tnbros love

(( The first time I watched Tiger and Bunny, the first thing I saw was Kotetsu falling into the dumpster. So basically, I started the series with a broken heart for this man who was endlessly misunderstood and yet, always, always, stayed and did what he swore to do because he liked and loved what he did and he didn’t care if anyone and everyone looked down on him.

I made this art as my way of recognizing that effort. And now… I think it’s appropriate to use it to recognize everyone’s effort in this fandom. Namely the scanlators, for one.

Coming from a time when everything was untranslated, I bought VERY RARE COPIES of manga just to look at the pictures (I bought my first doujin just last year because it’s THAT RARE HERE). Never understanding what they were saying, just guessing what the story was and drawing inaccurate assumptions and conclusions from a single kanji that could have meant otherwise.

It took me more than 5 years to really know what most of the stories were about. Who the characters were and what they’re saying.

And I had to buy them as well.

I’ve always said, this generation is really lucky, because at a single request, with one flick of a mouse button, one can get what he/she needs or wants. Everything is at their disposal. And wondrously, for free even.

These people take the time to scan stuff and translate everything for us. For no price at all. Absolutely free. No salary. No tax. No delivery charge. No nothing.

To me, I don’t think I can thank them enough for that effort and that dedication to make it all accessible and accurate as much as they can. It’s unbelievable how people can do this without profit and still go on doing it.

mmerdeka, galiko, all of you scanlators, be proud of yourselves. You deserve it. You have our utmost gratitude.

And the same goes for all the artists, the writers, the roleplayers, the craftsmen, the collectors, the gif makers, the shippers, the crack jokers…

Sharing everything for everyone to see and read and know and laugh and bawww. With no ulterior motive other than to share and fangirl with everyone.

Everyone. Be proud of yourselves.

For this fandom, you are all HEROES.))