KWF Sovereignty 4: July 22nd 2012. Air Canada Centre. Toronto, ON. Canada.

We begin with a video package that highlights the coming achievement of World Wrestling Entertainment. Tomorrow night, WWE Monday Night RAW celebrates its 1000th episode. This record by far surpasses any other weekly televised program in history and WWE are celebrating this feat by extending RAW to three hours, Live, every Monday. We are then shown glimpses of past matches seen on TNA Wrestling. This year, TNA celebrated their tenth anniversary. And so we come to the Keystone Wrestling Federation. KWF Blogs was born on July 8th 2009. We are a fictional Professional Wrestling promotion and for all intents and purposes we do not claim ownership to any WWE or TNA superstar, their character or brand. Nor do we claim ownership to by-characters or celebrities that appear on KWF Blogs. That’s the legal mumbo jumbo out the way. We’re here to entertain the fans and ultimately our writers hope that this level of vision, dedication, creativity and persistence can show companies such as WWE and TNA that we can put together amazing shows, write with longevity to our scripts and entertain an audience, that we have, an age demographic of an 11-year-old to a 63-year-old. Writers Farook Razak and Dave Segar imagined up the KWF as a uniting of WWE and TNA. They established rosters of past, present and future characters/superstars and split the company into two brands; Monday night show TNA RAW and Friday night show Impact SmackDown. We started on MySpace and had great success and feedback there. We moved to Tumblr in 2011 and established ourselves on YouTube as well, giving our fans a chance to watch videos and listen to our superstars’ theme music. We’ve taken on board WWE and TNA pay-per-views including Bound For Glory and WrestleMania and we have envisioned our own pay-per-view events such as our overseas extravaganza Turbulence and our September pay-per-view Casino Warfare. Just as we create pay-per-view concepts we also have our own original characters as well as our very own original match-types. We have welcomed characters from Marvel and DC Comics as well as adapted some of our shows around days like Friday the 13th and public holidays like the 4th of July. Our two separate brands became one in November last year and since we have focused on writing one show a week, Wednesday Night Turmoil. We’ve ascertained our own Championship Belts (which you can view HERE) and we are now celebrating three years strong for the Keystone Wrestling Federation. On YouTube our channel has had over 25,000 views. Having typed in ‘KWF Blogs’ on Google/Ask the search engines bounce back with the top ten results being our blog. On Bing/Yahoo ‘KWF Blogs’ results in the top 7 results. We thank you all for reading our extensive programming. We hope that you continue to indulge us, share our work and eventually we may find our work come to life. Thanks again and welcome to KWF’s Sovereignty 4!

The pyro’s go off and the crowd are on their feet as we pan and zoom Live into the Air Canada Center. We emanate from the hometown of KWF’s General Manager Edge and this Toronto crowd is going wild as Jim Ross and William Regal bring us in on commentary and we’re immediately set to get to the action as we hear ♫the music of Austin Aries♫ <<< click to play) and KWF’s X-Division Champion makes his way to the ring. JR and Regal excitedly tell us what we expect to see tonight and they build up how Sovereignty 4 has billed up to be very much like a WrestleMania event. JR: “It’s utterly spectacular. We have seven matches lined up for you tonight ladies and gentlemen, four of which are for Championship Gold and the main event of course is a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the KWF World Heavyweight Title!” Regal: “Yes Jim, as people can tell, this Sovereignty 4 event is a pay-per-view very much in the image of our General Manager Edge. At times I don’t agree with his decisions, but there’s no doubts about it, this Sovereignty is perhaps our biggest ever and Edge is the source and inspiration of KWF Blogs today.” The comms go on to discuss the other matches we’ll be witnessing tonight, including Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan trying to take Tag Gold off The Dudleys, Panther will compete with King Dolph with Kaitlyn on the line and a match coming up very soon is Kurt Angle versus CM Punk in a first-time-ever Three Falls match. Austin Aries is booed upon his entrance and he’s cocky as he shows off his Title Belt in the ring. We then hear ♫Ooooohhhh Yeaahhhh♫ <<< click to play) and the crowd get to their feet for the entrance of ‘Black Machismo’ Jay Lethal. JR says that Lethal was in prime form this past Wednesday night on Turmoil (click HERE to read the show). “Jay Lethal’s vastly popular with the fans and I feel that he may well put a halt to Aries’ Title reign right here tonight.” Regal: “Oh get serious JR. Have you forgotten that the last two times these gentlemen have met in the ring, Aries has pinned Lethal twice? Mister Aries has the psychological edge and he is ruthless in that squared circle, Lethal’s not taking his Title tonight, not a chance. Aries will go three for three against Black Machismo I’m sure.”

Austin Aries vs. ‘Black Machismo’ Jay LethalX-Division Championship

The bell rings and we watch as Lethal slowly sets to remove his glasses. He then waves to the audience Macho Man style, but Aries is not one for fanfare and he rushes at Lethal with forearms right away. JR: “Well that was uncalled for.” Regal: “Haha, the bell rung didn’t it?” Aries has got nothing to apologize for, Lethal needs to realize what the heck’s on the line here.” The comms go on to discuss both Lethal and Aries’ careers here in the KWF. They remind us that Jay Lethal was part of the nWo Wolfpac, but the group disbanded mainly due to Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair when they were in charge of KWF Blogs. Lethal has always been around the top echelon of KWF X-Division superstars, but he’s yet to hold the X-Division Championship since he last won it way back in TNA Wrestling. On KWF Blogs he’s had many opportunities, but most of those chances came in multiple-superstar matches. This contest tonight is one on one and while it’s Lethal’s best chance at becoming Champion, it’s also the test of a lifetime as a Title match against Austin Aries is no easy feat. Aries proves his ruthless streak by adding intensity to each and every move that he performs. The audience boo his early control of the match, but after he covers with his foot on Lethal’s chest, this gets Jay going and finally he begins to mount some offense. Lethal comes back with a series of right hands and he throws Aries against the ropes, but Aries latches onto them and quickly exits through to ringside. He points to his temple, arrogantly telling the audience how smart he is, but like a flash we see Lethal coming flying through the ropes and he connects with Aries to drive him right into the barricade. The crowd cheer and chant Lethal’s name as the comms concur that he’s getting better and better throughout this match. JR: “It may be that Lethal’s learned from his mistakes from when he’d lost to Aries in the past, and Aries himself may not have any answers because he may be underestimating Black Machismo a little here.” Regal: “Lethal’s getting a foothold in the match Jim, but that’s all it is. Aries isn’t stupid. Remember, he’d defeated Daniel Bryan for the X-Division Championship and he successfully defended the Belt against him too. Jay Lethal’s no threat to Austin Aries and this match is simply a formality. He’ll get back into it soon enough.” We go on to witness a frantic exhibition of X-Division wrestling and both superstars tend to cover as often as they can. JR: “The X-Division is all about fast paced, high octane, high risk action. Both these superstars know that pinning their opponent takes energy out of them every time. And that’s what it may come down to, who’s got the inner fight, that instinct to kick out to keep going and take that Title home.” Back in the ring Aries performs a neckbreaker and that gets Two. Lethal comes back with a DDT and covers, gets One, gets Two – but no, Aries kicks out and both men are down on the canvas as this could turn out to be a pivotal part of the match now.

Lethal pounds the canvas, once, twice and he continues as the fans clap their hands and begin stomping their feet. He stands up to wave his arms a-la Macho Man and the arena rumbles as Lethal allows Aries to get to his feet as well. Regal: “That’s a mistake. Let Aries up, what a good idea.” JR: “You may be right William, but Lethal’s feeding off this crowd and I think he knows exactly what he’s doing.” Aries stands. He stumbles a little and he watches as Lethal waves his arms. All of a sudden Aries tries for a low-blow – but Lethal is swift to react, blocking the kick and clutching Aries down into a leg-lock and then a cover. One! Two! – wow, a kick-out, but that was close. JR: “Did you see that? An attempted low blow, Aries was trying to get Disqualified on purpose! He knows that he can still walk out as Champion on a Disqualification ruling.” Regal: “Oh pipe down JR. All’s fair in love and war. I don’t know what you’re moaning about anyway, Lethal’s on top and Aries may be in trouble.” Aries gets up and runs at Lethal, but he’s taken down by a clothesline. The Champ bounces off the canvas and comes back, but Lethal’s all fired up and he clotheslines him down once again. Aries comes back again and Jay tries the Lethal Combination, but no – Aries counters with a Lethal Combination of his own! He uses Jay’s own move on him and the crowd don’t like it, they don’t like it at all as Lethal’s momentum completely goes. Aries has him down and he covers. This could be it; One! Two! – oh and Lethal kicks out! Lethal kicks out and Aries can’t believe it, there’s still life in him. Aries complains to the referee, but he’s on Lethal like a pitbull. He performs his pendulum elbow drop and immediately covers, this time hooking both legs. He gets One, Two – but Lethal kicks out again! The crowd rumble once more as Aries grabs the referee by the collar and yells at him for not counting Three. Aries now waits for Lethal to get up. He runs at him full speed, but Lethal counters by clutching Aries to perform an inverted suplex into a sitout wheelbarrow and the crowd go wild as Lethal hooks a leg; ‘One!’ they count with the ref, ‘Two!’ but Aries kicks out. Both men then fist fight to their feet. Aries swings for a discus clothesline, but Lethal ducks and turns behind Aries to lift him up and nail him with a backsuplex. Lethal then goes middle rope to wait for Aries to get up and he then levels him with a Macho Man-esque Double Axe Handle. Lethal covers, but Aries is angry and he gets his shoulders off the canvas right away. He squirms to the corner and the fans erupt as JR says that Aries may now be feeling it. “For the first time, Austin Aries may be coming to the realization that he’s not the be all end all of the X-Division. There’s plenty of heart, plenty of competition and by God, Jay Lethal may take Aries Title right here.” Regal says that Aries knows exactly what he’s doing at all times, but he swallows his words as Aries attacks Jay full speed once again, but this time Lethal does catch him with the Lethal Combination! Toronto goes wild as Black Machismo makes the cover. Aries legs are moving slowly, too slowly, he can’t kick out, he doesn’t kick out as the referee counts Three and we have a new X-Division Champion!

