Not the best quality, but I just love this sequence.

I love how he goes in to grab her face as he’s kissing her and you can see him reign himself in and just kinda gently glide his hand down to hold her.

I love how even as she’s pulling away, he’s following her and then bites her chin. That move alone had so much sexual frustration and WANT in it and she responds against her will. That blissed out and tortured expression on her face shows how this man’s desire for her and touch slays her every time.

Even after they disengage, they put their heads together, foreheads touching. It’s just so them. They try to put distance between them, try to stop and think but the pull is so strong and they can never not touch. Never make a clean break. That need to let the other know that they’re wanted even if one or both is trying desperately to pull back.

And in the end, she’s clinging to his lapel and he won’t let go of her waist. Even after she says she’s cold and he goes to open the cabana so they can warm up and talk, he keeps his hand at her waist as he walks around her to open the door. It’s like now that he can touch her again, he’s starving and can’t stop. And God help her, but she doesn’t want him to.