tng is on netflix


Full House: The Next Generation

Who do you suppose decorates the guest rooms on the Enterprise?  Netflix has got stuck buffering and I’m just staring at this: 

wondering whose aunt’s ceramics workshop the pieces either side of the doorway and over the bed came from.

Also, considering how often everything on the Enterprise shakes about, I hope the big square art thing directly above a sleeping person’s head is REALLY well secured to the wall.

Who did the flower arrangement?  Who put the fruit bowl on the table?  (Are those chokos?)  On Deep Space Nine I’ve got a theory that the weird objets d’art that you see in the guest rooms are work by Bajoran artists that the Ministry of Culture or something sends up and there’s a laminated card in the nightstand together with the Gideon’s Bible and the brochure about the shopping and dining options of the Promenade and the note from Odo telling you he’s watching you so don’t even think about it, telling you how you can purchase a piece you like.  But I know of no explanation for Enterprise guest room art.

There are, of course, hospitality staff on the Enterprise; yeomen and civilian bar staff in Ten Forward.  So I suppose there’s an answer to my question really.  They are unseen and unsung heroes.