Winner and New KWF X-Division Champion: ‘Black Machismo’ Jay Lethal.

Oooohhh Yeeahhhhhh♫ <<< click to play) goes the music and Toronto goes absolutely berserk as KWF’s anniversary pay-per-view begins with a celebration, a celebration that crowns a new X-Division Champion! Lethal raises the Title toward the audience and JR talks up what a thorough and focused performance it was from ‘Black Machismo’: “A well fought victory, fully deserved and earned by Jay Lethal. I had a feeling tonight would be his night and with the help of all these fans, he’s done it, Jay Lethal’s finally become the X-Division Champion here on KWF Blogs.” Regal besmirches: “Come on Jim, you can’t seriously expect me to believe that this, this Jay Lethal is better than Austin Aries. For goodness sake, this is silly. Lethal better watch out for Austin Aries now. He’ll want his Title back right away, this result was a fluke I tell you, a total one-off.” JR chuckles: “Well Aries better get in line now William. Don’t you recall? The KWF has an Ultimate-X match for the X-Division Title every year at SummerSlam and I have it good authority that Edge very much wants to continue this tradition.” Regal: “Oh is that right? Well Austin Aries will have something to say about that I’m sure. God, I still can’t believe what I have seen; Jay Lethal defeats Austin Aries to become the X-Division Champion. Incredible.”

We go backstage within AJ Lee’s locker room and she’s sitting with her Chickbuster best pal Kaitlyn. The two of them talk about their time in the KWF and AJ says that Melina may pose the biggest threat to her Title yet. AJ: “She’s got claws you know, sharp ones. I know I’ve faced Mickie James, and you and I both took on The Beautiful People, but I really think Melina wants to leave with my scalp tonight. That kinda worries me.” Kaitlyn reassures her: “AJ, you’re not Women’s Champion by coincidence. You’ve earned it and like you said yourself on Turmoil, if you wrestle your game then you can overcome any of the Chicks in the KWF. That’s pretty much any woman in Professional Wrestling! You should give yourself more credit. Melina’s a witch. Avoid her short-cuts and you’ll be fine.” The girls then go on to talk about Panther, Kaitlyn’s boyfriend. Kaitlyn says that she doesn’t know where she stands with him: “Some people would say that it’s flattering, but I’m not a piece of meat. I never asked to be put on the line and Panther just doesn’t get that. King Dolph is the one who wants me as his Queen, he’d be the one expected to put a ‘wench’ on the line. I didn’t think Panther could ever do that to me.” AJ says that Kaitlyn’s taking this too personally and that: “Panther only agreed to put you on the line so that he can get rid of Dolph for good. Think about it from his point of view. King Dolph was hitting on you while Panther was away, he flirted with you indirectly via interviews and he came to check on you after a match in which you and Panther were partners. Look, we call him the Cat, but at the end of the day he is a man. A man with pride. He wasn’t going to allow Dolph’s Kingship continue to wear on your relationship, so being where we are in this wrestling industry, Panther thought that the only way to settle it is in the ring. I’m not saying that you should be flattered, but try cut him some slack. He’s really only doing the only thing he can.” Kaitlyn says that she never thought of it from Panther’s point of view. The girls continue to talk as the comms voice over saying that both AJ and Kaitlyn have come a long way after being in the KWF for just over a year. Tonight Kaitlyn’s on the line and so is AJ’s Women’s Title when she takes on Melina.

We come to a video package of CM Punk and his epic encounter with The UnderTaker at KWF WrestleMania (read that entire pay-per-view HERE). The Best in the World was attempting to conquer the ultimate challenge that would cement his place at the top of the wrestling ladder, but despite coming close, like the nineteen opponents before him, he succumbed by the hand of The Phenom. Despite a noble defeat, Punk fell further still after the event, as he continued to lose matches after Mania. He lost his ‘mojo’ and couldn’t buy a win. Losses to the likes of Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, Dolph Ziggler and more led to people questioning whether Punk was ever going to get his form back. Then last month, the man who was fired by Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair after last year’s Survivor Series, Kurt Angle, returned to the KWF. However, it was not a happy return. He told us all that he came back to tell CM Punk to stop calling himself the Best in the World given that he hasn’t been able to win a match against anyone in over three months. Punk agreed and said that he doesn’t refer to himself as the Best in the World anymore because current form proves he isn’t, but he pledged to prove that he could be once again, and showed his intent to rise to the top again by challenging Angle to a match at Sovereignty. Kurt accepted and it was on. However, Punk later upped the odds by challenging Kurt to a Two-out-of-Three Falls match, to ensure that there was no accusation of fluke or chance. Kurt upped them further, by saying it should be a straight Three Falls match so that he could humiliate Punk to the extent he deserves by defeating him by three falls to zero. Punk accepted and tonight we find out whether CM Punk can come back and prove himself, or whether the Olympic Gold Medalist will be the one to perhaps put Punk’s career to sleep. We come back into the arena where ♫Angle’s music♫ <<< click to play) hits. He looks focused as he steps out onto the Sovereignty stage. JR reminds us that last Wednesday we saw that Angle was in an intense training camp getting ready for this war with Punk. He has built himself up again since his Olympics training, and looks more than ready for this challenge. ♫Punk’s music♫ <<< click to play) hits and despite his current losing streak, the fans still give him a huge reaction. He doesn’t look as if he’s lacking confidence as he screams to inform everyone that it is indeed ‘clobbering time’.

Kurt Angle vs. CM Punk3 Falls match

The bell rings and the noise level rises as this match between two men who many consider to be the best wrestlers in the business begins. They lock it up, and Angle backs Punk up into the corner. He smiles as the referee tells them to break. Punk tries not to look concerned and goes again. After the early exchanges though it is Kurt who starts out very much on top, working Punk over and dominating. The comms speculate as to whether this is due to a lack of confidence from Punk. Angle hits some slams and goes for early pins, trying to get a quick fall. Punk regularly kicks out at One, but Regal points out that this is, in his opinion, a very good tactic: “He’s causing Punk to kick out again and again, meaning he has to use up valuable energy in what should be quite a marathon of a match.” Eventually, Punk fights back, firing rights at Kurt as he gets out of the corner. He throws Angle into the corner and hits a knee to the face, followed by a bulldog, and now we have a match on our hands. He covers, but gets just Two. Punk now takes his chance to gain some control of the match, forcing Angle into an Anaconda Vise. He has it locked on and the fans are excited, but Angle uses his knees to get free by driving them into Punk’s head. The match continues to go back and forth, but as Punk goes for a boot to the head, Kurt grabs his foot and locks on the Ankle Lock. Punk fights hard, trying to claw his way to the ropes, but Angle pulls him back and then lies down on it. Punk is in great pain and eventually has to tap so that Angle doesn’t do any long-term damage.

Justin Roberts announces that Kurt Angle has the first fall and the fans boo as Angle looks tenacious. As soon as the bell rings again, Angle goes straight back to the ankle. Punk almost taps again, but this time is able to get to the ropes. The match goes on with Angle continuing to dominate due to Punk’s battered ankle. He is finding it easy to pick Punk off and hit him with shots. He keeps taking advantage of the ankle by kicking Punk’s legs from under him. He is walking through this now as JR says he’s concerned for Punk: “Now that the ankle has been damaged, it may be just a matter of time before this match is over. Kurt Angle has CM Punk exactly where he wants him. Punk needs to get out of there before Angle does any lasting damage that in all seriousness, could actually end Punk’s career. I know Angle has talked about it in fighting words, but a broken ankle could end everything for Punk in the ring.” Regal points out that Kurt is being a good sportsman by keeping away from the Ankle Lock now, simply working through his moveset before the simple second fall comes: “Kurt’s showing his dominance Jim. Wrestling his way through Punk, wearing him down with move after move. He’s a fine athlete, superb against anyone. I’m impressed, we’re watching a Kurt Angle clinic here.” There is a somber mood in the crowd as what was supposed to be a great contest is looking increasingly one-sided. However, they cheer as Punk shows spirit and heart to fight back again. He hits a series of kicks and even manages to get set for a version of the running powerslam, but no, the move is reversed and Punk is hit with three German suplexes. Angle gets up, taunts, the crowd boo and as Punk gets up he walks straight into an Angle Slam. Kurt hooks the leg and increases his lead to 2-0. JR: “Kurt Angle is just one fall away from fulfilling his promise of beating Punk three zero, and not just beating him, but humiliating him. There’s no doubt this match has been heavily decided by Punk’s ankle problems, but he will be devastated if he can’t find the final fall in this one.” Angle looks cocky as he continues to dominate Punk, who even given his lack of form, must be very unhappy with how straight forward this has been for Kurt. Angle is after another Angle Slam, and hits it. He just looks down at Punk’s lifeless body, and laughs, possibly not believing himself how easy this has been for him. JR says that Punk shouldn’t feel bad as Kurt Angle is one of the greatest of all time, and looks like he’s come back to the KWF on top of his game. Angle heads to the top rope. He wants to end this with a moonsault. Regal: “Brilliant, end it with a spectacular finale. Great wrestler, and what a showman.” He takes his time, before flying off. Punk gets up though and as Angle lands, he hits his knees to the canvas and his head is rocked because Punk nails him with a modified Go-To-Sleep! The fans go wild as he lays over Angle, hooks the leg and gets the pin!

