In 2016, KM were obsessed with arm wrestling. More specifically, Jimin constantly “challenged” Jungkook even though he clearly knew he would lose every time. And JK just went with it because of course he would.

By late 2016 into 2017, Jimin retired the arm wrestling shtick and started looking for other excuses to hold JK’s hand.

And as you’ve already mentioned, if you look very closely, you can see Jimin’s small hands kind of..lingering sometimes. I’m not gonna say outright that they’re doing this intentionally just to hold hands but.. I mean, come on.

Bob Morley at #ShowTimeCon2 Day 2

so this is a master post (day 1) of what bob said during his panels in Barcelona this weekend. i’ll update it as much as i can:

- “The end of season 4 is gonna blow your mind. Season 5 is gonna be insane.” (x)
- Bob would convince someone to watch the 100 by saying “Watch it” (x)
- Bob said that Kane and Bellamy are very similar. They’re both very pragmatic. (x)
- “I’d like to play Emori because I’d get to kiss Richard.” (x)
- “I don’t think they (Bellamy and Octavia) have the same father.” (x)
- Bob said Bellamy has “daddy issues” (x)
- Bob said he loves Ian so much and loves working with him (x)
- Bob said he wanted to grow a beard but couldn’t for Bellamy (x)
- Bob loves Chai but he hates Ilian (x)
- Bob doesn’t like playing romance (x)
- Bob ships Monty and Jasper. “Sorry Harper” (x)
- Bob’s favorite season is season 4 because he challenged himself more (x)
- Bob said that his favourite season from The100 is season 4 because of the growth of Bellamy (x)
- Bob said that Holland Roden watches a lot of documentaries (x)
- Bob said he met Holland yesterday for the first time and he thinks she’s very cool (x)
- Bob said he would like to work on Archer, Modern Family or Parcs and Recs (x)
- Bob said that if the cast were in the situation of the 100 in season 1 Isaiah would probably take the leadership (x)
- Bob said that if he could only sing one song for the rest of his life it would be the Willy Wonka song (x)