Imagine Tom being the owner of your favorite book store. He sees you coming in quite frequently, but never sees you buy anything - just walking around with an extensive list of novels you’d like to read. You don’t have enough money to buy all the books you want, so you just come in to browse, adding an impossible number of titles to your list. One day you come in to find a beautifully wrapped package sitting on your chair in the café - a gift from Tom, of every single book you had on your list.

Imagine spending an entire night talking to Tom. You were anticipating a more active evening, but once the two of you started talking, it just didn’t stop. You told him about your childhood, your dreams, and past relationships that were never meant to work out. He told you things he’s never told anyone - his darkest fears and deepest insecurities. Just as the sun was rising, you were sharing your visions of your ideal futures, which happened to share many similarities.

Imagine going on vacation with Tom and his family. You’ve hardly had any time alone together since arriving, and you’re just starving for some one-on-one attention. Before breakfast, you tease him with a little nibble on his ear as your hand slides into his pajama bottoms. He’s hesitant at first - his family is in the next room, after all. It just takes a few more strokes to convince him that he needs you as much as you need him. He just makes you promise to be as quiet as possible so no one finds out.

Imagine spending time abroad doing research for your next novel. You’re taking notes at your hotel restaurant in Dubai when you see Tom, your ex-husband, walking towards you. He looked so good it made you angry - his sleeves rolled up, his hand casually in his pocket. Regardless of what he was about to say, you had to stay angry to keep yourself from falling for him all over again.

Imagine making out with Tom in his trailer. He’s about to go do an interview, but you just can’t keep your hands off each other; you are newlyweds, after all. His hands are everywhere - sliding under your shirt, gripping your ass, caressing your face. A knock at the door brings everything to a screeching halt. You scamper behind him on his way to the interview, trying to catch your breath. Just before the cameras roll, you giggle to yourself as he tries to wipe your lipstick from his mouth.

Imagine introducing yourself to Tom. You’ll be directing a film he’s set to star in, so you figured you should get acquainted with each other. When you approach him, though, things don’t go as you’d hoped. He seems skeptical you’ll be able to handle him. Although he doesn’t doubt your abilities, he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to take direction from such a commanding woman without becoming attracted to you.