The referee goes to call for the bell, but Punk stops him. He heads out of the ring, hobbling somewhat on his injured ankle. The comms can’t believe that Punk managed to get one fall. Regal besmirches as we see Punk grab his bottle of water: “What are you doing? You’ve lost you idiot.” The fans are excited and JR explains how surreal this is: “Kurt Angle has won the Three Falls match ladies and gentlemen, but because CM Punk got the final decision, the audience are going bananas for the fact that Punk got a victory in this battler.” Regal: “Angle should be the one getting the cheers and celebrating Jim, not Punk.” As it turns out though, Punk isn’t celebrating at all. He gets back in the ring and pours the water over Angle to wake him up. Angle is furious, but Punk holds out his palms as if to tell him to calm down. He gets handed a mic and tells Kurt Angle congratulations. However; “I don’t know about you Kurt, but having gotten one fall on you I think this match can go another couple of rounds.” Angle looks interested as the crowd cheer CM Punk’s suggestion that they continue the match to Five Falls. “What do you say Kurt? I’m sure you’ve got the energy to make me tap out a couple more times right? Come on, take me on, punish me for getting just one fall over the mighty Kurt Angle.” Punk’s psychology seems to work and Angle gets up and demands the referee re-starts the match. The ref is unsure, because of course there is limited timing to every match, especially at a pay-per-view. The camera pans up toward the Skybox of the GM though and Edge has both thumbs up. The crowd cheer as the referee sees this on the Sov4 tron and it’s on! Angle versus Punk is set to go Five Falls!

The match continues, and Angle is still looking dazed from the outstanding modified GTS. He works Punk over to the ropes, and goes for another German Suplex. But Punk holds onto the ropes to block, before slipping round behind Angle himself and rolling him up. Angle’s legs kick but his shoulders are down and Punk gets a shocking Three! Kurt Angle was 2-0 up in this thing and now all of a sudden it’s 2-2! Regal argues that Kurt wasn’t ready after the last fall, but JR says it doesn’t matter and Angle looks as shocked as anyone. Angle slaps himself around the head, making sure he is prepared heading into this final fall. JR: “The Olympian’s got to get re-focussed. He became too cocky, too complacent after the second fall. Now he’s paying for it and CM Punk has full momentum.” Punk’s confidence has come rushing back, and there is a sense, as JR points out, that the pre-WrestleMania Punk is back: “We have a real contest on our hands here. It’s 2-2 on the scoreboard and it’s winner take all as the next fall wins the entire match. Punk or Angle, who’s going to win this one?!” The match is brilliant as it goes on. Angle and Punk trade moves, locks, holds, reversals, both men determined not to lose. Regal: “It’s like the latter stages of a tournament football match Jim. In the Euro’s this past June, my nation England played not to lose against the Italians. It was frustrating because Italy were looking to win. In this situation Punk certainly doesn’t want to lose and Kurt Angle, he wants to put Punk in his place. Angle knows he should have defeated Punk by now, he’ll be kicking himself if he loses now.” Angle applies a headlock, but Punk raises his foot and boots him away. Punk then kicks Angle into the corner, before locking on the spider submission hold. JR: “I haven’t seen him do that in years, but he has Angle in trouble.” It is not a match winning move as the referee breaks it up due to both men being on the ropes, but Punk is really motoring here. Both men in fact are putting on a wrestling clinic, and the fans are loving every minute of it, chanting ‘This is wrestling!’ Angle and Punk are matching each other every step of the way, but the momentum swings in favor of Angle as he applies the Ankle Lock. That troublesome ankle comes back into play again, and Regal calmly states that this one is over. “Punk may have forgotten about his ankle and was fighting on adrenaline and the energy of these fans, but now he’s back in the Ankle Lock he’s at the mercy of Kurt Angle.” Punk is very close to tapping. His hand is hovering and he is clearly in a great deal of pain, but as the fans cheer him on, he roars and uses one last burst of energy to roll himself under Kurt’s legs and Angle consequently flings toward the bottom turnbuckle. Punk manages to get to his feet, and as Angle runs back at him, Punk lifts him onto his shoulders and *BAM!* hits the GTS! The fans cheer loud as Punk falls on Kurt to pin, One… Two… NO! Kurt gets his foot on the rope. CM Punk pleads with the referee, saying that the count was Three. He next looks toward the corner, pointing to the top turnbuckle and the fans cheer him on as he sets to climb. However, by the time he’s at the top, Kurt Angle is back up and he runs up the buckles to grab Punk fling him over himself for a picture-perfect top-rope over-the-top belly to belly suplex! Toronto goes crazy as both men are down now. JR: “They want this so much. The longer this goes on, the more I can’t tell who’s going to win.” Regal: “I must admit I’m impressed by Punk’s resolve here. Both men want this so much!” Kurt Angle gets up after such a spectacle of a belly to belly and now he roars as he takes the straps down. He wants to go for the Ankle Lock, but Punk’s up so Angle tries for another Angle Slam, but Punk reverses it into an armdrag takedown, before hitting a standing dropkick, and then a bodyslam. He heads to the top rope, before pointing to the sky and leaping off, nailing Angle with the flying elbow drop, paying homage to the Macho Man Randy Savage. The fans noise rises further as Punk signals for another GTS. He lifts Kurt up again, but Angle slides down his back and grabs the ankle once again. Punk wraps his other leg around Kurt and brings him down in a small package, but as the referee goes to count, he stops as he sees Punk isn’t going for the pin. He has rearranged it and has managed to apply the Anaconda Vise! JR: “Pure wrestling brilliance, top quality wrestling, two of the very best in the biz right here folks!” The crowd go berserk as Punk roars as he pulls back on the move, and Angle is in the dead centre of the ring. Punk yells at him to tap, but Angle won’t do it. He tries to grab a rope with his boot, but can’t reach. He then tries to roll out of it, but Punk won’t let go. Angle sounds frustrated and hurt. The referee asks him and asks him again. There’s a pause as it seems that time has stopped; Kurt Angle taps out to CM Punk’s Anaconda Vise!

Winner: CM Punk.

The roof blows off the Air Canada Center as ♫CM Punk’s music♫ <<< click to play) hits and the crowd go absolutely berserk. JR: “Punk wins! Punk wins! Punk wins! 3-2 to CM Punk and the Best in the World is back!” Regal argues that Angle won the first match, which he reminds us was a three falls match, by two to one. JR says that Angle didn’t have to accept the best of five, but in the end it’s Punk who’s won. JR: “CM Punk’s losing streak is over!” Regal: “Kurt Angle showed what a true sportsman he is by accepting five falls, and lost to two fluke decisions. Punk was resilient, I give him that, but I refuse to accept him as Best in the World, when his opponent tonight still holds that title in my opinion.” The fans are likely to disagree as they chant for CM Punk, who looks ecstatic as he holds his arms aloft standing on the turnbuckles.

We head backstage where Jeremy Borash is set to interview the KWF Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boys. “What a match we have just witnessed, CM Punk defeating Kurt Angle in a Best out of Five falls match and…”  Bubba grabs the mic. “Shut up Bore-ash! Nobody gives a damn about CM Chump. You’re standing in the presence of the greatest Tag Team of all time, so just stand over there and don’t say a word.” JB steps back as Bubba-Ray and Devon look to the camera. “Samoa Joe! Daniel Bryan! You dare to call yourself a Tag Team?! Our ‘esteemed’ GM throws you two together and all of a sudden you’re good enough to step in the ring with The Dudleys? You ain’t got nothin’ on us. We’ve held these Belts for months, we’ve won these Belts twenty-eight times. You guys have teamed up twice, and you expect to even come close to taking these Titles? You may have gotten two lucky wins over us the past two weeks on Turmoil, but those were singles matches. This is Tag Team wrestling kids, and nobody, and I mean nobody, can touch me and my brother when it comes to tag team wrestling!” Bubba hands the mic to Devon who shouts “Oh my brother! Testify!!!”

We come back to the main arena and the audience cheer and applaud as ♫AJ’s music♫ <<< click to play) hits and we get set for KWF Chick action. The comms remind us that this match has come about after a back and forth between Melina and Mickie James. JR: “Melina returned to the KWF after a long-term injury and she vented her anger from lost days right on her old friend Mickie.” Regal: “Oh come on Jim, that wasn’t it. Melina targeted Ms James because Mickie never as much sent her a Get Well card while she was off. Their friendship was a hoax and Melina wasn’t going to take it. It was nice, they nearly tore one another’s clothes off.” AJ stands in the ring smiling and waving to the fans. ♫Melina’s music♫ <<< click to play) hits and we watch the red carpet roll out down the ramp as the number one contender makes her paparazzi entrance. AJ has her game face on now and JR agrees with her earlier statement; Melina may prove to be her toughest challenge yet.

