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First Contact and Intercultural Communication Specialist Deanna Troi

[Image: Six gifs. 1) Troi explains to Picard: “They are related to the Vulcans, but as each race developed, their differences grew wider. 2) Troi and Riker are in disguise as Mintakans. Troi says: “A very sensible people. For example, Mintakan women precede their mates.” 3) Mirasta Yale, surprised, says “What are you?” Deanna replies: “We’ve come with some very important information.” 4) Picard says “Counselor, what are these beings trying to tell us?” Deanna replies: “They’re calling for help”. 5) Deanna says: “We’ve been thinking in three dimensions. We have to get two-dimensional!” 6) Preparing for a meeting, Picard says: “Say the greeting again?” Deanna replies: “Yew-cheen chef-faw. Emphasis on the ‘cheen’ and the ‘faw’.”]