Difference between a fake CG and real CG

Fake CGs:
🚫 push you away when they don’t want company
🚫 always use spanking as punishment
🚫 talk when it’s convenient for them
🚫 obsess over themselves and their lives, not paying attention to what you’re saying about yourself
🚫 make rules and don’t enforce them
🚫 are extremely strict and punish over everything
🚫 get angry easily and take it out on you
🚫 ignore you for days at a time, when they are back, they are cold and dismissive
🚫 ignore you as punishment
🚫 ask for s/e/x/u/a/l/ favors in exchange for attention and praise
🚫 have no time or patience for you being in little space
🚫 for you into little space and won’t allow you to leave

Real CGs:
💖 worry about you
💖 ask how you are, especially when upset or scared
💖 get excited when you give them a present
💖 want to spend as much time as they are able, just talking to you and being with you
💖 might use spanking as a last resort or not at all
💖 have set rules and keep on top of tnem most of the time (CGs are human too, and forget from time to time. That’s ok 😊)
💖 like knowing about your day
💖 want you to take care of yourself for them (especially if long distance)
💖 keep communication open
💖 reassure you that you are what makes them smile. You brighten up their day.
💖 come to you when they feel sad or not feeling well
💖 don’t find you annoying
💖 love you because of who you are as a person and a little. Not because of what you can or can’t offer in other areas.

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What's your drunk thoughts/ opinions about phil lester and dan howell?


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What I don't understand about vega ism is the part about not eating eggs or drinking milk. I don't see harm in eating eggs since the ones that come from our chickens are unfertilized and will not hatch chicks.. With cows, if you don't milk them their udders will become infected and they'll get diseases like mastitis so if you have to milk them why not drink the milk so it doesn't go to waste...? These are just my thoughts/opinions and I just want to know the logic behind the milk/eggs thing :)

Eggs and dairy being harmless to animals is a common misconception but it simply isn’t true. The egg and dairy industries are extremely exploitative and subject animals to horrific conditions. 

In the egg industry hens are confined to a space as small as an iPad and due to being packed into such stressful conditions they are debeaked - a procedure that is done without anaesthetic. Male chicks are killed - usually by either suffocation or by being thrown into an industrial size blender - because they can’t lay eggs and are too small to be raised for meat they’re considered useless. Free-range and cage-free farms are absolutely no better. Here is some more info on eggs (x) (x) (x). Taking eggs from backyard hens is also not OK.

You are right about cows being susceptible to infections and mastitis if they’re not milked, however a cow as with any other mammal needs to have a baby in order to lactate. In the dairy industry cows are forcibly impregnated and then have their calf taken away shortly after birth so that the farmers can steal their milk for human consumption. Cows would not need to be milked in the first place if their babies were allowed to drink the milk that is meant for tnem. When the babies are taken away from their mothers they are either confined to veal crates and slaughtered for their meat or in the case of females raised to replace their mothers. Cows are also often given hormones in order to increase their milk production - up to 10 times what they would produce naturally. This as well as being forcibly impregnated repeatedly puts a huge strain on their bodies and by four years of age they are too weak to keep up with demand and are slaughtered to make cheap fast food meat. Cows would live 20+ years naturally. More about dairy here (x) (x) (x) (x).

Eating eggs and dairy causes great harm to animals all to produce products that we don’t need and are incredibly unhealthy. Eggs and milk are not ours to take.

I hope this clears things up for you. x