AJ Lee vs. MelinaWomen’s Championship match

The bell rings and AJ measures before the lock up. She tries to push Melina, but Mel’s stronger and so turns AJ into a side headlock. AJ soon counters and lowers herself behind Melina to perform an early School-Girl Roll up of Doom. She only gets One on the count as Regal mocks the move: “What on earth is that anyway? A glorified pinning predicament for goodness sake.” JR says that there have been many gloried simple maneuvers over wrestling’s history: “Hulk Hogan’s legdrop would be one and so too would The Rock’s People’s Elbow – but they led to great success and AJ’s School-Girl Roll up hasn’t done her career any harm at all.” The match goes on in ticky-tacky form with Melina often showing off her strength and weight advantage over Lee. Melina grounds AJ and wears her down, but Lee fights back and has to use all her energy just to get out of a move. When she’d try to counter, Melina would take her down again and cover for One, Two – no, AJ kicks out, but again her energy meter is lowering by the minute. The comms elaborate on Melina and Mickie James’ rivalry that they touched on before the match and they remind us that Melina got her tonight on the back of screwing Mickie James out of her last Title opportunity and then cheating to defeat her in a number one contenders match to get here tonight. JR: “Melina’s been in prime form coming into tonight and her confidence is showing as AJ is being taken to the limit here.” AJ is down and Melina has grown in confidence as the match has gone on. She now facewashes AJ while she’s down and nonchalantly covers with a knee over AJ’s chest and her arms in the air as if she’s to get an easy victory.

AJ’s facial expression tells us that she’s fearing the worst, and we watch as Melina picks her up by her hair and Irish whips her hard into the turnbuckles. AJ hits chest-first and slams back to the canvas. Regal says that it’ll be nice to finally see a woman as Champion rather than a little girl. Melina is booed as she waves to the audience. AJ picks herself up by the corner and Melina then measures and screams before storming toward Lee with a double-knee attack. AJ falls to the bottom turnbuckle however and Melina’s momentum drives her into the turnbuckles over AJ. AJ crawls from under Mel’s falling body and she goes toward the centre of the ring. She slowly gets to her feet and the fans are chanting ‘AJ!’ ‘AJ!’ ‘AJ!’ ‘AJ!’ She’s beginning to believe and as Melina gets up AJ runs at her with a clothesline. Mel gets up again and AJ comes back with a spinning wheel kick. Mel goes down, she’s back up and AJ hits a rolling wheel kick. This time Mel gets up slowly and *BAM* roundhouse kick right to the back of Melina’s head. Regal: “Flippin’ ‘eck. Has she been watching a Rob Van Dam DVD?! Jesus.” JR: “Aww, AJ’s a fan of this sport William. She’s studied the likes of RVD, studied everyone from Harley Race to Sin Cara. She adapts her game to survive and that’s a major reason as to why she’s Women’s Champion. Most Pro Wrestling Chicks have a set of moves that they do, but AJ’s unique because she can pull of various other moves to ensure that she gets an upper hand in the match. It’s exactly what she meant by wrestling her game. It’s unpredictable and it’s very exciting to see.” The crowd cheer and chant as AJ gets Two on the cover after that roundhouse. Melina does all she can to fight back, but AJ is meticulous in countering Melina’s moves; at one time into a picture perfect headscissor takedown. Melina is dizzy as she gets up and AJ goes at her to put one of Melina’s arms behind her back and perform a Northern Lights suplex. The move is dead centre of the ring and AJ’s got a perfect bridge on to add leverage to the pin. Melina’s legs are moving, but slowly, she’s been outwrestled in the end here and AJ gets the Three!

Winner and Still KWF Women’s Champion: AJ Lee.

The crowd cheer as ♫AJ’s music♫ <<< click to play) hits and she smartly exits the ring after hearing the bell. The referee grabs the Women’s Title from the timekeeper’s corner and then goes to hand Lee the Championship at the foot of the ramp and raise her hand as retaining Champion. Melina is on her knees in the ring and the hellcat is furious. She can’t believe she’s lost and neither can William Regal: “I never saw that coming. Melina had control of the match Jim, how did that happen?” JR: “It happened through pure will, pure guts and determination to get the job done. AJ’s proven tonight exactly how good she is and I tip my hat to her, what an outstanding comeback that was. She’s been the Women’s Champion since WrestleMania and she’s in the form of her life. Congratulations AJ!” AJ waves to the fans and raises her Title as she exits up the ramp.

We come to a video package chronicling the recent bad blood between King Dolph and Panther. After winning the King of the Ring Tournament, then following that up with a big win over CM Punk at the Great American Bash, Dolph decided he needed a Queen. He looked no further than his former flame Kaitlyn. The KWF Chick with whom he had a brief fling with on the NXT house shows, was less than pleased with the attention, but even less pleased was Panther. He warned Ziggler off, but the King paid no attention as he came down to the ring to see to Kaitlyn after she injured herself in a mixed-tag match with Panther. The following week Panther sought out Ziggler and challenged him to a match at Sovereignty. Dolph said he would only agree if Kaitlyn’s ‘services’ were put on the line. Panther, to the shock of the Texas girl, accepted. Kaitlyn let it be known the following week how offended she is that she is being put up in this match like a Title Belt, and says that even if her boyfriend Panther wins tonight, she may have to think some things over after Sovereignty. ♫The Royal music of King Dolph♫ <<< click to play) hits and he makes his way to the ring, with a crown on his head, scepter in his hand and robe around his shoulders. The fans boo as JR says he likes to stay unbiased, but he sincerely hopes Panther can come through tonight as no woman should be subjected to having to be near Dolph Ziggler. Regal says Kaitlyn would be lucky to be King Dolph’s “main squeeze”. He adds that she would become Queen of the KWF and be given all the perks that entails: “Far better than being around that mangy moggy Panther.” With that, ♫Panther’s music♫ <<< click to play) hits and he enters with Kaitlyn, not looking best pleased, following.

King Dolph vs. Panther w/ KaitlynWinner gets Kaitlyn

It’s a feisty affair early on, with Panther’s aggression giving him the upper hand. He whips Ziggler into the corner so hard that he flies over the top of it and falls all the way to the outside. Kaitlyn appeared to be angry with Panther last week, and even as they made their way to the ring, but now this match has begun she is clearly in his corner, if nothing else to stop her from having to become Dolph’s Queen. She is kept happy as Panther continues to work over Dolph, helped by the rage he is clearly feeling after the audacious actions of his opponent in attempting to steal his woman in recent weeks. He gets Dolph back in the ring and hits a swinging neckbreaker, going for an early pin but Dolph kicks out at Two. He hits a series of clotheslines, and follows it up with a standing dropkick, before coming off the ropes and nailing a running legdrop. He keeps at Ziggler, but Dolph soon comes back with a reversal of a suplex and hits a DDT. Dolph gets on top now with some smart offense, including a backbreaker and a standing dropkick of his own. As he works Panther over he keeps looking out to Kaitlyn, who is looking nervous. He looks out to her and winks, before running his fingers through his hair and flicking water out, showing off and leaping in the air to hit an elbow drop. He pins and looks at Kaitlyn as he does, but Panther kicks out after Two. Dolph continues on top and makes several pin attempts. With every pin, Kaitlyn winces or covers her eyes. However, Dolph soon gets too cocky, and a huge clothesline by Panther sends Dolph over the top rope. Panther follows and bashes him into the barrier, steps and commentary table, before rolling him back in and planting a kiss on Kaitlyn. She smiles and is now cheering Panther on with more enthusiasm. JR: “Kaitlyn’s best friend AJ told her that Panther had no choice but to settle his and Dolph’s differences in the ring. I agree with AJ’s analysis, Panther loves this girl and he’s literally fighting for her here tonight.” Panther is energized further by the kiss and for the first time in a while we see a smile on Kaitlyn’s face. The Cat gets back in the ring and works over Dolph with several moves, hitting the ‘trip ya, flip ya, kick ya’, then locking on the Muta Lock. Dolph struggles and almost taps, but manages to reach back to rake the eyes of Panther and get free. As Panther staggers around blinded, Dolph leaps on his back and applies a sleeper hold. Panther is almost out, and goes down to one knee. The referee lifts his hand, and it drops, he lifts it again, and it drops. Kaitlyn can’t look, her smile has turned into dyer concern but as Panther’s hand drops for a third time, he flips Ziggler over his head. Dolph lands on his feet and springs off the middle rope. Panther catches him on his shoulders, before hitting the Cat’s Cutter! (Fireman’s carry into a cutter) He pins and seemingly gets Two, but he thinks it was Three. Although the referee’s hand did come down for a third time, he says “No” and doesn’t call for the bell as Dolph’s foot was under the bottom rope. Panther doesn’t hear this and thinks he has won, turning and raising his arms toward the fans. Panther goes toward where Kaitlyn is at ringside, but she tells him to turn around. The referee tells Panther that the match isn’t over and the two argue. This allows Dolph to get up and he slithers into position behind an unbeknownst Cat and *BAM* JR: “Damn it! Zig-Zag by King Dolph!” Regal: “Hahaha, brilliant!” He crawls over and drapes his arm over Panther, getting One, Two and Kaitlyn can’t believe it as King Dolph gets Three!

Winner: King Dolph.

Kaitlyn has her hands over her mouth in shock. Dolph gets to his feet and is pronounced the winner.  He bows to one knee and holds his hand out as Kaitlyn reluctantly gets in the ring. Panther is down and out and the crowd boo as we’re forced to watch Kaitlyn take the King’s hand. Regal: “Congratulations Kaitlyn, your life will never be the same again love.” JR: “She clearly wants no part of this William. That poor girl didn’t even want to be on the line here, but now she has no choice. All due to a misunderstanding.” Regal: “Fair and square JR. Dolph’s foot was under the rope. It’s not his or the ref’s fault that Panther didn’t see that.” King Dolph wears his crown and makes the referee place his robe over his back. He hands Kaitlyn his scepter and goes to lead his new Queen out of the ring. Kaitlyn looks close to tears and looks back upon the fallen Panther, but Dolph turns her around and the King smugly walks away with his Queen.

