Here’s my lineup for @fandomfest in Louisville, KY this Friday-Sunday! I’ll be wearing my new #tng #skant costume from the @cosplayculturemag shoot on Saturday! See ya there!

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scarletswalking  asked:

I just saw you do a sweet slide down a ladder in engineering on TNG (season 2 episode 10). Please tell me you do this little trick whenever you encounter a ladder. That was like, true Wesley Crusher badassery.

So I had just seen Hunt for Red October when we filmed that episode. I saw lots of sailors in that movie sliding around on ladders like that, and I thought, “Hey, Wesley has spent much if not all of his life on starships, and I bet that’s totally normal behavior for him. Also, it looks cool, so I’ll do it.”

I didn’t think they’d let me get away with it, but the director did. I think it’s a neat little bit of character development that I got to put into the show.

anonymous asked:

Lieutenant commander Data, 4, 13, 18 😃

4)  Best places to kiss on their body

Oh buddy….as an android, you would think there wouldn’t be any erogenous zones, but I have it on good authority that if you tease him just around the area in his back where emergency “off” switch is, that can get him going.

13) What gets them flustered

Geordi…cuz everything he does is painfully cute and gets Data’s wires a-sparkin’.

18) Things they’ll never admit

He hates his father. (and don’t tell me that Data doesn’t feel…he has LOTS of reasons to hate Dr. Soong)