tng fav

i love janeway so much because not only is she an amazing, compassionate, strong leader for her crew – but she’s also a scientist. she is regularly shown being just as competent in matters of engineering as pretty much all engineers onboard, with the probable exception of b’elanna (another woman!). janeway frequently pulls out obscure physics/engineering knowledge and knows exactly what the fuck she’s talking about and isn’t doubted or questioned, and just


as a woman scientist, this kind of representation is so important and honestly even though i think TNG is still my fav series, i’m so glad that voyager is the one i grew up with <3


I finally made an Etsy!

As you all may know (because I have spammed y’all with pics im sorry) that I’ve been making stickers of TNG crew! 

Many of you were interested in buying them so I finally finished painting and printing all of the characters and opened an Etsy so y’all can buy all your fav TNG characters in sticker form!

Here is the link to my shop! A.K.A VulcannicShop

The only items listed so far are my TNG stickers but I plan on making TOS and plenty of non-star trek stickers asap!

This is my first time selling items online so bear with me while I figure everything out! 

I hope y’all enjoy boldly buying from me!!