We go backstage to JB who is standing by with the KWF World Champion AJ Styles: “AJ, you are in one of the most challenging matches in wrestling tonight, up against Rob Van Dam in Tables, Ladders and Chairs. What are your thoughts going into your World Title defense?” Styles: “My thoughts are that it doesn’t matter who my opponent is, and it doesn’t matter what the match type is. I am the KWF World Champion, which means I should be able to beat anyone, in any scenario. Having said that, I’d be lying if I said this match isn’t going to be one hell of a battle. RVD and I have had some disagreements the past few weeks, but I still respect the hell out of him as a performer, and one thing’s for sure, we’re going to put on one of the greatest matches this industry has ever seen. And be sure about this JB, to mark the third anniversary of the KWF, I’m going to stand atop that ladder and raise this Belt high above my head, leaving Toronto still the KWF World Heavyweight Champion!” He raises the Belt toward the camera and walks away. JB hands us back to ringside as we prepare for the KWF Tag Team Title clash.

The Dudleys make their way to the ring as JR reminds us of how this match came about. The Dudleys once again retained their Titles at the Great American Bash, and couldn’t wait to rub Edge’s nose in it. He needed a team to challenge them next, and after seeing Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan impress in previous weeks, he decided to pair them up as a potential team. Both men had recently lost singles Titles, and so Edge felt they would both be determined to win more Gold. They defeated the Welsh Dragons, Mason Ryan and Rob Terry and looked very good doing it. To back up their credentials, both Joe and Bryan won individual matches against Bubba Ray and Devon on the last two Turmoils. Now they face The Dudleys as a team, and look to be the first since Beer Money several months ago to defeat the legendary duo. Regal talks up Bubba and Devon: “JR it’s been well over ‘several months’ that The Dudleys have dominated the Tag Team scene. And what you mention about Beer Money, that was a loss The Dudleys received in a non-Title match, so it doesn’t mean a thing considering how dominant The Dudleys have been. Before the KWF had our own Championship Belts, The Dudleys were the WWE Tag Team Champions from September until November last year. They beat Legacy, the Bucks and Beer Money in that time and then conquered Beer Money once and for all when the WWE Tag Titles and the TNA Tag Titles were unified into the new KWF World Tag Team Championships at KWF Starrcade back in December. We’re almost in August now Jim and the Dudley Boyz have been at the pinnacle of their tag team careers, defeating all opponents in front of them over the past ten months! A ten-month dominant Tag Title reign. It’s incredible. They deserve a heck of a lot more respect.” JR: “Oh they’re respected, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s the way in which they do things that doesn’t sit well with the fans or our General Manager. At every chance they get they’re rubbing in Edge’s nose that they’re still wrestling, still Champions, still at the very top of their game. They mock the fact that Edge can’t wrestle anymore and they laugh at how Edge was an amazing Tag competitor. They’re ridiculously brash and they have defended those Titles by taking every shortcut in the book. They’re not Tag Champions that the KWF or Edge can be proud of.” The crowd boo Bubba and Devon in the ring. Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan then enter to their separate music, which Regal points out as a potential weakness. “When you’re a team, you come down together. Already showing they’re too individual to win this.”

The Dudleys vs. Samoa Joe and Daniel BryanKWF Tag Title match

Regal’s predictions don’t look like coming off as Joe starts the match well, making Bubba look like a fool. He picks him off with shots, and even as Bubba tries to fight back, he comes off the middle turnbuckle but Joe moves and lets Bubba fall to the canvas. He stomps away at Bubba and lifts him up, before hitting hard chops to the chest. However, Bubba comes out with a rake to the eyes, and as soon as Bubba starts making tags with Devon and they work as a team to get the upper hand on Joe. They use a double clothesline to get the big Samoan down, and then he and Devon work the quick tags. Devon hits a bodyslam and an elbow, before tagging Bubba back in who hits a neckbreaker and a belly-to-belly suplex. He stands and asks the crowd who the best is. They simply boo, but this cockiness costs Bubba as Joe is able to make the tag to Bryan. JR comments on how that was an uncharacteristic error from The Dudleys. Bryan comes in and starts dominating. Bubba made a quick tag to Devon but he has not been able to get control back for The Dudleys. Bryan hits him with kicks, shouting “Yes!” as he does. The fans say it along with him. He then launches Devon into the corner, before running up and hitting a big dropkick. Joe and Bryan individually are looking better than their opponents, but when Bubba and Devon are able to tag they show that their teamwork makes the difference. Bryan manages to get the LeBell Lock on Devon, but Bubba comes in and makes the save. They double team Bryan, but as the referee tries to usher Bubba out, Bryan kicks Devon in the head and makes the tag to Joe. Joe and Bryan enjoy more time on top, and even manage to team up well. They make some quick tags and Devon is isolated. However, as Bryan offers his hand again, Joe turns and lifts Devon up for a fallaway slam, but Devon elbows him and gets out, managing to tag Bubba. Bryan looks disappointed as their momentum has gone. Bubba and Joe trade blows, but the Samoan gets the better of his foe. He grabs him from behind and into the Kokina Clutch, but now its Devon who comes in and makes the save, booting Joe in the head. The match continues and Bryan is once again the legal man. He gets double teamed again, but this time Joe isn’t standing for it. He comes in and it’s all turned loose. All four men are brawling, but Bubba hits a big boot to the face of Joe, before he and Devon hit Bryan with the 3-D. Bubba pins and gets Three.

Winners and Still KWF World Tag Team Champions: The Dudleys.

Bryan is on his back and Joe is groggy on the outside as Bubba and Devon have their hands raised. They hold their retained Titles aloft as they look up toward Edge’s Skybox. He looks back and seems to be in deep thought. JR: “The Dudleys retain once again. Is there a team out there who can beat these two?” Regal: “If there is then I haven’t heard of them. Never mind CM Punk and his Best in the World proclamations. You want to talk the Best Tag Team in the World, look no further than these two. Our Champions!” ♫The Dudleys music♫ <<< click to play) plays out the scene and the crowd boo them further for taunting our General Manager, Toronto’s own Edge.

*BONG*… *BONG*… *BONG*… a chime that we associate with the Darkest force in Pro Wrestling history. We see a video package outlining the abduction of Bobby Lashley after the Survivor Series pay-per-view of 2010. For months it was not known where Lashley had gone, but finally at the following WrestleMania, Lashley emerged in a black DareDevil-like mask, and he saved The UnderTaker’s Streak from coming to an end, directly helping The Deadman in defeating Kurt Angle. Lashley went on to be known as a destroyer, a tornado that would bulldoze anything and anyone in his path. The UnderTaker was his abductor, choosing Lashley to be his apprentice, taking him through hell and hell itself spat Lashley back out and he became The Absolute One. Lashley has since been WWE Champion and KWF World Heavyweight Champion. His fiercest rival and perhaps his biggest ever challenge so far has been that of The UnderTaker’s brother Kane. Kane lost to The Absolute Lashley at WrestleMania 2012 and his soul was then consumed in an urn carried by Kane’s own father, Paul Bearer. The urn was knocked from Bearer’s possession by AJ Styles and Kane’s soul was released. He was reborn and much like his debut in 1997, he returned to the KWF at the Great American Bash where he ripped a Hell in a Cell door off it’s hinges and went into the match to Tombstone Lashley and cost him the KWF Championship. Tonight we bare witness to Lashley versus Kane Part II. Hell fire enrages the screen as we fade back to ringside for the entrances and introductions of two of the most terrifying beings the world has ever seen.

*BONG* goes Lashley’s music♫ <<< click to play) and the arena is dark as camera’s flash to try get a glimpse of The Absolute Lashley’s appearance alongside Paul Bearer. JR and Regal tell of the chill in the air and Regal says that it’s amazing how The Absolute Lashley has changed so much from the time that he was in the Thundercats. JR: “Oh no doubt about it William. We’ve seen The Absolute Lashley take out Shelton Benjamin and damn near destroy AJ Styles. They were all very close in the Thundercats, like brothers. But as we know from Taker and Kane, brothers don’t quite always get along.” The Absolute Lashley’s entrance is UnderTaker-esque and next we see the arena lights turn to blood red for the entrance of the Big Red Machine. ♫Kane’s music♫ <<< click to play) hits and the comms discuss how impressive and dominant both these beings were this past week on Turmoil. JR: “Lashley faced Sheamus and Kane took on Matt Morgan and it was almost as if Sheamus and Morgan were not even a test. Lashley damn well sat up after a Brogue Kick William!” Regal: “Oh I know Jim and I think that’s the whole point. We take a look at history and when UnderTaker was first in the WWF, when he had those purple gloves on and Paul Bearer by his side, all his focus was on tormenting his opponents. He’d play mind games and he’d dominate in the ring. He then often went after the WWF Championship. As time went on and he had the Ministry and the Corporate Ministry, Taker craved power and these factions gave him that. Well, amplified the power he already had with the Dark Side actually. But nowadays he’s on a level of his own, the grand level of WrestleMania and that Streak means more to him than anything. My point is that The UnderTaker created The Absolute Lashley, absolute because he’s in the complete image of The UnderTaker. The difference is that he’s younger, faster and what Taker did over many years, Lashley has done already. Already he’s tormented and decimated people in the ring. Already he’s been a World Champion and beings like Lashley, they’re not here for the fame or the fortune. Their pleasure is to cause pain to others and to think that we have a younger, faster and scarier version of The UnderTaker here is truly terrifying. Jim I have nightmares about Lashley I’m telling you.” Kane stands face to face with Lashley as he completes his entrance and the ring-posts ablaze. Lashley versus Kane Part II is right now Live at Sovereignty 4!

