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Barbed Wire Massacre Match:
Sabu Vs. Abyss (w/ James Mitchell)
TNA Turning Point - December 11th, 2005

After a lengthy feud between Sabu and Abyss, both men came to a head by competing in TNA’s first ever Barbed Wire Massacre match. Their feud began at Unbreakable, when Abyss scored a win over Sabu, prompting a re-match at Bound For Glory in a 4-way that also included Jeff Hardy and Rhyno. At Genesis, Sabu went after Abyss again, this time in a No Disqualification match, which Abyss won yet again. Abyss’ fear of barbed wire had been holding him back, but he used it against Sabu on Impact, prompting this special stipulation.

This match is fuckin’ intense. Though it isn’t as legendary as Sabu’s barbed wire encounter with Terry Funk, it’s still a pretty intense battle that should be regarded as such. Sabu’s face is planted in the barbed wire on more than one occasion, and Abyss is introduced to barbed wire-covered boards, dismantling his fear of the coils.