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ROH World Tag Team Champions The Hardys offered WWE contracts
[March 21st, 2017]

Last week, rumors surfaced that the WWE were in talks with former WWE Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz, who recently departed from TNA where the duo had reinvented themselves in their new “Broken” image. PWSheet recently confirmed that an deal has been offered in an attempt to bring the duo back to the WWE.

The first time the duo teamed on WWE television was in 1996, despite Matt Hardy having been used by the WWE since 1994 (when Matt was 19). The duo became a hot commodity in 1999 when they captured the WWF World Tag Team Championships from The Acolytes on Raw. The real-life brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy continued to be fan favorites until 2003, when Jeff left the WWE and Matt stayed with the company. In 2006, Jeff returned to the WWE and the duo began teaming again within months, regaining glory as the WWE World Tag Team Championships in 2007. Matt and Jeff split from the WWE within a few years, after Jeff had a reign as the WWE Champion while Matt was the ECW World Heavyweight Champion.

In 2011, the team reformed in TNA, and again in 2014, marking their place in history when the duo became the TNA World Tag Team Champions. It was during their run in TNA that Matt and Jeff began experimenting with new directions, such as Jeff’s run as Willow. It was during this time that Matt became “Broken”, blaming his brother Jeff for his descent into madness. Jeff soon followed, and the duo became hellbent on capturing every tag team championship across the globe.

Today, the Hardys are wrestling for Ring Of Honor, where they’re the current ROH World Tag Team Champions under a short-term contract with the company. In addition to this, the brothers also hold championships in various independent companies, some international. Despite this, the WWE has reached out to the two, who would undoubtedly do business with each company and seal off any loose ends. If the duo come to the WWE, it’s possible that the “Broken” characters won’t be used, due to a current legal battle with TNA over the image (which Matt created). It’s also possible that the brothers won’t use the characters simply because they had full creative control while in TNA, and the WWE would likely not allow such a thing. However, with the WWE’s budget, it’s entirely possible that the duo would do something similar and there’s no doubt that the fans would embrace the returning pair. I guess for now, time will tell, but this writer is rooting to see Matt and Jeff back where it all began!

Cold Water (AJ Styles x Reader)

Context: Reader is AJ’s wife. She finds AJ upset and worried about his future and his career.  

**A/N: ** I came up with this while listening to the song “Cold Water” by Major Lazer (ft. Justin Bieber & MØ) and it gave me major AJ feels. I never wrote a fic like this before so if anyone wants to offer some suggestions for possible future fics, feel free! 

Also this was long overdue but finals week in college is upon me so I felt like I should post this now. 

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“Everybody gets high sometimes, you know

What else can we do when we’re feeling low?

So take a deep breath and let it go

You shouldn’t be drowning on your own….”

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The Main Event Mafia
[July 19th, 2009]

This was perhaps the greatest assembly of wrestlers that TNA ever held. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle set up matches for his stable mates at Victory Road, including Kevin Nash defeating AJ Styles for the TNA Legends Championship, Booker T and Scott Steiner defeating Beer Money for the TNA World Tag Team Championships, and Angle himself successfully defending the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Mick Foley.


Eric Young talks about his shocking NXT debut
[April 28th, 2016]

In a true “holy shhh” moment, former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young made his shocking NXT debut last night, targeting NXT Champion Samoa Joe.

It’s been a rough few years for TNA. Between Young, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Austin Aries, James Storm (for a wink of time last year), Bobby Roode appearing on NXT TakeOver: Dallas, Luke Gallows, The Dudley Boyz, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and MULTIPLE TNA superstars leaving the company, it’s time for TNA to man up and build their roster up. I imagine Vince McMahon is looking at Triple H like “….invasion?” and Triple H is like “NO.” Then a week later, Vince is like “Hey Hunter, I signed Crazzy Steve! Let’s do this, baby!” and Triple H yells “VINCE!