The Absolute Lashley w/ Paul Bearer vs. Kane

The audience is at a collective stand-still and there is rumbling in the atmosphere that tells us that we are about to witness and explosive match. Lashley is often the one to stand his ground, never to make the first move, but not tonight, tonight he steps backward away from Kane and as soon as the bell rings he takes two long strides to punch Kane right in the mask. Kane stumbles two steps backward as the crowd gasp at Lashley’s opening blow. Lashley sets himself up for another shot, but Kane instead hits him with an almighty uppercut and that sends Lashley three steps backward. Regal: “Oh bloody hell. These are two giant beasts going punch for punch here, this is amazing.” JR: “Oh William I can’t disagree, we’re seeing perhaps what we expected and this is surely going to turn out to be one hell of a contest.” The battle goes on between the proverbial irresistible force against the immovable object and we watch as Lashley ducks low to drive Kane in the gut toward the corner. Lashley lays into him with a punch to the gut and then a back elbow. But Kane comes back, grabbing Lashley by the throat with both hand and then stepping out the corner to throw Lashley behind him toward the turnbuckles. Kane now lays uppercuts into Lashley, they’re slow but strong and Lashley’s head continues to whip backward. JR and Regal agree that no two men can hurt one another like these two can. Kane steps away from Lashley for the moment, but then comes back to rush him with an attempted clothesline, but no, Lashley gets a big boot up and he swiftly steps out the corner to throw Kane back in it and then he jabs Kane with lefts and right, to the stomach, to the ribs and the face; “Good God, sharp strikes, just like The UnderTaker, the pace and the resemblance is uncanny!” Regal: “It’s not a surprise anymore Jim. The UnderTaker has done a magnificent job and look at Paul Bearer, that evil grin at ringside. I think this may well be a night of a total undoing of Kane. There’s only room for one demonic presence in the KWF and I believe that The Absolute Lashley thinks he’s it.” We watch as Lashley next pulls Kane out the corner and clutches him belly-to-belly before popping his hips and launching Kane right over the top of him. Again the comms marvel at Lashley’s strength and state that that move was all Lashley. JR: “The fact that you have all his athleticism, his raw power, his MMA background and you mix that with Taker’s teachings and The Dark Side, this man’s unstoppable.” With that said though, Kane sits up. The crowd inhale in a gasp as Kane stands up and turns to face The Absolute One. Lashley simply stands still and there is a showdown between the two. In this epic confrontation, a second match in their history, Kane seems to be at his most resilient tonight. Like a fire that will never burn out, a fire that will instead enrage at every opportunity it gets. Kane and Lashley slowly step toward one another and we’re back to where we began, a heavy right hand from The Absolute Lashley. Kane is quicker to come back this time and he nails Lashley with a first uppercut, a second and now Lashley’s back is against the ropes. Kane then measure before running at him with a clothesline that takes The Absolute One way over the top rope and head over heels to ringside. Kane turns to put his own back against the ropes and he flips backward over and lands on his feet. He steps toward Lashley who stands up out of a kneeling position and he levels Kane with a deadly uppercut – one that takes the Big Red Monster right off his feet! Kane hits the floor, but a split-second later he sits up. The audience are glued to this as Lashley then watches Kane get up before grabbing him and slamming him head-first into the announcers table. But as Kane’s face bounces off the covering, he has no painful reaction, he instead stands there directing a sharp look at Lashley. Lashley stares right back at Kane and the crowd scream in approval as Kane tilts his head to one side. JR can’t believe it: “Right in front of our very eyes ladies and gentlemen. The Absolute Lashley is certainly The UnderTaker’s creation, but Kane, the reborn original Masked Demon, he’s by no means any less of a monster than he ever was and he’ll give Lashley everything he’s got right here at Sovereignty 4!” Regal: “Jim I can’t believe that a beast as strong as Lashley has bounced Kane’s face off our announce table and Kane just stands there looking at him as if to say that he’s not even tickled. Sweet Jesus, by Narnia and the planet of Naboo, neither freaking being is going down in this match!” Lashley tries for a headbutt at Kane, but instead he’s met with an uppercut and Kane then maneuvers to turn by Lashley’s side and he grabs his arm to gain enough leverage and at full speed Kane Irish-whips Lashley hard into the steel steps at ringside, so hard that the collision sounds like an explosion and Lashley’s body crashes through the steel. Kane goes toward him, but Lashley soon stands up and he turns to see an oncoming Kane. Lashley is athletic as he performs a low dropkick to Kane’s knees, making him hit the bottom panel of the stairs. Lashley then grabs Kane by the arm, wrenches it and climbs along the barricade and menacingly he performs The UnderTaker’s Old School. JR: “Incredible, Lashley went through those stairs as if they were polystyrene and now he’s up.” The crowd gasp as Lashley crosses his throat and the comms suggest that The Deadman’s apprentice is signaling for the end.

We see Paul Bearer eerily regurgitate the words “Yes, yes, yes” and he talks down to Kane as Lashley picks his opponent up and guides him back into the ring. Lashley has Kane’s body in the ring, but he exits the squared circle to position Kane’s head and neck so that he’s under the bottom rope. JR says that it’s time for more UnderTaker-like stuff, but Lashley fails in his attempt to nail the legdrop as Kane rolls out the way. Lashley’s a massive beast of a man and his own momentum cost him on that mistake. He holds the back of his hamstring as the comms concur that they can’t believe that Lashley even feels any pain at all. Meanwhile Kane is up to the top turnbuckle and the crowd are on their feet taking pictures as Kane measures Lashley and he flies through the air to nail an amazing flying clothesline! Regal: “A move that Kane would normally do going into the ring, not all the way to ringside. Both these superstars are pulling out all the stops to try get a victory here.” Kane is now the one to pick Lashley up and roll him into the ring. As Kane climbs the apron though we see The Absolute One sit up. He stands as Kane steps over the top rope and both beings step toward one another. Regal: “By God Jim, a third straight-up face-to-face showdown in one match. I can’t believe this.” JR: “William remember this all started way back at the Royal Rumble for these two. The UnderTaker added spice to it and had them face off at WrestleMania, but this match was booked by way of Lashley’s own challenge, a challenge voiced by Kane’s very own father. Neither one of these men want to lose this match.” Regal: “I think that’s one of the first times we’ve ever call them men JR.” Lashley nails the first punch for the third time in a row. Kane comes back with an uppercut and Lashley goes against the ropes. He comes back, but Kane lifts him and plants him with a sidewalk slam! A trademark maneuver by the Big Red Monster and now Kane gets up to adjust his glove and he raises his arm to signal for a Chokeslam. The crowd watch on as Lashley sits up. He stands and Kane grabs him by the throat. Lashley lifts a knee right into Kane’s gut. He pushes him against the ropes and when Kane comes back Lashley takes him up for his finisher, but in mid-move Kane counters by grabbing Lashley by the throat with both hands. Lashley is forced to drop Kane and the referee barks at Kane to release the choke. Kane lets go and marches toward the ref who comically runs out of the ring as fast as he can, scared to death of Kane. Kane turns back toward Lashley and then Lashley puts a hand around Kane’s throat for a Chokeslam. Lashley sets for the move, but Kane lifts his arm to put his on Lashley’s throat as well. Lashley’s instinctive MMA fighting skills come out as he then headbutts Kane right in the mask. He measures and as Kane steps back toward him Lashley picks him up in Tombstone position! The crowd are rumbling as Lashley sets to complete the move, but no, Kane shifts his weight, so much that he reverses the move so now he has a chance to Tombstone Lashley. Both these beings are countering one another at every step though as Lashley drives knees into Kane’s head whilst in Tombstone position. Kane is forced to let go and Lashley drops to the canvas. He steps away from his opponent almost into a three-point-stance. He storms at Kane for perhaps a spear, but no, another counter and Kane lifts a knee right into the Beasts face. Lashley goes around in full circle before turning to face Kane again and Kane is swift to boot him in the gut. He pulls his shoulder between his legs and the comms wonder what Kane is doing here. He picks Lashley into position, lifts him up and *BAM* an amazing Powerbomb! A Powerbomb that we used to see Kane perform, but he hasn’t done it in Professional Wrestling for years and now he’s brought it back to the KWF! Regal goes nuts over the screaming of the fans: “We said it before JR, when the urn was knocked from Paul Bearer’s hands it released Kane’s soul. Bearer led Lashley away from the ring that night because he was so scared of what was to come. What came was Kane, the rebirth of Kane and this Big Red Monster just bloody well Powerbombed The Absolute Lashley all the way to hell! This is unbelievable!” Kane slithers over Lashley’s body and crosses his arms over his chest, tilting his head to one side as the ref’s back in the ring and he counts One! Two! Threeeee!

Winner: Kane.

Kane gets off Lashley and almost angrily he lifts his arms and slams them down to engulf the ring-posts in flames once again. The comms salivate over the fact that Kane’s won, he’s defeated his brothers apprentice and it’s happened Live before our very eyes at KWF Blogs’ Sovereignty 4. JR: “You said it William, this match was incredible. I’m not certain it’s the last we’ve seen of this rivalry, but with entertainment like that I’d be fine if these two had another ten matches!” Regal: “Haha, don’t say that JR, be careful what you wish for and all that. No, I think it’s fair now; it’s all even. Lashley One, Kane One. Fantastic, absolutely brilliant.” Paul Bearer squirms as he crawls into the ring toward Lashley’s body. Kane stares down at him and tilts his head to one side as the scene fades out.

