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Can you do one of your describe a scene posts about the pickax scene? it's the scene that started my shipping.

Why sure I can, I said I would do any that came into my box and I’m good at my word (even while on break) so here goes love..

(I will need to reference gifs for this one cause it was so long ago, talk about way back machine lol)

So we have Daryl, just about to put an ax into the head of the now deceased asshole that passed for Carol’s husband. He’s about to swing it when she come and says “I’ll do it.. he was my husband.”

Her soft, meek, teary voice cuts through Daryl’s gruff and he looks at her, this tiny woman, and hands her an ax almost as big as she is..

He watches her as she takes it and barely having the strength to lift it, manages to and proceeds to swing it awkwardly, with tears in her eyes into her husbands head..

Multiple times I might add.

(gifs by @oohhshiny))

A painful level of overkill that would be echoed by him a few seasons later. The moment being what it was. A liberation in a way from years of abuse. And it always struck me how he almost seems to recognize it. It Knowing what we know now he probably did. 

the way he’s watching her, this small woman wielding an ax and freeing herself in a very real way from the man ruled her life for so long. Even as a man he can relate to the situation. He doesn’t know her that well but he’s gotta admire her strength to be able to do it. What it must’ve took.

Its an early moment, and it passes rather fast but you look at it now and realize that Daryl passed her the instrument she used to free herself from Ed’s reign completely and would become someone very important to her.

A man she loves who, unlike that pathetic excuse for a man she was married to, would fight to protect her rather that ever injure her himself. Someone who understood and could relate to what it was like to be held down and hurt by someone who was supposed to love you.

He might not have known her well in that moment but he helped in a small way that would echo even now, years later.

Damn I should go back and watch that. The beginning of the beautiful thing that is Caryl :)

(I love these things, you guys can keep sending them if you want :) )


Jack: I guarantee I could stuff way more testicles in my mouth.

Okay Jack.

Roland: Why can’t you just agree and feel important

Sometimes I wish I could agree and feel important, so ask me the same question Roland.

Jack: Woah dude, he might be a clown but he has a daughter

Aww :3

Lmao okay but Joel was 100% fake eating

Just something I noticed.

Aaron: Hmm no I don’t want to have sex with that idea, I’m sorry

This whole bit was v strange.

Jack: This is primal… man vs wet stick.
Clark: Listen I could let you watch your wet stick all night long.

Same Clark, same.

Clark: Ohh that pussum got me good.

Clark may I ask how you say the word “bagel”?

Jack: In the same room Esther felt me up in at the Christmas party
Esther: Jack I’ve told you once and I’ll tell you 100 times, I was just trying to touch your penis


Aaron: Wow I want to get your integrity pregnant
Brooke: Oh my
Jack: You are engaged
Brooke: Yup but I’m not married

Ughhh, yeah, well. 
Keep yourself to your fiance Brooke. Stay in line. Don’t let us go down that trope-filled road, please.