Did this fan art during a live Hangout session with my Patreon supporters, last night.

I’m a big fan of DS9. In fact I love it most from all Star Trek series. As an adult. As I a child that grew up with TNG that was my favorite show for a long time.

Anyways… More love for Ben Sisko! :)


Brent Spiner 2012 @ Destination “Star Trek” London

the fandom often compares semma and zaya, and I agree, both pairings have many similarities. I’ve also seen posts about sean, jay and alex = zig, tiny and grace, which I totally can see, especially when you think of the semma=zaya comparison and the palex=gracevas one.

I think we can also say that zoe is very similar to paige. I’m not saying she’s as good or not, that’s up to each one of you to decide, but they do share personality traits and storylines as well. both were raped, pressed charges (one didn’t won the trial and the other did), and both are attracted to girls. paige dated alex and (so far) zoe kissed grace.

now, I have yet to see someone talking about this (maybe I haven’t been paying attention I’m sorry if thats the case), but am I the only who gets a spaige vibe from ziles

tristan sometimes reminds me of terri. the image issues, the unhealthy relationships, paige was terri’s best friend and zoe is tristan’s best friend and also remember when terri and spinner liked each other in season one? even tho triles and terri x spinner aren’t similar, as we never got to see terri and spinner in a relationship, the characters as individuals do remind me of them.

what I’m trying to say is that I think the fact this generation is my favourite generation since the tng characters left the show might be because they all resemble these old characters so much

(let’s just hope maya and miles don’t pull a emma and spinner on us and end up getting drunk and married at a casino)