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Top 5 Albums/EPs of 2012

Here are our version of the most looped/hyped releases of 2012, featuring household names such as TNGHT, Disclosure as well as 2012 rap sensation Kendrick Lamar. Lianne La Havas stole the spotlight with her soulful debut album while The xx booked a spot with their sophomore release, Coexist.

TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice) - TNGHT EP

An anecdote of how I feel when I put this on. 

You’re at a gorgeous party at the person of your dreams is next to the bar, looking more desirable than ever fathomable. Likewise, you make your way and without much effort, swoon the individual into a maddening and tantalizing session of fucking. The doors are slamming, the sheets are ruffling, the bed is running out of springs that work, the rug is ruined! Not only are you amazed at how unbelievably circumstantial the situation is, but also how dream-like everything is paced. And just when the metaphysical steam of the room is opening your pores and setting ablaze to all senses, the dream boy/girl eyes turn neon red and turn into a homicidal and menacing murdering robot. Tossing and turning, whilst still engaged in fucking, he/she begins shooting lethal lasers from its eyes and moving savagely for your death. Feathers from the pillows are flying, curtains are burning, furniture is being destroyed and, while dodging it all, you have never felt more turned on in your entire life. And, most likely, you will never feel that again. (9/10)


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