We see a close-up of two female faces. As we zoom out we see that it’s Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, The Beautiful People, doing their make-up. They’re sat at a mirror and they have a selection of make-up in front of them, but soon a volley-ball splats onto their table and their powders/foundations and creams go everywhere! The camera zooms out further and it’s revealed that this make-up unit is on a beach. We watch as Edge’s Personal Assistant Madison Rayne walks past The Beautiful People laughing. She’s wearing a bikini and as she walks along the beach she says that KWF’s SummerSlam will be an event never to be forgotten. On the beach in the background we watch as various X-Division superstars seem to be playing beach soccer. Madison looks out to the sea where AJ Styles is on a boogey-board. The beach scene becomes busier and busier and soon all the fun turns into a good old fashioned brawl – one which happens to lead to Madison’s bikini bra to be slipped off! Finally we see KWF General Manager Edge in a beach chair. He has sunglasses on and he’s watching his locker-room trash the beach. He sips from his drink and smiles at the camera: “Join us for SummerSlam folks. August 19th 2012 – only at KWF Blogs!” The scene fades out to Madison Rayne covering her private parts and Edge asking her for a re-fill.

JR and Regal chuckle at the SummerSlam commercial as we come back Live to ringside where we are set for our main event of the evening. The comms get serious quickly as we see that Tables, Ladders and Chairs have been set up around the ring and some way up the ramp. JR: “AJ Styles has been a fantastic Champion, one that is adored by the fans and William, I think he overcame The Absolute Lashley pretty darn well all things considering.” Regal: “Yes Jim, but we mustn’t forget that it was Kane who cost Lashley that Hell in a Cell match. AJ pounced on him for the win, which is what anyone would have done. Tonight AJ’s not to worry about The Dark Side or a Hell in a Cell though, instead AJ must dabble in the arts of Tables, Ladders and Chairs.” The comms discuss how Edge was one of the names that made a TLC match famous and so Live tonight in Canada at this celebratory Sovereignty 4 pay-per-view, Edge has made this World Title main event a TLC match. ♫Get Ready to Fly!♫ <<< click to play) AJ Styles’ music hits and the crowd erupt for the entrance of KWF World Champion. Styles performs his waving of his arms Phenomenal style and Regal chuckles at the fact that Lashley versus Kane is almost like a calming of the storm compared to what we may be about to see from AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam. JR compliments AJ as Champion, saying that he’s taken on all challengers at all times. ♫*Drums* Rob Van Dam *Drums* The Whole F’n Show!♫ <<< click to play) RVD steps out from under the Sov4 Tron and he nonchalantly makes his way down the ramp. He taps on ladder rungs and eyes the stacked tables that are set up nicely at the foot of the ramp. JR: “What do you think he’s thinking William?” Regal: “Well I’ve known Rob Van Dam most of his career and right now he’s probably like a kid who’s just unwrapped some Christmas presents. He’s seeing tables, ladders and chairs as toys here and AJ Styles better be careful, RVD is vastly more experienced in matches like this.” We’re reminded that Rob Van Dam earned number one contendership by winning a Fatal-4-Way match at Great American Bash. RVD’s been a Hardcore competitor throughout his entire tenure on KWF Blogs. This past Spring he was on a run of results that got him noticed and finally, after the Bash result, Van Dam has one more chance at World Title Gold. Regal: “It could be his last chance Jim. The man is aging and he can’t be as fast and as athletic as the years go on. Trust me I know, I used to be a bouncing bean in the ring too you know.” JR: “Sure you did William. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being with us on this celebratory pay-per-view event. KWF Blogs was three years old a couple of weeks back and this is your Sovereignty 4 main event!” Justin Roberts completes the official introductions and the referee shows us the Championship Belt. AJ Styles watches as a rope with a loop is lowered down toward the centre of the ring. The ref ties the Belt within the loop and the Belt is raised high above the squared circle. RVD hasn’t watched, “in his zone” says JR as he continues kicking thin air as he warms up. Justin Roberts exits the ring, we’re now ready for what should be a blockbuster match-up.

AJ Styles vs. Rob Van DamTLC match for KWF World Heavyweight Championship

*Ding* *Ding-Ding* goes the bell and here we go. Styles and Van Dam circle one another and this Canadian crowd is split; half chant AJ Styles’ name, half chant RVD. The two lock it up and Van Dam goes for a side headlock, but Styles reverses it by pulling his arm over and performing a modified hiptoss. Van Dam hits the canvas but gets up to swing a kick toward Styles, but AJ evades it. Van Dam kicks again, and again, kicking thin air, but Styles is backing up toward the corner. Van Dam stops and smiles, shrugging his shoulder, but in an instant we see AJ climb backward up to the middle turnbuckle and he leaps off with a version of his flying forearm smash. Van Dam is taken down and AJ gets up to exit the ring. He picks up a ladder and soon slides it in. Van Dam meanwhile gets up and exits on the far side. By the time both men are back in the ring, AJ holds a ladder and Van Dam holds a steel chair. Van Dam backs off, knowing that he has a smaller weapon. AJ taunts him: “C’mon! What you got huh?” AJ then swings the ladder, but Van Dam throws the chair toward his head. It connects enough to send Styles groggy and RVD then decides to kick the ladder right back into Styles gut. This traps AJ’s fingers and he’s forced to drop the ladder. JR: “RVD showed this past Wednesday that he will not hesitate when it comes to this match-up.” Regal: “Of course Jim, he can’t, the World Title is on the line.” Van Dam picks up the chair and runs to VanDaminate Styles, lifting the chair as he nails him with a jumping kick. AJ falls backward through the ropes, all the way to ringside. Van Dam thumb-taunts and the crowd chant ‘Rob! Van! Dam!’ RVD exits the ring away from AJ and he goes to get another ladder. He brings it in the ring and sets it up to climb. JR: “There’s no messing around here. Both these superstars are in this to win the highest prize in the business.” Regal: “It’s a shame Jim, I’d want to see them beat each other up a bit more if I’m honest.” Regal’s prayers are answered as AJ gets back in the ring with a steel chair in hand and he swings upward to connect with RVD’s back while he’s half-way up the ladder. “That’s better” says Regal. The chair shot echoes through the arena as Van Dam falls down the ladder. AJ kicks him in the gut and then jabs him with the chair. He then walks with the chair and takes it with him as he climbs the ladder. Styles is cheered as he climbs, but RVD is at his foot. Styles pokes the chair downwards, but RVD simply wants to get him off the ladder and so he pushes it over and Styles falls from the ladder, past over the top rope and all the way down to ringside. RVD thumb-taunts before going toward the first ladder by the corner. He sets it up and climbs from the turnbuckle to the top of the ladder. AJ Styles just about gets to his feet. Van Dam thumb-taunts and leaps off for a flying kick, but ‘Ohhhh!’ gasp the crowd and they begin chanting ‘Holy sh*t!’ as AJ side-steps the move and Van Dam crashes and burns through a table! Replays show the uncomfortable landing of RVD and now Styles is grabbing another ladder and putting it into the ring.

AJ is cheered on by the fans as he continuously eyes up the Belt high above the ring. He sets the ladder up and begins to climb. RVD’s just about sliding back into the ring now and AJ is close to the top. Van Dam gets to the foot of the ladder and lifts it. AJ looks set for another fall, but he sticks out a leg to balance himself atop the top rope. JR: “Good lord this is dangerous. One foot on a slanted ladder and one foot on the top rope. AJ is balancing, but he has nowhere to go. Van Dam gathers himself and sees AJ’s predicament. He grabs one of the other ladders and (Regal): “What’s this Jim? What’s he up to?” Surprisingly RVD sets up a ladder under AJ Styles. Styles then is able to sit atop it. AJ is almost thankful, knowing that a fall from a high balance may have cause him some long term damage. With that said though, RVD then decides to flip the stable ladder from under its legs and AJ does go flying – right into another pre-set table at ringside! The crowd go nuts as Van Dam wasn’t helping AJ at all, he was setting him up for an even bigger fall! RVD thumb-taunts again. He then exits to the ring apron where Styles is. He thinks for a moment and sets up another table right by AJ’s fallen body. AJ’s getting up now, but Van Dam jabs him and tries to lay him across the table. Styles fires rights of his own though and he’s quick to pick up a steel chair and *WHAM* he smashes RVD right over the skull with it. The crowd go wild as Van Dam’s body flops over the table that he’d just set up. AJ slams the chair over RVD’s back and then places it there. He then gets into the ring and signals with his hands that he’s going to do some sort of flip. AJ sets up a ladder against the top rope, right in the middle of it. In Phenomenal AJ Styles fashion, AJ goes against the far ropes, runs up the rungs of the ladder, flips off the tip of it to Spiral Tap RVD through the table! The commentators are stunned into silence and the Air Canada Centre is going absolutely berserk! We see about eight various angles/replays of the move and even catch a glimpse of Edge in his Skybox gasping at the move. JR says that he’s never seen anything like it: “Rob Van Dam was busted open with that chair shot and now his body’s broken in half.” Regal: “AJ’s no better Jim. That Spiral Tap was magnificent, Phenomenal indeed, but he landed hard on that move and neither of these superstars will get up any time soon.” Referees and medics come to the scene, but both Styles and RVD are coherent and so the match goes on.

