'Suits' star Patrick J. Adams: EW Pop Culture Personality Test
Spoiler alert! Suits fans have a lot to smile about today: Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) are back together. (Sorry, Louis. You...

I know you’re both going to cry, @novemberhush and @sairyn-noc, because Patrick is a TNG shipper but I was just having a moment there because I grew up with TNG as well and only discovered TOS later on which is why I’m also very much a TNG shipper myself :) 

But really, what is wrong with that: 
“My thing was to always take pop songs and learn to play them acoustically. So I have a lot of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera jams that I do acoustic. I’m not even ashamed of it. “Oops!…I Did It Again” – classic track. “….Baby One More Time” – even more classic track. That’s THE song.”

I play “Baby One More Time” all the time, it’s a good tune on the guitar. Travis even covered it! 

That last confession made me laugh because (back when I was living with my dad), it felt like he would only stop by my room to say hi during the scenes where Riker was seducing the alien lady of the week, haha. I’m pretty sure he’s still convinced TNG is a show that panders to kinky nerds.

I did feel a little dirty researching ‘DATA LORE PLEASURE’. Not gonna lie..

decode your teen's texts!
  • lol:lust over laforge
  • omg:old man garak
  • ffs:fun for sulu
  • irl:is really locutus
  • wtf:worf there's food
  • idc:it's data's cat
  • ok:odo kinkshaming
  • tmi:t'hy'la my idic
  • hmu:holodeck-made uhura
  • tfw:those fucking whales
  • af:assimilate ferenginar
  • brb:bashir regrets banging
  • lmao:leaving me after o'brien
  • gtfo:get tuvok ferengi oil
  • rofl:ready omicron-theta for landing
  • ily:i lost yar
  • gtg:gorn-to-gorn
  • tfti:tarsus famine that's indefinite