#HIDEWEEK - Day 04 [ ♠ ] Blue

Friendly reminder that mashima sensei said Gray will give juvia an answer and that is to be expected,in todays chapter we saw how deeply he cares and loves her but Gray never gave juvia a clear answer in it.Something mashima told us to expect didnt happen which even more makes me think to believe that yes indeed she will be back.We also saw juvia is well aware of Grays demons and she pointed out if gray were to kill her hed blame himself,mashima himself just told us through Juvia that if she dies by his hands the pattern of self loathe of Gray will only continue.Juvia giving Gray blood so he lives and she passes away,gray will probably view it as “i killed her” “she died because i coudlnt protect her”.Juvia staying dead will ne such a huge step back for Gray ,throughout this arc he smiles a lot ,made silly jokes and fought side by side with her,he was looking forward to a future with her and was ready to give her an answer once all this was over.As @squisherific had said juvia needed to die for the plot ,so gray has a reason to go against natsu ,something that would tear him up so bad and Juvia was dying what exactly that,but shell return,shell show Gray not everyone goes away that shes here to stay ,it might take time but i promise itll be worth the wait.