tng spoilers !!!

  • Natasha Yar: *is badass and passionate woman with most interesting speech in the first 30 minutes of first episode, has complex back story that needs telling, is beautiful, strong and high ranking female, had potential as bisexual representation, has a soft side despite her strength, has flaws like everyone else that she handles well (like being rash and hot headed) and needs a whole show to herself*
  • Fans: omg what do you plan to do with this precious baby?
  • Writers: kill her in the first season
  • Fans: wut

Zane and Riley are currently considered the only LGBT couple in the show’s history so far to be endgame and they weren’t even together in their last onscreen appearance and it was implied through their twitters

me: I won’t cry over star trek beyond… It’s all good. I’m sure I’ll survive.

me, the second time watching beyond:

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