tng is on netflix

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oh also!! how big is the whole trek universe like dkdjdkd I found tng deep space nine voyager and enterprise on netflix and I know about the 2009 movie and into darkness (which aren't on it dkdjkd rip) but is that it or are there more somewhere??? (is it obvious that I dove into this completely blind skdjdkdk like all I knew going in was that vulcans kiss with their hands but I am ready to Commit here)

I’m not the right person to ask about this I’m just here for the gay

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Full House: The Next Generation

marinermo  asked:

If I want to start watching TNG on Netflix, is there any specific place I should start that isn't episode 1 and are there any episodes I should outright skip?

I kind of feel like you need to go through the bad to appreciate the good, but honestly episode 1 will have ramifications down the line, so while it’s not very good, it has good moments and sets up a lot.

Definitely skip:

-The Naked Now (AKA the crew gets drunk from a virus and everyone is embarrassed. Only important info is Data and Yar are… intimate).

-Code of Honor (AKA the planet of black people and even the director was fired for being a racist craphead)

-Haven (AKA the planet where “gender roles are reversed and everything is embarrassing”)

-The Child (AKA the one where Counselor Troi is raped by an alien ball of light so it can give birth to itself. Only slightly less embarrassing than Avengers #200 because there is no incestual subtext or actual sex). Only important information is that this is the start of season 2, where Dr. Crusher is replaced by Dr. Pulaski for the season.

-The Outrageous Okona (AKA Annoying guy comes onboard who thinks he’s Han Solo but really he’s just irritating and reenacts Romeo and Juliet for some stupid reason. Bonus: Data tries to learn humor from Joe Piscopo)

-The Royale (AKA the story where a plot point centers on a badly-written book… in a script that is very badly written)

-Samaritan Snare (AKA the Enterprise crew are fooled by morons)

-Shades of Grey (AKA the clip show)

Skippable, but should probably skip through the episode itself for the good bits:

-The Last Outpost. Introduces the Ferengi, who you will likely hate, but has some interesting ideas here and there.

-Angel One. Some people like her, some people hate her - really comes down to personal preference, but it introduces Lwaxana Troi - Deanna Troi’s mother, who will reppear throughout the series.

-The Battle. Backstory for Picard, but has Ferengi antics.

-The Neutral Zone. Skip the crap with the frozen humans and just watch the stuff about the Romulans.


-The Arsenal of Freedom. Good sci-fi action (well, for TV at the time) and light character stuff. Very enjoyable.

-Skin of Evil. Important plot stuff. Some people think the villain is goofy, but I rather like it. Feels reminiscent of TOS in a good way.

-The Measure of a Man. Very good episode about Data’s rights - is he property or a person?

-Q Who. Introduces the Borg.

Everything else is negotiable. Some are good, some are… questionable, but otherwise watchable.

Inheritance - 7.10

Happy 2014, everyone! This episode was suggested a long-ass time ago by Eric, according to my notes. And according to Eric, this episode has “funky school marm dresses and Bev hair!” Truth. That’s also almost ALL it has, fashion-wise, so don’t get too excited.

The episode opens with a hilarious scene of pseudo-science explaining that the liquid core of some planet is solidifying. First of all: CAN THAT HAPPEN? DO I NEED TO WORRY ABOUT OUR MAGMA? WHAT ABOUT THE MANTLE? THE CRUST? Also, if you haven’t seen THE CORE, and you enjoy laughably terrible movies, do yourself a favor and check it out. 

Second of all, here are the scientists tasked with solving this issue:

Charlton Heston was unavailable for comment for this piece

Pran (the man) and Juliana here are both outfitted in pieces that start out simple but burst into brocade at the bottom. “Burst Into Brocade” is Bed Bath and Beyond’s 2014 ad campaign (it beat out “Sheets and Giggles”). Pran is clad in a dusty cinnamon, while Juliana is rocking a deep navy.

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