so I’m watching tng and I don’t get why people hated it so much at the time? I mean it’s got its own flavor but it is still undeniably star trek and you get to see a lot more of the inner workings of the ship and crew’s daily life.
(although I miss the weirdass space singing in the opening and overdramatic fight scenes from tos)

okay so

I know this is never going to come into fruition but here’s what I want the new star trek series to be about:

  • it’s in the reboot universe, set at the same time period as beyond
  • the focus is on the worst ship in the entire fleet - it’s home to all the officers who are being punished for minor crimes, all the below-average graduates who never had the aptitude to serve on flagships, all the family-less people who have no where else to turn
  • I’m gonna call it the uss achilles bc lol irony 
  • despite this, achilles and its crew are responsible for keeping everything running smoothly. the enterprise wouldn’t be able to save the day if it weren’t for the grunt work from these guys
  • similar to that one episode of tng where we see the other subordinate’s lives, this would show us how other members of starfleet react to all the enterprise-related shenanigans (”I swear to god if kirk ruins hanukkah by destroying san fran one more fucking time-”)

and here are some characters I’d love to see:

  • a vulcan ensign who’s seen as ‘defective’ bc she has severe anxiety and cries easily. she didn’t achieve good enough marks to get into the vsa but starfleet made a special exception for her, thinking that maybe a more human approach would boost her scores. it didn’t. she’s exceptionally smart but lacks all the confidence necessary in an officer
  • the captain is a human trans woman (I’m thinking laverne cox). she’s a competent officer, was really making waves in starfleet, until one day she woke up with three years of her memory gone under suspicious circumstances. starfleet wanted to keep the situation quiet so they transferred her from one of the frontier ships to the achilles. she was, and still is, furious; in between her new duties she’s leading a one-woman investigation into what happened to her
  • nurse mccoy - “no, not that mccoy, I’m irish for fuck’s sake” - is a medical intern serving time on the achilles after pulling an almost fatal prank on one of his professors. he’s a bit of a wild card, full of restless energy and a nasty sense of humour. through the series he’s confronted with the consequences of his actions and slowly begins to mature. he still hates being compared to leonard mccoy tho
  • the first officer is actually a spy sent in from starfleet to keep an eye on the captain. the captain doesn’t know why, but for some reason she trusts them implicitly. maybe it’s the way her xo looks at her, the familiarity in their voice, the deliberate way they never talk about the captain’s past or even broach the topic of romantic relationships. there’s still that slight hesitation, though, bc they know something she doesn’t
  • the hyper-competent chief engineer who actually chose the achilles so she could serve and still take care of her family on a relatively safe ship
  • a deltan journalist assigned to the achilles to write a frank piece on the realities of being in starfleet 
  • a tribble that was jokingly promoted to chief security officer and is now the legitimate cso 

and some wacky adventures these nerds could go on, à la friends:

  • the one where someone tries to download porn onto the ship’s computer and accidentally introduces a sentient virus that messes with the crew
  • the one where they complete the star trek tradition of travelling back in time, but this time they accidentally change the future
  • the one with the sex pollen that leaves the asexual crew members to save the day 
  • the one where someone discovers a wormhole in their bathroom
  • the one with the mirror verse, but hardly anything is different 
  • the one where the universal translator malfunctions
  • the one where no one understands vulcans
  • the one where someone brings a cat on board that turns out to be a shapeshifting alien (Q) hellbent on fucking up their current mission
  • the one with the absolutely necessary fake marriage to trick a band of intergalactic pirates 
  • the one where the fourth wall is broken and one character slips into our world

I could go on, but this is the kind of star trek I want to see: ridiculous, campy bullshit with just enough heart to keep it true to the original series

i fucking love picard jesus

*data gets kidnapped* *finally pinpoint his location* picard: warp 8! get there with all possible urgency!! save data!!!!

*trying to get away from lwaxana troi* (frantic whisper) warp nine….. please

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I can't help but notice you didn't have a tag/category for TOS or the original Enterprise. I was wondering if there was a reason

Yeah, I like TNG-era ships best.  But if you visit my tag Constitution you’ll see that I do post pictures of the original Enterprise.