Halloween Livestream! 🎃🍂🕸🌙👻

Okay y’all, here’s the deal—with clown sightings popping up literally everywhere and the general complete lack of safety/personal wellbeing that’s been happening all month this year, the last thing I want is to go out on Halloween….even with friends. I’m certain that other people here are having similar thoughts, at least from the ones I’ve spoken to on this. Therefore, I propose we spend this October 31st having a sp00ky scary HALLOWEEN LIVESTREAM! 

I asked my followers awhile back if they would enjoy a Twilight Zone marathon with all the episodes William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy appear in, and the response was overwhelmingly positive, and I think that Halloween would be the perfect time to do this.

Come join me on 10/31 starting at 5 pm (PST) for a stream of the following Twilight Zone episodes (20 minutes each): 

  • Nick of Time (starring William Shatner)
  • A Quality of Mercy (featuring Leonard Nimoy)
  • Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (starring William Shatner) — note: this one is extra fun to watch when you realize that Captain Kirk has a fear of flying

Additionally, we will be streaming some Halloween-related Star Trek episodes afterward (45-50 minutes each):

  • Catspaw (TOS)
  • Mirror Mirror (TOS)
  • Schisms (and/or Sub Rosa) (TNG) — can also be substituted with Elementary Dear Data, Frame of Mind, Night Terrors, or various other “spooky” episodes depending on popular vote 
  • And finally, if we have time, The Best of Both Worlds Parts 1 & 2 (TNG) because really, what’s spookier than The Borg?

Also, the last time I organized a large livestream, the room overfilled within 10 minutes of starting. So this time, I would like to ask people to volunteer their room as an “overflow room” that we will coordinate together to set up a stream parallel to this one. All you have to do to volunteer is have a account and a Netflix login so you can stream these episodes. It would be much appreciated. 

Even if you’re unable to make it, please signal boost this post to get the word out! 

Happy Halloween and LLAP! 🖖🎃👻

i was gonna put together a short list of some of the creepier trek episodes, in honor of halloween, but somehow the list grew so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

the ones with stars are faves and/or extra creepy

TOS: The Doomsday Machine, Catspaw, *Wolf in the Fold*.

DS9: *Whispers*, Distant Voices, The Assignment, *Things Past*.

VOY: Cathexis, Projections, *Persistence of Vision*, Meld, *Macrocosm*, *Coda*, Revulsion, The Raven, Scientific Method, Waking Moments, One, Infinite Regress, Latent Image, *Course: Oblivion*.

ENT: Shuttlepod One, Dead Stop, Singularity, *Vanishing Point*, *Impulse*, *Twilight*, Hatchery.

Jean-Luc and Beverly:
- first name terms even on duty
- have breakfast together
- sit on each other’s furniture
- NO personal space
- hand holding
- midnight chat ft. hair ribbon
- always each other’s concert dates
- basically data’s adoptive parents
- and wesley’s parents
- sometimes actual kissing
- known each other for decades
- make each other warm milk when they can’t sleep
- longing gazes
- ‘you either need a new uniform or a new neck’

Also Jean-Luc and Beverly:
- somehow not married???!?

Upcoming Watchalong Dates and Movies!

Okay, so because I and y’all are in for a busy next couple months, and because I’m going to be away a few Saturdays, I’ve decided to actually keep track of stuff here, so that anyone who wants to fill in for my missing weekends can volunteer to do so! If you would like to host my missing weekends, please let me know and I will add them to this list! I love having the watchalongs with y’all and I want people to be sure they can join in during the holiday season!


Again, Any space that says N/A means I am AWAY OR BUSY and I am looking for hosts to fill the spots! Here we go!

  • October 22  DOUBLE FEATURE:  Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme and Star Trek TNG: Elementary, Dear Data (2 SHOWINGS)
  • October 29 - The Nightmare Before Christmas hosted by @samuel-skelebro! (THANKS SAM!)
  • November 5 - Carol (EVENING SHOW ONLY… may change if my aunt wants to spend the day with me to N/A)
  • November 12 - N/A  (looking for a host, movie is host’s choice)
  • November 19 - Pride  (2 SHOWINGS)
  • November 26 - Boy Meets Girl (full series)  (2 SHOWINGS)
  • December 3 - A Johnlocker’s Season 1 Marathon (1 showing of each episode, starting early afternoon until end of S1)
  • December 10 - A Johnlocker’s Season 2 Marathon  (1 showing of each episode, starting early afternoon until end of S2)
  • December 17 - A Johnlocker’s Season 3 Marathon + MHR and Deleted Scene (1 showing of each episode, starting early afternoon until end of S3)
  • December 24 - TBD, possibly N/A
  • December 25 - A day of Christmas movies, list TBD (ALL DAY EVENT)
  • December 31 - TAB and GAY Pilot (2 Showings)
  • January 1 POSSIBLY going to host a livestream of Sherlock S4 IF THIS IS THE DAY IT AIRS. Interested in multiple hosts as only hosts 25 people at a time. Anyone interested in a Video chat of this?

Again, this is just a tentative list, movies and dates may change based on my own schedule. I you would like to host a movie on my N/A days, please contact me through the chat and I’ll add you to the list!

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you have an updated fic rec list? I went through your old one a while ago but I've read everything and was wondering if you had any more.

Hello!! Yeah, I haven’t updated that list in probably 8 months, oops! I haven’t been reading a whole lot lately (especially het), I’ve been working on some projects, but here are a few that I try to keep up with, have already finished, or want to start soon! xx (one or two are zayn fics but the rest are harry)

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