ep. and it appears that the events of the past few days had little influence compared to their usual ratings:

TNMS : 15,5% nationwide
Nielsen : 16,3% nationwide

By far it was not their best ratings ever (which was 19,9 when Park Bo Gum visited) but it was not their worst either (8,3 when they did that special interview reviewing their first 6 months). Their scores are still higher than “Real Men” and “Running Man” by a few points~

So good news for us! No nose-dive in ratings means higher chances that KBS will consider leaving the team as is.

Also I had a quick look at comments on 1N2D official page on the channel’s website and opinions seemed really divided : there were a lot of messages of support with fans saying they believed JJY but there were also messages asking for his departure and others that were quite frankly horrible :-s.
Kkuljaem translated some of them yesterday before he appeared for his press conference and… it was bad… (not putting the link ‘cause there might be some new ones since the situation has changed but you can probably find it easily with our friend Google if you’re interested)
Overall though, fans have been much nicer on his Instagram account and comments are generally very positive.

Let’s keep our hopes up~