After some time, AJ uses the barricade to get himself up. He turns toward the fans and performs his Phenomenal taunt and the crowd cheer and chant his name. Styles was indeed hurt by the move as we can see a part of the table’s black ridge has cut deeply into his back upon the Spiral Tap. The cut opens as he stands and he stumbles as he tries to get back toward the ring. The audience cheer him on as he eventually gets in and goes to set up a ladder. AJ’s hurting so this takes time. He’s also holding his neck with the comms saying that the Spiral Tap may have hurt Styles just as much as it hurt RVD. By the time AJ sets up the ladder, RVD is stirring. He’s cheered on by the crowd as well and he soon lifts himself by the apron and slowly gets into the ring. Both superstars are bleeding; Van Dam from his head, AJ from his back. AJ climbs a third up the ladder, but RVD doesn’t try to stop him, instead he climbs from the other side. The crowd are on their feet, split in half over whom they want to win what is turning out to be a match of the year candidate. AJ climbs to halfway and Van Dam to a third. AJ climbs to two-thirds and Van Dam half way. AJ gets closer and closer to the top and finally Van Dam attacks, throwing his leg around the side of the ladder to kick the World Champion in the ribs. This makes Styles drop a rung and now Van Dam is on the same level. They both continue to climb and now they’re in touching distance of the Belt. Van Dam reaches for it, but AJ punches him. AJ reaches for it and RVD punches him. JR and Regal have no idea which way this is going to go and then we watch as this spectacle takes another turn. AJ and Van Dam are yelling at one another at the top of the ladder. Both of them are determined, both of them want the Title, but we have no idea what they are saying. AJ reaches to put his hand on the Title, but Van Dam reaches up too. Both of them argue some more and another top-of-the-ladder fist-fight breaks out. JR: “God almighty, this is dangerous. They could topple at any time.” Regal: “The ladder’s already wobbling Jim, they’re going to fall, or at least one of them will.” AJ continues with rights, but Van Dam tries for a kick and this has the ladder wobbling. AJ then swivels to perform a side volley and the crowd go nuts as the ladder tilts… it falls and… both the comms scream “Ohhh my Goddd!” as RVD and AJ Styles both go crashing through the stacked tables that were set up at the foot of the ramp prior to the match even beginning. The Toronto audience goes absolutely crazy and the comms set for replays but their systems shut down. The screen goes blank and we can hear JR and Regal wonder what’s going on. Regal: “There could be a power cut Jim.” The camera comes back on and all we can see is darkness throughout the arena. All of a sudden: ♫Break the Walls Doooowwnnnn!♫ <<< click to play). There’s an explosion on stage, the lights come back on and Chris Jericho is at the top of the ramp holding the Money In The Bank briefcase! JR: “Oh my God, you can’t be serious Chris.” Regal: “Haha, JR, listen to these fans they’ve gone ballistic! Jericho’s Canadian don’t you know?!!!” JR: “This isn’t funny and of course I know he’s damn well Canadian!” Y2J has returned and he walks down the ramp not dressed to compete, but in a suit. He takes his time and doesn’t even acknowledge the fallen unresponsive bodies of AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam. Referees and medics come to check on the two, but Jericho yanks one of the refs by the collar and hands him his Money In The Bank briefcase! The crowd go nuts, chanting Y2J’s name. JR says that Jericho is by no means a popular figure in the KWF, and by no means does he have any business interfering in this match. Regal: “I’m not sure if it’s even legal to do this JR, normally a Money In The Bank contract would be cashed in to start another match, not interfere in a match already happening. I don’t suppose there’s any rule against it though.” JR: “Aww this stinks! What kind of ethical moral ground does Jericho have here? I can’t believe he’s doing this.” Jericho quite casually sets up a ladder and climbs it in the middle of the ring. He gets to the top and removes the KWF World Heavyweight Championship and Canada goes crazy with delight.

Winner and New KWF World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho.

We see a snapshot of Edge in his Skybox and he’s got his hands on his head. He’s shocked at what he’s seen. The crowd continue to chant ‘Y2J!’ ‘Y2J!’ ‘Y2J!’ ‘Y2J!’ and (JR): “while Rob Van Dam and AJ Styles have put their bodies on the line for the KWF Title, Chris Jericho has shown up to not even break a sweat. He’s cashed in the Money In The Bank that he won at WrestleMania and now, we do have a new KWF World Heavyweight Champion. I don’t believe this.” Regal: “Oh shut up Jim. I’m shocked that people didn’t see this coming. We’re in Canada, we’ve been here all week.” JR: “Didn’t see this coming?! What are you talking about?! Nobody could have known because as far as I knew, Jericho was still on tour with Fozzy!” Y2J celebrates as we see shots of AJ Styles and RVD only just realizing what’s happened. JR says that what Jericho has done is not right, but Regal says that all’s fair in love and war. Regal: “Haha, what’s going to happen next Jim? Jericho’s become the KWF World Champ for the very first time! This is fantastic!” JR: “This is brutal. What’s Edge going to do about this? Ladies and gentlemen we thank you again for being with us. Join us this Wednesday on Turmoil where I hope we get some justice. I can’t believe Chris Jericho is the new World Champion. Damn it.”

TNA Slammiversary X Review

Happy Slammiversary TNA!

Match 1: X-Division Champion Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe - Very physical match to start off the night. It was delivered to us in a very evenly distributed pace, not too fast, especially with a man like Aries in the match, but not too slow either, it was just right. There were times in the match where Joe might have taken the match and same goes for Aries. A-Double was able to get his patented brain buster on Joe, it looked nasty but Joe appeared to be ok which is always good, it was a little too short however and would’ve liked to see more, a bit longer would’ve gotten this match a better rating overall than it will get. Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Match 2: Kid Kash vs. Hernandez - I would say just as physical as the prior match. Both men were making returns as they provided a great match. Hernandez has not looked this great in the ring in a really long time. He went for his Super-Mex like jump over the rope and then finished up with a big splash to pick up the win. Little short as well but nonetheless, a very well-deserved win that maybe will get a spark of interest in Mexican-America again. Rating: 3 ½ out of 5 Stars

Match 3: TNA Television Champion Devon & Garrett Bischoff vs. Robbie E. & Robbie T. -  The Robbies spent the first half of the match isolating Garrett from his corner, which is smart in a sense because well, no offense to Garrett, but it’s Garrett. Eventually he got the tag, with Devon getting “a fury of offense” to win, it wasn’t a great match, but not completely bad. Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Match 4: Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy (3-Way Dance For the TNA Championship #1 Contendership) - While this match may have been a bit slow in pace at times, there was still a lot of great spots from all men. From jumps and double team moves to double pins, it was a great way of interacting with each other. A lot of near finishes as well. Mr. Anderson delivered the Mic Check to Rob Van Dam after throwing Hardy out of the ring to win the match and contendership. Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Match 5: Open Challenge Match: Crimson vs. James Storm - I’m quite happy to report the streak is over. This match was pretty slow overall, and not that exciting. Storm ended the match quickly with the Last Call SuperKick. I’m going to give this match an average rating overall, which is more than it would have gotten without it, JUST because we never have to hear Crimson talk about the streak again. Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Quick Break from rating to discuss Sting going into the TNA Hall Of Fame. The Stinger is a man who has been wrestling at quite possibly one of the greatest consistencies for any wrestling for his ENTIRE CAREER. This is a professional wrestler who goes out there and does magic, even when he may think he may not have it anymore, but He has shown us that he has and will always have it. Sting has given his all in every match and whether he was loved or hated for storyline purposes, he was still loved, even as a part of the Main Event Mafia the crowd still showed appreciation. This man was one of the reasons I got into WCW for the first time when all I knew at that young age was WWE, it was because of Sting that I was able to watch WCW and be into it as long as I was like I am still into WWE and am into TNA to this day, he was the one who made you interested in that product. I had the great honor of sitting second row at TNA Bound For Glory 2009 when we all thought he was going to retire, and speaking from experience, the emotion and admiration a crowd shows for Sting is unlike anything and I couldn’t be happier to see such an amazing performer going first into the Hall Of Fame. Congratulations to Sting, you deserve this.

Match 6: TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher - This match was a great feel-good moment for TessMacher. Having her first Knockouts Title win against a formidable opponent in Gail Kim. Gail was able to get an interesting Scissor Lock submission on Tessmacher which made it seem impossible for Brooke to get out of.  This match, while good, wasn’t as good as their previous showing. This match was slow and Brooke got a little shaken up on the ropes it seems so a little understandable for that part, but overall slower in general. Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Match 7: Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park - This match was a little slow as expected, but there was overall some good enough storytelling to make it interesting. Bully Ray started by “letting” Joseph get a shot on him, or try, he ended up getting one which got Ray razzled and started an offense. Then he would go on to beat him around till he got hit with a kendo stick and got clocked. Abyss made interference, chokeslamming Bully Ray through a table to give Joseph Park the win. Very weird that Abyss didn’t congratulate his brother or interact in any other way. This match was better than Cena/Laurinaitis that’s for sure. Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Match 8: TNA Tag Team Champions Kazarian & Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles - Tag Title match before the main event, and if this match was the main event, I’d be very satisfied with that. This match started off fast and maybe if that, for one or two instances, it was consistent through and through. Great tag team action on them keeping AJ isolated early. Great double team moves from double suplexes and double DDTs and all. Near finishes and a shooting star press on the floor. The last 5 minutes had to be some of the most exciting wrestling in a really long time and Kurt made Kazarian tap out to give them the title win. Very well deserving of these to win after a match like that. MOTY contender worthy match right here. Rating:  5 out of 5 Stars

Match 9: TNA Champion Bobby Roode vs. Sting - This match was a great brawl. Sting pulled out some stops for sure with a Stinger Splash on the guard rail. Sting kept the offense while Roode found a way to get a reprieve. Roode teased submission while in the Stinger Death Lock the first time, he went on to get locked in it again on the announce table and tapped outside. After he fell down and Hebner told Sting it has to be in the ring, he tried to hit Sting with a beer bottle, got it taken away by Sting and then tried to hit him, ref took it away and Roode smacked him with another while he had his back turn to get the win and another retention. Sting then Stinger Death Dropped him onto a table. Great match by both with another finish to let people want to see him lose more. Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Happy Slammiversary TNA!! Thanks to everyone there for an amazing night of wrestling all around. Here’s to another 10 more years!

Thank You TNA By: Alex Valdez Website: