au memories

in the midst of all this confusion lets talk about our favorite moments in the au

-the formation of blurryves and the polycrew
-reg teaching phun baseball
-blurry getting his hair dyed red by titled
-titled being a poetry hoe
-ves was a mother
-the gold situation
-the bf songs!
-the polycrew split
-blurryves split
-tv being a fucking flirt
-vesseled and blurreg creation!
-spook and pepper
-the tngc formation
-the vessel songs
-phun going to college
-ves and sundays
-titled being an animal hoe
-zoo and beach days
-heath and judge (heath revealed as virgin) and tear n doubt!
-tngc antics
-jays phineas and ferb period

there is months and months full these are the VERY basic plotlines. please add more!