Me as a Starfleet Officer

Me arriving on the bridge

Me walking down a corridor

Me meeting Captain Picard

Me working for security

Me when someone asks me what the readings say

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Me working for engineering

Me learning to play Pareses Squares 

Me meeting captain Kirk

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Me leading the away team

Me when I discover the food replicator

Me during an emergency

Me in during meetings when other people are talking

Me piloting the Enterprise

Me meeting Geordie

Me scanning for life-forms

Me when they won’t let me  touch the warp core

Me whenever anything cool happens

Me hanging out on the bridge

Me when a long-winded visiting admiral is talking

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My performance review with Captain Picard

Mind melding with the Spock family
  • Sarek with Picard:We would be linked telepathically, sharing our thoughts, becoming in essence one mind. Vulcan emotions are extremely intense. We have learned to suppress them. No human would be able to control them. They would overwhelm you. The mind-meld can be a terrible intimacy. I cannot allow it.
  • Spock with Kirk:MY MIND TO YOUR MIND LETS DO THIS IS THE LOGICAL THING *does mindmeld*